Our living immune system


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Our living immune system

  1. 1. “For You created my innermost being:You knit me together in my mother’s womb.I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Ps 139:13,14OUR LIVING IMMUNE SYSTEM
  2. 2. A QUESTION …Why do we get sick? Every time you get sick it’s because your body is unable to protect you from the harmful micro-organisms (germs) that attack your body everyday.Like … bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.
  3. 3. They ‘re in … The air we breathe, The water we drink, The food we eat. As well as on every person, animal or thing we touch or come in contact with. We can’t possibly avoid them!
  4. 4. Colds, flu and other contagious diseasesare all caused by our immune system’sinability to RECOGNISE and DESTROYmany micro organisms.Even cancer, diabetes, heart diseaseand chronic respiratory conditions areknown to be caused by a weakenedor dysfunctional immune system.
  5. 5. To make matters worse…• continual exposure to environmental pollutants• over prescribed antibiotics and drugs• lack of proper nutrition in our diet• insufficient sleep• every day stress … continue to weaken our immune system’s ability to protect us from illness and disease.
  6. 6. THE DIMINISHING NUTRITIONAL VALUES OF AUSTRALIAN GROWN FRUIT AND VEGETABLESComparison between 1948 and 1991 by the C.S.I.R.O.FOOD FOOD VALUE 1948 1991100G Magnesium 27.2 mg 17 mgArtichoke Calcium 43.5 mg 29 mgAsparagus Calcium 25.8 mg 10 mgButterbeans Protein 19.2 mg 2.3 mgBroccoli Magnesium 160 mg 29 mg Sodium 95 mg 41 mgCarrots as high as as low as Beta carotene 25,000 iu 91 iu Potassium 650 mg 450 mgPotatoes Calcium 27 mg 3 mg Iron 2 mg 0.5 mgApples Vitamin C 25 mg 5 mgThese startling decreases in the nutritional values over the 43 year periodare stark evidence that the quality and effectiveness of fertilizers we areusing is incapable of keeping up with our frequency of cropping.
  7. 7. And of course as we get older,our immune systems becomeweaker …making us even more susceptibleto illness and disease.
  8. 8. THERE IS A SOLUTION …We can improve our immune system’s ability toprotect itself against illness and disease.The ability to recognise and deal with threats canactually be LEARNED by our immune systems.
  9. 9. Scientists at 4Life Research have developed a process to transfer immune knowledge from one organism to another.This learned immunity comes from molecules,called … ‘TRANSFER FACTORS’
  10. 10. TRANSFER FACTORS are messengermolecules that convey wellness information.They give your immune system the knowledge itneeds to resist micro organisms that canthreaten your health.TRANSFER FACTORS from 4Life Researchteach your immune system to recognise anderadicate harmful micro organisms.
  11. 11. TRANSFER FACTORS are not a vitamin, mineral, herb or drug.TRANSFER FACTORS are natural molecules extractedfrom the immune system for the immune system.TRANSFER FACTORS already exist in our own bodies. It is affordable and completely safe for all ages. Babies and elderly people can take TRANSFER FACTOR even pets and other animals.
  12. 12. TRANSFER FACTORS enhance your body’s natural ability tolive a longer and healthier life.INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONGRESS HANOVER CENTRUM - June 2007The effect of TF on aging processes was studied in 12 men aged 55-73. Results showed reduction inbiological age of 4 years after 6 week study program. - C hizho v S a nta lo va K rut’k oD o nts o vA healthy immune system means ….  You can be less susceptible to seasonal colds and flu.  You can be less sensitive to environmental allergens.  You can better resist the contagious diseases that often run rampant at the office or in the classroom.
  13. 13. And when you do get sick, you will recover more quickly because your ‘smarter’ immune system will be more responsive.
  14. 14. THE SOURCE …In 1949 Dr Sherwood Lawrence made anamazing discovery while researchingtuberculosis.He found that an ‘Immune Response’ could betransferred from a healthy donor who once hadthe disease to a patient suffering the disease bytransferring blood leukocytes.He named the substance … ‘TRANSFER FACTORS’
  15. 15. Since then 3000 scientific papers havebeen written on Transfer Factors and$US40M spent on clinical research.And then in the late 1980’s scientistsdiscovered that Transfer Factors alsoexist in the first-milk of ALL MAMMALS. Breastfeeding mothers pass on their immunity to their babies.
  16. 16. Transfer factors in colostrum …Transfer factors are deposited in colostrum by blood leukocytes.When a mammal is lactating, large numbers of Leukocytes canbe seen migrating into the mammary glands that producecolostrum. The transfer factors in the colostrum have exactlythe same molecular structure as blood transfer factors. Researchers have found that stomach acids do not affect transfer factors. Nature has enabled these tiny molecules to be transferred through the colostrum to the calf or human baby without being degraded. Researchers believe that a cap on the end of the peptide along with the miniscule size of the molecule may be the reason why transfer factors pass through the digestive system intact.
  17. 17. Transfer Factors are the same in all mammals & can therefore be extracted from any mammal. Cow colostrum is the best source of Transfer Factor.Cows are exposed to a wider range of pathogens andhave developed a more robust immune system.By taking TRANSFER FACTORS, our owndysfunctional immune systems can be re-educatedto better recognise a wider range of pathogens.
  18. 18. The original ‘Classic’ and ‘Tri-Factor’ formulas are usually recommended for people with allergies and overactive immune systems called Auto immune conditions.For example …• Multiple Sclerosis • Alzheimer’s Disease• Eczema • Chronic fatigue syndrome• Hay Fever • Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma)• Asthma • Psoriasis• Rheumatoid Arthritis • Diabetes Type I & II• Arthritis • Lupus• Fibromyalgia • Lou Gehrigs Disease• Immune-mediated infertility • Many more
  19. 19. For people suffering serious diseases and infections like …cancer, hepatitis and aids and where the immune systemis weak and needs strengthening …‘TRANSFER FACTOR PLUS’ is the preferred option.
  20. 20. THE SCIENCE TRANSFER FACTOR has been tested alongside 500 other nutrients known to support immune function. The study measured NK (Natural Killer) Cell activity which is the body’s primary immune defense against attacks from harmful micro organisms. The results show that no other nutrient is more effective in increasing NK Cell activity than TRANSFER FACTOR.
  21. 21. Transfer Factor Power! Compared to 500 products tested to 437% increase Natural Killer cell activity, TF Plus 400% increased NK cell activity by 437%. (The next best was 49%) T 283% R A 300%A 15% - Noni (Morinda Citrafolia) G 42% - Shiitake Mushroom N T SB 15% - Aloe Vera Concentrate H 43% - Echinacea R F A EC 16% - Endocrine System Formula I 48% - Plant Polysaccharide 204% N S RD 21% - Herbal Formula with Garlic J 49% - IP6 F F 200% E A RE 23% - Bovine Colostrum K 204% - Transfer Factor Classic T C F T FF 28% - Cordyceps Formula L 283% - TF Tri Factor Formula A O C R L C M 437% - TF Plus A T 100% P S O S L R 42% 43% 48% 49% I U C S 21% 23% 28% A 15% 15% 16% D V 0% A B C D E F G H I J K L M The Institute of Longevity Medicine, California, USA (1992-1998); The American Nutraceutical Association (1999); The Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMS) (2004)
  22. 22. Studies also show that Transfer Factors enable the body to increase antioxidant production by 150% and at the same time reduce natural DNA damage by up to 43%!
  23. 23. A New Discovery …
  24. 24. Important Definitions Mucous membranes line the cavities of the body such as the mouth, nose, eyes, lungs, intestines and more. Antibodies are proteins used by the immune system to identify and neutralise potential threats. IgA (immunoglobulin A) are antibodies found within all mucous membranes that identify and neutralise potential threats. More IgA is produced by the body than all other antibodies combined. Examples of other antibodies include IgE (skin), IgG (blood, tissue), and IgM (blood). 95% of all pathogens enter the body through mucous membranes. Transfer factors show an average of 73% increase in IgA antibodies after 4 weeks.
  25. 25. THE VALIDATION … More and more doctors are discovering the benefits of Transfer Factor and recommending it to their patients. “The uniqueness of Transfer Factor is that it not only supports but also educates our immune system in a way that no other supplement can.” Dr W. Hennen PHD “By taking Transfer Factor you are actually teaching your immune system to function on a higher level. I don’t care how many vitamins, minerals or other supplements people take, nothing offers them this kind of effect. It could be the biggest breakthrough in preventative medicine to date.” Dr Richard Bennett PHD “Transfer Factor” is being heralded as the most exciting discovery in immunology to come along in decades.” Dr Rob Robertson MD
  26. 26. THE COMPARISON …Nothing compares to the POWER of TRANSFER FACTOR.TRANSFER FACTOR is produced under a proprietaryscientific process.This process is exclusive to 4LIFE RESEARCH and isprotected by numerous US patents.
  27. 27. For a healthier, proper functioning immune system …‘EVERYONE SHOULD BE TAKING TRANSFER FACTOR!’