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Metadata Services for Publishers


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Desciption of OCLC's Metadata Service offering for publisher, where we will enrich their title metadata by mining data contained in WorldCat database and output an enriched ONIX file for use in supply …

Desciption of OCLC's Metadata Service offering for publisher, where we will enrich their title metadata by mining data contained in WorldCat database and output an enriched ONIX file for use in supply chain.

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  • Good afternoon. Thank you for attending our webinar, “The Metadata is the Message”Before we start I would like to talk to you about OCLC Metadata Services for Publishers.
  • With the growth of web-based discovery and ordering and the explosion of e-content, good metadata is the single most important tool in exposure and end-user discovery of published content for both the publisher supply chain and for libraries.Metadata can also play a key role in business intelligence and analysis leading to sound business decisions.
  • If you are unfamiliar with OCLC, we are dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs, OCLC is the largest library services and research enterprise in the world. OCLC helps more than 72,000 libraries serve millions of users in more than 112 countries and territories. For more than 40 years, OCLC and the participating libraries have worked together to build WorldCat to become the largest database of bibliographic information in the world.
  • The WorldCat database contains over 178 million bibliographic records that represent more than 1 billion items held by participating institutions. Works represented span thousands of years and nearly every form of human expression in multiple physical and electronic formats. WorldCat includes records for books, videos, serial publications, recorded books and music, electronic books, sheet music, genealogical references, cultural artifacts, digital objects, websites and much more.
  • An important focus of OCLC research and development over the past few years has been to break down silos and increase interoperability between publisher and library metadata, allowing both communities to fully leverage the rich stores of metadata created by libraries and publishers.
  • Here is a graphic of that process. A more detailed graphic is available for anyone interested
  • Here is a brief example of publisher metadata.An here is that example after mining WorldCat data. (click to next slide)
  • We have added the following:An authority controlled version of the main contributor name, including birth date. In discovery this helps to distinguish an author from others who might have the same name.An additional authority-controlled contributor .OCLC record number which may be used by the publisher in print or web-based catalogs or other marketing materials, to direct libraries to the corresponding OCLC MARC record. LCCN as an additional numerical identifier.Authority controlled series name.Library of Congress and Dewey classification numbers – these are of great value for the library marketThe Dewey classification number was used to map to a BISAC subject code.Library of Congress subject headings as were subjects in French and Spanish. All data is delivered in correct ONIX tags using ONIX code lists.
  • Partnering with OCLC can increase the visibility of your content, enhance the depth and quality of your metadata, reduce the cost of metadata creation, help you sell more content. The rich bibliographic data contained in WorldCat places OCLC in a unique position to maximize synergies between library and publisher metadata.
  • OCLC partners with key search engines such as Google, Google Books, Yahoo! Search and Windows Live Search—which index WorldCat data for popular and unique works— allow further exposure of publisher content. Plug-ins for browser toolbars and Facebook pages and blogs are available on request.
  • For example, Google harvests WorldCat to build links back to for it’s “Find in a library” feature.CLICK: When a user clicks the option they are brought to that record in worldcat. WorldCat figures out their likely zip code and automatically shows libraries closest to them which have the item. But even more, it gives them options to click through to the library and see availability of the item, map directions to the library, view other library information, chat with a librarian if that is enable and add the library as a favorite for future searching.
  • You can use your mobile phone to find materials in libraries near you! Go to your mobile phone's Web browser and type in to install WorldCat Mobile.
  • Wrap-up slides start here
  • Transcript

    • 1. OCLC’s Metadata Servicesfor Publishers
      April 27,2010
      Bruce A. Miller
      Publisher Services Executive
    • 2. The Importance of Title Metadata for the Publisher Supply Chain
      Metadata is the lifeblood that feeds:
      Print and electronic catalogs, marketing and advertising
      Web-based ordering tools
      Inventory systems
      Business intelligence and reporting
      Data feeds to supply chain partners
      Significant investment in staff and systems is required to support growing metadata needs
    • 3.
      • A non-profit membership organization with
      • 4. Offices in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Latin America and the United States serving
      • 5. 72,000 participating libraries and cultural heritage organizations
      • 6. In more than 112 countries and territories
      OCLC: The world’s largest library cooperative
    • 7.
      • Over 178 million records
      • 8. Representing over 1.6 billion library holdings
      • 9. More than 470 languages
      WorldCat: the largest database of library bibliographic records in the world
    • 10.
      • Connecting the power of WorldCat to the publisher supply chain
      • 11. Breaking down silos and increasing interoperability between publisher and library metadata
      OCLC and WorldCat
    • 12. Sales and usage data
      End-user tags, ratings
      Metadata grows over time
      LC Classification
      LC,NLM and non-English Subject Headings
      Cover Image
      BISAC Subject Headings
      Tables ofContents
    • 13.
      • Accepts publisher title metadata in ONIX format
      • 14. Automatically adds publisher metadata to WorldCat, making it available to libraries and end users on the Web
      • 15. Mines WorldCat metadata to enrich publisher metadata
      • 16. Delivers enriched metadata back to publishers or supply chain partners in ONIX format.
      How the new service works…
    • 17. How the new service works…
    • 18. Brief publisher ONIX metadata
      Title: Galactic Dynamics (Second Edition)
      Author: Binney, James
      ISBN13: 9780691130279
      Publisher: Princeton University Press
    • 19. After OCLC enrichment
      Title: Galactic Dynamics
      Author: Binney, James,1950-
      Author: Tremaine, Scott, 1950
      ISBN 13: 9780691130279
      OCLC #: (OCoLC)195749071
      LCCN: 2007937669
      Edition: 2nd ed.
      Series: Princeton Series in Astrophysics
      Publisher: Princeton University Press
      Publication Date: 2008
      Library of Congress Classification: QB857
      Dewey Classification: 523.12
      LC Subject Headings: Stars – Clusters; Galaxies
      French Subject Heading: Etoiles – Amas
      Spanish Subject Headings: Galaxias; Cumulos estlares
      BISAC Subject Heading: Science – Astrophysics and Space Science
    • 20. Benefits to the publisher supply chain
      • Reduces cost in bibliographic description, categorization and authority work
      • 21. Provides better marketing data to support buying decisions: for wholesalers, retailers, libraries, end users
      • 22. Supports marketing, sales and business intelligence needs for multiple markets
    • WorldCat on the Web:
    • 23. WorldCat on the Web:
    • 24. WorldCat Mobile
    • 25. WorldCat Mobile Red Laser app
    • 26. Contact Bruce Miller to:
      • Learn more about OCLC services and partnership opportunities for publishers
      • 27. Request record enrichment for a sample file
      • 28. Request a price quote for a project or for ongoing title enrichment
      • 29. Suggest topics for upcoming webinars
      Bruce A. Miller
      Publisher Services Executive
      Office: 732-533-5818
      Fax: 614.718.7383
      Toll Free: 800-848-5878 x4064
      Want to find out more?
    • 30.
      • Visit our publisher website for news, resources and information:
      • 31. Search WorldCat:
      Want to find out more?