P1_M1 - Land Based


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P1_M1 - Land Based

  1. 1. By Sam Bamber
  2. 2. P1 – Describe 4 different land based outdoor and adventure activities.M1 – Compare 4 different land based outdoor and adventure activities.
  3. 3. Rock climbing is an activity that can be done individually or as a group, it involvesascending a steep object. Equipment used in this activity is a carabiner, harness, rope, abelay and a helmet.Within the UK Armed Forces, basic training involves one week of adventure training, thiswill include some rock climbing (the amount of varies on the force). There are differenttypes of climbing and many places to do them across the UK, indoors and outdoors.Types of Climbing: Bouldering. Weaselling. Solo Climbing. Lead Climbing.These are just some types of climbing that can be done at either an indoor centre or out inthe Peak/Lake District which are very popular.
  4. 4. Hiking involves walking in natural environments such as mountains and other scenicroutes. It can be done by anyone of any age and involves some degree of navigationalskill. Equipment that is required to go hiking is a compass, map and walking boots, otherequipment may be required depending on the length and weather.The UK Armed Forces do a lot of hiking as navigation is an essential part of their job whenon operations or a field exercise, it is done regularly as it maintains their level of fitness aswell as improving their navigation skills in all types of conditions.Hiking can talk place anywhere depending on what the group/individual wants to achievefrom the activity. Popular places for scenic routes and challenging terrain are in the LakeDistrict, Peak District and the Brecon Beacons in Wales.
  5. 5. Gorge Walking is a challenging activity that involves climbing up waterfalls, jumping intoplunge pools along with other activities. The majority of outdoor and adventureorganisations provide the equipment for the activity however, if a group was to didalone, safety equipment such as helmets, ropes, harnesses and carabiners are requiredalong with wet suits and waterproof clothing.Gorge walking is used as part of adventure training in theArmed Forces as it takes people out of their comfort zoneand it requires teamwork and determination to overcome thischallenge.Wales provides some good areas to go gorge walking, theBrecon Beacons are a popular choice as well as the LakeDistrict.
  6. 6. Abseiling is the descent of a cliff or any object that is too steep to descend withoutprotection. This activity is often used when climbing, gorge walking, caving andcanyoning; the military also use this when troops are deployed into battlefields, but isoften referred to as “fast roping.”There a many places across the UK where abseiling can be done; places such asShropshire, Peak and Lake District, East Sussex and West Sussex are just some of theplaces where abseiling can be done. The UK military use this activity as part of their training, Parachute Regiment and Special Forces are most likely to use this on operations, but it is used to challenge soldiers and teach them how to adapt to their environments.
  7. 7. SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCESAll of the activities listed are all similar in All the activities differ in some way, such asthe fact that they are all land based hiking involves walking on the land, rockactivities and can all be done within the climbing involves going up a steep surfaceUnited Kingdom as well as around the that requires safety equipment, abseiling isworld. the opposite and gorge walking involves land and water based activities.Each activity requires specificequipment, rock climbing and abseiling Depending on who takes part in theseboth require rope and harnesses. All activities, some people prefer to only doequipment is used to protect the lives of certain ones in specific weather conditions.all involved. Hiking varies on the individual as either weather extremes provide aAll the activities can be done as part of challenge, whereas rockadventure training in the military or as a climbing, abseiling and gorge walking areleisure activity for anyone looking to preferred in warm and calm weathertake part in adventure activities. conditions.
  8. 8. As a conclusion, each activity provides a challenge in a different way using differentmethods to achieve this. They are all outdoor adventurous activities that require a goodlevel of fitness and motivation.Some people are very specific when they choose to do the activity as they may want to doit as a leisure activity instead of challenging themselves, conditions may involve: Weather. Group/Individually. Time.Each activity has their own similarities and differences and this is what makes them sounique and a challenge to anyone of any ability.