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Ppt of seminar 9(gp 4)

Ppt of seminar 9(gp 4)






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    Ppt of seminar 9(gp 4) Ppt of seminar 9(gp 4) Presentation Transcript

    • Role of children in family purchasing decision
    • Role of children in family purchasing decision
      • Prof .Swapna Menon
      • Groups Member :
      • Anita Kumari
      • Biswajit Behera
      • Ravi Prasad
      • Dhiraj Patel
      • Pabanjee Jha
      • Shruti
    • Review of presentation
      • Introduction
      • Consumer Purchase Behaviour
      • Changes In Purchase Behaviour Patterns
      • Changing Role Of Children
      • Pester Power
      • Media influence
      • Challenges And Scope for Marketers
      • Conclusion
    • Introduction
      • Critical Indian Family.
      • Technological Innovation.
      • Changes the consumer buying behaviour patterns.
      • This topic provide an insightful analysis of some of the key issues and challenges of understanding and indentifying the roles played by children.
    • Consumer PURCHASE Behaviour
      • Definition:-
      • Consumer purchase behaviour  is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy
      • Roles Of Consumer Purchase Behaviours:-
      • Initiator
      • Influencer
      • Decider
      • Buyer
      • User
    • Changes In Purchases Behaviors Patterns
      • In Indian culture the right to choose and the will to buy , ultimately lay on the adult male of the family and in this regard,fathers were considered to be the real “kings”.
      • Socio-Cultural Enviornment
      • Small family & dual income
      • Changes in the attitude of elders
      • Now days the business markets treats “Princes as Kings” & designing products and services catering to their needs and wants.
    • “ Princes as kings”
      • A new unexplored market segment
      • Active and passive buyers
      • Advertisements are targeted towards children
    • Pester Power
      • "Pester power" refers to children's ability to nag their parents into purchasing items they may not otherwise buy.
      • Marketing to children is all about creating pester power, because advertisers know what a powerful force it can be.
    • Pester Strategies Adopted By Children
      • Bargaining strategies.
      • Persuasion strategies.
      • Request strategies.
      • Emotional strategies.
    • Media Influence
      • Today’s markets are kid-centric.
      • Understanding how and why children influences purchasing decisions.
      • Children are exposed to thousands of commercials.
      • Children are increasingly socializing through technology.
      • Brand loyalty starts at an early age by 11 years of age.
    • Challenges For Marketers
      • Creating a healthy society.
      • All brand can learn from kids brands.
      • Getting into the mind of child consumer.
      • Marketing to children ethically.
    • Conclusion
      • The emergence of children as major decision makers in family purchase decisions offers lots of challenges and scope for marketers .Companies , researchers , communication medias are exploring this phenomenon which has emerged as a very powerful target segment all around the globe.
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