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  • 1. E-Rate & TISDs Technology Plan
    By: Barbara Sides
  • 2. Agenda
    TISD’s Technology Plan
    What it is
    What it means for TISD
    Where we go from here
  • 3. TISD’s Technology Plan
    Current Plan 2010-2013
    Based on Texas STaR Chart Key Areas
    Teaching and Learning
    Educator Preparation and Development
    Leadership, Administration and Support
    Infrastructure for Technology
  • 4. TISD’s Technology Plan
    Goal #1: Ensure that the district’s technology is a fundamental part of the total education process
    Obj. 1: Integrate technology in all subjects
    Obj. 2: Serve at-risk students
    Obj. 3: Offer dual credit courses
    Texas STaR Chart
    Key Area: Teaching and Learning Classification: Developing
  • 5. Goal #1, continued
    Obj. 4: Provide resources to all staff
    Obj. 5: Improve communication with community
    Obj. 6: Serve community needs
    Texas STaR Chart
    Key Area: Teaching and Learning Classification: Developing
  • 6. Goal #2: Provide an infrastructure that meets the needs of students, faculty, staff, and community
    Obj. 1: Maintain & upgrade equipment
    Obj. 2: Provide safe environment
    TISD’s Technology Plan
    Texas STaR Chart
    Key Area: Infrastructure for Technology Classification: Advanced
  • 7. Goal #3: Administrators will be responsible for integrating technology into district
    Obj. 1: Train administrators
    Obj. 2: Provide communication technology
    TISD’s Technology Plan
    Texas STaR Chart
    Key Area: Leadership, Admin, Instructional Support Classification: Advanced
  • 8. Goal #4: All teachers will have access to on-going professional development that prepares them to effectively use and integrate technology into their curriculum
    Obj. 1: Provide requested staff development
    TISD’s Technology Plan
    Texas STaR Chart
    Key Area: Educator Preparation & Development Classification: Developing
  • 9. Total Budget $539,050.00
    TISD’s Technology Plan
  • 10. E-Rate
    What it is:
    Discounts for schools and libraries
    Purchase telecommunication services
    Voice and data
    Internet access
    Internal connections
    Source: US Department of Education
  • 11. Where Do We Go From Here?
    Utilize E-Rate discounts
    Focus on Developing areas
    Utilize data
    Research other schools
    Maintain & enhance advanced areas
    Seek new technology opportunities
    Request teacher input
    Attend technology conferences