Augmented Reality: A commercial point of view
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Augmented Reality: A commercial point of view



Augmented Reality,

Augmented Reality,
A commercial point of view.
A lecture given at the EPFL+ECAL Lab
University in Lausanne, Switzerland



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Augmented Reality: A commercial point of view Augmented Reality: A commercial point of view Presentation Transcript

  • 2010
    EPFL+ECAL Lab.
    Augmented reality
    A commercial point of view
  • The power of Augmented Reality:
    That takes off …
  • Who is Space3D Solutions?
    • Created in 2007.
    • Staff: 8
    • Strong knowledge in 3D modelling
    • Specialist in Holography and AR
    • Mission: 3D communication
    • A passion: Augmented Reality
  • Strategic partnerships
    For the development of augmented reality:
    • EPFL: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
    Joint developments in AR technology
    • EPFL+ECAL Lab::
    Studies in setup and design for AR
  • Products:
    • Holographic displays
    • Touch screens
    • 3D screens
    • Special projections
    • Augmented reality…
  • Products:
    • 3D screens
    Hard to show a picture in 2D
  • Augmented Reality:
    Is an art..
    Mixing animations and information's
    Most of the time in 3D…
    … on a video stream on 2D screens
    … Mostly in real time
  • An interesting evolution:
    The mix with social networks:
  • Or :
    Midvale School
    for the gifted
    AR Developers.
  • Web 1.0
    1995 – 2005
    • Beginning of Web
    • Images and text based
    • Web of documents
    • Written as a text
    • On a Desktop computer
    • Internet is antisocial?
  • Web 2.0
    2000 – 2010
    • The net is a diffusion media
    • Users content
    • Webservices,
    • Open Architecture
    • Semantic Web
    • Beginning of mobility
    • Internet is the business of all
  • Web 3.0
    2005 –
    • The web becomes media
    • The web is a platform
    • People a part of the web
    • Integration of augmented reality
    • The web is ubiquitous
    • The web becomes intelligent
  • Augmented Reality is also an
    impressive method for mixing
    the Web with the real world.
    Augmented reality will become
    The platform linking the real world
    with computer generated data.
  • Augmented Marketing
  • Augmented Packaging
  • Augmented Packaging
    • More explanations
    • Enriched multimedia content
    • Interactivity
    • Progressive user manual
    • But also access to social web
    • Comments from users
    • Comments form pressure groups
  • Augmented Presentations
  • Augmented Presentations
    • Adds a new dimension to shows
    • Shows visual information's
    • Interaction with very large objects
  • Augmented Publicity
  • Augmented Publicity
    • Interaction with the consumer
    • More powerful communication
    • Adds new media
    • Adds social content
  • Augmented Press
  • Augmented Press
    • Could save the Press industry
    • Newspapers with AR links
    • Enriched AR Books
    • A movie is worth 1’000’000 words
    • Adds 3D pictures to text
  • Augmented Visualisation
  • Augmented Visualisation
    • Learning with AR
    • Simplifying complex notions
    • Facilitates education
    • Learning while following
  • Augmented Expositions
  • Augmented Expositions
    • Adds Interactivity
    • Live the story
    • Revive the past
    • Augmented Pedagogy
    • Complete Immersion
  • Augmented Distribution
  • Augmented Distribution
    • Follow the consumer
    • Facilitates the buying process
    • What do my friends think
    • Social content
  • Augmented Tourism
  • Augmented Tourism
    • Adds Info to landscapes
    • Gives directions
    • Adds a layer to reality
    • Nearby cafés
  • Augmented repair
  • Augmented repair
    • Following a repair with AR
    • Follow detailed instructions
    • Web based AR help
  • Augmented Apparel
  • Augmented Apparel
    • For Clothes, Watches or Glasses
    • Augmented Make-up
    • Can use social context
    • Easier to make a decision
  • Augmented Games
  • Augmented Games
    • More choices
    • Better interactivity
    • Allows total Immersion
    • A new territory to explore
  • Sex and Casinos
    • Will be the first to capitalize
    • Better interactivity
    • Allows total Immersion
    • Will be more addictive
  • The keys
    To Success
  • Utility:
    The most
    Important concept
    For Augmented Reality
  • Very Important
    Social Networks
    Buzz, Buzz…
  • Take your time:
    Long term
    Short term glory
  • Credits!
    Most pictures in this presentations
    Come from applications developed
    By the major AR providers:
    Total Immersion, Metaïo, ARToolKit,
    Layar, SPRX, Zugara,
    And algorithms from the EPFL
  • Thank You!
    John Miles
    CEO, Space3d Solutions
    Tweeter: balubab