Do we really want rape to end


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Do we really want rape to end

  1. 1. Do we really want Rape to end?I stand for anger, for outrage, for protest as these are much needed to make all understand that "weexist"! Having said so, the immediate next step is to go deep, to reflect back, to introspect, if we reallywant "change"! In my view, Rape is one form of horrifying violence that we experience in our everydaylives as Indians! Violence against anything that we failed to tolerate! Rape has more to do with "teachinglesson" than to "Sex" per se! In this case of Delhi as well, the culprits wanted to "teach the girl a lesson"!Our private lives as Indians are full with intolerance! Intolerance against religion we dont like, caste wedont like, sexual orientation we dont like, dresses we dont like, choices of our children we dont like,colour we dont like, politics we dont like, even songs we dont like!!And we also dont like to listen towhat we dont like!! And in our everyday private life we justify use of force, coercion against anythingthat we dont like!! We dont like to give peace, tolerance and democracy a real chance in our daily lives!The more powerful and sophisticated we are, the more subtle is the use of power by us against what wedont like! From head of states to a vendor on street, that is a regular feature of our lives in India!! Weuse violence, crude or subtle against "what we dont like"! The biggest paradox is that India is thecountry which preached the world the meaning of tolerance, non violence and non enmity! Can we lookback to us once again, if we really want Rape to end?I think there is a need to ventilate anger. But at the same time, the shape of anger that it is graduallytaking in India highlights another bigger concern that is of a "failing State"! These images and ideas thatpeople are sharing about punishing rapists, in my opinion also directs towards some impending anarchywhich is basically stemming out from the frustration of not being able see any commendable leadershipin our society right at this moment. So, I am personally worried about the counter violence that is tryingto justify its place through an excuse of this horrific rape! With that, going little deeper, I see animpending anarchy in Indian society which will spare no one - rapist, non rapist, politician, non-politician and so on! There lies my biggest fear and apprehension!Bappaditya Prantakatha20.12.12