Balvor Convevo - Is Facebook and text marketing right for your convenience store


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  • Balvor Convevo - Is Facebook and text marketing right for your convenience store

    2. 2. What should I do? 2
    3. 3. Assess the strategic fit for your company 93% 92%4 in 10 54% 27% 54% 93% 92% convenience retailers are on 27% 1-10 11-50 51-200 201+ Stores Stores Stores StoresSource: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012. 3
    4. 4. Recognize that this is a learning process 64% Lack TIME to manage internally 54% UNSURE how to leverage 50% UNCERTAIN how it will helpconvenience retailers NOT on 46% Lack EXPERTISE to execute Source: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012. 4
    5. 5. Establish goals and performance metrics (& monitor) 4 in 10 New “likes” growth convenience retailers are on Monthly active users  Total “likes”  Post views  Post feedback 45%  Redemption rates have goals  Sign up (e-mail / text)Source: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012. 5
    6. 6. Be active if you’re on Facebook 31% 40% Nearly 6 out of 10 of users are on Facebook daily** 30% Daily Weekly Once a Month or LessSource: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012.* Usage frequency based on retailers using Facebook. **Facebook (as of 3/6/12) 6
    7. 7. Evaluate the various ways to build awareness 72% 69% 56% Promote on POP Promote on web site Highlight on e-mail materials blasts Percent indicating "yes"*Source: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012.* Based on retailers who indicated that their companies use Facebook. 7
    8. 8. Test different types of promotions Example: Convenience store chain (100+ stores)Chance to win pair of hockey tickets* Chance to win a case of energy drink Source: Balvor LLC *Promoted on Twitter as well as Facebook 8
    9. 9. Take a balanced approach Proactive Build fan Drive text Run base signups contests 53% 41% 41% Intro new Offer fan- items only deals Ask various questions 50% 41% 36% Pull Push Insights Deals Respond to comments 67% ReactiveSource: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012.* Past 30 day usage based on retailers using Facebook. 9
    10. 10. Measure how well you’re doing 37% 35% of convenience retailers believe Facebook drives more traffic than website Routinely measure effectiveness* DisagreeSource: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012.* Based on retailers using Facebook. 10
    11. 11. Realize Facebook isn’t for everyone #4 “Speed is Life” #1 #3 “Do the “Help me right help you” thing” #2 “Get everyone on the bus” 11
    12. 12. What makes text marketing so attractive? Mobile Facts • 96% of 18-29 yr. old Americans have a Mobile PhoneTEXT: • 85% all 18+ yr. old Americans have a Mobile PhoneOPMCATO: • 68% sending text messages37404 • 98% of text messages opened within 60 minutes Unlimited text plans available since 2008Source: Pew Research Center , com Score, MobileCommerceDaily 12
    13. 13. How does text marketing work? Simple Customer Engagement 1. Opt-In to Sign or Ad offer 2. Receive instant deal 3. Cell number added to database 4. Receive weekly deal 13
    14. 14. What are companies using their text clubs for? Text messaging activities completed by retailer in last 30 days* Offerspecial, text-only 65% deals 19% Announcelimited-time only 64% 7% 41% itemsPromote in-store 19% 61% special deals 15% Highlight new 58% Does all 4 Does 3 of 4 services Does 2 of 4 Does 1 of 4 Doesnt use any Percent indicating "yes" * Based on convenience retailers who indicated that their companies use text messaging. 14
    15. 15. Like any loyalty program, sign up is key! Tactics retailers use to build consumer awareness for text program* 75% 74% 63% 44%On-site as The On the E-mail blast part of company company various web site Facebook POP pagematerials * Based on convenience retailers who indicated that their companies use text messaging. 15
    16. 16. So who is using text marketing? 77%1 in 4 27% 54% 93% 45% 92%convenience retailers using 30% 9% Number of stores: 1-10 11-50 51-200 201+Source: Balvor/Convevo/CSN Electronic Marketing Survey, February 2012. 16
    17. 17. Three times more retailers are pleased with results Convenience retail opinion related to texting* Text messages are a coordinated part of our 75% 16% 8% ongoing marketing planWere pleased with the results of our efforts to- 47% 38% 15% date Were leveraging text messaging as well as any 44% 27% 29% other convenience retailer Weve struggle to grow the base of consumers 39% 46% 15% who receive our text messages Text messages have helped drive near-terms 39% 37% 24% results with promotional product deals If I could only do one, Id choose using text 32% 42% 26% messages as opoosed to having a mobile app Agree Neither Disagree * Based on convenience retailers who indicated that their companies use texting. 17
    18. 18. How does text marketing stack up?Source: Convevo Partners Technology Assessement 18
    19. 19. Technology Marketing Adoption Model Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 POP Signs POP Signs POP Signs Text Text Text Facebook Facebook WebsiteAvoid the Noise Mobile Digital Signs Mobile Apps E-Mail Twitter Coupons Geo Fencing You Tube Four Square Loyalty Daily Deals / Blue Tooth 19
    20. 20. Facebook as a Hub” MarketingMaximize results through integration Website Text Facebook POP Signs 20
    21. 21. Additional informationFor more on this topic, check out the:• April 2012 issue of Convenience Store News• April 2012 issue of CSN for the Single Store OwnerIf you would like a copy of this presentation, pleasecontact either:• David Bishop at• Greg Ehrlich at 21
    22. 22. About the presentersDavid Bishop Greg EhrlichDavid is the managing partner of Balvor LLC, a sales and marketing firm that Greg is president and founder of Convevo Partners, a strategy, operationsprovides analytic, consulting, research and sales support services to and marketing consulting firm that helps c-store chains build theirretailers, product suppliers, and other organization across foodservice and brands, strengthen their operations and marketing, and grow their profits.retail classes of trade. Greg has worked in the convenience and retail petroleum business sinceHe’s a leading expert in small-format retailing, having authored numerous 1986, during which time he has held a variety of positions including vicewhite papers on a wide-range of issues and most recently wrote about The president of operations and marketing at 16- store, Massachusetts-basedPull Side of Social Media: A look at My Starbucks Idea for Brick Meets Click in Best Petroleum and chief operating officer of Certified Oil, an operator and2011. distributor to 140 retail units in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.He’s the convenience segment leader for Brick Meets Click (BMC), which is Greg has also worked at A.T. Kearney, a global business strategy andan online community that enables thought leading discussion into the operations consulting firm, where he assisted Fortune 2500 companies onfuture of shopping. And, in 2011, he led the development and execution of major initiatives such as strategic planning, logistics optimization, customerBMC’s Shopper Insight Program, which examined how shoppers (nearly segmentation marketing and strategic cost reductions.23,000) are using information and technology to enhance their shopping Greg is also an expert in the design and execution of loyaltyexperience. programs, Facebook marketing, mobile marketing, and a variety of otherPrior to founding Balvor in 2008, David spent 12 years at Willard Bishop in technology based marketing tools. His company, Convevo Partners, recentlyvarious positions and most recently as partner. David began his career with launched The Digital Deal, a patent pending, turnkey text marketingThe Levy Restaurants in operations for new store concepts where he program being run by single store and chain operators across the country.focused on beverage and financial programs. Phone: 614.204.7201Phone: 847.722.2732 E-mail: gmehrlich@convevo.comE-mail: 22