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Content Curation tools/platform comparison

  1. 1. Social & Content Curation Platforms AutoPlatform Sources Positioning Bookmarklet Selection Business media,Aggregate RSS, Twitter Yes No B2B marketing Personal curationBagTheWeb Links, Twitter plateform Yes No Links, images, videos, MicrobloggingBitlr files, RSS network Yes No Media from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter, Content curation Slideshare, Scribd tool (bundle & Wikipedia; Audioboo, share webBundlr text, images, links content, easily) Yes No Publish StoriesChripstory Twitter (tweets) Yes No Communities RSS, OPML, persistent curation forCIThread search, bookmarklet publishers Yes Yes SaaS social contentConnectN Websites, blogs management Yes Yes Content curation tool (bundle & Websites, blogs, topic share webCurata sites content, easily) Yes Yes Easy (and ethical) Links, quotes tool Yes No
  2. 2. Twitter Tweets curation Yes No RSS / OPML, Twitter, Google Alerts, Curation YouTube, Flickr + platform for content via companies andCurationStation bookmarklet agencies Yes Yes Curation platform for Yes Manual, companies and automatic RSS, Twitter agencies both Yes Telling stories, Curation for publishers andDayLife RSS, Twitter developers Auto Yes Twitter, Web, Video, RSS, OPML, HTML, Curation Yes Manual, Blogroll, Google platform for automatic or Yes AdvancedEqentia Reader Search vertical websites both filter Social software company. A centralized platform empowers retailers, brands, and agencies to localize and manage their social marketingExpion n/a efforts. Set of real-time Yes Newspapers, content magazines, TV and integration tools radio transcripts, for companiesFactiva photos, news (finance, media, Yes Yes
  3. 3. 250 content partners including: AP, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, CBS, Personal news CNET, Entertainment service Weekly, Fortune Tech, Huffington Post, Mashable, Slate, SB Nation, Time, WiredFloat and more No Mashable, Slate, SB Curation Nation, Time, Wired platform for and more media andFlockler publishers Yes No Amazon, Blogs, ConversationsHabitStream Twitter, YouTube, RSS curation Yes NoHearsay Yes Yes For bloggers, Twitter, Facebook journalists,KeepStream likes publishers Yes No News sites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, links marketing Yes Yes Social- Texts, links, images, heapcasting videos, audio, Twitter, (bookmarking,Kweeper email, references share) Yes NoLinkedIn Today LinkedIn news Yes Yes
  4. 4. The knowledge sharing place, your 3-ring Links, text, images, binder for the videos audio, web. Education, Yes FromLiveBinders uploaded documents business, fun Yes Google Text, links, images,Loud3r videos, RSS, TW Yes Yes YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, 5Min, Grab Networks, IVA - Movies and TV, IVA - Music,, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, Hulu, ClipSyndicate, Yes Automatic Howcast, MTV, Video Redlasso, eHow, Curation tool for FoxNews, MSNBC real-time video Yes Tool Enterprise social curation for real- timeMass Relevance Twitter engagement Yes No Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Foursquare, Tripit, Sharing his life Vimeo, Youtube, and digital, MySpace, curation ofmemolane Instagram, RSS, API "stories" Yes No RSS, Twitter, Bing Share your News/Images, visual album ofMontage YouTube the web YesMySyndicaat RSS, OPML Yes YesOneSpot RSS, Twitter Yes Yes
  5. 5. There is the Publish it Twiitter, Facebook, Personalized bookmarklet Google+, RSS and the News, niche enabling ability to add any publishing, curation from article curated content anywhere on web Yes Collaborative Web or media from Organization/SoPearltrees anywhere on the web. cial Curation Yes NoPinterest Images Yes NoPublish2 Links Yes No Links, images, videos,PublishThis Twitter Yes Yes Real-time CurationQrait Links, oEmbed platform Yes Yes Curated boards on one specific topic and questions/answQuora links, video, images ers platform. Yes manual No Social curatedRedux Videos, links, images media channels Yes Yes Liens, RSS, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Google Publication News/Blog Platform Search/Video social curation Yes No Video, Facebook,ShortForm YouTube, Twitter Video Curation Yes No Create amazing websites, links, videos, slideshows fromSlidestaxx products, images web content Yes No
  6. 6. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, GG, Real-time Google News, GGImg, Curation tool forStorify RSS, links journalists Yes No Twitter, videos,Storyful images, text, embed Yes No RSS, Google Reader, Bing RSS search, Taptus StreamStore, Agrégateur deTaptu Facebook, Twitter news social Yes Yes Links, RSS, Facebook, Social CurationThe Shared Web Twitter for everyone Yes Yes Yes Virtual personal algorithmic assistant for the serendipityTrapit Links, blogs, videos... web Yes Notation (AI) RSS, Twitter, Collection and Facebook, delicious, research of Pinboard own shared links Yes YesTweet Library Twitter Yes No Curated magazine from Twitter, YouTube, your TwitterTweetMag Vimeo timeline Yes Favorites Yes
  7. 7. Edit Output Export Collaboration Analytics Mobile app Topic site, webNo No Yes Yes pageNo Web page, embed Yes Topic page, Facebook, Twitter, GoogleYes Buzz, Delicious YesYes Although Bundle page,you can only edit email, social Yes Pagenotes networks, embed Yes RSS Yes views Topic page,Yes Twitter Topic website, web page, RSS,Yes PHP, API Yes Newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blog,Yes RSS YesYes Web page Yes embed, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Google Buzz, LiveJournal,No links Yes
  8. 8. Public page,No embed No embed, RSS, API,Yes PHP, WordPress YesYes Web page, RSS Web Selection,Yes API No n/a Yes Topic website, Web pages, Yes HTML, Widget, Embed, Blog, RSS, JSON, Javascript, Twitter, CMS, XML, Email, Wordpress Twitter, plugin, Custom Private or Yes TrafficYes Annotations. formats public stats + .csv Real-time community analytics to improve targeting and ad performancYes Yes Yes e Yes Newsletter, widget, RSS, XML,Yes API
  9. 9. Links, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,Yes RSS No No No iphone Web page YesYes Mini-site, Widgets YesYes Yes Javascript embed,Yes public page No Topic page, WebYes Heading page, RSS,only Twitter, Facebook No Yes No No Public page,Yes Twitter Yes RSS Yes Yes Topic page, email, iPhone app Yes iPhone
  10. 10. Public page, private page, twitter, facebook,Yes plurk No Yes Yes Topic website, web page, Apps, Social media profiles, XML,Yes JSON Yes Topic page, embed and widget video, Twitter, Wordpress and MoveableTypeYes plugin, RSS, API Yes RSS, API Yes Yes Embed, Facebook, Twitter, mobile site, mobile apps, Yes JSON social TV, API, XMLYes jumbotron API, RSS Yes Topic page, Facebook;Yes Twitter Yes Topic page, Twitter, Facebook RSS, Javascript,Yes PHP, HTML NoYes Topic page Yes
  11. 11. Publishers can Topic page,reposition and Nomad embed,delete content as iPad, iPhone,well as blacklist Android devicessources and / orcontributors Organized pages, No iPad path, embed, application inYes twitter, facebook Yes RDF Yes Yes developmentYes Public page No No No Topic site, webYes page NoNo RSS Yes Twiiter, Facebook Like, Google Buzz, embedYes Topic page No Yes No No Topic Pages (channels) Yes Yes Topic page, Facebook, Twitter, RSS,Yes widget Yes #NAME? Topic page,Yes widget No Yes Slideshow (embeddable), Twitter,Yes Facebook, Widget No No No
  12. 12. Topic page,No embed Public page, Topic page, Twitter,Yes Facebook Yes App iPhone, Yes iPhone,Yes Android No Yes Android Topic page, Twitter, Facebook Custom page,No Twitter, Facebook No No Search engine,Yes widget, API No Yes iPhoneNo No App iPad,No Readability No No No Yes iPad
  13. 13. Suzanne Baran 0612SocialNetwork Pricing Website Notes Business media,n/a n/a B2B marketingYes Free bagtheweb.comYes Free Pages and embed update in real- Free time.Yes Free cithread.comYes connectedn.comYes $1,500/month Free
  14. 14. 99 $ / month Free n/a $3K+/annual Content planning with user geo-locking over multiple brands, agencies, and countries. Manage 1000s of location/users with customizable web and mobile interfaces Consolidated web listening with social conversations and customer profiling # Governance: Establish complex workflow and approval processes by jobYes function 28,500 sources from 200 countries in 25 languages
  15. 15. Official content: ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Free Lonely Planet, SB Nation, The Economist, Oprah, Forbes, National Geographic and over 30 others. Thomson Reuters, Lifestyle content, Demand Media - n/a keepstream.comNo Free Selection possible onYes Free mobile via emailYes
  16. 16. Great library of Free up to educationYes 100MB upload resources Free, pro and enterprise Video hosting,Yes versions ads platformYes massrelevance.comYes Free memolane.comYes
  17. 17. First (and largest) social curationYes Free communityYes Free qrait.comYes Free quora.comYes Free Tiered: Free. Pro ($12.99US/Mo nth), Business ($79US/MonthYes ) scoop.itYes Free shortform.comYes Free
  18. 18. storify.comYes storyful.comYes Gratuit taptu.comYes Free thesharedweb.comNo trap.itYes Free $2.99 > marchNo 22