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Powerpoint game on communication
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Powerpoint game on communication


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  • 1. By Mitchell Cornell-Steggles START
  • 2. What is a effective way of communication whencommunicating with someone who is hearing impaired? Sign language. Not communicating at all. Yelling at them. Misleading gestures.
  • 3. Sign language is an effective form ofcommunication and is recognised internationallyalthough there are small changes depending onwhere in the world you are. This is the mostcommon and easy way to communicate withsomeone that is hearing impaired. Although thisform of communication is quick and effective, people can sometimes find it hard if they haveother disabilities which restrict hand movement.Sign language is also the 3rd most commonlanguage in America.
  • 4. What is an effective way of using a computer to assistin communication?Plug loads together. Shouting at it.Downloading loads of music. Using relevant programs such a Word or Skype.
  • 5. Using programs like word and Skype can IM (instantmessaging) have helped society communicate in aquicker and more effective manner, they also helppeople who are communication impaired such as deafor blind. Deaf people who use this software can usethe visual aspect to this, for example with Skype youhave 2 options; you can use the text to talk or you canhave a video call where sign language is able to beused. For blind people Skype offers a call featurewhere you can talk to the other person.
  • 6. True or False:Sign language is not an effective form of communication True. False.
  • 7. Sign language is an effective form ofcommunication , it helps to overcome the deafnessbarrier , sign language is internationally knowalthough there are small changes where you are .Although it is quick and effective , there aredisadvantages and advantages such as ; whenverbal communication is not an option because ofloud noise or too far away to hear then signlanguage is a good alternative
  • 8. Which of the following is a barrier for verbalcommunication Blind. Deaf. Death. Pictures.
  • 9. Although blindness is a barrier to communication ,deafness is a barrier to verbal communication andaccording to the NHS approximately 28% betweenthe age of 16 and 60 suffer from some sort ofhearing impairment
  • 10. When is it appropriate to talk to other staff membersin a working environment When you need help with When they are in a meeting. some work. When they are on the phone. When they are very busy.
  • 11. To effectively communicate with someone , youwant to be able to have their full attention and in aworking environment they may be busy so youneed to make sure it is appropriate to work thatyou talk to them , for example when you needassistance with work. If they are busy , forexample on the phone or in a meeting then youcould be interrupting them, it is better to talk tothem when you think they are not busy , evenbetter to organise a time where you can sit downand talk .
  • 12. True or false:When asked to repeat something, it is polite to shout it a lot louder andslower to ensure they hear False. True.
  • 13. There could be many reasons why you might needto repeat something , the recipient may havemisheard or not heard at all therefore you mayneed to repeat for clarification, there may also beother factors that could effect the conversation likenoises such as other people or movement whichmeans you may need to speak a little louder.
  • 14. If someone is stuttering and pausing a lot , what is aeffective way to help them Yell at them to hurry up . Throw paper at them. Tell them to slow down and Do nothing. take a breath before carrying on.
  • 15. If someone is pausing and stuttering it is properlybecause they are not a confident speaker, thereforethe worse thing you could do is making it worseby yelling at them or throwing stuff at them. It isbetter to help them by encouraging them , tellingthem to slow down and take a breath can helpthem as it shows you are willing to help and arenot going to be angry at them , this will makethem feel more comfortable talking in front of you.
  • 16. What is the best way to effectively show emotion Text. Verbal and body gestures. Doing nothing. Physical violence.
  • 17. Verbal communication and gestures are the mosteffective form of communication which can helpyou show and communicate your emotions andfeelings to other people.
  • 18. True or false:Someone who is deemed as mute are unable to talk False. True.
  • 19. Muteness or mutism is the inability tocommunicate with the verbal communicationmethod
  • 20. Which of these is a barrier of communication Jargon. Lip reading. Eye contact. Gestures.
  • 21. Lip reading, eye contact and gestures are allfeatures of good communication where as jargon (the use of in depth terminology) is a barrier ofcommunication
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