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Cuties content strategy_recs_sb12512

  1. 1. Cuties Assessment 1. Inventoried and evaluated existing content on to: • Capture current state of content, depth and treatment • Understand branded conversation between brand and visitors 2. Analyze and document key issues around content and its ability to meet current and future business goals and customer needs 3. Review competitive sites from consumer goods/gaming/kids to analyze content categorization, compelling features and brand exposure 4. Researched and documented visitors, audience and persona info
  2. 2. Content Inventory Findings
  3. 3. Content Inventory Findings 1. Homepage does not have any meta keywords 2. Add alt tags for photos – only 58 out of 74 have been tagged, this increases their chance of appearing in Google and other SERPs. 3. XML sitemap needed 4. What’s a Cutie page requires headings and header tags • The initial heading (<H1>) should include the best keywords. Using only one <H1> heading per page will strengthen SEO rankings.
  4. 4. Content Inventory Findings 1. When to Buy and Where to Buy can be combined 2. Where to Buy provides logos of popular grocery stores, not detailed info by zip code or maps. 3. FAQs  can include Cuties History 4. Blog can be re-thought – perhaps promos or coupons is best – incentivize the site 5. Press room content has not been updated since 12/7/11 – stale. Press materials fact sheets provide value for buyers. 6. No header tags on press page.
  5. 5. Visits + Personas 1. About 46% of visits to consist of only one pageview (i.e., are bounces). 2. Compared with internet averages, the site appeals more to women 3. Visitors also tend to consist of less affluent people browsing from school and home who have more children and have no postgraduate education.
  6. 6. Top Queries from Organic Search 1. Cuties 22.54% 2. Cuties oranges 8.18% 3. 5.28% 4. California clementine cuties logo vector 4.07% 5. Tangerine cuties 3.59% 6. 3.59% 7. California cuties 2.25% 8. Where to buy cutie oranges 2.21%
  7. 7. Top Competitors 1. 189.59K 2. 13.01K 3. 4.58K
  8. 8. Sunkist Games: Memory, Coloring
  9. 9. Dole Games: Identify Healthy Foods, vending machine mania, puzzles
  10. 10. Blog is not needed – consider promos / offers Parent nav + kid-friendly path is recommended Game should include incentive – coupon Facts can pop up throughout site – additional nav items clutter site and cause confusion Expand content for recipes, best cuties quotes, contests – creating cutie avatars, them songs Content partnership with Strawberry Shortcake’s Orange Blossom character Scavenger hunts, stickers, calendars, fruit and veggie tracker Content Strategy
  11. 11. Games for Kids 6-8
  12. 12. More games Follow the journey of a cutie from seed to fruit Scavenger hunt for oranges vs cuties vs lemons Create a gallery for artwork Recipe inventor – grow big and strong by eating 5-9 servings per day and show other kids how to eat like a super kid!