The right to be protected by Evan


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The right to be protected by Evan

  1. 1. THE RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED Children all over the world have the right to live and grow in an environment free from harm , at home , in schools, and their communities.• In schools around the world, bullying continues to be a problem, Schools & government try to correct this by creating anti-bullying laws .• In some countries, child labor is used to save money for businesses
  2. 2. THE RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED FROM BULLYING• Bullying are actions that are meant to threaten, humiliate, or harm another person or persons.• It can be physical violence, causing bodily injury.• Some examples are hitting, punching, throwing objects, shoving and other physical abuse.• It can happen in the classroom, playground, or neighborhood• Bullying can be verbal and mental.• Some examples are name calling, abusive language, verbal, attacks, and spreading rumors and lies.• It can happen face to face or by E-mail, instant messaging, and through websites.• Leaving people out of a group can also be a form of bulling.
  3. 3. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT• All people should be treated with respect and honor, despite their differences in size, appearances, culture , or religion.• According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry,”… close to half of all the children will experience bullying.• Bullying can make a child feel bad about himself emotionally and socially.• It can make his school work suffer.• It can lead to attempted suicide
  4. 4. THE RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED FROM FORCED LABOR• In some countries, impoverished children are forced to work in shop and factories for low or no pay in terrible conditions and long hours.• Children are put to work despite laws that make it illegal.• The money the children earn often are taken by the adults who exploit them.• They may be exposed to harmful chemicals and hazardous work conditions.• They may not be given proper food and medical care.• Working takes the children out of school.
  5. 5. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO ME• All people under 18 have the right to live and grow in an environment free from harm and danger.• Children who are forced to work do not have the chance to go to school and get a proper education.• They have the right to be free to play and learning.• Children have the right to live and spend time at home with their parents.• The government, community and families should protect children from all forms of child exploitation, such as forced labor.• They have the right to express their opinion, to be heard, and to be protected, especially when forced labor is harmful to their physical and intellectual growth.
  6. 6. EVIDENCE CyberbullyingPhysical bullying in School Excusion from Groups
  7. 7. EVIDENCE Afghan Child making bricks Chinese Children in FactoriesBurmese Children working in sweatshop
  8. 8. SOURCES & BOOKS• http://en.wikipe Bullying•• Rosa BY: Nikkei Giovanni• A Life Like Mine BY THE COMPANY: UNICEF••• rotected%20from%20Violence.pdf
  9. 9. THANKS FOR WATCHING   