ocejwcd 6 preparation guide


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OCEJWCD 6 Preparation Guide from EPractize Labs.

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ocejwcd 6 preparation guide

  1. 1. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.OCEJWCD Preparation GuideOCEJWCD Preparation Guide OCEJWCD Preparation Guide What is OCEJWCD? Exam name and exam code knowledge you can gain after completing OCEJWCD Prior certification/course requirements Exam objectives Time required to prepare for OCEJWCD Recommended Training Guide or Book for OCEJWCD Preparation Tips Benefits for individuals Benefits for employer
  2. 2. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.What is OCEJWCD?What is OCEJWCD?OCEJWCDOracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component certificationprovides basic knowledge required to develop Java EE 6 Enterpriseapplications using JSP and Servlet.
  3. 3. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Exam name and exam codeExam name and exam codeYou need to complete 1Z0-899 OCE for Java EE 6 Web ComponentDeveloperCertified Expert Exam to achieve this certification.
  4. 4. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.constructing anddeploying the small-to-medium scale webapplicationsconstructing anddeploying the small-to-medium scale webapplicationsknowledge you can gain afterknowledge you can gain aftercompleting OCEJWCDcompleting OCEJWCDThis certification is geared toward experienced developers of Javatechnologyapplications. Certified individuals should have the knowledge and skillsto quicklybuild web applications suited to any Java EE 6 application server usingJSP andservlet technologies. They should be familiar with the current methodsforanalyzing, designing, developing, and deploying web applications withJavatechnologies and have some experience in constructing and deployingthe small-to-medium scale web applications found in intranet and low-volumecommercial sites.AnalyzingDesigningDeveloping Java EE 6JSP and ServletsAnalyzingDesigningDeveloping Java EE 6JSP and ServletsServlet 3.0JSPJSFJava BeansServlet 3.0JSPJSFJava BeansOCEJWCDOCEJWCD
  5. 5. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Prior certification/course requirementsPrior certification/course requirementsOracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer (SE 5 or SE 6) OR SunCertifiedJava Programmer (any edition)OCEJWCDOCPJP (any version)
  6. 6. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Exam objectivesExam objectivesExam objectives• Topic 1 Introduction to Java Servlets• Topic 2 Introduction to Java Server Pages• Topic 3 Implementing an MVC Design• Topic 4 The servlet’s environment• Topic 5 Container facilities for servlets and JSPs• Topic 6 More view facilities• Topic 7 Developing JSP pages• Topic 8 Developing JSP pages using custom tags• Topic 9 More Controller facilities• Topic 10 More options for the Model• Topic 11 Asynchronous web applications• Topic 12 Web application securityYou can visit Oracle site at http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=527 or Download EPractize LabsJava EE 6 Web Component Training Lab and click Plan > Objective toknow more details about this certification.
  7. 7. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Time required to prepare for OCEJWCDTime required to prepare for OCEJWCDYou can get approximate estimation from the below linkbased on your current knowledge.http://www.epractizelabs.com/certification-advisor/time-estimator.php?s=11
  8. 8. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Recommended Training Guide orRecommended Training Guide orBook for OCEJWCDBook for OCEJWCDEPractize Labs offer complete Training Material that includes set ofMock Exams to prepare for this certification.You can download athttp://www.epractizelabs.com/certification/sun/oce-jsp-servlet-exam-6.html
  9. 9. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Benefits for individualsBenefits for individuals• The certification empowers in driving Java EE Web Architecture forenterprise applications.• OCE certified experts can easily evaluate various design options,frameworks, software COTS components, etc.• Being a certified expert will help to improve your career potential,gain more respect, boost up your job security and opportunities.• With OCE certification, you are more competitive in the job market.
  10. 10. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Benefits for employerBenefits for employer• Enables management to distinguish OCE as professionals, who canact as Technical Lead for new or existing initiatives.• Helps in deciding the best architecture,frameworks and softwareCOTS components based on project budget to minimize cost.• More confidence to drive technical requirements with businesspartners.• Enables project team to acquire guidance on best practices from aqualified architect.