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Outstanding performance in citizen centric service delivery

Outstanding performance in citizen centric service delivery

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  • I completely disagree with below comment. I have been staying in Bangalore for almost a decade and have seen the abrupt growth of this city from last couple of years. Also the traffic has increased exponentially, thanks to affordability of everyone. There are thousands migrating to bangalore everyday adding to administrative overhead, and later choose to complain about mis-administration. I feel Bangalore was not ready for this population explosion. In-spite of severe challenges, Bangalore Traffic Police have been doing good. There are always bad cops and good cops. But the present and past ACP's have done an excellent job in trying to put Bangalore back on track.
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  • I would say the Bangalore traffic police does not understand the basics of traffic rules. What is the point in using technology when you don't understand the basics? Bangalore traffic is a mess by any standard. They can not differentiate between a fake driving license and a genuine one. Long way to go for BTP, they first need to get their basics right.
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  • 2. Traffic ScenarioBANGALORE CITY IS EXPERIENCING: 1. Phenomenal growth in vehicular traffic , 2. Traffic congestion and bottlenecks, 3. Road accidents leading to deaths and traumatic injuries, 4. Air and noise pollution, 5. Crumbling transport infrastructure, 6. Poor enforcement of rules and regulations.
  • 3. Traffic Scenario in Bangalore City Poor enforcement of traffic rules
  • 4. Vehicle Population - Breakup
  • 5. Vehicle wise Cases Booked
  • 6. What is BTRAC 2010? Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project B-TRAC 2010 is the ‘first of its kind’ project in the country to address the issues of traffic congestion, safety etc by utilizing the latest traffic management technologies and techniques, which are appropriate to our context. This will give the much- needed scope for larger infrastructure projects to be planned and implemented for improving the transportation system in Bangalore city .
  • 7. B-TRAC
  • 8. Components of BTRAC (Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project)• Junction Improvement• Intelligent Transport System• Surveillance & Enforcement Cameras• Erecting of Road Signage• Painting of Roads• Education & Creating Awareness to Publics.
  • 9. Components of BTRAC BTRAC 2010 – Ongoing initiative • Junction Improvements The capacity of Junctions to be improved by making bell shapes, channelising islands, proper markings, and proper geometrics.
  • 10. Components of BTRAC Up-gradation/ New Traffic Signal - 330 locations 1.Linked to TMC 2.Different Time cycles for each Junction; separate for Saturday/ Sunday 3.LED Lamp heads 4.Direction Boards 5.Disable friendly- auditory signal during exclusive pedestrian crossing time 6.Solar panels for power supply 7.Single agency for maintenance 8.ICMS-automatic call logging for lamp failure/ power failure detection
  • 11. Components of BTRAC Traffic Surveillance Camera – 179 Nos Surveillance Camera collects real time video from the specified locations by using Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) dome camera system and transmits the image to the Traffic Control Center through an IP network.
  • 12. Components of BTRAC Traffic Enforcement Camera - 5 Nos Enforcement Systems captures over-speed violations and transmits to the TMC
  • 13. Components of BTRAC Variable Message Signs (VMS) -20 Nos Advice Road Users about: • Road Incidents • Diversion • Speed Restriction • Safety Messages • RF connectivity to TMC
  • 14. Components of BTRAC Standardization of Sign boards – 30000 Road side traffic sign boards help in regulating traffic by imparting guidance to the road users No advertisement / sponsorship
  • 15. Components of BTRAC Road Markings – 1,12,500 Sq.mtrs Reflective thermoplastic road markings are used as a means of controlling and guiding mechanism of traffic for smooth flow along the guided paths of travel Over head Signage – 450 locations Highlights Installation of over head sign boards for guidance of road users.
  • 16. Components of BTRAC Street Furniture Flexible cones with reflectilane dividers and reflectivity ensures more visibility ve tapes are used as during night times. Cat eyes – 39,250 Nos. Highlights The cat’s is a reflective safety device used in road construction and is a pavement marker
  • 17. Components of BTRAC Interim Traffic Management Centre @ Ashoknagar The Traffic Management Center (TMC) is the hub of a transportation management system, where information about the transportation network is collected and combined with other operational and control data to manage the transportation network and to produce traveler information. It will integrate following: • Traffic signals – Receiving real time information/data • Surveillance camera – Beaming live images from surveillance camera Enforcement camera - Recording and beaming traffic violation data • Wireless traffic control rooms – 2 way communication between the field staff and TMC to manage the traffic effectively on real time basis • VMS to give real time traffic information to public –Live relay from TMC • IVRS and Traffic helpline
  • 18. IT enabled monitoring and information collection Functions: Traffic Monitoring: Video– Use of high end cameras PTZ video cameras at junctions, controlled and managed from TMC.– GUI based command & control system.
  • 19. IT enabled monitoring and information collection
  • 20. IT enabled monitoring and information collection Functions: Capturing Violation: Video• Single interface for viewingand capturing violations.
  • 21. IT enabled monitoring and information collection
  • 22. IT enabled monitoring and information collectionVideo Clips - Accidents caught on camera Gharebhavipalya Junction - Hosur Road
  • 23. IT enabled monitoring and information collectionVideo Clips - Accidents caught on camera Bashyam Circle - Sadashivanagar
  • 24. IT enabled monitoring and information collection GPS based monitoring using BMTC Buses
  • 25. IT enabled monitoring and information collection Traffic Scan - Use of Mobile density to measure congestion
  • 26. IT enabled monitoring and information collection Manual Information System i.e., Wireless System •2 way communication between the field staff and TMC to manage the traffic effectively on real time basis
  • 27. Intelligent transportation systems and interventions Graphical representations Graphical representations of functional statistics Capability to modify various parameters of traffic signals including signal timings Capability to review signal performance using logs sent to TMC
  • 28. Intelligent transportation systems and interventionsJunctions Timing Data1.The junction timings areavailable on website for roadusers.2.Road users can plan theirjourney by referring the junctioncycle timing.
  • 29. Solar Powered Traffic Signal Light
  • 30. Solar Powered Traffic Signal Light – Case Study A case study by BEL for a 4-Road Junction Operating 14 hrs per day Conventional SolarSl.No Parameter Signal Powered LED signal A Energy Consumption 1 Electrical Load 2150 Watts* 150 Watts 2 Energy Consumption/day (operation -14 Hrs & Blink Mode - 10 Hrs 40.84KWhrs 2.85 KWhrs (50%) B Operational Cost (Standalone ) 1 Energy Costs / Year (@ Rs.4/unit) Rs.59000 NIL 2 Maintenance Cost / Year Rs2000 Rs.1200 Battery replacement / Year ( Amortized over 5 years ) 3 NIL Rs 3400 TOTAL Rs 61000 Rs.4600 4 Savings per Year NIL Rs. 56400 5 Savings for 330 Junctions (330x0.564) Nil Rs.1,86,00,000
  • 31. Solar Powered Traffic Signal Light - Benefits Year No. Of Signals Cost for Paid Amount to Saved Amount (INR) conventional Power BESCOM (INR) (INR) 2010 330 18,600,000 1,610,000 16,990,000 2011 342 19,288,800 1,958,000 17,330,800
  • 32. Solar Powered Traffic Signal Light Battery backup panel Signal Control Panel
  • 33. Back End Connectivity– 330 locations Back end connectivity transfers online field information to the automation centre (TMC) from Traffic Signals, Surveillance Cameras and Enforcement Cameras locations
  • 34. IT enabled monitoring and information collectionFunctions: IncidentIntegrated Complaint Monitoring System (ICMS)Network Monitoring System (NMS) – Separate mechanism for automated monitoring of the IT systems. – Live charts and dashboards projecting the current health report of all equipments. – System generated SMS based communication with field engineers.
  • 35. IT enabled monitoring – Integration Complaint Monitoring System (ICMS) Tool
  • 36. IT enabled monitoring - MIS MIS Report Management Information System
  • 37. IT enabled enforcements – Automation center fine collection report
  • 38. Traffic dissemination system
  • 39. Traffic dissemination system - VMS
  • 40. Traffic dissemination system – Parking Information
  • 41. Traffic dissemination system – FM Channel
  • 42. Traffic dissemination system – SMS Alerts
  • 43. IT enabled enforcements Blackberry 600 Blackberries and Bluetooth printers to Traffic Assistant Sub-Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors and InspectorsAdvantages: • Transparency and objectivity • Cases booked are stored in the server and repeat offenders can be identified • For those who can not pay spot fines notices are issued and the details are put up on the servers • Registration database from transport department linked up to Automated Enforcement Centre
  • 44. IT enabled enforcements Enforcement Automation System• State of Art Technology• Simple and User friendly Application interface• Application hosting at Secured State Data Center operated by E-Governance• Ruggedised Handset and Printer (Drop Resistant)• GSM/GPRS/EDGE based Solution with Online, Offline with automatic data upload
  • 45. IT enabled enforcementsSpot Fine old and new receipt • On the spot E-Challan for traffic violations • Tracks Previous Offences and Pending Cases • Provides Electronic receipts for fine collection and issue notice • Real-time and Online Collection reports Station wise and Police Officer Wise • Application System Supports Online and Offline Mode
  • 46. IT enabled enforcementsSystem Flow • Identify Offence • Stop and Verify the Offender • Check for previous offences • Collection fine or Issue Notice
  • 47. IT enabled enforcementsEnforcement Camera: Speed – Use of high resolution automated still cameras at junctions, controlled and managed from TMC. – Captures and transmits speed violations. – GUI based command & control system.
  • 48. IT enabled enforcements – Enforcement Camera Application
  • 49. IT enabled enforcements – Speed violation entry
  • 50. IT enabled enforcements – Automation application
  • 51. IT enabled enforcements – Notice Printing
  • 52. IT enabled enforcements - Notice Image proof on web site Notice u/s 133 MV Act 1989
  • 53. IT enabled enforcements – Graph Notices Generated• The remote traffic monitoring done from TMC helps in nabbing offenders in unmanned junctions.
  • 54. IT enabled enforcements - InterceptorMobile system for ensuring enforcementEquipped with laser speed gun and roofmounted cameraAlco meters for catching drunken drivers09 Interceptors moving across the city
  • 55. Public Interface – Web site
  • 56. Public Interface – Web site – Search & pay fine online
  • 57. Public Interface – Citizen center BangaloreOne
  • 58. Public Interface – Live Traffic Scan LIVE TRAFFIC SCAN ON WEBSITE
  • 59. Public Interface – IVRS Complaints
  • 60. Public Interface – Auto Complaints
  • 61. Public Interface - facebook
  • 63. Centre: Upcoming TMC– Larger Capacity.– Big video wall for greater surveillance.– [More figures to be added]