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infromation about j components

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  1. 1. Aarti NarangJaskiran Kaur Upneet Kaur
  2. 2. A swing is the primary JAVA GUI widget toolkit , an API for providing a GUI for java programs. Itwas developed to provide a more sophisticated set of GUI components Other than in AWT package. Supports more powerful and flexible components that provides advanced and pluggable look and feel.
  3. 3.  Platform independent Model –View-Controller Extensible Customizable Configurable Light weight UI
  4. 4. SWINGS AWT Light weighted  Heavy weighted components. components. Completely written in  Uses of native java. libraries. Better design than  Design issues are still AWT. not good. Own look and feel.  Has to code properly.
  5. 5.  Java.awt.* Javax.swing.* Javax : hierarchy of packages and set of “light weight” components for platform- independent rich GUI components.
  6. 6.  JApplet JButton JCheckBox Used for making swing applet JLabel instance. JComboBox JRadioButton JScrollPane JTabbedPane JTable JTree JTextField
  7. 7.  Swing labels are instances of JLabel class. It can display text and/or an icon. Constructors are:Jlabel(Icon i)Jlabel(String s,Icon I,int align) Methods are:Icon getIcon()String getText()Void setIcon(Icon i)Void setText(String s)
  8. 8. Import java.awt.*;Import javax.swing.*;/* <applet code=“demo” width=200 height=200> </applet> */public class demo extends JApplet {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();JLabel j1=new JLabel (“HELLO”,i1,JLabel.CENTER);contentPane.add(j1);}}
  9. 9.  Swing image icons are instances of “ImageIcon” class, which paints an icon from an image. Constructors are:ImageIcon(URL url)ImageIcon(String filename) Methods are:int getIconHeight()int getIconWidth()void paintIcon(Component c, Graphics g, int x,int y)
  10. 10. Import java.awt.*;Import javax.swing.*;/* <applet code=“demo1” width=200 height=200> </applet> */public class demo1 extends JApplet {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();ImageIcon i1= new ImageIcon(“1.gif”);JLabel j1=new JLabel (“HELLO”,i1,JLabel.CENTER);contentPane.add(j1);}}
  11. 11.  Swingtext field are instances of JTextComponent class. It has one subclass “JTextField” , for adding one line of text. Constructors are:JTextField()JTextField(int cols)JTextField(String s,int cols)JTextField(String s)
  12. 12. Import java.awt.*;Import javax.swing.*;/* <applet code=“demo3” width=200 height=200> </applet> */public class demo3 extends JApplet {JTextField jtf;public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();jtf=new JJTextField(20);contentPane.add(jtf);}}
  13. 13.  AbstractButton is a superclass for checkboxes, push buttons and radio buttons. JButton subclass provides the functionality of a push button. Constructors are:JButton(Icon i)JButton(String s,Icon i)JButton(String s)
  14. 14. Import java.awt.*;Import javax.swing.*;/* <applet code=“demo2” width=200 height=200> </applet> */public class demo2 extends JApplet {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();ImageIcon img=new ImageIcon(“2.gif”);JButton jb1=new JButton(img);contentPane.add(jb1);JButton jb2=new JButton(“Click here”);contentPane.add(jb2);}}
  15. 15.  JCheckBox class provides the functionality of a checkbox. Its immediate superclass is JToggleButton, which provides support for two state buttons. Constructors are:JCheckBox(Icon i)JCheckBox(Icon i, Boolean b)JCheckBox(String s)JCheckBox(String s, Boolean b)JCheckBox(String s,Icon i)JCheckBox(String s,Icon I, Boolean b)void setSelected(Boolean b)
  16. 16. Import java.awt.*;Import javax.swing.*;/* <applet code=“demo4” width=200 height=200> </applet> */public class demo4 extends JApplet {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();JCheckBox cb=new JCheckBox(“C”,true);contentPane.add(cb);JCheckBox cb=new JCheckBox(“C++”,normal);contentPane.add(cb);JCheckBox cb=new JCheckBox(“Java”,normal);contentPane.add(cb);}}
  17. 17.  Radio buttons are supported by JRadioButton class, a subclass of AbstractButton. Constructors are same as of checkboxes. Radio buttons must be grouped into one set, so we use “ButtonGroup” class.void add(AbstractButton b)
  18. 18. Import java.awt.*;Import javax.swing.*;/* <applet code=“demo5” width=200 height=200> </applet> *public class demo5 extends JApplet {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();JRadioButton b1=new JRadioButton(“A”);contentPane.add(b1);JRadioButton b2=new JRadioButton(“A”);contentPane.add(b2);JRadioButton b3=new JRadioButton(“A”);contentPane.add(b3);ButtonGroup bg=new ButtonGroup();bg.add(b1);bg.add(b2);bg.add(b3);} }
  19. 19.  A tabbed pane is a component that appears as a group of folders in a file cabinet. Each folder has title and is selected one at a time. Tabbed panes are encapsulated by JTabbedPane class.void addTab(String str, Component comp)Procedure to use tabbed pane is: Create a JTabbedPane object. Call addtab() to add a tab to pane(title, and its component for each tab). Repeat step 2 for each tab. Add tabbed pane to content pane of applet. Define subclasses for tabs.
  20. 20. public class demo6 extends JApplet {public void init(){JTabbedPane tabs=new JTabbedPane();Tabs.addTab(“Home”, new homemenu());Tabs.addTab(“Insert”, new insertmenu());Tabs.addTab(“View”, new viewmenu());getContentPane().add(tabs);}}class homemenu extends Jpanel {public homemenu() { ---// buttons }}class insertmenu extends Jpanel {public insertmenu() { ---// radio /checkboxes }}
  21. 21.  A scroll pane is a component that presents a rectangular area in which a component may be viewed horizontally or vertically. Scroll panes are encapsulated by JScrollPane class.JScrollPane(Component comp)JScrollPane(int v, int h)JScrollPane(Component comp, int v, int h)H and v are constants defined by ScrollPaneConstants interface, as follows, HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR_AS_NEEDED VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR_AS_NEEDED
  22. 22. public class demo5 extends JApplet {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();contentPane.setLayout(new Borderlayout());Jpanel jp =new Jpanel();Jp.setLayout(ButtonGroup bg=new ButtonGroup();bg.add(b1);bg.add(b2);bg.add(b3);} }
  23. 23.  A check box is a combination of text field and a drop- down list. Check boxes are provided by JCheckBox class, which extends JComponent.JComboBox()JComboBox(Vector v)Here v is a vector that initializes the combo box. Items are added to list of choices via a method: void addItem(Object obj)Here obj is the object to be added to the combo box.
  24. 24. public class demo extends JApplet implements ItemListener {public void init(){Container contentPane= getContentPane();JComboBox jc = new JComboBox();jc.addItem(“Ludhiana”);jc.addItem(“Chandigarh”);jc.addItem(“Moga”);jc.addItemListener (this);contentPane.add(jc);JLabel j1 =new JLabel(“ “);contentPane.add(j1);}public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent e) {String s=(String) i.getItem();J1.setText(s);}}