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Statusmediakit09 3 Statusmediakit09 3 Document Transcript

  • Status Media, Inc. Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address]
  • Arnold Jones, President / CEO Peter Goerge, V.P. Sales / Marketing Jack Weinbaum, Real Estate Director Deshawn Dunbar,Production COMPANY PROFILE Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
    • Status Media, Inc. is a full service media and marketing company offering clients a vast array of services from billboard design and placement to high end creative print ads. We have over a decade of marketing industry expertise.
    • List of services:
    • Graphic design (Creative Services)
    • Audio & Video Production
    • Web Design
    • Vehicle Wrapping
    • Billboards
    • Field Marketing (Street Team) –Flyer creation and distribution
    • Printing
    • Silk Screen Printing, t-shirts
    • Heat Seal – t-shirts, mugs, caps
    • Product Placement – Print, Radio, OOH, TV
    INTRODUCTION Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address]
  • Adidas Fila / Enyce Reebok Whitehouse Marketing Advertising and Diversity, Inc. Johnny Blaze Johnny Handsome Dadiri Dingi Bad Boy Entertainment Nike Universal Records / Rock-A-Fella Records Loud Records Arista Records Service Sign Erectors Photobition/Seven World Wide Def Jam Boulevard Designs CLIENTS Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Our highly trained team of designers, are capable of developing your ideas into an interactive website capable of displaying your company’s intent/goals: you can check the work of our designers by visiting or by visiting and click on the links. Html – $1000 up to 5 pages With e-commerce $2250 Flash - $2500 With e-commerce - $4000 WEB DESIGN Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • FIELD MARKETING (Street Team) Status Media, Inc. in association with Offishal Status Media, Inc. can devise a street marketing campaign to help launch awareness of your product in any market. Our field representatives are skilled in information gathering as well as distribution of literature such as brochures, flyers, cards, key-fobs etc. The goal of the Offishal Status Media, Inc street team is to offer our clients a premium service for a great price. Even if you feel you are satisfied with your current agency, our street team will exceed your expectations. Remember, you were probably satisfied with a hamburger before you tried a steak. Weekly reports will be provided in the form of picture and video reports of the team in action in high traffic areas face to face with your customer as we inform him about your product. Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • FIELD MARKETING (Street Team)
    • Paper Bag Campaign
    • Now you can have a nationwide street team working everyday at a fraction of the cost
    • And Stop paying fines for Littering
    • .
    • The Status Media, Inc., Paper Bag Campaign is a grassroots approach to getting your message into the hand of your potential consumers. This approach is great as a second tier to any marketing strategy.
    • This technique can be implemented in any market and can target any specific demographic desired. This campaign can be used in bodegas, sports-stores, record stores frank-stands (i.e. Manhattan) shopping malls etc.
    • Cost (Cost represents a delivery and monitoring fee)
    • $250 per month per store location under 20 locations.
    • $150 per month per store location over 20 locations
    • $100 per month per store location over 50 locations
    • (Cost for paper bag creation varies depending on amount of bags and size of artwork.)
    • Status Media, Inc. will monitor these locations for the duration of the campaign. We will also be video taping and documenting the impact of the campaign.
  • StoneWall Media, Inc.
    • Banners
    • Billboards
    • Flyers
    • Print ads
    • Commercials
    • Audio/Video
    • CD Jackets
    • Logos
    • Letterheads
    • Album Covers
    • $75/hour
    • (package rates available)
    • Photo-shoots
    • $50/hour
    CREATIVE SERVICES Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Status Media, Inc. can turn any vehicle into an interactive marketing tool. With mobile media you are able to reach your target market and launch your campaign. Mobile campaigns of this type enjoy high visibility as these vehicles navigate through high traffic areas. These vehicles can be outfitted with amplified sound, projectors (gobos), and fm transmitters that can transmit your commercial advertisement over radio airwaves in vehicles traveling alongside this mobile medium at any given time. Due to the fact that they go anywhere people go, these vehicles have become an essential tool in field marketing campaigns. Also available: COMMUTER VAN ADVERTISING (for NYC only) SUV - $3500 Van - $3600 (Printed and installed) VEHICLE WRAPPING Click here for more pictures STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • StoneWall Media, Inc. VEHICLE WRAPPING SUV - $3500 Van - $3600 STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Mobile Media Event Product Sampling
  • COMMUTER VAN ADVERTISING For years we have witnessed the astonishing development of commuter vans in urban communities. Often called “dollar Vans”, these high profile vehicles have become the premium form of transportation for the urban residents of Queens and Brooklyn. These commuter vans travel to the major shopping centers and transportation hubs along the same routes as public buses. They offer their passengers a more comfortable, safe, fast and inexpensive ride than that the public bus. With over 360 vans in operation throughout Brooklyn and Queens, these vehicles are fully licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission, as well as the New York State Department of Transportation. The Commuter vans offer an advertiser targeting the New York City urban market high visibility exposure for its products and services. Dimensions (click here) Locations: 800 vehicles 6 routes through major transportation and shopping centers FULTON MALL HUB ` $1200 per month per back (under 10 vans) $ 650 per side per month (under 5 vans) Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • COMMUTER VAN ADVERTISING Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: [email_address] STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Fulton Mall Hub (Brooklyn) This route is a must have. Located in the heart of Brooklyn these vans are very recognizable due to their high frequency. Vans run daily from the Marine Park section of Brooklyn to Downtown Brooklyn. STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Ads appear in major urban N.Y.C. markets and reach 90% plus (on average) of all markets where they appear. The van routes assembled below are our premium routes, which all enjoy tremendously high visibility and D.E.C ratings as vans navigate through major urban and retail markets. Commuter Van Routes STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Van Back Van Sides Billboard size: 5’ H X 6’W Art layout size: 5”W X 6”W Resolution: 600 Dpi Minimum Bleed: NONE Data File: Quark Xpress or Adobe Illustrator Media: 100mb-250mb zip or 1-2gb Jaz disk Billboard Size: 22”H X 7’ 6”W Art layout size: Proportional HX 14.5 W Resolution: 600 dpi minimum Bleed: NONE Data File: Quark express or Adobe illustrator Media: 100mb - 250mb zip or 1-2 gb Jaz disk
  • BILLBOARDS You can choose from our inventory of locations or you may specify your key markets and let us retrieve new locations for you. Letting us place your ads where your product is sold helps to make that final impression on consumers when radio, TV and print are unavailable. (Package cost starts at $10,000 per month per location + production and installation*­­) LOCATIONS South Beach Miami, FL Bronx - Grand Concourse & 183Street Bronx - Major Deegan Expressway Harlem - 124th Street and Fredrick Douglas STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Urban Fashion Week 2001 Enyce Clothing Co. BILLBOARDS South Beach Miami, FL STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • 14’ HIGH x 24’ WIDE This Wall Unit is located just where the West Side Highway backs into a traffic jam. A great, unavoidable read to all traffic coming into town as well as to those headed out. 34,000 per month 3,500 install $25,500/month West Side Highway @ 55 th Street 48’H x 30W DEC 105,000 Facing N & W STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Major Deegan Expressway This fantastic wall unit is viewed by vehicular traffic traveling east and west bound on the Major Deegan Expressway. This unit offers it advertiser extreme visibility 25-05 3 rd Avenue Size: 30’H x 90’W $19,500/month BILLBOARDS STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • JAMAICA AVENUE This unit is located in the heart of the Jamaica Shopping District. DEC: PRICE: STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • $19,500/month This spectacular wall unit is located behind Dr. Jays on 124 th Street, is visible to traffic traveling west on 125 th Street as well as pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic traveling north and south on Fredrick Douglas Blvd. HARLEM 124 th Street and Fredrick Douglas Size: 40H x 70W BILLBOARDS STATUS MEDIA, INC.
  • Contact us today and tell us how we can help make your marketing dreams a reality. Phone: 347.298.3128 Email: Presentation updated by Nicole Mills STATUS MEDIA, INC.