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SCJP 5 Preparation Guide from EPractize Labs.

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scjp 5 preparation guide

  1. 1. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.SCJP 5 Preparation GuideSCJP 5 Preparation Guide SCJP 5 Preparation Guide Exam name and exam code knowledge you can gain after completing SCJP 5 Prior certification/course requirements Exam objectives Time required to prepare for SCJP 5 Recommended Training Guide or Book for SCJP 5 Preparation Tips Benefits for individuals Benefits for employer
  2. 2. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Exam name and exam codeExam name and exam codeYou need to complete 1Z0-853 – Oracle Certified Professional, JavaSE 5 Programmer Certification.
  3. 3. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Inheritance andexceptionsInheritance andexceptionsknowledge you can gain afterknowledge you can gain aftercompleting SCJP 5completing SCJP 5You can gain basic knowledge of basic syntax and structure of theJava programming language and can create Java technologyapplications that run on server and desktop systems using J2SE 5.0.DataTypesDataTypesStrings, arrays,loop constructs,methods andencapsulationStrings, arrays,loop constructs,methods andencapsulationJava 5 FundamentalsJava 5 Fundamentals
  4. 4. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Prior certification/course requirementsPrior certification/course requirementsCurrently there is no prior requirement from Oracle.SCJP 5
  5. 5. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Exam objectivesExam objectivesExam objectives• Topic 1     Declarations, Initialization and Scoping• Topic 2     Flow Control• Topic 3     API Contents• Topic 4     Concurrency• Topic 5     OO Concepts• Topic 6     Collections / Generics• Topic 7     FundamentalsYou can visit Oracle site at Download EPractize Labs SCJP 5 Training Lab and click Plan >Objective to know more details about this certification.
  6. 6. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Time required to prepare for SCJP 5Time required to prepare for SCJP 5You can get approximate estimation from the below linkbased on your current knowledge.
  7. 7. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Recommended Training Guide orRecommended Training Guide orBook for SCJP 5Book for SCJP 5EPractize Labs offer complete Training Material that includes set ofMock Exams to prepare for this certification.You can download at
  8. 8. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Preparation TipsPreparation TipsThe new exam pattern is fully focused on practicalknowledge. Exam questions will be in the form ofreal-life scenario or coding examples.• Understand basic OO concepts and write coding for each concepts.• Write coding for inheritance from class and interface.• Write coding for abstract classes and methods.• Write coding for method overloading.• Write coding for method overriding.• Write coding for primitive types and wrapper classes of eachprimitive type.• Write coding for pass by value and pass by reference.• Write coding for polymorphism.• Write coding for arrays.• Write coding for loops (for, enhanced for, do while, while)• Write coding for if else, switch case.• Write coding for operators (+, ++, -- ..etc)• Write coding for handling exceptions (recall Java SE 7 changes).
  9. 9. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Benefits for individualsBenefits for individuals• Clear evidence that you are a Java Tiger programmer.• The certification empowers in driving Java Programming based onJ2SE 5.0.• SCJP 5.0 certified programmers can easily design and develop thecode based on J2SE 5.0.• Being a SCJP 5.0 certified programmer helps you to improve yourcareer potential, gain more respect, and boost up your job securityand opportunities.• With SCJP 5.0 certified programmer, you become more competitive inthe job market.
  10. 10. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Benefits for employerBenefits for employer• Enables management to distinguish SCJP 5.0 certified programmer asJava professionals who can develop quality code efficiently andeffectively.• Helps in deciding the best development APIs or Java Componentsbased on latest J2SE APIs.• More confidence to work on Java Code technical decisions withbusiness partners.• Enables project team to get best coding practices and guidance froma qualified Java Programmer.