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  • Caro Francesco: So you want to come to the USA! I believe that we are the only branch of the family that came to America, we being the descendants of Battista and Maria Podeschi and their eight children, who immigrated here over 100 years ago. But my father Antonio, who was born in Italy, always said that the family was of Sanmarinese origin.
    It does not surprise me that you want to be a chef de cuisine. The Podeschis here have always been connoisseurs of food and good cooking, My father owned a wholesale grocery business, and his brothers and sisters ran retail grocery stores. Some cousins are still in the grocery business.
    My father and I visited Talamello and Rimini in 1965 (there were lots of Podeschis in the area then, many of them cousins); but, regrettably, we did not have the time to visit San Marino. My son Mark, who is in college, has the flag of San Marino on his wall. 'Libertas'---that our motto! Mark and I would like to visit beautiful San Marino some day. Your fine pictures and comments compelled me to write. With warm regards from the American Podeschis. Sincerely, John Battista Podeschi
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San Marino by Podeschi

  1. 1. By Francesco Podeschi 3D Hi! I’m Francesco and I’m 16. I’m from San Marino. San Marino is a small republic in the center of Italy. It has there are 30.000 inhabitants and is sixty square kilometers wide. San Marino has got 9 areas called “castles”, and I live in a castle called Serravalle. In Serravalle there aremany small towns, mine is Falciano.The most important symbols of San Marino are the three towers: Guaita,Cesta and Montale on Titano mount.San Marino is only 15 km far from Rimini, a city full of Roman ruines.Rimini is also the city where my school is. The name of my school isAlberghiero Malatesta. It is a hotel and catering school for cooks,barman, maitre and hotel managers. I chose it because I’d like to becomea chef and open a restaurant in LA in the USA.My school is special because it is in an old building which used to be asummer boarding residence for children to go swimming and sunbathingon the wonderful sandy beaches just near my school.In winter I like looking out ofthe window at the lonely beachand the blue sea. I love it somuch!!!