Lunching billionaire style


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Lunching billionaire style

  1. 1. HELLO!_____ ________________HELLO!_____ ________________ Nastavnik Pejic Alisa Pregledao ____________________ Unit topic: A year in my life Aim: Type: Target audience: Organisation: Materials needed: Ss will be able to talk about their year using present s. and present c. Presentation of a new lesson VI grade students Frontal, individual and pairs Book, board Date: 04.10.2006 LESSON PLAN WARMUP Cultural note School trips with educational purposes take place in any term, but it is traditional for schools to organize one towards the end of the summer term. Sports day is a day when the whole school comes together to compete in athletic track and field events. Parents are usually invited to watch. Students sometimes go to school by coach or bus. This is often called a school bus. The school bus is also used for school trips. MAINPART Language note When we talk about weather conditions we often use it with the relevant verb – it snows, it rains, it’s windy etc. Comprehension 1. Allow time for Ss to read through the text and deal with any new or difficult vocabulary. Christmas – Bozic half term – polugodiste boring – dosadan Easter – Uskrs Lovely – divan sports day – sportski dan school trip – izlet middle – sredina Present – poklon instead – umjesto toga 2. Ss work on their own to find the answers to the questions. Check the answers with the class. Draw four columns, Always, Usually, Sometimes, Never, on the board. Check that Ss understand the meaning of these words. Ask Ss to find two things from the text to fit in each column. CLO SIN G HOMEWORK Answers January – picture 3, February – picture 9, March – picture 2, April – picture 11, May – picture 12, June – picture 10, July – picture 6, August – picture 4, September – picture 8, October – picture 1, November – picture 5, December – picture 7. Answers Always Amy goes back to school in September. She gets Easter eggs. She has a birthday party in May. Usually Amy goes skiing in February. She stays with her cousin in Scotland in the summer. Sometimes It snows in January. They go sledging. Never She doesn’t do anything special in March. Edward doesn’t have a party. Answers 1. Amy has thirteen weeks’ holiday in a year. 2. Sophie lives on a farm in Scotland. 3. When she visits Sophie, Amy helps on the farm. 4. Edward goes to the cinema with some friends for his birthday. 5. He doesn’t have a party because he says he is too old. 6. Amy likes June because the weather is warm and sunny, she has her school sports day and she goes on a school trip. 7. She doesn’t like November because it’s cold and dark and the days are very short. 8. In February she usually goes skiing with her parents and Edward.