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Keyword Winner is a premium WordPress SEO Plugin by Daniel Law. Its a great WP plugin to gain top rankings on google and other search engine. I strongly recommend This plugin to Gain SEO to your self hosted Wordpress Blog or site. Not Just me many internet Gurus Also Recommend Keyword Winner Premium Wordpress SEO Plugin.

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Keyword winner the premium wordpress seo plugin

  1. 1. Contents1. How To Make Money Online by Posting Reviews2. Converting Blog Posts Into Sales Using Keyword Research3. Why Google Ads Tool Is Overrated4. How To Get On The First Page For Low Competing Keywords Guaranteed5. How Important Is Keyword Research for Your Blog?6. Top 4 Keywords To Use In Your Blog Post Titles To Convert Sales7. Optimizing Keywords In Your Post Titles8. Find Golden Problem Sub NichesWritten by Daniel Lew Creator of Keyword WinnerCopyright 2013. All rights reserved. How To Make Money Online by Posting ReviewsBloggers Who Struggle To Make Money Online Fail To Know One Thing
  2. 2. Almost every blogger who strives to earn a living from blogging struggles in one way or form to makemoney online. It is my pleasure to open some minds and give you the exact secrets on how bloggersmake money, and I am not talking about just banners, I am talking about real proven techniques! Somake sure your sitting on your chair tightly so you don’t fall off, because what I am about to tell you willchange your life!The Real Truth on How to Make Money through BloggingWell everyone keeps on asking, how do I make money blogging, I am still not making money, so here isthe answer! Start looking for virtual products through Clickbank or Physical products through Amazonand do a blog review post about it.This Does Not Mean You Have To Become a Review SiteTo review products as a blogger is a very healthy thing as it shows others that there are tools that canhelp them succeed and by reviewing tools, programs and whatever else is related to your blogs nichegives better insight to your readers. Now of course I don’t recommend you post every day aboutproducts, I would like to suggest 1 out of 4-5 posts you can review something. This allows you to notonly get yourself familiar with what is out there, but also learn and grow as a business person too, notjust a blogger, it now becomes a blogging business.Sign Up With Some Good Affiliate NetworksTo start off with I recommend you use Clickbank to review ebooks, membership sites, video tutorials orsoftware and Amazon to review real products like technology equipment, books, cd’s, and much more.By signing up with affiliate networks, you can obtain affiliate links not just banners, and with those linksmake them active on certain keywords in your blog post. Then of course you can get commissions forwhoever clicks on your affiliate links to buy a product that you have mentioned on your review pages.Doing Your Keyword Research For Your Blog Post Titles, Tags and Body PostMaking sure your keywords for your headlines are low competition and have a healthy overall searchvolume for the month and are trending upwards over time are the first key elements any blogger shouldconcentrate on before posting about a product they want to make money on. Unfortunately it takes alot of time researching keywords typically in a few windows before posting a profitable headline as wellas tags and keywords for your body post, so to save time and effort I highly recommend you use a SEOWordPress Plugin called Keyword Winner. It will give you stats all at your fingertips just as you arewriting your headline, you click “get suggestions” and voila!Why The Keyword Research Is Important?When a buyer is hot, they are using search engines to find products and people typically type in thesearch term of a product in Google before seeing what’s available or sometimes they already know what
  3. 3. they want so the next main step before any buyer making a purchase is to type the word “review” at theend of it. By adding the word review at the end of the keywords allows them to see what others aresaying about the product either good or bad before buying, they can read the actual post of a productthat someone has already reviewed or others have commented on.Proof Is In the PuddingThis is why you see a lot of bloggers out there who are researching keywords for their headlines beforewriting an actual blog post, because if you want to attract real buyers you must use keywords in yourheadline of your post which not only grabs the buyers attention but most importantly contains thekeywords that he buyer will find you on when they are searching in Google.I know this for a fact as I have made good money from my blog and enough to earn a good living, mybest converted pages on sales are about reviews and indirect marketing approaches using keywordresearch.You will notice other bloggers like John Chow who is one of the top pro bloggers in the world that everypost he makes normally each headline is not only optimized but also aimed in some way or the other toattract buyers. He is a great example of this as he clearly states that he makes $40k per month blogging,and believe me folks this is no joke.One big example is I recently did a product launch on my keyword research plugin for bloggers –Keyword Winner and when John Chow got his hands on it he could not stop using it, and then hereferred others to use it and made money that way. So when you are passionate about a product andreview it you can sell a lot more, readers can usually smell this from a mile away, so the trick is to befully passionate about a product first before you review it.2. Converting Blog Posts Into Sales Using Keyword ResearchThere are tons of ways to make money online particularly for those who have blogs, but the ones thatare missing out are the ones that don’t research their keywords for their headline properly for everyblog post they do.We all know why, sure it takes too much time and is boring but yet is what is meant to be bringing usthe most amount of attention from a headline and traffic from search engines. If you can nail the twoeach time you are in business.It is a fact that if you write headlines that are under 100,000 competition according to GoogleCompetition you can easily get to the first page with very little effort. I did a case study on it recently asyou can see and ranked 1st page within 3 hours.
  4. 4. The question you might ask are those low competition pages going to get any searches? Well sure theyare, in fact this is why I use Google Insights to see the percentage of overall searches conducted for themonth and Google Trends to see if the keywords are trending over a period of time.The problem is it’s a pain going back and forth to Google Insights, Google Competition and GoogleTrends for every blog post you do so this is why I can up with a solution that will change SEO for thebetter.I was doing my research that literally took me no more than 2 minutes to find the best keywords to use,and there you have it, I managed to get just below and on top of Cnet and Overstock whichalso have a post page about the same product.Here are the 3 steps I took:
  5. 5. After typing in “LCD Arm”, I could then dig a little deeper, I noticed “Ergotron LCD Arm” which had a nicelow competition, steady trend and average searches for the month according to Google Insights:I could then dig a little deeper and after clicking “Get suggestions” for Ergotron LCD Arm I found thisinformation:So then lastly I decided to go with “Ergotron NEO-Flex” and add the word “Review” on the end at just13,300 competing pages I could not go wrong!
  6. 6. This tool suggests up to 10 keywords to use as soon as you write your blog post headline, you click “getsuggestions” and then voila! below in a drop down the information appears, pretty neat huh? Well JohnChow seems to think so, there has been lot’s of rave about this tool by some of the top internetmarketing experts in the industry.John Chowfound this tool helpful since he knows that the difference between keywords that can makehim money.I like to use (best sellers) or as an example, you can target products thathave good gravity or are hot items and start writing review posts about these products.When a buyer is hot, they are using search engines to find products and people typically type in thesearch term of a product in Google before seeing what’s available or sometimes they already know whatthey want so the next main step before any buyer making a purchase is to type the word “discount”,“review” “promo” “bonus” etc at the end of it.By adding the magic keywords at the end of the headlines allows them to see what others are sayingabout the product either good or bad or to find their discount before before buying etc.I personally have even had success with writing physical product serial numbers in a post as well, couldbe a tv screen or mobile phone or any gadget.So there you have it…If you are a blogger look into targeting keywords easily all in one dashboard andrank on the first page of Google so you can convert those pages easily then Keyword Winner is youranswer and you can start making money as quickly as today!
  7. 7. 3. Why Google Ads Tool Is OverratedHere’s the low-downThe problem is that the number of searches per month is not always good to rely on because of 2 things:1. Google Ads tool results are based on Adwords so it is good for researching PPC keywords, notorganic search for SEO.2. Searches can vary too much each day or each month, the searches some months can be higher orlower depending, so it is actually worthless to target a search term that has high searches one monthand then the following month has low searches.Why get excited by researching keywords to see they have a good global monthly search volume andput all that hard earned effort into ranking high and then the following months notice that the searchcount is low.This is why I love Google Insights and Google Trends so much because with Google Insights it tells youthe overall percentage of searches on the current month and then with Google Trends you can see howpopular the keyword searches are over a period of time.Really the best tools are – Google Insights, Google Competition and Google Trends, I never purely relyon Google Ads tool, I am not saying its worthless but for the task of making money using blog postingkeywords it is not necessary. Keyword Winner is an awesome example, it is a tool designed to help youtarget keywords based on Google Competition and compare using Google Insights and Google Trends.So are you one of the few that have been steered in the wrong direction? I suggest you get back on trackand start concentrating on Google Insights, Google Competition and Google Trends.4. How To Get On The First Page For Low Competing KeywordsGuaranteedIf you are targeting highly competitive keywords then of course this is another story, it can be timeconsuming and costly, getting good position is one thing but maintaining it is much more difficultbecause of the high competition. Wouldn’t you rather dominate lower competing markets withreasonable search volume?It is in my passion to keep testing and finding low competitive products from Amazon that have perhapsjust launched and are about to get big quick and I will quickly write a post or review about the productthat has just launched and get this up in the rankings real quick.Think about products like “Electric Bug Zappers”, very low in competition but a highdemand product particularly when it first launched many years back, so again check the trend of theseproducts before setting up sites for them.
  8. 8. So when you find something that seems relatively popular do a search in for those keywordsand check the competition. If the competition displays; About 1,000,000 results or lower than your inbusiness. (You will see the results after you click search underneath the keyword)Making Money from this by promoting virtual productsIf this is done correctly you can make very good money from this. I use Clickbank trends tool to monitornew products that have just been launched. I like using them because all of their products are virtualand there is no shipping involved, so customers don’t have to wait for the goods, its instant.The idea is to have many niche sites doing this and you will reap the rewards, this is called passiveincome!Again you don’t have to do it this way, you can simply write an interesting post like “How To SEO YourBlog Posts” and write about steps and discreetly mention the Keyword Winner plugin with your affiliatelink so that when readers click the link you get commissions too. There are discreet ways and nondiscreet ways, I recommend you mix up your posts with both.Google Trends and Competing PagesNow one thing I will say is don’t focus on how many searches the keyphrase gets with Google ads tool,because REMEMBER, we are focusing on niche with low competing pages of around 100,000. (Andgenerally those get between 0-100 searches a day) The only 2 tools we shall use for this example isGoogle Trends and Competing Pages.Again you don’t have to register loads of domains, you can post a review here and there about a productand optimize that page.5. How Important Is Keyword Research for Your Blog?Keyword research is overlookedResearching keywords is the most overlooked task for SEO and yet it is the most important. To not onlyget good rankings in the search engines particularly Google in the organic listings it is not only timeconsuming but also extremely costly. So with this in mind it is very important to get the right keywordsso that you can make money and also be free to concentrate on other areas of marketing.How Important Is Keyword Research for Your Blog?The mistake everyone makes is concentrating on keywords just for their home page and they forgetabout optimizing inside pages or they think it is not as important and yet home page is generally 10% orless of the overall searches being found when users land to your site.
  9. 9. Another mistake is webmasters or so called SEO pro’s rely too much on highly searched keywords usingGoogle Keywords tool, although this is useful for determining keywords that are highly searched, it canbe extremely difficult because the competition for those keywords are usually extremely high.The other overlooked aspect is many people who expect to rank well don’t know the average backlinksneeded in order to outbeat your competition. The great thing about Keyword Winner as it tells you thisinformation also.This is extremely useful because if you know you only need 3 backlinks in order to get top spot for a blogpost then you’re flying with colors.It is said that if your site holds a lot of authority including strong backlinks you can rank quicker andhigher for more competitive keywords so you can target sites that generally have 1 million to 10 millioncompeting pages.For blogs that are fairly new or have still some time to hold good foundation, I recommend targeting lesscompetitive keywords around 1 million or lower, 100,000 or lower is more ideal for totally new blogs.6. Top 4 Keywords To Use In Your Blog Post Titles To ConvertSalesHow do you choose keywords?Apart from the indirect ways to make money online, there is very good opportunity to gather directsales straight to your blog posts using direct approaches and without being the pushy marketing guy. Tosell directly you need to use keywords in your titles that capture immediately what a potential buyer issearching for.Before a buyer actually buys online they are searching for specific answers, those answers usuallycontain more information about a product they are about to buy and the information might be relatedto a promotion or review.I myself have had huge success with converting blog posts pages into sales by using specific keywords inthe titles that gain buyers interest. It is in my interest to open the eyes of many struggling bloggers whotreat blogging as a business and are striving to make money online.Before jumping in, its important you understand that the best way to make money online through thistechnique is to have an end product, the end product is usually an affiliate product, something youcanget commissions on, so before you post anything using the following keywords of course make sureyou are registered with an affiliate network and have searched for a product you want to promote.The affiliate product should be:* Related to your niche
  10. 10. * A product you have tried yourself (not always necessary, but helps)* A product that has good commissionsHere are my top 4 keywords I use in my blog post titlesBuyThis word is great when you have a real product such as a Camera, Bike or any product you wouldimagine to be listed in a classified site. For example if a buyer has done all the research in the world andis ready to buy online they will clearly type in the keywords “buy nikon d7000″ its very simple, so if youchase these keywords in your blog post title you will rank high very quickly for these keywords, providedthey have low competition. I always recommend you use a tool like Keyword Winner to check this over.ReviewYou may have noticed many review sites or even posts that some blog write reviews about on aparticular product, usually before a buyer buys they read up about reviews, to see the benefits of theproduct before buying, the trick here is reviews are meant to be a genuine review by people who haveactually tested the product them self, but sometimes if you have provided with a buy link at the bottomof the review, this saves them from buying later, perhaps they love the sounds of the product by readingthe review that are already ready to buy now, so its up to you to get creative with your reviews posts.Coupon Code, Discount etc..Sometimes the more experienced shoppers online understand that there is sometimes a discountassociated with buying a product online and sometimes use the words “discount, or promo code etcbefore they buy a product. Coupon Code sites and even blog posts are very common for this. Forexample if you find a product that has an affiliate program attached, you can create a blog post aftersigning up to the affiliate program and post about it leaving your affiliate link in the post that way youget commission for the sale.BonusIf you are familiar with launches or even products that you want others to buy and offer your own bonusas an incentive to buyers you can make good sales this way because during launches especially peopleare using the name of the launch with the word bonus when searching in Google. Of course you need tohave your own bonus you can offer as part of the whole package, as an example the Cowboy MillionaireSoftware and Training system is almost launched and because the productis not cheap, people aresearching around for a bonus deal before they buy, so again using this keyword in your blog post title isextremely effective.Final conclusion
  11. 11. All this is well and good but if you are not reaching 1st page in Google for your blog post titles usingthese keywords and your product your promoting then you are not going to get buyers reaching yourpage, because remember they are specifically using these words when they buy online and are usingGoogle to search.7. Optimizing Keywords In Your Post Titles& TagsKeywords in the body of your posts are really only the icing on the cake, but the real guts of getting goodrankings for any given blog post consists of having the right keyword titles and tags but then also usingthose same keywords within the blog post as well, but the research should begin with the titles /headlines.Most bloggers when they write a headline they have some idea about what keywords they want toinclude in their headline as they know the importance of rankings and SEO for it but yet they fail toresearch keywords properly for any given headline.Bloggers know how important it is but!Sure they think of using keywords in the title that they think they well rank well for, I repeat, that theyTHINK they will rank well for, but they fail to quickly research these keywords that they use in theheadline before posting.If they do research the keywords in the headline it can take them up to 15 mins as they will need to use3 different windows to check stats including Google Insights, Google Trends and Google Competitionwindow and to go back and forth and is tiring.Because the post already took too much of their time and they have already lost their patience they arenow are ready just to post it and get it over and done with, so they fail to implement and forget abouthow important the main part of the post is, the headline, the keywords in the headline not only strikesthe audience for them to want to read more but also stand a good chance to get noticed in Google.So is there an easy and quicker solution to finding keywords for post titles?Yes there is, Keyword Winner is now the fastest growing SEO WordPress Plugin on the internet. It allowsyou to find very quickly keywords based on its competitive nature to suggest the best keyword to use foryour blog post titles and tags and the body of your posts, itsaves minutes or hours of your timeresearching and implementing all of this.Don’t be fooled…The real truth is that if you have low competition titles then you can rank high within minutes for anykeyword whether you have a new or old site. So Keyword Winner is great for those sites that are notonly struggling to have their posts reach the top for any given headline but also handy for moreexperienced sites that want to rank for high competition headlines.
  12. 12. So remember headlinesRemember having a powerful headline is almost everything. Without a powerful search engine friendlyheadline you cannot attract readers to go through the rest of your post. So the key here is to really hittwo things in one go, by having a powerful headline and one that is optimized so that it gains the mostwebsite hits and readers leading to more sales and conversions.8. Find Golden Problem Sub NichesLet me explain what a problem sub niche is;For example..the health niche is huge and there are so many different products to promote in a lot ofgold sub niche categories, I have mentioned this before. The great thing about health is it covers somany overlapping bigger niches as well such as FITNESS, BEAUTY ETC….The great thing I like about creating money sites for health niches are you can cover problems so forexample you can create sites based on – How to prevent insomnia, how to stop sneezing, how to fightallergies, etc.These are problem keywords and often keywords typed in when people want to find answers to theirproblems, this is very powerful because often you will find that these searches lead to sales, they arelooking for answers to their problems and will spend if they have to fix a problem.Most problem searches these days relate to HEALTH or even DATING / MARRIAGE or PERSONALDEVELOPMENT niche, so between those 3 niches you are bound to be able to find and cover goldenproblem sub niches and keywords like the ones I mentioned.If you have some experience in having health issues, dating, personal development and giving generaladvice or understand the market start off with creating niches around those first and then branch offinto other ones, there are always products related to sub niches if you look hard enough you will find.See You At The Top!Daniel Lew
  13. 13.