Feast of saint martin celebrated in santarcangelo by cassoli alberto 3 d

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  • 1. Saint Martin Fair celebrated in Santarcangelo di Romagna.
    Cassoli Alberto 3^D
  • 2. CelebrationDays
    Saint Martin Festival is celebrated in Santarcangelo di Romagna
    from 11 until 14 November.
    Our little town turns into an overcrowded and noisy town packed with people coming from all over the Romagna.
    On those days people pour into the streets to have parties and enjoy all the delicacies on show on the street stalls.
  • 3. .
    The fame of the traditional Saint Martin festival has gone beyond local boundaries. In particular there are two things that make the event know all over Europe: the ballad singers, who meet every year at the National festival dedicated to them and the 'horns‘ which hang under the Arch of Ganganelli’s Square.
    People pass under the arch to see if the horns swing: in this case it means that your sweetheart has not always been faithful.
  • 4. San Martino Fair is mainly focused on food: in the House of Autumn in Piazza Marini, the people can find typical products from many Italian regions.
    Emilia Romagna's house in Piazza Ganganelli offers all sorts of specialitiesfrom Emilia-Romagna, and the different food stalls can satisfy every request, from the flat bread to the polenta.
  • 5. There are also, near the traditional street market, displays of old things and handicrafts, cars and agricultural machinery, of which the city is happily "invaded" since the most remote corners and distant.
  • 6. For young people there are a great variety of market stalls with lots of different items on sale.
    Along the road to PoggioBerni, there is a fun fair where you can just have fun with your friends and also test your luck to win something.Other favouritesare the waffles, cakes that can be accompanied by honey, chocolate and whipped cream.
  • 7. Come for a ride to St. Martin Fair in Santarcangelo. You will be welcome by our warm food and hugs