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College of Occupational Therapists International sessions
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College of Occupational Therapists International sessions


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BAOT/COT Council member for International Affairs & WFOT delegate Alison Laver-Fawcett introduces presentations addressing overseas placements and projects, Volunteering overseas, and Working …

BAOT/COT Council member for International Affairs & WFOT delegate Alison Laver-Fawcett introduces presentations addressing overseas placements and projects, Volunteering overseas, and Working Overseas. COT Annual Conference 2010 (22-25 June 2010)

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • Why was WFOT set up?The Constitution was developed at the 1952 meeting and contained the following initial objectives:
  • Transcript

    • 1. College of Occupational TherapistsInternational Session
      Chaired by:
      Alison Laver-Fawcett
      BAOT/COT Council member for International Affairs
      & WFOT delegate
    • 2. Today’s journey……..
      1) Overseas student placements and projects
      2) Volunteering overseas
      3) Working Overseas
      Role of the Council member for International affairs (WFOT delegate)
      Work of WFOT
      WFOT’s Achievements
      Future plans
    • 3. Programme for session
      9.00: CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME ANDAlison Laver-Fawcett, INTRODUCTION BAOT/COT international council member and
      WFOT delegate
      9.20: STUDENT PROJECT OVERSEASElizabeth Travers
      OT student/Membership and External Affairs Board member
      9.30: STUDENT PLACEMENTS OVERSEAS Fiona Fraser, – a brief introduction Education Manager, Student Affairs, BAOT/COT
    • 4. Programme for session
      9.45: VOLUNTEERING OVERSEASRuth Grearson, VSO;
      Sophie Disayanake, returned VSO OT volunteer
      9.50: WORKING OVERSEASChristine Higgins, Australasia
      10.05: WORKING OVERSEASElizabeth Taylor, President, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT), Canada;
      Fran Wiernusz, USA
      Group discussion – Chose a group:
      1) Overseas student placements and projects
      2) Volunteering overseas
      3) Working Overseas
      10.40: CLOSE
    • 6. Other UK OTs involved with WFOT Council
      Council member for international affairs COTEC: Tina Gericke
      We have two BAOT / COT WFOT alternate posts:
      1st alternate: Caroline O’Haire
      2nd alternate: Helen McCloughry
      We currently have two therapists from the UK are serving on the WFOT executive management team:
      Samantha Shannis the WFOT Vice President of Finance
      RitchardLedgerdis the Programme Co-ordinator for Promotion and Development.
      Both Sam and Ritchard have previously served as the BAOT/COT Council member for international affairs
    • 7. Santiago, Chile 22 April – 7th May 2010
    • 8. WFOT Council Meeting: April 25-30th 2010
    • 9. Council Meeting Santiago 2010
    • 10. WFOT
    • 11. WFOT individual membership
      Becoming an individual member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) enables you to network with occupational therapy colleagues across the world to enhance your practice and development and to contribute to the development of the profession at an international level
      It’s not just what membership does for you – but how your membership also helps provide people who need OT access to occupational therapists around the world
    • 12. WFOT individual membership
      Qualified occupational therapists and students who are interested in becoming individual members of WFOT are able to do so through their national association.
      It is only through your membership in your national association that your qualifications can be checked, and the status of individual membership of WFOT be given due recognition.
      Will you be a WFOT member?
    • 13. Individual Membership
      £15 per year to join WFOT
      • Twice yearly copies of the WFOT professional journal The Bulletin and e-newsletter
      • 14. Eligibility to apply for research awards
      • 15. Opportunity to register with Occupational Therapists Outreach Network
    • Individual Membership
      MEMBER ONLY access to the website
      Free and exclusive downloads – keeping you up to date with what is happening in the international OT community
      Information about working abroad and links to useful sites and communities
      Discounts on publications and events
      Join through BAOT
      Form in December 2009 OTN
      – or collect a form today to sign up
    • 16. Individual Membership
      £15 per year to join WFOT
      • Member discounts in the WFOT Online Shop
      • 17. Regional conferences, networks and working groups
      • 18. Opportunity to join project teams pursuing over 80 separate initiatives in four programme areas: Promotion and Development; Education and Research; International Cooperation and Standards and Quality.
    • 56 Full Member Associations13 Associate Member Organisations5 Contributing Members
    • 19. WFOT Constitution (1952)
      to act as the official international organization for the promotion of occupational therapy
      to promote international cooperation among occupational therapy associations, therapists and other allied professional groups
      to advance the practice and standards of occupational therapy
      to help maintain the ethics and to advance the interests of the profession
      to facilitate the international exchange and placements of therapists and students
      to facilitate the exchange of information
      to promote the education and training of therapists
      to hold international congresses
    • 20. Programme Areas
    • 21. Education & Research Programme
    • 22. Bulletin [Master Project]
    • 23. Marketing [Master Project]
      Website – over 1.5 million hits every month
    • 24. E-newsletter
    • 25. Human Resources Project
      A summary of global demographics of the occupational therapy profession
      Ritchard Ledgerd, PCo Promotion and Development
      70 Member Associations included in the research
      93% response rate
      Outcomes include:
      Total Number of Practising Occupational Therapists = 324,757
      Total Number of WFOT Approved Education Programmes = 702
      Member Organisations reporting a shortage in the field of Mental Health = 37%
      Member Organisations reporting a shortage in the field of Physical Health = 35%
      Students, assistants, migration, shortage specialties plus much more!
      Free download atwww.wfot.orgavailable soon
    • 26.
    • 27. International Advisory Groups
      Occupational Science
      Mental Health
      Evidence Based Occupational Therapy
      Accessibility and Participation
      Occupational Therapy and ICF
      Health Policy
    • 28. Publications
      Resource Package - developing the occupational therapy profession in countries which are not yet members of WFOT
    • 29. New Position Statements
      Client centeredness in occupational therapy
      Professional registration
      Consumer interface with occupational therapy
      Diversity and Culture
      Recruiting occupational therapists from international communities
      Academic credentials for occupational therapy educators
      Inclusive occupational therapy education
      Occupational therapy entry level qualifications
      Professional autonomy in occupational therapy
    • 30. New document approved at the 2010 WFOT Council meeting (revision from previous ‘Definition of Occupational therapy’)
      Statement on occupational therapy
      During the project work, at the WFOT Council meeting in Santiago, I worked with the delegates from new Zealand and Ireland to make the final edits to this statement
    • 31. How do we do it?
      Volunteer labour
      Membership fees
    • 32. Into the next decade
      Strategic and Operational Plans
      Continued focus on education including a revision of the Minimum Standards
      Master Plan on Research
      Continuing to increase the public’s and governments’ understanding of occupational therapy
      Further development of strategic alliances across the UN and its agencies
      WFOT/WHO Mental Health initiative
      This is the project I am leading for the next 2 years
    • 33. World Occupational Therapy Day This year = 27th October 2010
      Aims is to increase the awareness of occupational therapists and society of the truly global impact of occupational therapy.
      the World Occupational Therapy Day is integrated with other national celebrations and promotions of the mission and goals of occupational therapy.
      How will you contribute this year?
    • 34. Raise awareness of occupational therapy & WFOT
      Send an
    • 35. WFOT Congress - Japan in 2014
      Will you be there?
    • 36. Where will your occupational therapy journey take you ...?
      ... it is up to you!