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PowerPoint created for the Technovation Challenge

PowerPoint created for the Technovation Challenge

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  • 1. Res-Q-Me is mostly for animal lovers, our appis about helping stray animals find a home or abetter place to stay in. We are mainly aiming for animal lovers noticeour app. It’s a good investment because we can getstray animals out of the street, and we can helpanimal lovers to find new companions.
  • 2. The reason you should buy our project is because itwill have a positive effect on any community. Our app is different from competitors because it isanonymous. The pictures or videos that people willsend in will not show your name.
  • 3. We are going to put it in a variety of markets. For example,we would use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,App Store, Instagram, etc. in order to reach many people. And we can put up Res-Q-Me poster on Pet Store,Supermarket, and any other store. We can make flyers to passout to people at the park or maybe even at school.
  • 4. Res-Q-Me is mainly aiming for animal lovers tonotice our app, our app is about helping strayanimals find a home or a better place to stay in. Our app is for animal lovers to take pictures orvideos to send it to Houston SPCA so that theHouston SPCA company can easily help and findthose stray animals.
  • 5. We predict that one out every four people would beinterested in purchasing our app. Based on the information we found, there is 45-50%of animal lovers that might be interested in our app.
  • 6. This is the Camera button that will use on to take pictures of the stray animals. This is our App LogoThis is the video button that will useto video tape what is happening tothe stray animals.
  • 7. Screen 1 is ourwelcome page
  • 8. Screen 2 is aboutrecording the video,taking picture of theanimals and leading tothe process of sendingthe abuse statement
  • 9. Screen 3 is aboutgetting location ofwhere the abuseanimals is located.
  • 10. Screen 4 is aboutwhere you send yourinformation that youhave to Peta andHouston SPCA