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  1. 1. Scott Juceam of Roni Lynn Deutch threatens ED Magedson. Link Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported. File your review. Consumers educating consumers.™By consumers, for consumers...Dont let them get away with it.® Let the truth be known! Home Help Register Login Help SEARCH COMPANY OR REPORT # File a Update Latest Consumer Consumers Say Legal Corporate Report Report Reports Resources Thank You Directory Search Advocacy Use Advanced Search Latest Reports Where it counts! Permanently! Other complaint sites remove reports for money. File a Report Here! We never do, at great expense & threat. Consumer advocate ED Magedson protects your First Amendment rights. Read more... Report: #775612 Complaint Review: BANK CARD ALLIANCE | BUSINESS LOAN FRAUDS | CEO IS CONVICTED FELON | SCAM ARTISTS Featured Ripoff Reports Reported By: AlexCander — Hartford Connecticut United States of America Submitted: Sunday, September 11, 2011 Posted: Sunday, September 11, 2011 BANK CARD ALLIANCE | BUSINESS LOAN FRAUDS | CEO IS CONVICTED FELON | August 9th, 2011 | Ripoff Report disappears from Google index! SCAM ARTISTS BANK CARD ALLIANCE De-listing causes SEO & Reputation industry to quake with fear. True colors are revealed! Business Loan VERIFIED SCAMS: CRAIG Ripoff Report returns, not hacked and back with its status of CLARK CEO OF BANK CARD ALLIANCE Advertisers above have m our et "Leading Consumer Advocacy strict standards for business conduct. Website on the Internet!" STOLE MY MONEY AND NEVER FUNDED Marcelene B DuBois, Young ANYTHING!!! CRAIG CLARK IS A Criminal History Report Get 100% Instant Criminal History Only Minds Learning Academy Ormond Beach Marcelene CONVICTED FELON FOR ATTEMPTED $9.95.Check on Anyone in US www.Verom Reed stalking, slander, liable, domestic violence MURDER AND DECEPTIVE SCAMS!!! Criminal Records For Free Ormond Beach Want Free Criminal Records? Check Out Darren Chaker 101 Hartford, Connecticut This Free Trial Offer Darren deNiro COMPLETE FRAUD Recommend this on Google ON EVERY LEVEL Public Arrest Records Las Vegas Nevada 1 0 0 Internet. 0 Like 1) Enter Name and State. 2) Access Full Author Consumer Employee/Owner Background Checks Instantly. Nick Miccarelli Self I run a small retail business, and was InstantCheck m Serving Career aggressively telemarketed to by Report Details Politician, Piece of Garbage, RINO Isaiah at Bankcard Alliance. My Republican, Wants to BANK CARD ALLIANCE | financial position was not great, but kill 44,000 jobs BUSINESS LOAN FRAUDS | created in a bad economy Ridley bearable. They used the current Park, Pennsylvania. recession into scaring me into CEO IS CONVICTED thinking I needed some cash to stay afloat. FELON | SCAM ARTISTS RISK MANAGEMENT - PERMANENTE 750 Main Street They sold me on a product called a “merchant Hartford Connecticut 06183 MEDICAL GROUP - OAKLAND, CA cash advance”. They charged me money upfront United States of America Kaiser Plaza for this program, plus interest. It turned out it cost Headquarters Patient me almost DOUBLE to pay the money back! At Phone: 860-770-2146 Abandonment, Violation of Federal and State Elder Abuse that point, my only option they said was to “roll it Laws, Fraud (Charging $5,000 for over” and take out another merchant cash Web: Zero Services) OAKLAND, California. advance to pay back the old one and had to pay MORE money up front! Now that I’ve done this I’m card-alliance-craig-clark- c494013.html By Stefan Muth so deep in debt and my business is about to Stefan Muth, close down. After researching it now, I’ve realized Stefan Andreas that the percentages they charged my up front Category: Financial Services Muth The owner victimized me, abused me, threatened me, broke and on the loan was WAY higher than industry his promises to me, failed to pay norms. debts owed to me, turned me into Respond to this Report his enemy, and backstabbed me, even though I was nothing but They took advantage of how little I knew about Respond to this report! kind and obedient. Hawaii financing to charge extra fees and higher rates. Internet. File a Rebuttal My business is about to close down, and it would Best Buy Christian still be alive if I never answered Isaiah’s call. Reich GM Forcing Also a victim? converted by
  2. 2. Reich GM Forcing Looking into Bankcard Alliance even more, I find Also a victim? me to lie tocustomers about their extended out it is owned and run by Craig Clark in Hartford, File a Reportinsurance then firing me for Connecticut a convicted FELON.calling them out. South Surrey,British Columbia. Arbitrate He’s been charged with attempted murder, assault Set the record straight! Antivenom /Antivenin: Snake twice, and possession of a controlled substance. bite Antivenom for This business takes advantage of people do not know better to charge them moneyvenomous snakes, spiders and upfront and higher rates on loans.Scorpions website: Antivenom/Antivenin Mark Moody Tried tobuy antivenom, sent money, tried DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! If you receive a call from anyone at Bankcardto contact by phone and email,never heard from them again Alliance, hang up fast! I wish I had, THEY’RE RUINED MY LIFE!!! OTHERInternet. *UPDATE.. Emails to COMPLAINTS!! posing as FDAthat we must remove this report, “You can enjoy million laws of The Report ImagesUS for now Im fda” Mexicocompany. NEW LIFEFOUNDATION, corales, cancun,Quintana Roo 79500 Mexico. PetSmart Whitby Donald Lee Assaulted by manager at PetSmart store in Whitby, OntarioCanada. NOODLE MIDTOWN ATLANTA, LENNY This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 9/11/2011 11:12:41 PM and is a permanent record located CHOU OWNER here: LENNYS ARMY, 1ad97.htm. LENNYS SCHLOCK Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission HAUS HORRIBLE of Ripoff Report.PLACE TO WORK, RODENTS,INSECTS IN KITCHEN, MIGRANTILLEGAL COOKS ATLANTA, Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on BANK CARD ALLIANCEGeorgia. EDWARD A SLAVIN, JR ED SLAVIN Search for additional reports DISBARRED ATTORNRY FALSE If you would like to see more Rip-off Reports on this company/individual, search here:- MISLEADING - HARRASSMENTAND ABUSE St. Augustine, BANK CARDALLIANCE Search TipsFlorida. Search California Riverside county cps Report & Rebuttal corruption, child abuse, agenda, job Respond to this report! Also a victim? Repair Your security, attorneys, Reputation! judges, 730evaluations, social workers File a Rebuttal File a Report Get Startedriverside, California *Help!. B.U.D.D.I.E.S Rescue Arbitrate Inc. Keith Lee Wandell (owner) Fake Trainer, Remove Reports? 63 Animal Control No! Better yet! Arbitrate to set the record straight! Violations, Takes money for homelessdogs to "Rehabilitate"and stuffsthem in kennels to starve. ConArtist Myakka City, Florida. Edgefield Veterinary Hospital, Dover Veterinary Hospital Scammedowner, tortured & inhumanelyeuthanized dying dog for sake of"education" Hampstead, DoverNew Hampshire. KELLSBULLIES KELLS BULLDOGS Scam - DO NOT BUY ABULLDOG, SAME DOG LISTEDFOR SEVERAL YEARS. Internet. Bridget Koornneef Deadbeat Mom - Lake Placid; Florida BridgetKoorneef; Bridget DAmico;Bridget DAmico Jason KoornneefBridget Koornneef - deadbeatmom quit $70; 000.00 a year job;and moved two hours away sevenweeks after she lost custody. Sheis remarried and has another childwith new husband. Lake Placid;Florida. Bryan David Dye Bryan Dye DEADBEAT DAD Dallas; Texas - currently owes over $5; 400 in backchild support to his 3 year oldchild he fathered while living inHonolulu; HI. Bryan Dye drives aBMW and a Corvette and claimsto earn in excess of $100; 000 ayear- yet only reports $20; 000 ayear in earnings to the child converted by
  3. 3. support enforcement agency. W Allan Jones . "Check Into Cash" The Slimiest Cesspool of Corruption Ever Known Cleveland,Tennessee - "I will tell you theirsecret weapon: The greedy,immoral corrupt Senator BobCorker. Were yall aware that lawsand amendments can be boughtand paid for? They can! SenatorBob Corker eagerly pants afterdonations from W Allan Jones, .Check Into Cash, and JonesManagement. Michael Bateman Mike Bateman Deadbeat father, failed to pay child support for past three years, broken promises Sebring, Florida. Acura Cockapoos Dee Van Laan, Debra, Debbie, Deb Breeder sold me sick pup withdamaged knees and other issuesIrmo, South Carolina. Tony Davis owes thousands in child support !!!! Watch out ladies this oneis a real winner!!! Internet -Stayaway Ladies!!. Veterinary Clinics of America They Just Dont Care Internet. Bicycle World of Jupiter Inc. Dont let them fix your bike, they give youused parts Jupiter, Florida . TigerDirect Will Not Honor Sale Price Miami, Internet *Problem resolved. ECMC: Educational Credit Management Corporation;St.Paul,MN Richard Boyle, DebRude, Aaron ? ECMC treated mewith disrespect, stole my federalincome tax without my noticeworth $2,149.00 and never helpme to get out of debt but dideverything to trick me into stayingin debt. St. Paul, Minnesota. Boyer Retirement Group Darren Boyer RipOff Scam Buyer Beware,Ogden, Utah. Rexhall Industries Rexhall R V Service Buyer Beware - ClassAMotorhomes with No qualitycontrol, major safety issues andwill cost you more than you payfor it. Internet. Edward de Valle AMGW; AMERICAS MEDIA GROUP; AMG Worldwide WHO ISEDWARD DE VALLE ? Miami;Florida - Edward de Valle; thechief executive of AMGWAgencyis being sued by five femaleformer employees in a luridlawsuit alleging abusive behaviorand financial misconduct.Past Featured ReportsRipoff Report in the Media Ripoff Report on CBS 19 Ripoff Report on CBS 19 - Global Marketing Alliance converted by
  4. 4. Ripoff Report on ABC 15 - Smart Shopper Ripoff Report - Girls Gone Wild Ripoff Report on Fox 11 - Car RepairSee more videosSpecial FeaturesDoctored Reviews is designed tohelp patients, doctors, andwebsites understand the problemscreated by Medical Justice, acompany trying to restrict onlinepatient reviews, and to offer someways that let patients freely talkabout their healthcareexperiences.The government should servevoters, not corporate specialinterests. Public Citizen works toempower ordinary citizens, reducethe influence of big corporationson government, open thegovernment to public scrutiny,and hold public officialsaccountable for their misdeeds.WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWABOUT THE BBB: NOT agovernment agency as listed inyour local phone book. Insteadthe BBB is a private non-profit /franchise operation. 20/20exposes the BBB, Hamas TerrorGroup Gets A Rating - BBB isrunning a "pay for play" scheme. Ripoff Report Legal converted by
  5. 5. DirectoryRead how Ripoff Reportsaves consumers millions. Home File a Report Consumer Resources Search Link to Ripoff Report Privacy Policy Terms of Service FAQ About Us Contact Us Why Ripoff Report will not release author information! Thank You Emails! Corporate Advocacy Program: How to repair your business reputation. Ed Magedson - Ripoff Report Founder Want to sue Ripoff Report? Donate to our Legal Defense Copyright © 1998-2011, Ripoff Report. All rights reserved. converted by