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  1. 1. Assignment on: Godrej ProductsSubmitted to Submitted By
  2. 2. Introduction:-Godrej group has established in 1897, the Godrejgroup has grown in India from the days of thecharkha to nights at the call centers. Ourfounder, Ardeshir Godrej, lawyer-turned-locksmith, was a persistent inventor and a strongvisionary who could see the spark in the future.His inventions, manufactured by his brotherPirojsha Godrej, were the foundation of today’sGodrej empire. One of India’s most trustedbrand, Godrej enjoys the patronage and trust ofaround 500 million Indians every single day. Ourcustomers mean the world to us. We are happyonly when we see a delighted customer smile.With 7 major companies with interests in realestate, FMCG, industrial engineering, appliances,furniture, security and agri care – to name a few– our turnover crosses 3.3 billion dollars. Youthink of Godrej as such an integral part of India– like the bhangara or the kurta – that you maybe surprised to know that 25% of our business isdone overseas. Our presence in more than 60countries ensures that our customers are at home
  3. 3. with Godrej no matter where they go. Withbrands you can believe in, service excellence youcan count on and the promise of brighter livingfor every customer, Godrej knows what makesIndia tick today.Today, we are at a point in Godrej’s history whenour amazing past is meeting up with itsspectacular future head on. Godrej is learningand relishing being young again.Vision & Mission:-Our vision is to be a leader in the IndianFood and beverage space by breaking intothe exclusive league of top ten FMCG foodcompanies in India.Our mission is to do sales of Rs. 1000 Croresby 2012, profitably at margins that are bestin class in FMCG goods. We will achieve itthrough unparalleled business innovationsand consumer satisfaction.
  4. 4. Product & services:-AppliancesOfferings in the refrigerator, washing machine, airconditioner and microwave oven ranges.FurnitureFurniture for home, office, educational institutions,establishments, labs, hospitals, shipyard...FMCGCinthol, Hersheys Chocolate Syrup, Good Knightmosquito repellent, Hair Colour and Hair Dye.Real EstateResidential, commercial and township developments.
  5. 5. AgriAnimal feed, oil palm plantations, agrochemicals andpoultry.AV SolutionsDisplay solutions, audio video conferencing solutions,electronic copy boards.BatteriesGodrej and GP Batteries offer a range of zinc chloride,alkaline & rechargeable batteries and a range ofchargers.ChemicalsOleochemicals and surfactants.Construction
  6. 6. Variety of construction services like real estatedevelopment, ready mix concrete, horticulture andenviro-tech.Electricals and ElectronicsIndustrial automation, power distribution, compressedair solutions & green business commissioning.IT & Software SolutionsSolutions for engineering and service industry.LocksLocking solutions for different security needs to ensureoptimum safety.Some of the well known brand...Material HandlingCounter balance trucks, forklift trucks, tyre handlers,all terrain trucks, attachments and accessories.
  7. 7. MotorsSpecialized custom built compressor motors.Precision EngineeringCritical custom-built precision engineering equipmentsfor multiple applications.Precision SystemsMachining & fabrication, heat & surface treatment,assembly, testing & supply of complex...Process EquipmentHigh pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns,heavy walled reactors and other custom...Security Solutions
  8. 8. Safes, lockers, banking automation products, electronicsecurity systems, premises security & hi-tech doors.Storage SolutionsWarehousing solutions, automation and consulting.ToolingDie casting dies, press tools, special purpose machinesand engineering services.VendingHigh quality table top beverage vending machines,services and beveragesChallenges:-Mumbai: The threefold jump in Godrej ConsumerProducts Ltd’s revenue from international operations hasa simple explanation—five of their eight internationaloperations were acquired in the year ended March. Now
  9. 9. the hard work begins—making these acquisitions countbeyond the initial bump in sales and profit.The company’s strategy is aimed at leveraging those areasin which it already has a competitive advantage. Thecompany’s shopping spree hasn’t ended—on Wednesday,it announced the acquisition of a 51% stake in Africanhair care firm Darling Group Holdings that can be raisedto 100% in three to five years.“We believe that what we know is how to serve anemerging market consumer and having worked andoperated in India at the bottom and the middle of thepyramid for 114 years we have learnt what it takes to besuccessful in serving emerging market consumers,” saidShashank Sinha, head of international operations, whosetask it will be to bring the various businesses under acommon platform and drive performance.Godrej Consumer is looking to drive synergies in fourmain areas—cross pollination of brands and products,using scale in manufacturing, procurement and supplychain management to its advantage, sharing of bestpractices among the various companies acquired and fromthe diversity of people who came with these acquisitions.“We think we can take that approach, that discipline, thatexpertise and transfer it across to other places whereemerging market consumers are being served,” Sinhasaid.
  10. 10. The biggest task that he faces is turning the company intoone that’s truly global.Role in Indian Economy:-India is likely to see acceleration in economic reforms overthe next quarter, and it is the right time to invest in thecountry as valuations have become reasonable,Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) president Adi Godrejhas said.The industry is very confident that over the next quarter “wewill see some strong moves in terms of reforms to accelerategrowth”, Godrej said at the CII’s Annual Reception inLondon on Friday.He said the industry has been in dialogue with thegovernment to suggest policy changes that would reignite theprocess of investment and growth.Among CII’s recommendations are easing of monetarypolicy, faster implementation of infrastructure projects andcontrol on subsidies