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Ha Zman Summer2010web

Ha Zman Summer2010web






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    Ha Zman Summer2010web Ha Zman Summer2010web Document Transcript

    • HaZ’man T h I S S e a S o n a t C h i z u k a m u n o C o n g r e g a t i o n S u m m e r 2010 | 5770 In this issue: • Dorsheini! Interpret Me! • Shavuot Service Schedule • Tikkun Leil Shavuot
    • Tikkun LeiL ShavuoT TeXTInG@ChIZUKaMUno Tuesday, May 18, 2010 | 5 Sivan 5770“One who learns from his colleague one chapter, Or one halakhah, Or one verse, Or one expression, Or even one letter, Is obliged to honor the teacher.” —Pirkei Avot 6:3Join us in a night of learning and companionship(and cheesecake, of course!) as we explore the texts of ourtradition. Our teachers will present a favorite teaching,and we will bring our own favorites to Rabbi Shulman’slate night session. 7 p.m. Erev Shavuot Services 7:45 p.m. Kol Rinah, Chizuk Amuno’s a cappella group 8 - 9 p.m. Learning Sessions ~ ` Choose from one of the sessions listed on page 7 9:15 - 9:45 p.m. Dairy Desserts, Coffee, Tea 10 p.m. Late Night Session with Rabbi Ron Shulman Texting Together – Life’s Mystery is God’s Reality Rabbi Shulman will teach from Torah texts and interpretations that speak to the mystery of life and our search for God. In addition to his own teaching, Rabbi Shulman invites everyone attending our late night study session to share a text or Torah image of particular personal meaning to them. As we learn from one another, we’ll grow to appreciate how the texts of Jewish tradition engage us in a variety of compelling, significant, and even mysterious ways.
    • Chizuk Amuno Congregation inzv HaZ’man8100 Stevenson Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208www.chizukamuno.orgSynagogue Office 410/486-6400Synagogue Fax 410/486-4050Synagogue E-mail info@chizukamuno.orgGoldsmith Early Childhood Education Center 410/486-8642Krieger Schechter Day School 410/486-8640 t h i s s e a s O nRosenbloom Religious School 410/486-8641Stulman Center for Adult Learning 410/824-2055 a t C h i z u k a m u n o C o n g r e g a t i o nOfficersPresident Dr. Anne L. Young, pres@chizukamuno.org S u m m e r 2010 | 5770First Vice President Richard Manekin, 1stvp@chizukamuno.orgVice President Michelle MalisVice President Louis E. SappersteinSecretary Dr. Andrew MillerTreasurer Alan Mogol contentsAssistant Treasurer Sandra MoffetsynagOgue staff 2 LaZ’man HaZeh ~ 9 Gemilut HasadimRabbi Ronald J. Shulman | x230 at this season volunteering at chizuk amunorshulman@chizukamuno.org “Dorsheini! interpret me!” by Andy MillerRabbi Deborah Wechsler | x231dwechsler@chizukamuno.org by Rabbi Ron Shulman a volunteer’s PrayerRabbi Emeritus Joel H. Zaiman | x296 by Jennifer Arndt RobinsonHazzan Emanuel C. Perlman | x233 3 finding meaning,eperlman@chizukamuno.org strengthening faith, 12 What’s nu?Ritual Director Dr. Moshe D. Shualy | x243mshualy@chizukamuno.org creating community • Something is Fishy at GECECRitual Director Emeritus by Dr. Anne L. YoungRev. Yehuda Dickstein • Communication – The KSDS Middle School Learning FestivalHeadmaster, Krieger Schechter Day School 4 TorahDr. Paul D. Schneider | x226 | pschneider@soink12.ksds.edu • New Beginnings at RRS meaningful texts in Our LivesDirector, Congregational Education finding god • Netivon’s Ambitious High SchoolAlex Weinberg | x234 | aweinberg@chizukamuno.org on the chesapeake Bay ProgrammingDirector, Goldsmith Early Childhood Education CenterMichelle Gold | x238 | gecec@chizukamuno.org by Michael Andorsky • We Had A Party!Director, Stulman Center for Adult LearningJudy Meltzer | x287 | stulman@chizukamuno.org happy hour with my five guys • College Outreach Wrap-UpDirector, Gemilut Hasadim Program by Alisa Cohen • Stulman Center –Miriam Foss | x281 | mfoss@chizukamuno.org A 5770 RetrospectiveBar/Bat Mitzvah Coordinator the Power of memoryDebby Hellman | x290 | dhellman@chizukamuno.org by Lauren Small • Welcome to New MembersYouth Educator • Chizuk Amuno’s CommunityIsaac Woloff | x305 | iwoloff@chizukamuno.org Second Seder – A Huge Success 6 AvodahCurator, Goldsmith MuseumDr. Susan Vick | x291 | svick@chizukamuno.org • Schedule of Shavuot ServicesChoir Director • Tikkun Leil ShavuotT. Herbert Dimmock Learning Sessions • Memorial Plaques to be Dedicatedadministrative staffExecutive DirectorRonald N. Millen | x224 | rnmillen@chizukamuno.org 8 2010 graduatesDirector of Congregational AdvancementLaurel Freedman | x275 | lfreedman@chizukamuno.orgSynagogue AdministratorJenny Baker | x227 | jbaker@chizukamuno.orgControllerRick Bernard | x256 | rbernard@chizukamuno.orgInformation Systems ManagerBruce P. Yaillen | x284 | byaillen@chizukamuno.orgCemetery DirectorBarbara Lichter | x248 | blichter@chizukamuno.orgAssistant Cemetery Director Chizuk Amuno has a long history of proud service to Baltimore’s Jewish community. Dedicated to strengthening faithMarsha Yoffe | x309 | myoffe@chizukamuno.org in our people’s covenant with God, the purpose of Chizuk Amuno Congregation is to create a sacred Jewish community.Communications and Membership CoordinatorCheryl Snyderman | x300 | csnyderman@chizukamuno.org Here individuals and families can find meaning for their lives from serious engagement with the texts, wisdom, andGraphic Designer celebrations of Judaism. In pursuit of this mission, Chizuk Amuno ascribes to the rabbinic teaching: “The world isRachel Levitan | x282 | rlevitan@chizukamuno.org sustained through Torah – learning, Avodah – prayer and service, and Gemilut Hasadim – acts of loving kindness.”
    • LaZ’man HaZeh ~ At Thi “Dorsheini! interpret me!” by Rabbi Ron ShulmanO ur matriarch Rebekah is pregnant with twins who “struggled in her womb,”according to the Book of Genesis. “If so, can also receive from our heritage the ethical wisdom of context. Valid, differing, even opposing truths about the complex This is what we asked our synagogue friends, Michael Andorsky, Alisa Cohen, and Lauren Small to do in this issue ofwhy do I exist?” she asks of God in her experiences of our lives often emerge HaZ’man—This Season. At this seasondiscomfort. The medieval French from our personal of Shavuot, when we celebrate Torah as acommentator Rashi notes of this Interpreting the sacred backgrounds and precious gift for our lives, their personalTorah scene, “Dorsheini! Interpret circumstances. interpretations of Torah texts inspire all ofme!” This text, he explains, texts and memories of our Rebekah’s struggling us to keep at it, to continually renew, anddemands interpretation. people allows us to discover twins represent two share with others, our self-understanding of Judaism is an interpretive instincts, Rashi explains. Jewish values, customs, and commitments.tradition. This is one of the the meaning and purpose of One son, whom we We have enjoyed a remarkable synagoguethings I most admire about our religious belief and living come to know as Jacob, year of learning, celebration, and service. Ireligious heritage. Interpreting is anxious to discover hope something of our programs, classes,the sacred texts and memories of for our time and place. how Torah can be thoughts, and community events helpedour people allows us to discover relevant in his life. you in some way to do for yourself whatthe meaning and purpose of religious belief The other son, to be named Esau, seeks to Rashi claims Torah demands. “Dorsheini!and living for our time and place. understand life from a different set of values. Interpret me!” n This process of midrash, of inquiry, study, In Rashi’s interpretation, our matriarchand exploration produces from generation Rebekah’s struggling twins represent our Mazal Tov to Rabbi Ron Shulman uponto generation the continuous tradition of struggles with ourselves, with others, and whom The Jewish Theological SeminaryJewish life and law—our beliefs and rituals, with God as we seek to define meaning and confers an honorary Doctorate of Divinityour practices and ethical values. Even more purpose for our lives. this month at a special Convocationprovocative is that as Jews, we do not claim We all share this instinct. As Jews, we honoring rabbis who have served theto know God’s will. Rather humbly, we can and do find common answers. But in Conservative Movement and the Jewishclaim to discern our best understanding of the end, Jewish tradition urges us each to people with distinction for more thanGod’s will. be responsible for our own interpretations 25 years. While we often turn to religious tradition explaining who we are, what we do, andfor clarity and guidance, sometimes we what happens to us in life.2 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • is Season ~ dfd onfl reflections on the Last two years by Dr. Anne L. Young President, Chizuk Amuno Congregation a s a teacher, after grading an assignment or test, I always arranged the papers alphabetically according to my students’ last names. I did this for years. perks of being president. I see close up parents’ pride when their children become B’nei Mitzvah. I am one of the first to wish Mazal Tov to new parents on the naming of congregational responsibilities, such as chairing or serving on committees. While the president of the congregation may be the public face of lay leadership, a synagogue Then one day as I was returning papers, going back their daughter, a couple on their aufruf, or congregants community such as ours requires the efforts and skills and forth across the classroom, I had an aha moment. observing a special birthday or anniversary. of a large group of dedicated volunteers. Chizuk Amuno It suddenly occurred to me that while there were no A second presidential chair is at the head of the table, is indeed fortunate to have such a group of engaged, assigned seats, my students always sat in the same place. chairing meetings of the Board of Trustees and of the knowledgeable, and Jewishly committed lay leaders. I realized that if I arranged the graded papers accordingly Executive Committee. Frequently when I walk into the There is yet another presidential chair that is more to where the students sat in the classroom, returning Kleinman Board Room I look at the pictures of the past metaphorical than physical. From this vantage point papers would be faster and easier. presidents, which line the walls. They are a reminder of I have had an up-close view of the innerworkings of Like my students, I, too, have my usual, or at least the history of our congregation, providing background Chizuk Amuno. Our clergy, educators, professional staff, preferred seat for places that I frequent on a regular and context for the current work of sustaining and and support staff are an amazing group of people. We, as basis. At Loyola I always gravitate to the same chair for enhancing our sacred community. Of course, chairing congregants, are so fortunate to have such a dedicated meetings. And when a standing meeting must use a meetings means simply that–organizing and facilitating and talented staff. Their work, behind the scenes on our room different from its usual location, I and others are the discussion. The work is very much a collective effort. behalf, is truly outstanding. disoriented for a moment or two, not knowing exactly Over the past two years the Executive Committee has On Sunday, May 23, the Congregation will hold its where to sit. I even have my favorite table at Starbucks at met every two to three weeks. Agenda items have 139th Annual Meeting. At that time, we will install new the Quarry. ranged from routine matters to time sensitive topics to officers. Richard Manekin will begin occupying these For the past two years as president of Chizuk Amuno challenging conversations about financial issues. Our presidential chairs. When people ask me what I am going it has been my privilege and responsibility to occupy discussions have been thoughtful, lively, respectful, and to do with my free time, I reply that I plan to replace several “presidential” chairs. The first is obvious, because rooted in mission. I want to thank all the members of the meetings with classes in the Stulman Center for Adult it is so public. On Shabbat and the haggim it has been my Executive Committee for giving so freely of their time, Learning. I anticipate that I will need to find a new seat in honor to join Rabbi Shulman, Rabbi Wechsler, and Hazzan talents, and expertise. the Lerner Beit Midrash. And, I look forward to reclaiming Perlman on the bimah, representing the congregation. Ironically, because the Board has so many members, my regular seat in the Sanctuary next to David. One of the associated responsibilities is serving as gabbai Board meetings have not been in the Board Room. We The past two years have been a wonderful experience when the Torah is read. Being at the reading table when have met instead in the Esterson Auditorium so that for me personally. I feel privileged to have been able to congregants and families celebrate s’mahot is one of the everyone is able to be “at the table.” In addition to being serve and represent the congregation as its president. on the Board, most Board members have other Shavuot 5770 | 3
    • finding god on the as long as he does not face the boat directly into the wind. The boat will move when time I again find the wind while sailing, I am reminded that God, like the wind, ischesapeake Bay the wind blows from behind, from the side, or even when the wind strikes the boat at supposed to be unseen, omnipresent, yet there for us when we seek God. Like theby Michael Andorsky an angle from near the front. However, the wind, God should always be there when we mi²¦ l` d¯Fd§ lFwÎz` ErnW¦«e ¡ ¨ i ¸ ¤ º § § I© boat will not move while facing directly into have turned in the proper direction. I am mc`«d `Agz¦e mF® d gEx´ l o¨ A K¬¥ dzn ¹¨ ¨ ¨ ¥ © § I© I © © § B © N© § ¦ ¸ the wind. While sailing on the Chesapeake struck by this analogy every time my sails:o«Bd ur KFz§ mi ¦½ l` d´Fd§ Æi¥R§n FYW¦ e ¨ © ¬¥ A ¡ ¨ i p ¦ À § `§ in a mild breeze, every new sailor finds suddenly fill with wind on a calm day. that the wind suddenly seems to disappear, God is closely identified with wind in“They heard the sound of YHWH, the causing the boat to stop. This certainly has Hebrew text. In verse 3:8 from Genesis,Eternal God, moving about in the garden been my experience. I blame the wind for the sound of YHWH in the garden at theat the breezy time of day; and the man shifting direction. I blame the wind for breezy-time of day is the wind. Pronouncingand his wife hid from YHWH, the Eternal dying down. In fact, the wind has neither YHWH, the four letter “ineffable” nameGod, among the trees of the garden.” changed direction nor strength. Rather, of God, as Yahweh even sounds like the d®¤ pn¦ e m¦xt§`§ mi ¦½ —GenesisU§ X© § k§ i © ¤ M l` Ln ¦3:8 ¡´§«i I have inadvertently changed the boat’s wind. Ruah, means both wind and the spirit :LxnW¦e d¨d§ Lkx«a§ «¤§ § i§ F i ¬ § ¤¨ i direction. I no longer feel the wind because of God. Throughout Tanakh there exists aI never realized «the epower¥in i²this | versei x`¨ :¨ Pgi«¦ Lil` e ¨R¨ d¯Fd§ ¥ i J¤ ª ¤ p ¨ until« I¨learnedU¨esail.l` explain, Fd§ `V¦ :mFlW Ll m¬¥ i§ Li ¤ ¥ Æei¨R¨ | d³¨ must¨ i § to ½To p I i ¸teach you a little about the art of sailing. To ¸ I have lost the proper orientation to it. When I make a correction, the sails fill, I close association between God and wind: God’s wind parted the Red Sea. God’s wind feel the wind in my face, and off we go. threatened Jonah’s boat. God was present atpropel a sailboat forward, one must orient The wind and its apparent behavior is a Mount Sinai in the wind. Job heard God’sthe boat so that the sails fill with wind. The powerful metaphor for God. Every “small voice” from the whirlwind.sailor can sail in any direction he chooses mi²¦ lLld¯Fd§ rÎx¸W``zE²¥ nW¦f«e `§ d¬¨i ¨lFwÎz ¤ `º xF§k¨© ¡ ¨U ¤ £ r § ¾I Continued on page 15 mc`«d ` ¸ ¹¨ ¨ ¨ :m¦A«¨gz¦n mF® d `«vx´§lKo¨C©K¬¥lnr i¥ © §¦I¦ m¬¤©§ g¥ A§ BAA w®¥ zn x§ O e kz © E v © I ¤¤ N© ¨ £ © d§ ¦ :o«Bd ur KFz§ mi ¦½ l` d´Fd§ Æi¥R§n FYW¦ e ¨ © ¬¥ A ¡ ¨ i p ¦ À § `§happy hour with A t the end of the week, my favorite place to go for happy hour is my dining room. items: kippot, Kiddush cups, prayer books, tzedakah box, and the decorative handmy five guys My four children (all boys), my husband, and I celebrate Shabbat each week with a washing cup. In addition to setting the table, the boys love to compete withby Alisa Cohen traditional and spirited Sabbath dinner. making the largest or smallest matzah d®¤ pn¦ e m¦xt§`§ mi ¦½ l` LnU§ X© § k§ i © ¤ M ¡ ´ § ¦i « In my family, the most anticipated ball. Of course, everything with them is :LxnW¦e d¨d§ Lkx«a§ «¤§ § i§ F i ¬ § ¤¨ i event is the welcoming of Shabbat. From a competition…down to who can eat the :¨ «Pgi«e Lil` ei²¨R¨ | d¯Fd§ x`¨ J¤ ª ¦ ¤ ¥ p ¨ i ¥i ¸ :mFlW Ll m¬¥ ie Lil` Æei¨R¨ | d³¨d§ `V¦ « ¨ § U¨§ ¤ ¥ p ½ F i ¨i ¸ the moment our children awaken Friday most! As the smells of Shabbat fill the air, we morning they are excited for Shabbat. On eagerly await the arrival of the fifth guy from“God make you like Ephraim and most days it can be a chore to motivate work so we may begin our “happy hour.”Manasseh...The Lord bless you and them to do their share of household As we gather around the table, it’s difficultprotect you! The Lord deal kindly and responsibilities. However, on Friday to contain the boys’ excitement. We begingraciously with you! The rÎxWbestowxFk¨ § U Lord £ ²¥ Ll d¬¨ ¨ ¤ ` z` ¾ f afternoons they are anxious to help out. with the Kiddush; a nice glass of red for thefavor uponix§ Oand kz`«vyou peace!” nr :m¦ you¦ n m¬¤ § ¥ A K ¤¤A w®¥ ¨ £ «¨v ¦ grant § C© l My young assistants eagerly set the table, parents and purple for the boys. We then —Genesis 48:20; Numbers 6:24-26 ensuring the inclusion of the necessary proceed to the blessing of the children.4 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • Jacob blessed his grandsons, words, nobody knows or has everything; we Ephraim and Manasseh, to all contribute something. It was this deep become role models and connection that inspired me to include the brothers united to do good “blessing of the boys” in the design for my deeds, Elliot and I bless children’s siddurim covers for their Aleph class our own sons and pray for Siyyum HaSefer. them to always be united Finally, after the ceremonial handwashing, and become role models the quietest moment of the week, the of doing good deeds. We boys sing the motzi and we partake in our strive for our children to Sabbath dinner. As parents, we could not be appreciate what they have prouder seeing our boys recite the Shabbat and not covet others. We brakhot—their enthusiasm for Shabbat encourage them to protect is heartwarming. This experience is what each other and stand up makes Friday evening with my five guys the Whilemi²¦ l` d¯Fd§ lFwÎz` ErnW¦«e families celebrate this º § § I© for one another if necessary. We instill the happiest hour of the week. n ¡ ¨ i ¸ ¤tradition inAgz¦e mF® d gExl husbanddzn understanding that if one shows strength mc`«d ` ¥different ways, my o¨ A K¬¥ and ¹¨ ¨ ¨ ¸ © § I© I © © ´ § B © N© § ¦ Alisa moved to the Baltimore area in 1992 fromI :o«Bd ur KFz§ children simultaneously.W¦ e bless our four mi ¦ l` d´Fd§ Æi¥Rn FY § `§ ¨ © ¬¥ A ½ ¡ ¨ i p §¦ À in one area, another may have strength in a Cherry Hill, NJ. She is a certified teacher, currentlyTo us, this displays an equal importance different area. We encourage our children to teaching first grade at Rosemont Elementary/Middleamongst the boys; it confirms that one is show empathy to others and rejoice in our School. Additionally, she is enrolled in a masters’ degreeno more important to us than another; we diversity. program hoping to graduate this December. Alisa andlove each child differently and no more than As our Papa Yakalah would say, Elliot live in Owings Mills with their four boys, Jacob andhis brothers. Just as the Torah tells us that “Everything together is by nobody.” In other Joshua (9), Jared (7), and Jonah (5). d®¤ pn¦ e m¦xt§`§ mi ¦½ l` LnU§ X© § k§ i © ¤ M ¡ ´ § ¦i « :LxnW¦e d¨d§ Lkx«a§ «¤§ § i§ F i ¬ § ¤¨ i :¨ «Pgi«e Lil` ei²¨R¨ | d¯Fd§ x`¨ J¤ ª ¦ ¤ ¥ p ¨ i ¥i ¸the Power of :mFlW Ll m¬¥ ie Lil` Æei¨R¨ | d³¨d§ `V¦ « ¨ § U¨§ ¤ ¥ p ½ F i ¨i ¸ Indian Wars in between. I was horrified to read about Sand Creek, the murder in stories his grandmother told him of the day that her village was attacked by Custer. Shememory late November 1864 of over 150 peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, mostly was 12 years old at the time. Why bother listening to these stories?by Lauren Small women and children, victims of a radicalized What are we to do? What can we do? The Ll d¬¨ rÎxW` z` xFk¨ § U ¨ ¤ £ ²¥ ¾ f Indian campaign that took root in Colorado record of injustice is too great, and we :m¦x§ On m¬¤ z`«vA K ¤¤A w®¥ nr i «¨v ¦ ¦ k § ¥ § C© l ¨ £ Territory that year. When I learned that the are all touched by it. Are we to pack our“Remember what Amalek did to you on atrocity had been deliberately covered-up in bags and return to Europe, leaving theyour journey after you left Egypt...” the West, my horror turned to outrage. land to the survivors? The problem is too —Deuteronomy 25:17 Last year at Thanksgiving I traveled to overwhelming, the solution unimaginable.A s Jews we are admonished: Never forget. Sand Creek to witness the ceremonies Where even to begin? These key memories lead to survival and the Cheyenne held to honor their fallen A great curtain of oblivion rests overto the creation of national and communal ancestors. Afterward, we gathered for a the past. Who were the Indian peoplesidentities. But how can we remember a past candlelight vigil outside the Denver Art who populated the land you sit on asthat is hidden among us, that has been, at Museum on the grounds of a sculpture you read this, and what became of them?times deliberately, forgotten? that serves, for lack of a better term, as an As we stood outside in the cold prairie I grew up in Denver, but didn’t hear American Indian Holocaust Memorial. A night, our faces illuminated by waveringa word about the Sand Creek Massacre forest of sculpted arms, like trees, rise from candlelight, survivors—the remnant—until I became a writer, curious about the the ground, capturing the viewer in their passed a microphone from hand to hand.place I came from. I began reading history embrace, each one bearing the name of The speakers gave their names, tribe andbooks about the West–good ones—not the a significant moment or event in Native clan, the places from which they came, andones they gave me in school, which always American history: Washita, Wounded Knee, concluded with a brief prayer or blessing. Iseemed to jump conveniently from the Sand Creek… One of the tribal elders heard many languages spoken that night:Civil War to World War I, bypassing the confided to me that he still remembers the Continued on page 15 Shavuot 5770 | 5
    • Avodah v s u c gSchedule of Shavuot Services 5770 – 2010Shavuot commemorates the giving of the May 18 | Sivan 5 | Erev Shavuot Erev Shavuot Service 7:00 p.m.Torah, the content and meaning of Judaism Kol Rinah will perfom Tikkun Leil Shavuot – Shavuot Evening of Studyfor each of us and our world. It also marks Learning sessions are listed to the rightthe brighter and pleasant days of spring Candle Lighting 7:58 p.m. May 19 | Sivan 6 | Shavuot First Dayturning into summer, of a world turning Festival Morning Service 9:15 a.m.fresh and green with life and beauty. TORAH PORTION: First Day of Shavuot, Exodus 19:1-20:23 Family Service 10:00 a.m.At Chizuk Amuno Shavuot is a joyous Torah Study with Rabbis Shulman and Wechsler Congregational Kiddush following servicesfestival of Torah study, creative expression, Minhah / Ma’ariv 6:00 p.m.and happy celebration. Candle Lighting 8:45 p.m. May 20 | Sivan 7 | Shavuot Second Day Festival Morning Service 9:15 a.m. TORAH PORTION: Second Day of Shavuot, Deuteronomy 14:22-16:17 We read the Book of Ruth Chizuk Amuno Choir joins Hazzan Perlman Family Service 10:00 a.m. Yizkor Memorial Prayers and Dedication of Memorial Plaques preceded by Rabbi Shulman’s Sermon Congregational Kiddush following services Minhah / Ma’ariv 8:15 p.m. Havdalah 8:46 p.m.6 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • Tikkun Leil Shavuot Dedication of Memorial Plaques On Shavuot, May 20, during the Yizkor service, the followingFor a complete schedule please refer to the inside front cover memorial plaques will be dedicated: Sylvia Tannenbaum Samuel S. Kahan Gary PlattLearning Sessions Apatoff Doris Schwartz Kleiman Vivian G. Raskinl if i forget thee, Oh Jerusalem ~ Psalm 137 Abby Blumenthal Sidney Levenson Herbert A. RobinsonHazzan Emanuel C. Perlman with the Psalmist Choir Stanley Damareck Rosalie Levin Eileen D. Sacksunder the direction of T. Herbert Dimmock Sophia Folus Dr. Alan Marc Levine Irving Harris SanowThis well known ancient text has been used musically to introduce the world to a long Marjorie Tucker Dr. Solomon Love Rosalyn Margaretensurviving melody within a modern song. One of the most famous quotes from the Psalm Friedlander Shecter Bernard Manekinis “If I forget thee, oh Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.” Miriam S. Friedman Louis E. Shecter Irene Mazer Florence Geber Dr. David Silberl We Will return to you ~ Masekhet of the Talmud, Roslyn Greenberg Marilyn Q. Glaser Michelson Samuel (Shimon)and you Will return to us ~ recited following completion of the study Phyllis Ruth Goodman Baird Israel Michelson Verstandigof each Masekhet of the TalmudRabbi Deborah Wechsler Monty H. Goodman Ruth Fink Miller Zelda Stella VerstandigThe Hadran is a love letter to a book of Jewish study. For all who know what it’s like to Alfred A. Greenhood Emanuel M. Parker Ann R. Wassermanfinish reading a book and want to immediately begin reading it again. Albert Hirsch Julia Perle Israel M. Weiner Zelda Hannah Hirsch Judge Joseph I. Pines Louis Weitzmerl god: Who chose us from all the nations, gave us the Torah Of truth, Fred Hittman Paulina A. Weitzmer Marcia Pinesand Planted Within us eternal Life ~ Torah Blessings Nannette Wyman Howard R. JachmanDr. Moshe D. ShualyIf you have received an aliyah, these are the words you solemnly statedas an oath when you held on to the Torah scroll. Do you believe these words?Let’s explore your beliefs. Revelation is at hand.l for you are a People consecrated to the Lord your god:Of all the Peoples on earth the Lord your god chose youto Be his treasured People ~ deuteronomy 7:6-8Dr. Adam GregermanAs we commemorate God’s revelation to Israel at Sinai, we will consider the reasonsJews, from the Biblical period onward, gave for having been chosen to receive theTorah and a unique covenant with God. We will look at diverse explanations given toexplain Israel’s election, including claims about Israel’s humility, Israel’s superiority,and the other nations’ refusal to accept the commandments.l Dorsheini ~ genesis 42 and 43Dr. Arthur LesleyWhy did they change their mind, and why are we told about it? In the story ofreconciling Joseph and Jacob with the other sons, in Genesis 42 and 43, both Josephand Jacob first treat the brothers harshly and then change their minds. Why does thebiblical narrator, always astutely economical, spend time telling about the change ofmind? The text calls for interpretation, and the commentators don’t help much.l the artists’ Way – choosing the difficultAdam RoffmanWhat can the poet Ranier Maria Rilke and some good old fashioned musical theatretell us through verse and song about how Jews make choices? A lot! But theirmessage, as is usually the case with all good art, is not a snappy one liner, but abeautifully complex, challenging and surprisingly Jewish call to action. These textswill help us see Judaism through the eyes of an artist—you may be surprised whatyou learn about both. Shavuot 5770 | 7
    • Mazal Tov to Our 2010 Graduates! Each year, we are privileged to have over a thousand students enter our doors, ranging in age from only 2 years old to over 80 years. We offer educational programming for every age in between. We join them in taking pride in their accomplishments at their commencement ceremonies listed below. Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center Wednesday, June 2, 10 a.m.four year Olds Jack Epsetin Jake Hutzler Lindsay Robinson- five year OldsAyala Asher Ethan Espeland Ava Kazin Wasserman Evie ChmarNoa Avraham Rena Finkel Chloe Levine Landon Schapiro Jacob CohenLiora Bazensky Marlee Fox James London Kate Schnee Samantha CooperColin Bernstein Eli Friedman Will Marder Rose Seidman Gabrielle GrabushSamara Braunstein Max Fruman Ezra Medina Matthew Silber Naomi JosephRachel Brody Jessie Pearl Gaither Sara Mendelson Sara Silverman Sophia KomanSydney Brooks Ezra Glazer Maya Moshkatal Joshua Sober Jordan LapinAva Burgunder Taylor Goldstein Michael Neschis Grant Swirnow Noah LichterRyan Cohen Mallory Gordon Hannah Netzer Hannah Turner Brandon LunenfeldJenna Crain Ellie Hanover Brandon Oestreicher Ethan Van Dinter Sabrina TepperJack Davison Alex Hartman Yonatan Paz-Priel Eli Wahlberg Ian TuckerNoam Elbaum Jack Hershfield Will Ponczak Zoe Weinman Paul Hudes Alana Zunikoff Krieger Schechter Day School Thursday, June 3, 7 p.m.Arielle Aboulafia Esther Fuzayl Mackenzie Lewis Matthew Rosen Jennie ShumardVictoria Brown Brett Gold Kayla Litofsky Hallye Rosenbloom Amy SingerMax Buchdahl Andrew Himmelrich David Mandelberg Kevin Rosofsky Brandon SloaneSeth Buckner Alexander Jerome Samantha Max Jennifer Rubin Jared SlutkinSarah Cohen Matthew Kirshner Alyssa Mendelsohn Joshua Schwartz Meredith SmithCory Dalcin Nadav Korman Hallie Miller Elise Shanholtz Jesse SolomonAlexandra Ellin Ilana Kornblatt Jessica Miller Rebecca Shapiro Hannah SopherRayna Feldsher Sheri Kornblatt Mara Mordecai Samuel Shapiro Abigail SuldanHannah Fingerhood Jordana Lachow Daniel Nemirovsky Daniel Shasho Jacob WohlJonathan Frier Jacob Potash Rosenbloom Religious School Netivon Florence Melton Monday, May 17, 7 p.m. Sunday, May 16, 6 p.m. Adult Mini-SchoolSophie Bailowitz Alexis Levitt Elizabeth Mollie Talia Swartz Thursday, May 13, 7 p.m.J.M. Becker Caroline Lewis Heintzelman Aaron Ari Swerling Linda Barron Carole DiamondJarred Belman William Linker Jason Kornblatt Alex Van Hoven Miriam S. Bernstein Dr. Rosalyn GhitterDavid Gevarter Frank Pakula Rachel Shapiro Kate Ziegelstein Allen Brown Sally T. GrantJoseph Hirsch Joshua Schnitzer Pauline Settleman Ruth B. HurwitzBlake Jachman Adam Snyder Brown Dr. Sheldon KeyserSydney Klawans Solomon Swerling Dr. Steven Caplan Susanne StruttSara Lerner8 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • On Shabbat, April 10, the Chizuk Amuno communitygathered to honor the dedicated volunteers who contributeto the vitality of our congregation. Dr. Andy Miller, chair ofChizuk Amuno’s Gemilut Hasadim Committee, addressedthe congregation and recounted the ways our volunteersparticipate. Below are some excerpts from his remarks. “Lo aleha hamleha ligmor, v’lo ata ben those who participate in college outreach, A critical role is played by those whohorin l’hivatel mimena.” keeping in contact with our students who support our people in time of need. These “It is not your obligation to finish the task, are away from home and reminding them include the members of the mitzvah corps,but neither are you free to desist from it.” that Chizuk Amuno is still their home. who lead the prayer service at shivah houses, —Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers 2:20 There are also those who engage in hiddur and our “minyanaires” who are regular mitzvah, the beautification of Jewish ritual. participants and leaders in the daily minyanI t is my great honor to share this bimah These include volunteer members of our and who serve as a special and close-knit and the Sanctuary today with so many choir, gabbaim and others who participate community for those who need to say of our volunteers, who give of their time in leading different parts of our worship Kaddish. and resources to serve the community. service; those who provide flowers for We have an amazing number ofThey do so in our name, and we are proud the bimah; those who help us in working outreach activities in service to the broaderof the honor they bring to the Chizuk with Kol Foods to order kosher meat that community. These include activities suchAmuno family. meets the highest ethical standards; those as the Brotherhood blood drive and their Our volunteers do their work in service to who manage the Goldsmith Museum and annual Adopt-A-Road cleanup activity,our own community and in outreach to the Hendler Learning Center in collaboration performing the mitzvah of shmirat adamah,broader community. with our curator, Susan Vick, and those who protecting the earth. Many of the other In the synagogue, we have people who manage the Sisterhood Judaica shop, which outreach activities are coordinated bycreate a feeling of warmth, a welcoming provides ritual objects for our congregants Miriam Foss, our director of Gemilutand safe environment both for visitors and to use in performing mitzvot. The Jared Hasadim, working in collaboration withfor those who are already members of our Scott Levy Memorial Garden provides a Rabbi Wechsler, and it has been a privilegecommunity. These include the greeters and quiet place for prayer and reflection and for me to be able to work with both of them.hosts, those who welcome both congregants is cared for by our master gardener, in As chair of the Gemilut Hasadimand guests; the medical professionals coordination with community volunteers. Committee, I see and hear about thewho are on call in case of emergency; Our member organizations—Sisterhood, tremendous range of activities, the energy,those who made phone calls to our older Brotherhood, and Club Hatikvah—support determination, and generosity of the moremembers during the recent blizzards to see special events and breakfasts, including, than 700 people who give so much ofif anyone needed help; those who help with for example, the community second seder, themselves. Over the last several years,congregational administrative work; and which was sponsored by Brotherhood. Continued on next page Shavuot 5770 | 9
    • Continued from previous page community. We participate each year places where volunteers prepare and serve with other congregations, including both food for families whose loved ones are inwe have had our first meeting of the year Christian and Muslim communities, in the Baltimore for special medical care and whoin Rabbi Wechsler’s sukkah. We sit in a Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Build, need a place to stay where they can be closecircle and as we go around the circle, we providing shelter to those who are in need by. We have also had a variety of activitieshear from each representative about the while communicating with our friends involving visits with residents of nursingwonderful work they are doing. I must say from other faiths about our practices and homes in the area; for example, the Chizukto you all that I am truly inspired by the values as well as theirs. We have sponsored Amuno Musicians have performed inwork our people do and I am so happy that international service-learning trips working nursing homes in past years. A new projectwe have the opportunity today to share with in collaboration with the American Jewish involves visits to residents of the Courtlandyou a little bit about the range of activities World Service. Members of the group that Gardens Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.in which they are engaged. We are able to went to Mexico two years ago have also Any volunteer you ask will say thatsupport these activities, even in difficult participated in the Habitat for Humanity whatever service activity they engage ineconomic times, because the funding for Interfaith Build here in Baltimore. actually enriches their own life and isthe work Miriam does and any expenses Within our own community we also of immense value to them personally; itin support for outreach activities comes support the maintenance of shelter for really is true that what we receive from thefrom an endowment provided in 2001 to those who need our assistance through the experience is every bit as important as whatthe synagogue by the Harry and Jeanette annual CHAI Senior Home Repair Day. we give. As any parent of young children orWeinberg Foundation. We provide sustenance to those who are any child of aging parents can attest, there The range of activities includes those hungry through our monthly participation really is nothing that is ultimately morethat can be completed by dropping off or in serving those who do not have enough important in our lives than serving thedelivering donated goods, such as our pre- food for themselves or their families at Our needs of others. We know there are manyPassover and Yom Kippur food drives and Daily Bread. We also have cooked in the other members in our community involvedour clothing and book drives, providing Chizuk Amuno kitchens, preparing food in activities that are not formally sponsoredsustenance and nurturance to the poorer that will be served at Our Daily Bread by by Chizuk Amuno, and we honor thosemembers of our Baltimore community. our volunteers. volunteers as well. We invite anyone else inChizuk Amuno volunteers have been a big At My Sister’s Place, a day center the community who is looking for servicepart of the annual Susan B. Komen Race program for homeless women, our opportunities to contact us.for the Cure, sponsored by donors who volunteers began a new project this past We do these things not out of the goodnesscontribute funds in support of each mile fall, using communication circles for the of our hearts, but because that is who we are:they run or walk to be used in the fight goal of empowering people to share their we are commanded. We are volunteers in theagainst breast cancer. Our Synagogue Social experiences, listen to one another, and sense that we choose whether or not to doAction committee acts as a liaison with other build community in an atmosphere of what is expected of us. nJewish organizations in Baltimore to develop support and mutual respect. At the St. Dr. Andy Miller isthe broad agenda of social action initiatives. Vincent’s Center our volunteers participate completing his termThe members of our Knit One, Learn Too in life-enhancing reading, teaching, and as chair of the Gemilutgroup meet monthly to knit blankets for the craft or food preparation activities in a Hasadim Committee. Heneonatal intensive care unit at Sharei Tzedek residential treatment facility for children first became involvedHospital in Jerusalem. Members of the who have suffered every conceivable form with Gemilut Hasadim atcongregation traveling to Israel deliver the of abuse and neglect from adults, and for Chizuk Amuno through thehomemade blankets to the hospital. Thick whom the opportunity to build a bridge of Northwestern-Chizuk Amuno Alliance mentorship project.fleece blankets have also been a project of the trust with adults is an essential part of the He is also a member of the Executive Committee of Chizukgroup and are donated to homeless services healing process. Amuno. Andy and his wife, Sandra, have two sons, Benat Mercy Hospital here in Baltimore. Our volunteers also engage in Bikkur and Ezra, both graduates of Rosenbloom Religious School, and Andy is a member of the faculty in the Department Activities also include many others that Holim, visiting the sick and tending to of Geography & Environmental Systems at UMBC wherecan be performed panim el panim—face to the needs of their families, through their he teaches and does research on rivers, floods, and urbanface, through service and communication activities at the Ronald McDonald House water resources.with other members of the broader and Hackerman-Patz House. These are10 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • A Volunteer’s Prayerby Jennifer Arndt RobinsonPersonal prayer incorporated intoour Shabbat Morning Services addsindividual feelings and reflection tothe beauty and tradition of the formalprayers. Here is a recent example,composed by Jennifer Arndt Robinsonand read at our Volunteer Shabbat, incelebration of those who volunteer andperform acts of loving kindness in the nameof Chizuk Amuno Congregation.Dear God, the ability to reflect and grow from my Jennifer Arndt Robinson, originally from Illinois, cameA s we gather today, I take time to experiences, and I ask that you keep me to Baltimore in 1998 after serving as a Peace Corps thank you for bringing me to a sacred open to receiving love and support when I Volunteer in Moldova. As the Deputy Director for the community that is blessed with so much need it. Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program at UMBC, sheloving kindness. Thank you for providing I thank you for the opportunities in my connects returned Peace Corps volunteers to service-us with an opportunity on this Shabbat to life that have taken me around the world learning opportunities in the Baltimore region. She livesrecognize powerful examples of the way that in service. I ask that you continue to open near Patterson Park with her husband, Scott, and theirGemilut Hasadim transforms individuals and doors to the larger world for all of us. Give dog, Lucy. In addition to serving on the Board of Trusteescommunities, as we recognize our fellow us opportunities to open our hearts and gain and the Gemilut Hasadim Committee at Chizuk Amuno,congregants who have participated in these an appreciation for people’s circumstances she serves on the steering committee for the Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake Interfaith Building Corps,activities over the past year. here in our home community, and around and on the Board of Directors for the Friends of Thank you for providing me with a the world. Please help guide our service so Patterson Park.family that modeled personal service that it makes a contribution to improvingand responsibility as a way of life. I also lives and the earth where we live.thank you for the love and support of my Finally, I thank you for the many peoplehusband, who is a true partner to me. I that I’ve been honored to meet through myask that while you continue to strengthen service, and for the many more I haven’t yetmy personal commitments, help me create met. Help me remember the sacredness ofbalance in my life, so that my service to each individual and see your face in eachothers remains a blessing, and enhances my encounter. I ask that, as your love inspiresrelationships with family and friends. our loving kindness, may our community’s I thank you for sustaining me when life commitments inspire other communities andis challenging, and loving kindness seems contribute to creating a more peaceful world.out of reach. Thank you for giving me Amen n Shavuot 5770 | 11
    • Something is Fishy at GECEC by Susan Witte This school year, we have been passionately working on our ever-growing aquarium. Each week we add something new which coincides with our sound of the week. We also take away a fun fact about our new creation. Each item gives us an opportunity to work with new and exciting materials. It also gives the children a chance to express their creativity while working on their fine motor skills. The amount of teamwork shown by the children is heartwarming and impressive. Some of our favorite projects include our amazing glow in the dark electric eel, a cuddly octopus, our recycled jellyfish, us wearing our homemade scuba cutout, and an amazing replica of the National Aquarium at Baltimore’s inner harbor. The list is as long as the alphabet! The children are knowledgeable and so proud of their work. They love giving tours and sharing everything they have learned.Communication— This year’s two-day Middle School Learning Festival was a resounding success. The focus this yearKSDS Middle School was Communication. Topics ranged from PuppetryLearning Festival and Story-Telling to Communicating with Animalsby Stephen Gordon to Sign Language to Communication in the Military, Codes and Ciphers, Graphic Arts, Media Literacy, Hebrew Slang, and more. Guest experts from around the Baltimore and Annapolis communities lent their expertise and time to make the all-day workshops exciting, informative, hands-on, and fun. The day culminated with a wonderful performance by Indian story-teller/dancers Lakshmi Swaminathan and Chitra On the second day of the Festival, 5-7th Graders visited Kalyandurg, who demonstrated the Newseum in Washington, D.C. In addition to spending how postures and positions are time at the exhibits, the museum education department used in classical Indian dance to held special learning sessions for us on “Choosing the tell stories. The artists immediately News” and on media ethics and responsibility in reporting. engaged the students, and even Lunch-time provided an extra special opportunity, as invited many up to the stage we were hosted by the historic synagogue, Sixth and I. to perform at the end of the After lunch, one group of our students had the honor of program. conducting the minhah service in the historic sanctuary.12 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • New Beginnings at RRS can sing the Havdalah service that is chanted toby Alex Weinberg end Shabbat. In our Gimmel class (fourth grade) we celebrate the beginning of our humash Though it is the end of the year, we are celebrating studies. Our Gimmel students have learned themany new beginnings. We celebrate our Mehina Aleph important skills of studying Torah and making(kindergarten) classes who have begun their studies here the text meaningful to themselves. We celebratein our school. They have learned about how a synagogue together with our Dalet (fifth grade) studentsworks, Shabbat, and even created their own mezzuzot. as they began to chant Torah after learning theTogether with our Mehina Bet class (first grade) we trope—cantillation notes. We are so proud ofcelebrate the beginning of their Torah studies. The stories how well our Dalet students can read Torah!of the Torah came alive as the students acted them The Hay (sixth grade) year is the beginningout in many engaging ways throughout the year. Our of a new type of journey. Our Hay students celebrated accomplishmentsAleph (second grade) class celebrates the beginning of the beginning of their Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparations in their eight years in the religious school asa journey. This year they learned how to read and write which included Torah study, learning about tallit and well as to congratulate them on continuing their religiousin Hebrew which has opened up many new paths for tefillin, and other important skills. Finally our Vav (seventh education in Netivon, our high school program.them to explore. The Bet (third grade) classes celebrated grade) students will soon celebrate the beginning of the There has been much to celebrate in the religiousthe first complete service that they learned and can next step in their Jewish education. We come together school and we cherish the many new beginnings ournow lead for our entire community. Our Bet students at their siyyum and graduation to celebrate their students experienced.Netivon’s Ambitious is Beautiful, in commemoration of Yom HaShoah. The studentsHigh School Programming reflected on the experience andby Alex Weinberg it served as a backdrop for our It has been an awesome year in the Netivon high school celebration of Yom Ha’Atzmautprogram. Our students have studied Hebrew, politics, — Israel Independence Day.history, theology, literature, and many other subjects We are looking forward to nextwith our fantastic faculty. This year we introduced Judaics year when we will again offerclasses taught entirely in Hebrew. Our students studied over 40 Judaics and 20 Hebrewcourses on Israeli literature, foods and movies. The Netivon language courses in our Netivoncommunity recently came together to view the movie, Life program. We Had A Party! by Nancy Hudes Members of the congregation joined together on Saturday evening, March 13 for the Congregational Life Committee’s first annual Pub Night. “Three of a Kind” entertained us with their acoustic harmony, we sampled ales, beer, and wines from DiWine Spirits, and enjoyed a delicious buffet of kosher pub fare prepared by our Chef Annie. It was a great evening of socializing and celebrating. We look forward to having more parties like this in the upcoming year!College Outreach Wrap-Up package in the mail from home. It lifted my spirits for days! undergraduate year) involved in the college outreachby Hillary Crystal It is with that experience in mind that I happily packed program next year send the following information to up and sent out packages to our college students who are jackandhillary@comcast.net: Student name, address at It’s hard to believe that another year of college has away from home this year. Goodies and snacks school, student phone number, e-mail address, and yeargone by. Having just mailed out the 60 or so Passover were sent for Rosh HaShanah, Hanukkah, and Passover in school.packages to our Chizuk Amuno college students, I can’t as well as e-mail birthday greetings to each student. I’m Sincere thanks to Beverly Wiseman, Judy Simkin,help but think back to when I was a student at University sure that the students look forward to these care packages Miriam Foss, and Rabbi Wechsler for their help with theof Maryland College Park and a camper at Camp Ramah from home and know we are thinking of them often. College Outreach Committee.Glen Spey. How exciting to receive a letter or even better, a If you are interested in having your child (in any Shavuot 5770 | 13
    • Stulman Center – • Parshat haShavua ~ with Rabbi Debi Wechsler Chizuk Amuno’s • Rosh Hodesh Mitzvah of the Month ~ with Rabbi RonA 5770 Retrospective Community Second Seder Shulmanby Judy Meltzer • History in Context: From Canon to Tradition ~ with Dr. —A Huge Success Moshe Shualy by Jerry Buxbaum As we make plans for another exciting year of adultlearning at Chizuk, it’s nice to reflect upon the year we Programs It was an occasion filled with warmth, joy, learning,are just completing. So many classes, lectures, book club • Selihot: Defending Your Life ~ film showing followed by prayer, and song. On Tuesday evening, March 30,and study sessions, films, guest speakers, and scholars-in- discussion led by Rabbi Ron Shulman. 157 men, women and children gathered in theresidence. For those of you who were part of the fun, this • Sukkot Lunch and Learn ~ a musical presentation of Krieger Auditorium to celebrate the second Passoveris an opportunity to recall some special moments, and if Seth Kibel’s favorite guests to invite to his sukkah seder. Individual leaders were selected for every table. Theyou missed any of these opportunities, make sure you join • One Shul, One Title, One Month ~ Peter Manseau, service was led by Rabbi Shulman and Hazzan Perlmanus next year when we promise another wonderful year author of Songs For The Butcher’s Daughter, visited with assistance and participation from everyone present.of learning. Chizuk and discussed his award winning book From the youngest to the oldest there was somethingSummer Camp for Adults • “Muscle Jews, Wimps, and the Soldiers in Between” ~ for everyone to discuss, enjoy, experience, and eat. The Once again, we proved that summer camp is not just An illustrated lecture by Dr. Mark Epstein dinner, prepared by Chef Annie Hood, received unanimousfor kids. An outstanding program on Jewish music and accolades. We say thank you to Donna and Bob Wolf and Scholars-in-Residence Diane and Steve Dansicker who coordinated the seder onart, plus gourmet breakfasts, drew a record crowd to a Not one but two! behalf of the Brotherhood. We also thank our Synagogueweek of learning at the end of June. • Dr. David Kraemer spent four days teaching at Chizuk Administrator, Jenny Baker, who facilitated such a lovelyCourses Amuno, reaching everyone from KSDS students and and comfortable holiday setting. Obviously, this second• Melton Core and Graduate Courses ~ offered days and faculty to Rosenbloom Religious School students, seder evening filled a significant need in our Chizuk evenings Melton students, and congregants. His subject was Amuno community and we look forward to hosting future• Sacred Texts ~ a monthly exploration of Jewish and “Life, Death, and the Hereafter: Mysteries of Judaism.” congregational sedarim. Christian texts, led by Rabbi Ilyse Kramer and Dr. Great News! Dr. Kraemer will return in 2011 once again, Roseann Catalano, ICJS thanks to the generosity of Phyllis and Louis Friedman.• Comparative Religions ~ a study/discussion of • Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz, artist and Director of ohfurc Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, taught by Rabbi Amy Israel Programs for JTS, came to us from Israel to present Scheinerman “The Art of Torah: How the Arts Bring God’s Presence• Jewish Literacy ~ a study group for mothers of young into Our Midst.” In his five days in residence, Rabbi children, on the basics of Judaism, taught by staff• Hebrew Literature and Hebrew Song Groups ~ an opportunity to improve one’s Hebrew through song and literature, led by Helen Lewis. Berkowitz taught hundreds of children and adults, thanks to the support of the Zaiman Education Alliance. Additionally, Rabbi Berkowitz delivered the Glassgold Kallah Lecture and the Harold and Sybil Effron Memorial ohtcv• AM and PM Book Groups ~ reading Jewish literature, Lecture. Barukhim Habaim! led by Judy Meltzer Welcome to Our New Members Films• Friday Morning Women’s Study Group ~ with Rabbi Ron • During Hol HaMoed Pesah, we viewed A Serious Man, Shulman Marina and Andrey Bogin Mindy and Jeffrey Rosen a Coen brothers film. The Krieger Auditorium was filled to capacity, and Amy Fink Enid and Joshua Rosen many returned the next morning for Sheri and Eric Gordon Joan Schuster fascinating analysis and discussion on the film, led by Rabbi Ron Shulman. Daniel Khodorkovsky Cari Seidler • Fugitive Pieces was our film selection Lindy and Ken Nelson Donna and Leroy Shapiro for Yom HaShoah. Marjorie and Eliot Michelle and Kenneth • A “Coming of Age” film series was Neumann Tepper presented in February. Harvey Perle Tammy Tilson We are planning an exciting Sofya and Ilya Pokov Judith Waranch program for 5771 and are always delighted to have your requests We are happy to welcome those who have most recently and suggestions. Please call Judy chosen to join our Chizuk Amuno family. Meltzer at 410/824-2058. If you have friends or family who may be interested in joining Chizuk Amuno, please call our Membership Coordinator, Cheryl Snyderman, 410/486-6400, ext. 300.14 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • Summer Camp for adultS at Chizuk amuno Congregation “I Love Paris ” music and art in the Best of times June 28 - July 2, 2010 | 16 - 20 Tammuz 5770 | 9:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Featuring Dr. Susan Vick, curator of the Goldsmith To register, contact the Stulman Center Museum and Hendler Learning Center for Adult Learning at 410/824-2055/58 of Chizuk Amuno Congregation by Monday, June 14. Ken Meltzer, Community Spokesperson for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Register early – enrollment is limited. Seth Kibel, leader, clarinetist and composer for the Alexandria Kleztet Judy Meltzer, Director Five days of gourmet breakfasts, two classes daily, Doris Tanhoff, Assistant and special Tuesday evening lecture by Ken Meltzer. This program is funded in part by the Tuition for this program is $110 ~ CAC Members; Stanley H. and Lillian S. Wilen $120 ~ Non-Members Endowment Fund for Adult Education.memory we understand, if nothing else, the power finding godContinued from page 5 of memory. “I am Lauren Small,” I said, Continued from page 4 “Leah bat Hayim ha-Cohen v’Esther.” Leah,English, Navaho, Cheyenne. I debated what daughter of life, descended from the ancient I do not consider myself a spiritualto say, but when the microphone reached Israelite priestly clan. And then I recited person. I still have great doubts about theme, the words came naturally. As Jews in Hebrew the Shehehiyanu, the prayer we nature of God and the importance of God always utter in thanksgiving, a blessing for in the daily life of humankind. So I am being permitted to survive. n surprised by the rush that comes over me every time an unseen Chesapeake breeze Lauren Small and her suddenly fills my sails and moves my boat husband, Don, have been forward toward its destination. Gazing members of Chizuk Amuno upward above the sails into a sky filled with since 1984. Their three something large and wonderful, I have come children, Adam, Sara, to realize how Adam and Eve must have felt and Ben, are graduates when first they made contact with God. n of Krieger Schechter Day School. Lauren earned a PhD in Comparative Literature Michael Andorsky has from the Johns Hopkins University and has published practiced pediatrics in widely in literary and academic journals. She travels the Baltimore area for the country giving readings and speaking to schools over 30 years. His hobbies and groups about her first novel, Choke Creek (Bridle include sailing, gardening, Mazal tov to Sandi Moffet. She was Path Press 2009), which is set in the Vietnam War era, and performing Klezmer recently recognized as a 2010 Young Leader and tells the story of two families that trace their music. He and his wife, by Seaboard Region United Synagogue of history to the Indian Wars—to a thinly disguised Ann, are the proud parents of two adult sons and three Conservative Judaism. Sand Creek. grandchildren (so far). Shavuot 5770 | 15
    • Learning Tzedekah We are grateful to the over 800 members who participated in this Community year’s Chizuk Amuno Congregation Connection Caring Prayer and Krieger Schechter Day School Annual Campaigns. Gemilut Hasadim Over $670,000 was raised Comfort Justice in support of our synagogue and schools. Celebration TradiTion Thank you for helping Social Action to make our synagogue Spirit y ualit a community. To make a donation at anytime please e-mail development@chizukamuno.org or call 410/824-2057. Chizuk Amuno Congregation Cemeteries Serving our synagogue community with sensitivity and caring in the selection of individual and family cemetery plots. Perpetual Care, always our standard. Pre-need purchases help to relieve stress on families during times of crisis. For information please contact: Arlington Cemetery North Rogers Avenue Barbara Lichter 410/486-6400, ext. 248 blichter@chizukamuno.org Garrison Forest Cemetery Garrison Forest Road at Crondall Lane Limited Openings still available Marsha Yoffe 410/486-6400, ext. 309 myoffe@chizukamuno.org16 | HaZ’man ~ This Season
    • C h i z u k A m u n o C o n g r e g A t i o n ’s 1 4 0 t h A n n i v e r s A r y Join us for a year of Celebration and Renewal. We need you to help plan for Chizuk Amuno’s 140th Anniversary Year. Volunteers are needed for: The Goldsmith Museum ~ 10th Anniversary Celebration Krieger Schechter Day School ~ 30th Anniversary Celebration The Sanctuary ~ 50th Anniversary Campus Beautification Days Israel Engagement For more information or to volunteer, contact Laurel Freedman, Director of Congregational Advancement, lfreedman@chizukamuno.org or 410/824-2054. Come and be a part of our year long community celebration. Chizuk Amuno C O N G R E G AT I O N 1871~2011 ARISE & 1 4 C HIZUK A MUNO’ S 1 4 0 TH A NNIVERSARY C 140th CAC AnniversAry steering Committee R E AT E Shelly Malis, ChairJason Blavatt • Wendy Davis • Janine Frier • Rob Frier • Steve Gevarter • Shelly Hettleman • Neil Katz • Dick Manekin • Margery Moranz Aaron Max • Jill Max • Andrew Miller • Sandi Moffet • Andrew Pupkin • Randi Pupkin • Shuli Raffel • Ari Zaiman • Heller Zaiman
    • Non Profit Org. uS Postage Chi z u k A m u n o C o n g re g a tio n Paid Baltimore, MD 8 1 0 0 St e ve n so n R d , Permit No. 544 Ba l tim ore , Md 2 1 2 0 8 time sensitive m aterial please deliver promptly 9th Annual KSDS Golf & Tennis Classic Monday, June 7, 2010 Chestnut Ridge Country Club To participate, call 410/824-2050 SponSored by Please join us for a Community Celebration and the 139th Annual Meeting Chizuk Amuno Congregation of Chizuk Amuno Congregation announces its Election and Installation of 2010-2011 Officers and 139th Annual Meeting Board of Trustees Honoringand Commencement Exercises Dr. Anne L. Young, Outgoing President and Outgoing 2009-2010 Sunday, the twenty third of May Officers and Trustees two thousand and ten Light fare and dessert reception RSVP to Marci Scher, seven o’clock in the evening mscher@chizukamuno.org or 410/824-2057