Evaluating the Role of Faculty Development on Online Learning


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Evaluating the Role of Faculty Development on Online Learning

  1. 1.   Presented by: Bethany Emory, MA Director of Instructional Support and Online Learning (ISOL) A-B Tech Community College Barb Browning, MS Instructional Designer ISOL A-B Tech Community College
  2. 2.  By the end of this session, participants will be able to… o Describe how the Instructional Services and Online Learning Department at A-B Tech Community college applied ADDIE to develop a faculty development course to improve online learning o Identify if the course met the learning outcomes o Recognize the challenges that arose during the ADDIE process
  3. 3. Evaluate Analysis Design Develop Implemen t
  4. 4. • Identify the instructional problem • Analyze learner characteristics • Determine a learning solution • Delivery options and timeline Evaluate ANALYSIS Design Develop Implement
  5. 5.  Instructional problem  Learner characteristics  Solution  Evaluation of analysis stage
  6. 6. Evaluate Analysis DESIGN Develop Implement • Set learning outcomes and objectives • Design storyboards and prototypes
  7. 7.  Research-based course  Set course outcomes  Created storyboard to map course to outcomes  Methods to deliver content and assessment  Evaluation of the design phase and subsequent changes
  8. 8. Evaluate Analysis Design DEVELOP Implement • Course framework • Course content • Learning activities • Formative and summative assessments
  9. 9.  Introduction module  Modules 1-4  Wrap-up module  Evaluation of the develop phase and subsequent changes
  10. 10. Evaluate Analysis Design Develop IMPLEMENT • Deliver the course
  11. 11.  Course delivery  Course duration  Optional activities  Evaluation of the implementation phase and subsequent changes
  12. 12. EVALUATE Analysis Design Develop Implement Four levels of Evaluation: 1. Reaction 2. Learning 3. Behavior 4. Results
  13. 13.  Learning o Quiz results o This is measured by the Online Instructor Readiness – pre and post-assessments  Evaluation of the evaluation phase and subsequent changes  Reaction o Measured by the faculty Development feedback form
  14. 14.  Outcome One: Prepare students to participate in the online course environment o 71 % increase from pre to post assessment  Outcome Two: Create engagement in an online course environment throughout the term o 77 % increase from pre to post assessment  Outcome Two: Explore assessment in an online course environment o 51 % increase from pre to post assessment  Outcome Two: Effectively manage an online course o 36 % increase from pre to post assessment
  15. 15.  Challenges of ADDIE Process o Take time during the Analysis Phase to set clear outcomes o Be realistic about what to include o Development is not the time to continue expanding the course o Separate the roles of SME and ID