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Example of user flow and purchase path / lifecycle.

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Purchase process diagram_vail

  1. 1. Vail
  2. 2. Purchase Cycle Need Recognition Need Recognition 1. Need 1. Need #1 #1 Research Research 2. Research 2. Research #2 #2 Evaluation Evaluation 3. Evaluation 3. Evaluation #3 #3 Purchase Purchase 4. Purchase 4. Purchase #4 #4 Review Review 5. Review 5. Review Description of Activity: Description of Activity: Description of Activity: Description of Activity: Description of Activity: • Need Recognition: o Identification of Problem or opportunity • Research: o Search for solutions to problems and/or opportunities • Evaluation: o Assessment of alternatives o Gather detailed information about solutions • Purchase: o Purchase of the service that satisfies the need • Review: o Did the purchase accomplish its objective? o Were any risks realized? Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Buyer Action Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: • Buyer becomes aware of a problem or opportunity • Buyer agrees they have the same problem • Buyer finds our solution • Buyer finds competitive solutions • Buyer evaluates our solution vs. competitive solutions • Buyer enters “trial” • Buyer makes decision to purchase • Buyer reviews the service • Buyer becomes a product/service enthusiast or critic Influencers: Deals, coupons, special events, discount packages Influencers: Ease of site experience for comparison, research transactions occur on mobile devices, app Influencers: Customers – kids, too, photo journals, online scrapbooking with soundtrack – memory souvenirs Influencers: Thought leaders, peers Seller Action Seller Action Influencers: Thought leaders, review sites, customers, blog, real experiences Seller Action Seller Action Seller Action Seller Action Seller Action Seller Action Seller Action Seller Action Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: • Build “need” into key messaging – Take Vail Home with You • Offer incentives for year-round • Optimized website • Lead form • Coupons at restaurants, kids eat free • Online “Free” Trial • Social concierge who interacts with buyer through personalization • Secure checkout • Provide a safe purchase environment – mobile and app • Satisfaction survey • Merchandising • Spring Back to Vail countdown
  3. 3. Vail’s Personas + Goals Aim Community Persona Locations Social Style Best experience at best cost Coupon sites, Amazon, LifeBooker, Peapod, Grubhub Female, college educated, browsing from work, married with kids Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, Google+ Strong opinions, limited time, bargain shoppers Aim Community Persona Locations Social Style Best experience at best cost; bragging rights Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Ski Magazine, Forums Male, some college, not college educated, browsing from home Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, YouTube, Tumblr Extreme sports, active, young, adventurous, thrill-seeking
  4. 4. Customer Journey Touchpoints
  5. 5. Nancy’s decision making process Need: Nancy wants to plan a trip for her family while at work. She’s interested in price, activities, deals and easy one-shop-stop booking. Research: She’s now aware of potential destinations and considering a select few cities, especially kid-friendly. Evaluation: She sees a cool Facebook promo for Vail resorts: “Kids Eat Free” and an upcoming event featuring a countdown for “Spring Back to Vail” which features a cool yoga retreat program at the resort during on-and-off season. Now she’s in comparison mode, looking for people + peers who booked family skiing vacations. On YouTube, there’s an attractive online video + photo scrapbook, “Take Vail Home With You.” She finds a special offer for 15% off for pampering at a local spa if she subscribes to Vail’s blog. Purchase: Here’s Nancy’s last step. Either she’ll purchase through the site, via a third party or on her mobile device on her way home. Most final transactions occur on a mobile device.
  6. 6. Current Purchase Path 77% of U.S. travel purchases take place in one step only, leaving only 25% of total revenues coming from purchases made in more than one step. Source: Google Analytics, Q4 2012
  7. 7. Suggested Purchase Path Embed onto main homepage as lead gen form, not a widget
  8. 8. What We Know: Traffic
  9. 9. What We Know: Visitors
  10. 10. What We Know: Mobile  Experience is responsive  Weather and conditions are included  Loading time is quick despite hero image carousel  Activities, trails, lodgings are clearly displayed • Difficult to book on the fly; coupons, deals, promos and news aren’t prominently featured • Content hierarchy & hero could be optimized for smooth browsing and transactions • Branded app integration – a mobile concierge which recalls your preferences and serves up additional features / activities for use year-round; tie-in Spring Back to Vail, (yoga retreats, off-season discounts, countdowns to #winteriscoming, Take Vail Home With You photo & video scrapbooking) • Other features: • Trails, maps, 360 tours, peer reviews, ratings, news, social feeds, leaderboards for kids, restaurant tips, deals, kid-themed parties, giving back campaigns, skiing stats, scrapbooking, scavenger hunts, Flashback Friday themed parties for families or speed dating for singles; a resort pet with his/her own social following.
  11. 11. Recommendations Create a Digital Strategy •Align strategies with objectives •Create an integrated experience with social, mobile, paid, earned and shared media. Customer Loyalty plan •Review loyalty, satisfaction and create a new concierge program via mobile app •Social media strategy Social Media Plan •Review social media engagement •Manage social media engagement •Social media governance policy •Customer email contact strategy •Review email engagement •Implement customer contact strategy Output(s) •A full digital marketing capabilities audit. •Review all content, UX, traffic sources and create competitive audits and a gap analysis. •Review how your customers use digital channels integrated with traditional channels. •Identify and create a channel strategy for customers by key influencer types and intermediaries •Set up Google Analytics tracking to determine all attributions and touchpoints in the customer journey.
  12. 12. What We Know: Blog + Social