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Iddo Bante about the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT (3TU.NIRICT)

Iddo Bante about the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT (3TU.NIRICT)

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  • 1. Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT
  • 2. NIRICT … to facilitate Dutch ICT scientific excellence and impact NIRICT bundles ICT research of the three technical universities in NL (79 chairs, 1200 scientists) in one virtual institute Eindhoven Twente Delft
  • 3. Why join forces?
    • to create critical mass around a number of strategic areas
    • to have impact by focusing on a limited number of ICT topics and ICT applications
    • to be preferred partner in ICT research and innovation
    • to influence the shape of the national and EU ICT research and innovation agenda
  • 4. NIRICT research agenda Enterprise Info Syst. 3TU.CeDICT Dependable ICT Systems 2. Long Term Research Challenges Multimedia Ambient Intelligence Security Broadband Computer Networks 1. S trategic R esearch A genda’s Smart Environment Labs LaQuSo Research & Innovation Labs Design Labs 3. Innovation Agenda
  • 5. SRA-1: Broadband Communication Systems Technology for optical-electronical broadband connections and antenna technology and spectrum management for wireless communication
  • 6. SRA-2: Computer Networks Research on network technology that will provide seamless access to the underlaying broadband infrastructure and high level communication services to the user GPRS UMTS WiFi … LAN W-LAN GPRS
  • 7. SRA-3: Ambient Intelligence Research on distributed sensor networks that will provide intelligence in products and in living and working environments
  • 8. SRA-4: Security Research on mechanisms to make computer systems and the internet more secure and trustworthy view, not print
  • 9. SRA-5: Multimedia and Interaction Research on natural interaction with intelligent systems and research on search and presentation techniques for multimedia data
  • 10. SRA-6: Enterprise Information Systems Research on design methodologies for next generation information systems, in particular architectural modeling for intra-organizational business processes
  • 11. ICT Applications
    • ICT for Healthcare
    • ICT for Safety
    • ICT for Mobility
    • ICT for Logistics
    • ICT at Home
  • 12. ICT Applications Example: Any time any place Health information Health broker & service provider Public Operator Hospital UMTS Doctor BAN
  • 13. Centered on the user and personalized
  • 14. Centre for Dependable ICT Systems
    • To develop a design methodology and application toolkits that bring modeling, analysis, synthesis and verification for dependable large-scale ICT-systems within reach of every system engineer
    • 18 chairs (incl. 6 new 3TU.CeDICT chairs)
  • 15. Innovation Agenda
    • LaQuSo : ‘The’ expertise and research centre for verification and validation of software systems
    • Design Lab : Provide a design platform to allow (small) companies to make a design for heterogeneous systems (sensors, intelligent signal processing components, low power radio)
    • Smart Environments Lab : T echniques for ambient intelligence and multi-modal interaction can only be assessed in a realistic environment
  • 16.
    • Your partner in research and innovation with clear focus and mass t o do things together that you cannot do alone
    Added Value for You
    • Jointly defining research agenda’s and to enlarge the ICT research community
    • One single contact point, p ortal function for scientific developments
    • Clear financial and IPR agreements
    • Source for qualified personnel
    • Integrated solutions (not single discipline)
  • 17. Added Value for You NIRICT your partner in innovation
  • 18.
    • Broadband Communication Systems Ton Koonen (TU/e)
    • Computer Networks Ignas Niemegeers (TUD)
    • Ambient Intelligence Paul Havinga (UT)
    • Security Pieter Hartel (UT)
    • Multimedia and Interaction Anton Nijholt (UT) and Alan Hanjalic (TUD)
    • Enterprise Information Systems Kees van Hee (TU/e)
    • Dependable Embedded Systems Boudewijn Haverkort (UT)
    More Information ? Director : Peter Apers Management Team : Peter Apers (UT) Pieter Hartel (UT) Henk Corporaal (TU/e) Inald Lagendijk (TUD) Board : Daan Lenstra (TUD) Kees van Hee (TU/e) Ton Mouthaan (UT)