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  • Well done Sam - teaching a level 3 group and they love these practical based units - well set out, clear and concise, thank you!
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P1_M1 - Water Based

  1. 1. By Sam Bamber
  2. 2. P1 – Describe 4 different water based outdoor and adventure activities.M1 – Compare 4 different water based outdoor and adventure activities.
  3. 3. Canoeing is a paddle sport, it is water based and usually requires two people. Somecanoes are designed for three people, they can be used leisurely and competitively atevents such as the Olympics. Equipment required is a canoe, an oar, helmet and abuoyancy aid.Although this will usually be a part of military adventure training, some militarypersonnel have gone to the Olympics to compete through training and developing theirskills throughout their career.The British Canoe Union (BCU) is the governingbody for the sport and recreation of canoeing andkayaking, the sport can be done in almostanywhere in the United Kingdom (UK).
  4. 4. Kayaking is very similar to canoeing in the fact that it is also a paddle sport and itsgoverning body is BCU, it does however differ from canoeing. Kayaking is mostly knownfor being singled seated and very agile as they are used in extreme sports. There aredouble seated kayaks that are usually used for leisure purposes. Equipment required for this activity would be a kayak, double sided paddle, buoyancy aid and a helmet. Kayaking is more challenging than canoeing and requires a great deal of concentration for long periods of time, this is why UK Armed Forces use this as one of their many adventure training activities as it tests the soldier to their limits. Like canoeing, kayaking can be done throughout the UK. It can be done by all types of people as there are calm waters as well as rapids and challenging tides.
  5. 5. Sailing is a sport that done competitively and leisurely, it is a boating sport and itsNational Governing Body (NGB) is Royal Yachting Association (RYA). The sport involvesusing a boat and large foils called sails which are designed to control the movement andspeed of the boat.Sailing is an Olympic event in which teams from across the world compete against eachother, this is not the only way people can sail, many others choose to do the sport forleisure purposes and sail the ocean and coastlines.The most common places that sailing is doneacross the UK is along coast lines, in mariners andharbours.
  6. 6. Rafting is an extreme sport as it can be quite dangerous, it is a recreational activitywhich involves using an inflatable raft and navigating down rivers or other waters, thisis usually done on white waters or different degrees of rough waters to give thepassengers a thrill.As this is such a dangerous sport, buoyancy aids and helmets are essential. Somepeople enjoy rafting as it gives them the chance to see historic places as they runthrough mountain villages, vineyards and farmland.Rafting in the military is good for building teamcohesion, developing communication skills andbuilding levels of fitness in a demandingenvironment that is not seen in day to day life.
  7. 7. SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCESAll of the activities listed are all similar All the activities differ in some way, somein the fact that they are all water based require paddles, others require sails, someand they can be done anywhere around are done competitively and others arethe world. done for the thrill and excitement.Water activities are seen as dangerous Some of these activities require specificas water can be very deceiving conditions to get the most out of it; fortherefore, safety equipment such as example, rafting requires rough watershelmets, buoyancy aids and other with strong winds for a strongerprotective equipment is essential. challenge, sailing is extremely difficult in bad weather conditions and canoeing andThe military use water based activities kayaking is more challenging in roughas part of their training as it is very weather, but can be leisurely in warmdemanding on the body, it can however weather and calm waters.be done as leisure activity for anyonewanting to take part.
  8. 8. As a conclusion, each activity provides every participant with benefits such as, increasedfitness, building a stronger relationship with the team and overcoming fears.The conditions of when the sport should be done is entirely up to the individual/groupthat are taking part as everyone does it for different reasons and may prefer to do it incalm conditions for a leisure purpose or rough conditions to provide themselves with achallenge.Every activity is different in certain ways and some people prefer one activity toanother, I enjoy doing any outdoor activity as it develops me as a person and they aregreat experiences.