Solo Experience in the Finnish Forest by Monkey Business


Published on -> Next Summer in the first week of June and the last week of August we offer you a chance to visit Finland and do a solo experience in the wilderness. This is not a survival game. It's safe. But the survival of this time is the survival of your own brains. For that this may even be helpful. Join the adventures by Monkey Business.

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Solo Experience in the Finnish Forest by Monkey Business

  1. 1. The Core Idea of the Solo Expedition to Saimaa for June 2010 © Monkey Business 14.1.2010
  2. 2. Solo Expedition is a life changing Experience. To develop transformational capability, we cannot be normal people doing normal things. We must stand outside the norm. To do that we need to go inside ourselves and ask who we are, what we stand for, and what impact we really want to have. Within ourselves we find principle, purpose, and courage. There we find the capacity not only to withstand the pressures of the external system but actually to transform the external system. We change the world by changing ourselves. Robert E. Quinn Source: Robert E. Quinn - Change the World. How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Results.
  3. 3. So What is this Solo Expedition? You can feel and see the spirit of Saimaa on its best when the summer is here. Dialogue and open living process. Is organized in a special place called Illikka in the Finnish nature in order to reflect in peace. There is a possibility to do a Solo Experience. Number of participants is limited to 10 people to keep the process intense and cozy.
  4. 4. Program Blueprint for June 2010: Travel Time Three days (48hrs) Arrival to Savonlinna Day Two Day Three during the first week and landing into Solo and beyond Wrapping it up of June 2010. wilderness of Finland. Breakfast an feedback and action Day One Solo Experience in plans for future. Adventure begins the Nature Travel to Helsinki. Opening Dialogue Circle. Time to slow down Dinner. Travel Home and start the inward Bon Voyage! journey. Smoke sauna. Dinner and Smoke Sauna Dinner & Sauna. Powersleep. Powersleep. Monkeys reserve the right to change the world and will change the program according to how it’s going. It is a very open process that we will create it together.
  5. 5. Pic tures from Illikka
  6. 6. Time, Place, Price & Contact Information: 1st Week of June 2010: Illikka in Rantasalmi, Finland Price per person: 1250€+Vat 22% including tuition and 2-day boarding Contact Information & Registration: Tatu Tuohimetsä +358 40 831 8118 We Wish You Welcome to a Great Adventure!