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  1. 1. Headline August 2010 Issue 3A note from the Chair Measuring Our Success 10thHi and welcome to the first edition of Headline November 2010for the new regional committee. I would liketo start by saying a big thank you to all the BAOT Northern and Yorkshire regional groupdeparting committee members. During their will be hosting their Lifelong Learning event atterm of office they have given up so much of York St John University. Delegates will have thetheir time and energy; they really have helped opportunity to attend workshops lead bythe regional committee grow enormously and stimulating speakers on the use of differentachieve so much. Each of them will be missed. measurement tools designed to enhanceThe new committee has several new faces, who practice and highlight the value ofI hope you will all get to meet at some point occupational therapy. The day promises to beover the next few years. Our task is to build on an exciting opportunity to explorethe good work of the previous committee. Our achievements in practice and futurefirst chance to do this is this year’s lifelong developments in Occupational Therapylearning event; ‘Measuring Our Success’, which practice. Ticket Prices: BAOT Members £20is due to be held at York St. John University on Non-Members £40 Students £10 Please contact10th November. Tickets are on sale now, so for Sheila Gray for ticket information andmore information please get in touch; bookings: sheila.gray@tewv.nhs.ukny.baot@googlemail.com The committee is here to work for you. If you For the first time the committee is hoping thathave any ideas about how we can work with the event can provide the opportunity toyou to help you network, create new and showcase the work of OT’s within the region.important links, to build your CPD and get the We are looking for OT’s and assistants withinmost out of your BAOT membership then we the region who would like to present a posterare dying to hear from you at this year’s lifelong learning event. Due to theny.baot@googlemail.com I hope to meet as committee’s limited funds we are unable tomany members of possible during my term of offer financial support for the production ofoffice and please don’t hesitate to contact me posters. As the committee’s aim is to promoteone the committee’s email address the work of OT’s and their departments withinny.baot@googlemail.com the region, we welcome posters from anyRobert Berry, Chair professional area. Submission guidelines are available to download from the regionalWhat’s on? webpageMeasuring Our Success 10th November 2010 at http://www.cot.org.uk/Homepage/Regional_GrYork St. John University. oups/English_regional_groups/Northern_YorksPlease contact us on the regional email hire_regional_group/ This is a great to developaddress to provide us with information on your CPD portfolio, showcase youractivities you are completing within the region. achievements and grab a freebie in theny.baot@googlemail.com barging, as successful submissions will each receive a £10 Amazon gift voucher per poster.
  2. 2. For any further information please do not staff to provide unity to procedures. Ashesitate to contact the regional committee clinicians we were all aware that a lot moreny.baot@googlemail.com work needed to be done but it was too big to be managed on top of clinical work. TheAttending the BAOT regional group Community and Mental Health Service formeeting: A student’s perspective North Yorkshire and York’s service development team had already started to beAttending the regional BAOT meeting as a involved with the Wheelchair service when thesecond year Masters student, I did not know opportunity through the AHP servicewhat to expect. The meeting was structured Improvement Project arose.and to plan and the environment was relaxedand open for any contributions. I was delighted The project: - ‘Adult and Children’s Wheelchairto hear about the success of our region and services: Improving the services we deliver tofelt very proud of what they have achieved. A North Yorkshire and York Health Community’.member was present from the College of It is an ambitious project but one that we feltOccupational Therapists and members gave needed to be completed in its entirety. There isconstructive criticism to be fed back to London. a focus on the 18w RTT, maintenance andThe meeting gave the opportunity to hear provision. The projects have been supportedabout upcoming events such as the Life Long by training events, individual site visits, emailLearning event, Disability North East event and and telephone contact. It has felt that timethe next Student conference to be held in scales for work to be completed for the projectDecember in Carlisle. Ideas were welcomed for have been very tight. The project has helped usthese events and it was interesting to see how to keep focused and encourage the wholeideas for these events are created and team to invest in change rather than a fewdelegated within the meeting. Members gave a members coming up with a solution.lot of ideas and support to each other. All in all Change can always seem scary for a team,this was a very enjoyable day. It is an however it is also challenging the service andopportunity to meet a wide and diverse group individual teams to look at how we canof people, get insight into upcoming events develop, change and move things forward. Theand the organisation, decision making and AHP SIP may have been put on hold howeverplanning that goes into these, even to our service improvement will continue as wecontribute ideas. Attending this meeting gives aim to provide the best service for our clients.the opportunity to see the hard work anddedication in the region and just the amount Jane Philpottof things that are happening that are way Don’t Forget!outside the scope of what we see as students.The day was relaxed, humorous and most of all With the pressure of work and serviceproductive. I came away feeling very demands it is easy to forget that OT week isenthusiastic about becoming an Occupational only just around the corner, 1-7 NovemberTherapist in this region. 2010. Let us know what you are planning in your area and remember we are able toJennifer Thornburn support with publicity material for any event by contacting us on the committee emailService Improvement In Practice ny.baot@googlemail.comThe Wheelchair service for North Yorkshire andYork Community and Mental; Health Serviceshas recently been involved with the AHPService Improvement Project. I say recently There is still a vacancy onbecause with a change of Government the the committee for the role of treasure. If youproject has reached stage 2 and been put on would be interested in finding out more abouthold, but work in the service continues. this role please visit the pen portrait on theWe were four services that merged in 2006 regional page and contact the committee towith different staffing levels, different attend our next meeting in December to findgeographical areas, differences with provision out what goes on.and long waits for routine and specialist chairs. Newsletter content edited byA lot of work had already been done by the Sarah-Jayne Berry Website Coordinator