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  • 1. Scottsboro Trials Has the judicial system changed since then? For the better or worse? Breana Stephen Period 6
  • 2.  
  • 3. In 1931 these young men were tried for gang-rape and assault. Sentenced to death, but after the first trial were found innocent because one of the plaintiffs confessed the true events of the incident.
  • 4.
    • O.J. Simpson was tried for the murder(s) of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman 60 years later and found innocent.
  • 5. So how are they different?
    • The Scottsboro Boys were found guilty because they were black, O.J. Simpson was found innocent because of his defense team.
  • 6. Sam Sheppard
    • Sam Sheppard was accused of murdering his wife in 1954. After two trials(1954 & 1966) he was found innocent after the second. After his death in 1970 the case was revisited in 2000 after Sheppard’s son filed a civil suit in 1997. Sheppard was found guilty of the crime.
  • 7. Patty Hearst
    • Patty Hearst was tried and convicted of armed robbery and planting pipe bombs in police cars in 1976. She served 22 months of her 7 year sentence.
  • 8. McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials
    • In 1987 Ray Buckey and Peggy Buckey were accused of sexually abusing many McMartin Preschool students. Both were not convicted of the crimes and all charges were dropped in 1990.
  • 9. Rodney G. King
    • Rodney King was beaten mercilessly upon his arrest in 1991 by officers. The officers were tried but the jury’s verdict dismissed the evidence of the videotape showing the officers actions saying that the tape was not sufficient evidence to try the officers.
  • 10. John Hinckley
    • John Hinckley was tried in 1982 and found not guilty for the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. The verdict was determined because of reason of insanity.
  • 11. Timothy McVeigh
    • Timothy McVeigh was tried for bombing an Oklahoma City airport in 1997. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.
  • 12. Lindy Chamberlain
    • Lindy Chamberlain was tried in 1982 for murdering her 10-week-old baby. Her defense was a dingo killed her baby.
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