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Shavuot08 Web

  1. 1. A zereayd bg n old Jewish folk saying tells us that Chizuk Amuno Congregation Non-profit Hag HaShavuot / Shavuot is the best holiday because 8100 Stevenson Road U.S. Postage PAID The Festival of Weeks Baltimore, MD 21208 one can eat whatever one likes and Baltimore, MD Permit No. 544whenever one likes—as opposed to Pesah, when Hag HaKatzir / xivwd bghametz is prohibited; Sukkot when meals are to The Harvest Festival Shavuotbe eaten only in the sukkah; Rosh HaShanahwhen one eats only after completing the lengthy Yom HaBikkurim / mixekad meiprayers; and Yom Kippur when one may not eat at Day of the First Fruitsall. In the spirit of this teaching, we devote ourTikkun this year to “food.”Join us in a wonderful evening of davening, dining,and learning. Chizuk Amuno Congregation zereay lil oewz Tikkun Leil Shavuot 5768 Sunday, June 8, 2008
  2. 2. Tikkun Schedule Study Sessions Late Night Session6 p.m. Minhah/Erev Shavuot Service May Our Mitzvot Be as Plentiful “Can’t Get No Satisfaction?” Kol Rinah, Chizuk Amuno’s a capella choir, will perform under the as the Seeds of a Pomegranate! Rabbi Ron Shulman direction of Michael Lesley. Dr. Paul Schneider Now that our stomachs are full, let’s6:45 p.m. Festival Dinner Miriam Foss explore other sources of satisfaction Following Dinner, “Food for Thought” with Rabbi Ron Shulman According to our sages, there were and fulfillment. We’ll study Torah More than expressing gratitude, Birkat HaMazon is a statement 613 seeds in the original pomegranate, ideas for our hearts and minds of Jewish belief. What are those religious ideas and why do we corresponding to the number of mitzvot examining the 10th Commandment. recite them? in the Torah. How appropriate that “You Shall Not Covet” asks us to think8 p.m. Study Sessions silver rimonim, the Hebrew word for Bones of Contention Maki, Nori, Wasabi, and Other about our personal lives in an age of9 p.m. Dessert pomegranates, so often adorn Torah Dr. Arthur Lesley Foods from the Old Country consumption and limitations. scrolls! There are times when a meal turns for Shabbat and Shavuot9:45 p.m. Late Night Session At this session we will study rabbinic from being a kindness or gesture of Alex Weinberg Study Sessions texts on one of those 613 mitzvot, hospitality, or even a cure, into the Join Chef Alex for an interactive, It’s Not Just Lunch feeding the hungry. Then we will occasion for bitter enmity, rape, or participatory session on sushi Rabbi Deborah Wechsler hear from congregants who have assassination, as when Jacob makes the preparation. Registration limited participated in gemilut hasadim projects price of his lentil meal for Esau the to 15. To reserve your spot, Using the text of the Torah, we will addressing the needs of the hungry in birthright. There are more examples please send an e-mail to explore the role of food and dining Baltimore and in Israel. of what qualifies as a “type scene” in together in the biblical experience. biblical story-telling, a conventional Food, Energy, and How We Eat: Or set of events that can be recognized Torah: The Food of Eternal Life Why Asparagus Comes from Chile even when varied greatly. Dr. Moshe Shualy Traditional Dairy Dinner – Reservation Form and Corn Powers Cars The Torah is the Tree of Life, its fruit Dr. Peter Shulman Music to Enrich Your Palate Name(s) the fruit of Eternity. God has planted Hazzan Emanuel Perlman and This class looks at how technology, Telephone E-mail within us Eternal Life. But, how a Quartet under the direction politics, and affluence transformed the Adults: $20 per person Children, ages 6 - 10: $10 do we consume it? And with what of T. Herbert Dimmock American diet in the 20th century. Children age 5 and younger: Free utensils? Come learn the secrets of Hazzan Perlman and a quartet under Eternal Life. Number of Adults Number of Children the direction of T. Herbert Dimmock will musically illustrate the rich, flowing, tasteful nusah associated with Dinner Reservations Deadline: May 30, 2008 the holiday of Shavuot. Checks should be made payable to Chizuk Amuno Congregation and sent to: Tikkun Leil Shavuot • Chizuk Amuno Congregation 8100 Stevenson Road • Baltimore, MD 21208 Questions? Call the Stulman Center 410/824-2058 or 2055.