Hotel Social Engagement


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To help hotels drive growth, and increase revenue..

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Hotel Social Engagement

  1. 1. HOTEL MARKETINGRecognizing the evolution of travel, tourism, meetingsand hospitality and bringing a successful revenueculture for hotels Sachin Bansal
  2. 2. WHAT WILL YOU GETYour own Engagement structure based on goals, and getting yourhotel ready• Increase in online sales• Create a Brand Identity in the marketplace• Increase in revenue• Consistent contact with the consumer• Create a value in your local authority
  3. 3. NOW. time to Understand YourCustomers’ Social Behaviors
  4. 4. Hotels were always good on the social side. Today because of the evolving technology the gap has increasedin understanding the new customer
  5. 5. Who will get you Social Growth?Having someone write for you that is good at telling stories.Someone who knows the subject well can really discuss thedetail behind the product or services. Outsourcing it to copywriters or storyboard writers in ad/design agencies.
  6. 6. Nobody Except Youknows more about your brand andbusiness than you.cares more about your brand andbusiness than you.
  7. 7. Make the partnerships you need tosucceed and grow your properties—  What is your objectives?—  What is your product?—  Who are you targeting?—  Where are you going to find them?—  What is your budget?—  How are you going to communicate?
  8. 8. The Conversion Medium for NEW CONSUMER
  9. 9. Why  online,  social    marke1ng?  The success of a hotels depends highly on the level of efficiency ofthe hotel marketing strategy and its activities aimed at:Understand the activities and processes for connecting buyersRespond to the demand needs positioning the hotels on themarket;Coordinate the activities and the offers of the hotels, working fordistribution;
  10. 10. The NEW & AWARE CONSUMERConsumers no longer move from one touch point to the next.Awareness, consideration, preference, action has a newperspective.Travelers have moved away form seeing the advert, then going to site and ordering the brochure rather they “thrive on a digital content” delivered through a array of devices.The new consumer share ideas and base opinions abouthotels, attractions and destinations with information gleanedfrom travel blogs…
  11. 11. The key questions to be answered1.  Where are your customers online?2.  What are your customers’ social behaviors online?3.  What social information or people do your customers rely on?4.  What is your customers’ social influence? Who trusts them?5.  How do your customers use social technologies in the context of your products.
  12. 12. Today’s challenges of hotels and hotel groups—  20 years ago revenue management for hotels was much simpler—  Initially a hotel reservation department was the point of sale for all clients - PMS—  Subsequently hotel groups added CRO’s and the GDS came along (CRS)—  The first Internet third party channels started to play a role.
  13. 13. Today’s challenges of hotels and hotel groups—  Today there are hundreds of channels customers can use to evaluate hotels and do hotel reservations—  In parallel the pressure on hotel groups, owners, management increased—  Technology became more complicated—  Less time and resources available to make more difficult decisions
  14. 14. ABOUT ME I provide the insights and strategies to improving customer experience on social media. I work together with clients to answer such key strategic questions as: How could you get closer to your customers? How could you build brand awareness and increase market share? How should you position a new product or offering for the greatest market success? What do your customers really want?”
  15. 15. As technology advances, we integrate new elements into our solution before the competition, giving you maximum visibility over your customers and competitors. Contact me