“Terumot HaKodesh—Sacred Gifts”                 ycewd znexzycewd znexz                 5769                 ...
Report to Donors“Terumot HaKodesh—Sacred Gifts”September 2009Tishrei 5770Dear Friends,I     n a famous Torah scene, Moses ...
Message from the President                                      2008-2009 Financial Overview                              ...
LeadershipBoard of Trustees                    Committees                           Affiliate                          Kri...
Chizuk Amuno Foundation, Inc.Established in July 1994, the Chizuk Amuno Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization ...
Arnold and Elke Neuburger Scholarship Fund                              David and Edith Whitman Endowment FundPauline and ...
Zaiman Educational AllianceEstablished to honor Rabbi Zaiman’s 23 years of leadership and service toChizuk Amuno, the Zaim...
Charitable Gift PlanningIn addition to outright gifts (cash, securities, tangible personal property, or real estate), Char...
Bonei Amuno • Builders of Our FaithBonei Amuno is Chizuk Amuno Congregation’s bequest society. Members have signed a Lette...
Designated CommitmentsThrough these Designated Gifts donors contribute financial resources to meet priorities beyond the s...
$1,000 - $4,999                                                           Designated Giving HighlightsJudy Bart  Gift to t...
GrantsWe are grateful to the foundations and organizations whose   The Crane Foundation provided professional developmentc...
Message from the                          $25,000 and above                 Dr. Karen Garber and                          ...
Anita and Warren Klawans            $500 to $999                      Joyce and Louis Kaplan             Marsha and Sherwi...
Rona Sue London and                   Ivan Oshrine  Steven Greenspan                    Laura and Louis PakulaSue and Jan ...
$100 to $249                     Ann and Dr. Daniel Fried           Bettye and Jerome Leibowitz        Jan and Dr. Jay Sch...
Up to $99                        Linda and Robert EisenbergAnonymous (3)                    Helen and Morton EisensteinLuc...
Cheryl and Dr. Lenard Hammer    Robyn and Charles Levine           Marci and Mitchell Platt          Norma and Theodore Su...
Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center Renewal CampaignUnder the leadership of Sharri and Greg Rochlin and Mindy and J...
Honoring Rabbi Wechsler                                       Rabbi Deborah Wechsler’s 10th Anniversaryon her Tenth Annive...
Thank you to the donors who generously contributed to the Chizuk Amuno Tuition Assistance Fundin honor of Rabbi Deborah We...
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  1. 1. “Terumot HaKodesh—Sacred Gifts” ycewd znexzycewd znexz 5769 2008 | 2009
  2. 2. Report to Donors“Terumot HaKodesh—Sacred Gifts”September 2009Tishrei 5770Dear Friends,I n a famous Torah scene, Moses is urged to ask the ancient Israelites to cease from their contributions. “The people are bringing more than is needed for the sake of the tasks entailed in the work that the Lord has commanded to be done.” (Exodus 35:5)I doubt that it has ever happened since! I know no Jewish organization that puts a cap oncontributions. Truthfully, I wish we could. But, as one synagogue leader told me manyyears ago, “If we could afford everything we’re doing, we wouldn’t be doing enough!”The gifts Moses received to erect the Mishkan, the portable wilderness Tabernacle, andthen asked to stop collecting, were called “Terumot HaKodesh–Sacred Gifts.” This is how Iunderstand each and every contribution made to our synagogue community.Your choice to donate to Chizuk Amuno reflects your values, and demonstrates that yousense something sacred and important happens here. All of us are gratified by your sacredgift, your involvement, and your trust.Our vision for synagogue life is that we become a Kehilah Kedoshah, a sacred community.Dedicated to strengthening faith in our people’s covenant with God, the purpose ofChizuk Amuno Congregation is to create a sacred Jewish community. Here individualsand families can find meaning for their lives from serious engagement with the texts,wisdom, and celebrations of Judaism.Synagogue membership, as Judaism, is based in covenant - brit, shared responsibilities andprivileges. Covenant compels us, and it makes demands of us. Just as God commands ourperformance of mitzvot as a holy people, so too does belonging to a sacred communityrequire us to honor the expectations and standards of Torah.This is why I cite to Moses’ successful fundraising. In a sacred, covenanted community acontribution can be understood as a terumat hakodesh - a sacred gift. Different offerings ofequal significance sustain the community and provide for every member’s needs.I extend my thanks and genuine gratitude to each and every one of you recognized in thisreport. Your support and involvement enable our religious and communal values to guideour work on behalf of our families, the Jewish people, and our society. May we continueto need your generous gifts so that our sacred community continues to extend its reach.B’Shalom Rav,Ronald J. Shulman,Rabbi
  3. 3. Message from the President 2008-2009 Financial Overview July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009A s members of a Kehilah Kedoshah, a sacred Annual Appeal $ 586,253 community, we join together to learn, worship, Designated Gifts 827,100 and perform deeds of loving kindness. Together Gifts to the Foundation 174,397we seek to find meaning for our lives, strengthen our faith,and build community. Collectively we support one anotherand our congregation. This was particularly true last year, Total Philanthropy $1,587,750when so many of our families faced financial and otherchallenges. In upcoming issues of HaZ’man and HaHodesh,we will recognize our volunteers, who contribute their time Annual Appeal by Constituencyand talents to our synagogue, schools, and membership Congregation $ 340,486organizations. Krieger Schechter Day School 199,667In this report, we acknowledge and thank all those who Rosenbloom Religious School 29,137contributed to Annual Appeal and other fundraising activities Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center 16,963during 2008-09. As the chart to the right shows, AnnualAppeal dollars are an important part of our operating budget.They help us provide services and programs not covered by $ 586,253dues, tuition, and endowment income from the ChizukAmuno Foundation. We are grateful to the more than 70percent of congregants who gave to Annual Appeal duringthe past year. We know that these are difficult times formany of our families and we are thankful for each and everydonation. We offer a special thanks to those who were able toincrease their contribution, knowing that others were unable Sources of Revenueto do so. to the Operating BudgetThis report also recognizes those who gave for specific, Endowment Income 3% Annual Appealdesignated purposes. These gifts allowed us to undertake 5%one-time projects beyond the scope of the budget, such as Rental & Other Incomeenhancing technology and providing additional classroom 6%equipment. We are especially proud of the response to therequest for tuition assistance in honor of Rabbi Wechsler’s10th Anniversary at Chizuk Amuno.We offer special thanks to our wonderful lay andprofessional leadership for their vision and dedication. On School Tuition/Fees Congregational Duesbehalf of the congregation, I want to particularly thank 69% 17%Dick Manekin, First Vice President and AdvancementCommittee Chair, and Shelly Malis, Annual Appeal Chair,who worked closely with Laurel Freedman, our Director ofAdvancement.We are grateful to all those who have chosen to supportChizuk Amuno. Your commitment and donations havestrengthened our synagogue community.Wishing you and your family a sweet year,Dr. Anne L. Young 1
  4. 4. LeadershipBoard of Trustees Committees Affiliate Krieger Schechter Day and Portfolios Representatives School BoardDr. Anne L. YoungPresident Budget and Finance Brotherhood Dr. Robert Brown Louis E. Sapperstein Michael Freilich ChairRichard ManekinFirst Vice President Cemetery Club Hatikvah Samuel Moskowitz Alan J. Mogol Selma Blaker Vice ChairMichelle MalisVice President Congregational Life Sisterhood Rachael Abrams Nancy Hudes Judy Schwartz Richard AzraelLouis E. Sapperstein Michele BrillVice President Past Presidents Council USY Tamar Folus Dr. David S. Roffman Kate Ziegelstein Janine FrierMaureen Walsh DavidSecretary Dr. Allan Gelber Chizuk Amuno Congregation Young Families Committee Ted Avi Gerstenblith Education Committee Shari KaplanAlan J. Mogol Fritzi Hallock Sandra MoffetTreasurer Sandra Hittman Advancement Annual Appeal Mindy Mintz MordecaiSandra Moffet Richard Manekin Committee David NevinsAssistant Treasurer Michelle Malis Dr. Avi Rubin Chizuk Amuno Foundation, Inc. Chizuk Amuno Annual Appeal Chair Sarah ShapiroDr. Robert Brown Pacy Oletsky Jane SopherKrieger Schechter Day School Chair Jane Sopher Dr. Charles WhiteGil Abramson Gemilut Hasadim Krieger Schechter Day School Joel WohlJulie Applebaum Dr. Andrew J. Miller Annual Appeal Chair Dr. Ari ZaimanGary L. Attman* Goldsmith Early ChildhoodSelma Blaker Maury Garten Ex-Officio Education Center Committee Rosenbloom Religious School Tamie FlaxJason A. Blavatt Vivian ManekinDr. Jerry Buxbaum* Annual Appeal Chair Harriet HelfandKaren Desser Ronald N. Millen House Lorinda Belzberg Sandra MoffetMichael Freilich Arnold Wallenstein Alan N. KanterEllen Gillette Michael Novey Marsha Manekin Rabbi Ronald J. ShulmanLowell Glazer* Immediate Past President Bobbi Schulman Rabbi Deborah WechslerFlorene Goldner* Gary L. AttmanDr. Ronald Goldner Dr. Anne L.YoungRichard Gratz Krieger Schechter Day School Board Chair Dr. Paul SchneiderHarriet Helfand HeadmasterLee M. Hendler* Dr. Robert BrownShelly Hettleman Howard Richmond Krieger Schechter Day School BoardNancy Hudes Business Manager Vice ChairBarry Isaac Samuel MoskowitzAlan N. Kanter*Neil Katz LegalMark Lerner Sanford SchreiberMende Lerner*Dr. David B. Mallott* MedicalVivian Manekin Dr. Stephen M. PomerantzDr. Andrew J. MillerSamuel Moskowitz MembershipPacy Oletsky* Jason A. BlavattAlexandra J. Piltch MuseumDr. Irvin Pollack Dr. Ronald GoldnerDr. Stephen M. PomerantzJennifer Arndt Robinson Personnel / Human ResourcesDr. David S. Roffman* Gil AbramsonAndrew SandlerSanford Schreiber RitualJudy Schwartz Harriet HelfandRabbi Ronald ShulmanArnold Wallenstein Stulman Center for Adult Learning Barry IsaacRonald N. MillenExecutive Director*Past President2
  5. 5. Chizuk Amuno Foundation, Inc.Established in July 1994, the Chizuk Amuno Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that supports ChizukAmuno Congregation in its efforts to provide religious services, education and programming for the Chizuk Amunocommunity. Named funds range in value from $5,000 to over $3 million. The Foundation oversees the management ofrestricted and unrestricted endowment funds. Restricted funds provide scholarships for Krieger Schechter Day School,Rosenbloom Religious School, Jewish camps and Israel programs, stipends for professional development, income forcapital maintenance, special program lectures and support for social service and educational programs. We are indebtedto those who generously funded the original concept inaugurated in 1987 and to all those individuals, families, andfoundations who have since joined our earliest donors to assure the future financial stability and viability of ChizukAmuno.Total value as of June 30, 2009:$13,535,380 •Total allocation: $1,019,911Chizuk Amuno Endowed Funds Fred and Sandra Hittman Endowment FundFoundation, Inc. Renee and Stanton Ades Advancement Fund Hittman Tutor Award Endowment Fund Robert and Julie Ain Scholarship Fund Albert and Harriet H. Hoffenberg Endowment FundPacy OletskyPresident Phyllis and Leonard Attman Music Fund Judaic Memorial Award Fund Fred M. Bart Scholarship Endowment Fund Harold J. Kaplan M.D. Educational Endowment FundBrian MoffetVice President Doris and Jay Bernhardt Family Fund Gerald M. and Suzanne S. Katz Endowment Fund Selma and Alvin Blaker Endowment Fund Irving Katz Memorial Netivon Tiyul FundMichael FriedmanTreasurer David M. Bloomberg Memorial Scholarship Fund Linda G. and Phillip J. Katz Family Endowment Fund Norma and Harry Blumberg Mathematics Award Fund Martha B. Kayne Memorial Award FundRonald N. MillenSecretary Shirley and Melvin Blumberg Memorial Fund Sydney and Isobel Kemper Scholarship Fund Jessica and Michael Bronfein Endowment for RRS Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger FundCongregation Directors Bronfein-Nathan Scholarship Fund Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger KSDS ProfessionalGary L. Attman CAC General Endowment Fund Development Fund*Maureen Walsh DavidRobert Frier Campus Support Fund KSDS General Endowment FundLowell Glazer KSDS Program Enhancement FundAlan N. Kanter Mary F. Chinn Scholarship FundGerald Katz Hilda R. and Paul A. Cohen Endowment Fund KSMS Derekh Eretz Award FundNeil Katz College Outreach Fund KSMS Award in Science FundRichard Manekin Lebovitz Endowment FundRobert Max Leonora and Ellis Edlow Memorial Library Book FundAlan J. Mogol Deborah and James Effron Family Endowment Fund Jerry and Bettye Leibowitz Museum EnhancementLouis E. Sapperstein Fund Harold and Sybil Effron Memorial Lecture FundRabbi Ronald Shulman Florence Kitt Levenson Memorial Scholarship FundDr. Anne L. Young Paul J. Fineman Fund for Ethics Education Julius and Lore Levi KSDS Scholarship and Award Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Friedenwald Memorial Fund FundASSOCIATED Directors Minnie Garber and Rose Greenberg Scholarship Fund Donald Levinson Faculty Award FundJimmy BergMarc Terrill Glassgold Kallah Weekend Eleanor K. Levy Fund I. Leon Glassgold Memorial Scholarship Fund Jared Scott Levy Memorial Scholarship FundSanford SchreiberLegal Counsel Lowell and Harriet Glazer Endowment Fund Solomon Liss Memorial Scholarship Fund Lowell and Harriet Glazer Family Foundation Carol Lombardo Scholarship FundLaurel Freedman Publications FundDirector Richard Manekin Faculty Award Fund Lowell and Harriet Glazer Media Center FundRick Bernard Jack Mark Scholarship Fund Herbert and Gertrude Goldman Endowment FundController Rita Michelson Memorial Library Fund Rabbi Israel and Mildred Goldman Scholarship Fund Eli and Yetta Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund Gabriel and Marion L. Goldman Family Youth Music Fund Louis W. and Esther P. Miller Library Endowment Fund Goldner Ramah Scholarship Fund Stanley I. Minch Scholarship Fund Harold Goldsmith Memorial Scholarship Fund Munitz Library Endowment Fund Joan Gottlieb Scholarship Fund Dorothy and Dr. Nathan E. Needle Fund Louis H. Gross Foundation Endowment Fund Lois and Alvin Neuberger Family Educational Fund Lee M. Hendler Endowment Fund 3
  6. 6. Arnold and Elke Neuburger Scholarship Fund David and Edith Whitman Endowment FundPauline and Ivan Oshrine KSDS Endowment Fund Stanley H. Wilen Memorial Scholarship FundPugatch Scholarship Fund Stanley and Lillian Wilen Fund for Adult Jewish EducationEva Raden Scholarship Fund Bernice Wingrat Memorial Education FundMerrill M. Rief Memorial Scholarship Fund Irvin Wolock Memorial Scholarship FundThe Reznik-Frier Scholarship Fund Dr. Israel S. Zinberg FundBen and Esther Rosenbloom Endowment Fund Sylvia and Herbert Zinz KSDS Award FundIra Rosenzwog and Stanley Rosenzwog Memorial Family Education Fund Sylvia Zinz Memorial Endowment FundLaura and Hymen Saye Endowment Fund Margot and Norman Zipper Library Endowment FundJoseph and Florence Schwaber Scholarship FundRabbi Seltzer Netivon Judaic Studies Award Fund Award FundsIrene and Bernard Siegel Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund Norma and Harry Blumberg Mathematics Award FundHarry Buddy Sigelman Memorial Fund Judaic Memorial Award FundSindler Family Foundation Endowment Fund Martha B. Kayne Memorial Award FundRita Helzner Silverman Memorial Scholarship Fund Samuel, Abby, and Michael Schulman Science FundJudge Albert L. Sklar Scholarship Fund Donald Levinson Faculty Award FundRea B. Slusky, Henry O. Slusky and Stanley H. Slusky Scholarship Fund Sylvia and Herbert Zinz KSDS Award FundAdam, Sara, and Benjamin Small Scholarship FundJulia and Myer Strauss Scholarship Fund Non-Endowed FundsSigi and Lucille Strauss Scholarship Fund Birnbaum Scholarship Fund to Assist KSDS Students Visiting IsraelLeonard and Helen R. Stulman Endowment Trust Fund for Operations Camp Ramah Scholarship FundLeonard and Helen R. Stulman Endowment Trust Fund Maimon M. Cohen Science Fund for Adult Education Phyllis Friedman Fund for Adult EducationSuzanne and Scott Tilson Early Childhood Education Fund Goldner Archives FundMyra S. Wagonheim KSDS Scholarship Fund Sandra and Fred Hittman KSDS Scholarship FundTheodore & Jean Waranch Memorial Scholarship Fund Ann and Sam Kahan Israel Scholarship FundIrene and Jerome Wasserkrug Adult Education Fund Keren Ami FundKurt and Erna Weiler Memorial Scholarship Fund KSDS Science and Technology FundHarry Weinberg Memorial Fund Diane Mandy FundHarry and Jeanette Weinberg Gemilut Hasadim Endowment Fund Melton Scholarship FundHarry and Jeanette Weinberg Scholarship Endowment Fund* Munitz Library FundWilliam and Irene Weinberg Endowment Fund Museum Trust FundJayme Dorf Weinstein Fund Netivon Tiyul Fund Irvin and Belle Pugatsky Transportation Fund Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Israel Trip Fund Benjamin and Sarah Schneider Israel Trip Fund Torah Fund Weinberg Middle School Israel Trip Scholarship Fund Rabbi’s Special Funds Joseph and Nelly Birnbaum Hunger Endowment Fund Tzedakah Fund * over $1,000,0004
  7. 7. Zaiman Educational AllianceEstablished to honor Rabbi Zaiman’s 23 years of leadership and service toChizuk Amuno, the Zaiman Educational Alliance encourages and rewardsinnovative, collaborative educational initiatives among the schools at ChizukAmuno and seeks to strengthen the bonds of the Chizuk Amuno communitythrough new expressions of Torah (study), Avodah (worship), and GemilutHasadim (acts of loving kindness).In the past year, ZEA funds were used for two important initiatives. The Shuk,an Israeli based Jewish music ensemble spent three days at Chizuk Amuno,sharing their love and knowledge of music with educators and students.Workshops and song sessions were held with students from Krieger SchechterDay School, Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center, Netivon, andRosenbloom Religious School, where participants experienced the musicaltradition that bonds Jews together while exploring new modes of Jewish musicalinterpretation. The group also held an Erev Zemer (sing-a-long) for the entireadult community.In addition, the ZEA awarded a $10,000 grant to support the CAC Archives.Funds were used to support this in-house archival resource often used tofacilitate educational initiatives. Within the Chizuk Amuno archival collectionare items reflecting the founding of Conservative Judaism; halackhic debates onmixed seating and women’s ritual equality; development of the land of Israel;immigrant acculturation and adaptation; interfaith relations; and the evolutionof American ritual practice. Through original sources housed in the archives,students directly touch the lives of people in the past revealing their values andattitudes.Zaiman Educational Alliance Endowment FundsRenee and Stanton Ades Traci and Mark Lerner Jessica and Michael Bronfein Bernard Manekin Family FundMildred and Edward Attman & Family Vivian and Bernard Manekin z”l Phyllis and Leonard Attman & Family Marsha and Richard Manekin The Family of Seymour Attman z”l Vivian and Robert ManekinDrs. Rachel and Henry Brem Beverly and Jordon MaxDebbie and Louis Cohen Judy and Warren MichelsonNancy B. Cohen Bonnie and Pacy OletskySuzanne F. Cohen Sheila and Dr. Lawrence C. Pakula & FamilyIlene and David Freishtat The Plant Family FoundationHarriet and Lowell R. Glazer Doris RiefLee Meyerhoff Hendler Deborah and Dr. David S. RoffmanFlorence and Charles Hoffberger Charitable Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation Foundation Drs. Roberta and Steven SchulmanRebecca and Leroy Hoffberger 5
  8. 8. Charitable Gift PlanningIn addition to outright gifts (cash, securities, tangible personal property, or real estate), Charitable Gift Planning isan effective way to provide for the future of Chizuk Amuno Congreation and our schools. A variety of strategiesare available to enable donors to fulfill philanthropic goals, while making efficient use of financial resources. Often,Charitable Gift Planning strategies offer substantial tax benefits to the donor and the donor’s loved ones. Please contactthe Advancement Office to explore options that maximize your philanthropic interests and estate planning objectives.Legacy DonorsCommitment to the future financial security of Chizuk Amuno is the legacy of those who become part of Yesodot Amuno(Foundations of Faith) and Bonei Amuno (Builders of Our Faith). We invite you to join them.Yesodot Amuno • Foundations Of FaithMembers who have signed irrevocable gift contracts, committing to a bequest of $5,000 or more to the Congregation or one ofour schools, are part of Yesodot Amuno.Gloria Givner Brooks Phillip Goldstein Sydney S. Kemper Marlene and Irvin P. PollackLeon M. Brooks Toba Weinberg Grant Mrs. Herbert J. Kleiman (Ronnie) David S. RoffmanJerry Buxbaum William A. Grant Martin A. Levin Deborah RoffmanLouis A. Cohen Calvin I. Hamburger Edwin Levy Howard RosenbloomSuzanne F. Cohen Edwin Hecker Marsha and Richard Manekin Jill H. SappersteinEdna W. Crystal Lee Meyerhoff Hendler Jonathan Matz Louis E. SappersteinMace A. Crystal Nelson Hendler June and Stanley z”l Minch Sanford M. ShapiroDr. Karen Ezrine Ann H. Kahan Mildred and Philip Nochumowitz Lottie SteinbergForrest Foss Samuel S. Kahan z”l Bonnie Oletsky Esther M. WeinbergMiriam Foss Alan N. Kanter Pacy Oletsky Jesse S. WeinbergRandee Glassman Harriet M. Kanter Meta Oppenheimer Lillian S. WilenRonald Glassman Louis I. Kaplan Elaine and Arnold I. Plant Rabbi Joel H. ZaimanHarriet Glazer Gerald Katz Tamara and Morton z”l Plant Margot ZipperLowell R. Glazer Isobel Kemper Miriam Seidman Platt Norman I. ZipperFlorene and Ronald Goldner Susan and Howard Platt6
  9. 9. Bonei Amuno • Builders of Our FaithBonei Amuno is Chizuk Amuno Congregation’s bequest society. Members have signed a Letterof Intent representing a moral commitment to include the congregation in their estate planning.Gil A. Abramson Natalie Jeffrey Gail C. OppelFred M. Bart z”l Lee Knable Toba K. Rochberg z”lDoris Bernhardt Debbie Kramer Rosalie RosenzwogJay Bernhardt Jay L. Lenrow Gordon SalganikAlvin H. Blaker Ruth S. Lenrow Andrew R. SandlerSelma B. Blaker Mark Lerner Sanford D. SchreiberIrvin Caplan Traci Lerner Alfred M. Walpert z”lSharon Caplan Sidney Levenson z”l Jeffrey H. WaranchShoshana S. Cardin Beverly W. Levy Kathy WeinbergRobert Cohen Donald Levy Stevan WeinbergAlberta Cooperman Linda R. Levy Isobel WeinerSam Cooperman Mark R. Levy Dr. Israel H. Weiner z”lBernard D. Fish Larry R. Lichtig Dr. Mark WhitmanHadassah Gordis Lynne B. Lichtig Phyllis Brill WingratDr. Leon Gordis Dr. David B. Mallott Dr. Anne L. YoungLois H. Halpert Robert Max David YoungHarriet Helfand Judy Meltzer Herbert S. ZinzStanford D. Hess Margery MoranzCharitable Gift AnnuitiesA Charitable Gift Annuity is an arrangement in which a donor makes an irrevocable giftof cash, securities, or other asset to Chizuk Amuno and receives a fixed income for thedonor or a designee for life.The following congregants have established Charitable Gift Annuities:Herta and Arthur Baitch Edith and Walter Lamm Miriam Seidman PlattCarol and Howard Caplan Sidney Levenson z”l Sheila SandbankShoshana S. Cardin Vivian and Bernard Manekin z”l Lottie SteinbergAlberta and Sam Cooperman Francine and Harold z”l ManekinEdwin Hecker Meta Oppenheimer These lists are current throughMartin Kleinman z”l A. Ernest Platt z”l June 30, 2009. 7
  10. 10. Designated CommitmentsThrough these Designated Gifts donors contribute financial resources to meet priorities beyond the scope of our budget.These gifts encompass contributions for capital improvements, additions to our endowment funds, and the creation ofprograms or projects that fulfill our mission and vision.We are most grateful for the following gifts which enhance the Jewish lives of our members and school families.Received by June 30, 2009$100,000 and AboveDr. Irwin Berman Frona Brown. Ed.DLM Berman Family Charitable Fund Howard BrownBerman Philanthropic Fund Drs. Penny Brown and Ronald Silverman Gift for the dedication of Garrison Forest Cemetery Gate Establishment of the Silverman-Brown Author-in-Residence Program at KSDS Michelle and Ira Malis Philanthropic Fund Gift toward Krieger Auditorium renovation and Special Projects Trust Fund$25,000-$99,999Florence and Charles Hoffberger Foundation Estate of Fred Hittman Gift to support renovation of the Hoffberger Chapel and Tuition Gift to support KSDS scholarships Assistance Fund$10,000 to $24,999Louise Brown Albert Drs. Lori Gottlieb and Elliot Fishman Gift to support renovation of the Hoffberger Chapel Gift to the Fishman Playground Trust FundPhyllis and Leonard Attman Foundation Janine and Robert Frier Gift to establish the Phyllis and Leonard Attman Center for Gift to the KSDS Special Projects Trust Fund Jewish Music and Cultural Arts Louis H. Gross FoundationThe Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Fund for the Enrichment Gift to the Louis H. Gross Foundation Fund of Jewish Education Lebovitz Fund Grant to support The Teen Team project at Rosenbloom Religious School Gift to support renovation of the Hoffberger ChapelLouis and Frances B. Booke Foundation Sidney Levenson z”l Gift to the Congregational Special Projects Trust Fund Charitable Gift Residuum to support Krieger Auditorium renovationBenjamin and Belle Cogan Foundation Pechter Family Foundation Gift to the Congregational Special Projects Trust Fund Gift to support KSDS scholarshipsThe Maimon M. Cohen Science Fund Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation Gift to the Maimon M. Cohen Science Fund at KSDS Gift to support renovation of the Hoffberger Chapel$5,000 - $9,999The Samuel J. Baum Memorial Fund Susan and Howard Sugarman Gift to KSDS Golf and Tennis Classic designated for scholarships Gift to Camp Ramah Scholarship FundGloria and Leon Brooks Dr. Anne and David Young Gift to the Chizuk Amuno Foundation Gift to support technology upgradesDrs. Melanie and Raymond Haroun Chizuk Amuno Sisterhood Gift to KSDS Golf and Tennis Classic designated for scholarships Gift in support of NetivonElke and Arnold Neuburger Gift to the Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund Gift in support of KSDS scholarshipsSupport for RRS Special Needs program and gift to the Arnold and Elke Gift in support of KSDS trips Neuburger Scholarship Fund Gift in support of GECEC tripsEstate of Morton B. Plant Gift in support of RRS trips Gift to Chizuk Amuno Congregation Drs. Lauren and Donald SmallThe Sindler Family Foundation Gift to the Adam, Sara, and Benjamin Small KSDS Scholarship Fund Gift to the Sindler Family Foundation Endowment Fund8
  11. 11. $1,000 - $4,999 Designated Giving HighlightsJudy Bart Gift to the Fred M. Bart Scholarship FundLeonor and Marc Blum Cemetery Gift to the Theodore and Jean Waranch Memorial Scholarship Fund In this past year, the generosity of Linda and Dr. IrwinDr. Stephen R. Chinn Berman, Leslie Berman, and The Chizuk Amuno Gift to the Mary F. Chinn Scholarship Fund Foundation made possible the purchase of Chizuk Amuno’sPhyllis and Louis Friedman Sponsorship of Melton Graduate Course Garrison Forest Cemetery. Located in Owings Mills, thisLowell R. Glazer site now offers Chizuk Amuno members an additional Gift to Special Projects Trust Fund setting for burial and memorial. In recognition of thisAnna and Richard Gordon contribution, the gateway of the cemetery reads The Jean Gift to the Prayer Book Fund R. Berman Memorial Gate.Susan and Allan J. Greenberg Hoffberger Chapel Gift to the KSMS Derekh Eretz Award and for SiddurimDr. Maria and Marshall Haines The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Mollie and Gift to KSDS Special Projects Trust Fund designated for technology Harry Hoffberger provided $75,000 for the refurbishmentLeroy E. Hoffberger of the Hoffberger Chapel. The renewed Chapel contains Special Offering to Chizuk Amuno Congregation new carpeting, chairs, and bookshelves and will provideSerene Israel a comfortable and adaptable environment for prayer Funding for Torah cover conservation and learning. The Chapel is dedicated to Charles H.Ronnie Kleiman Gift to the Prayer Book Fund Hoffberger, Harriet H. Hoffenberg, Clara H. Lebovitz,Joanne and Dr. Edward Kraus Esther H. Rosenbloom, and Etta Hoffberger Weinberg. Special Offering to Chizuk Amuno Congregation Leonard and Phyllis Attman Program FundLisa Hillman for Jewish Music and Cultural Arts Special Offering to Chizuk Amuno Congregation Due to the philanthropic vision of Lenny and PhyllisBonnie and Pacy Oletsky Gift for KSDS Israel Trip Scholarship Attman, Chizuk Amuno will be home to the LeonardHarriet Rosenbloom and Phyllis Attman Program Fund for Jewish Music and Special Offering to Chizuk Amuno Congregation Cultural Arts. The goal of this initiative is to bring aStanley and Lillian Wilen Charity Fund, Inc. repertoire of classical Jewish music and cultural expression Gift to the Stanley and Lillian Wilen Fund for Adult Jewish Education to Chizuk Amuno and the larger Baltimore Jewish community. Aware of the importance of music and cultural arts as an expression of Jewish identity, the Attman Center will help all who participate to enjoy and learn about these enduring elements of our heritage. The Attman’s provided $10,000 for the planning phase of this important project, for which they will also donate $30,000 a year for the next three years. 9
  12. 12. GrantsWe are grateful to the foundations and organizations whose The Crane Foundation provided professional developmentconfidence in the mission of our congregation and schools stipends for eligible educators in all of our schools; ouris demonstrated by their decision to fund programming professionals also benefited from Crane Foundationinitiatives, often beyond the scope of our budget. subsidies to assist educators in paying for medicalFunding from THE ASSOCIATED: insurance; KSDS received a grant of over $50,000, basedJewish Community Federation of Baltimore on a per capita formula, as part of an effort to assist withWe acknowledge with gratitude the generous contribution day school funding in the greater Baltimore area.of over $148,000 from THE ASSOCIATED. Allocations For the second year in a row, The Rosenbloom Religiousfrom the Synagogue Council, the Joint Commission on School received a $22,000 grant for The Teen Teamthe Quality of Instruction in Jewish Schools (administered project from The Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Fund for theby the Center for Jewish Education), and the Day School Enrichment of Jewish Education. Created by nationallyCouncil support students enrolled in Krieger Schechter known Jewish musician Rick Recht, this program will trainDay School and Rosenbloom Religious School, and teens how to become Jewish song leaders over the course ofprovide professional development opportunities for all the year. The teens will then take these invaluable skills andof our faculty members. In addition, through a special go into classrooms, services, and other programs at Chizukpartnership between THE ASSOCIATED and The Harry Amuno to help elevate the ruah – spirit – and connectionsand Jeannette Weinberg Foundation, KSDS received to our tradition.an additional $275,000 for scholarship assistance in theschool. The Goldsmith Foundation granted $10,000 to the Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center to support the creation of a school counselor position. This individual provided professional development and parent workshops, social skills training in the classrooms, and observations in classrooms.10
  13. 13. Message from the $25,000 and above Dr. Karen Garber and Andrew SandlerAnnual Appeal Chair Lowell and Harriet Glazer Jill and Louis SappersteinT he commitment of our Erika and Dr. Lew Schon $10,000 to $24,999 members to Chizuk Amuno Drs. Roberta and Steven Schulman Dr. Patricia and Gary Attman and to our Annual Appeal Sarah and David Shapiro Goldsmith Family Foundationhas demonstrated an unwavering Kathy and Sanford Shapiro Bonnie and Pacy Oletskydedication to our congregation. It has Michelle and Ira Malis Ruth and David Simonenabled us to maintain our vibrant Marlene and David J. Schwaber Dr. Anne and David Youngsynagogue built upon the pillarsof finding meaning, strengthening $1,000 to $2,499 $5,000 to $9,999faith, and building community. Our Nancy R. Cohen Anonymous (4)entire membership benefits from the Suzanne F. Cohen Deborah and Eric Abelgenerosity of our donors. Friedman Charitable Ann and Gil Abramson Foundation, Inc. Naomi andDuring these challenging times, Phyllis and Louis Friedman Dr. Lawrence Amsterdamour synagogue has been a source of Miriam Friedman Gail and Jack Baylinsupport and comfort for all of our Isador and Fannie Havelock Mindee and Bruce Blockmembers. True to our traditions, we Foundation Beth and Albert Blumberghave continued to provide quality Helaine and Louis E. Gitomer Phyllis Brill-Wingratcongregational and school programs. Betty and Leonard Golombek Amy and Bruce ChapperThanks to the generosity of our Dr. Maria and Marshall Haine Debbie and Louis Cohendonors we were able to expand our Lee M. Hendler and Richard Lowitz Lois and Scott Cohenability to provide financial aid to Ann Kahan Edna and Mace Crystalfamilies, individuals, and students so Ronnie Kleiman Maureen Walsh David andthat all who wish to participate in the Dr. Steven Davidlife of our community were able to do Elke and Arnold Neuburger Laurel and Matthew Freedmanso comfortably. Alena and David M. Schwaber Ilene and David FreishtatIn addition to the 1,200 donors who Susan and Herbert Garten $2,500 to 4,999participated in this year’s campaign, Julie and Dr. Gary Applebaum Alice Matsas Garten and Morris GartenI would like to also express my Mildred and Edward Attman Jane and Sam Genslergratitude to all of the members of the Phyllis and Leonard Attman Ms. Jean Suda and Mr. Kim GoldenAnnual Appeal Committee and the Lorinda and Dr. Allan Belzberg Florene and Dr. Ronald GoldnerBoard of Trustees who helped us to Arlynne and Dr. Robert Brown Anna and Richard Gordonaccomplish all that we were able to Miriam and Forrest Foss Joan and Dr. Michael Gottliebduring this past year. Janine and Robert Frier Joyce and Melvin GreenwaldThank you for making Chizuk Toba and William Grant Sandy and Lester GuthornAmuno a philanthropic priority. Harriet and Alan Kanter Fritzi K. and Robert J. Hallock Lee Knable Lois H. HalpertSincerely, Dixie and Neil Leikach Ann and Richard Hantgan Ruth and Jay Lenrow Drs. Melanie and Mrs. Donald Levinson Raymond HarounShelly Malis Andrea and Neil Lewis Tammy and Frederic HeymanAnnual Appeal Chair Drs. Miriam Blitzer and Florence Hoffberger David Mallott Leroy E. Hoffberger Bernard Manekin z”l Drs. Karen and Fred Jacobs Marsha and Richard Manekin Joy and Dr. Eugene Katz Ellen and Alan Mogol Bonnie and Neil Katz Sheila and Dr. Lawrence Pakula Isobel and Sydney Kemper Lorraine and Earl Raffel Anne and Steven King 11
  14. 14. Anita and Warren Klawans $500 to $999 Joyce and Louis Kaplan Marsha and Sherwin YoffeHarriett and Mende Lerner Anonymous (3) Linda G. Katz Ann and Rabbi Joel H. ZaimanRoberta and Dr. Richard Levin Jessamyn and Kenneth Abel Ruthanne Kaufman Bonnie and Dr. Roy ZiegelsteinJean and Jack Luskin Ferne and Dr. Leslie Abramowitz Anita and Elliot King Judy and Fred ZimmermanVivian and Robert Manekin Edye and Steven Abrams Marian and Howard “Chuck” KleinSherry and Mitchell Mankosa Cheryl and Timothy Abrams Helen Kleinman $250 to $499Wendi and Michael Meisel Sonya and Arthur Alperstein Linda and Marc Klitenic Anonymous (2)Jonathan Melnick Ann and Dr. Michael Andorsky Frances Klotzman Sylvia ApatoffJennifer and Dr. Joel Meshulam Drs. Liba Goldblum and Kimberly and Mark Komrad Herta and Arthur Baitch Jay BarabanHarvey and Phyllis Meyerhoff Joanne and Dr. Edward Kraus Cari and Robert Becker Linda and Dr. Ronald BergerAlita and Ron Millen Drs. Jennie Rothschild and Deborah and Howard Berman Cindy and Howard Bernstein Jonathan LedererEsther and Louis Miller Jill and Steven Bers Ann and Alan Betten Drs. Rhonda Zuckerman andSandra and Brian Moffet Kay and Eric Beser Estelle Bloomberg Hyam LevitskyJodi and Samuel Moskowitz Selma and Alvin Blaker Sima Blue Hillary and Jonathan LewisAmie Sue and Paul Nochumowitz Arlene and Paul Block Dr. Bruce Bochner and Peggy and Bill LewisMarlene and Dr. Irvin Pollack Susan and Kenneth Bloom Jacqueline Schaffer Brigitte and Donald ManekinLeslie and Dr. Stephen Pomerantz Robyn and Steven Blum Dr. Randi and Darrell Braman Jill and Aaron MaxThe Isaac and Leah M. Potts Michele and Howard Brill Barbara and Ray Breslau Betty and Dr. G. Robert Medalie Foundation Donna and David Brooks Angie and Alan Bronfein Sandra and Dr. Andrew MillerIlene and Alvin Powers Sarajane and Arthur Brown Marcia and Dr. Jerry Buxbaum Dr. Janice and Jeffrey MillerHazel and Dr. Michael Radowsky Lynn and Dr. Stan Brull Karen and Dr. Steven Caplan Patsy and Dr. Sheldon MilnerRaytheon Company Matching Gifts Sharon and Irvin Caplan for Education Barbara Cohen Mindy Mintz Mordecai Norma CarpDeborah and Dr. David S. Roffman Alberta and Sam Cooperman Beth Pepper and Mark Neustadt Debbi and Dr. Aaron CharlesDrs. Livia and Antony Rosen Dr. Tammi and Mark Davis Amy and Robert Pollokoff Drs. Susan and Harvey CohenEdythe Rosenzwog Arthur Drager Lisa and Jay Radov Heather and Dr. Howard CohenRosalie Rosenzwog Barbara and Dr. Roland Einhorn Drs. Karen and Daniele Rigamonti Jamie and Marc CohenTerry and Dr. James Rubenstein Drs. Karen and Edwin Ezrine Nadine and Dr. Jay Rudo Allan ConnSheila and Howard Sandbank Jeanette Ezrine Calley and Nathan Schwaber Sally and Michael CoopermanDara and Dr. Charles Schnee Harriet Feinglass Drs. Gayle and Brian Schwartz Sylvia CumminsMarilyn and Dr. Paul Schneider Sandra and David Feldman Drs. Ruth Horowitz and Carl Shanholtz Hilary and Steven EpsteinTobey and Sanford Schreiber Janet and Stephen Fishbein Marjorie Simon Jay ErdmanJudith and Dr. Robert Schwartz Janet and Alvin Freedman Ina and Jon Singer Goody and Buddy FinkelsteinRobin and Rabbi Ronald Shulman Ellen Friedman Dr. Samuel and Robin Smith Natalie and Bernie FishCarole and Hanan Sibel Marcia and Leonard Frier Mollie and Dr. William Smulyan Laura and Dr. John FlaksJoy and Steve Sibel Harold Glaser Judith and Marvin Spector Nannette and Irvin FlaxBarbara and Dr. Howard Siegel Ilene and Morton Goldman Charlee and Dr. Robert Sterling Judy and Jayson FolusAmy and Andrew Slutkin Miriam and Irwin Golob Lynn and Nelson Tucker Anita and Arnold ForemanJane and Keith Sopher Ellen and Dr. Mark Gordon Debra and Dr. Henry Tyrangiel Drs. Claire and Howard FreelandLaura and David Stein Sally and Arthur Grant Janice and Michael Wallach Sarah and Dr. Andrew FriedMiriam and Joel Suldan Carol and Dr. Edward Gratz Barbara and Arnold Wallenstein Harriet and Dr. Alan FriedmanKaren Desser and Morris Swartz Nancy and Robert Greenwald Louise and Jay Weinberg Sara and Dr. Robert FuldLisa and Dr. Bradley Trattner The Honorable Ruth Jakubowski and Dr. Richard Gruen Ellen and Dr. Charles White Ellen and Richard GilletteIlene and Dr. Bert Vogelstein Ina and Calvin Hamburger Libby and Dr. Gerald White Barry and Sandra GlassRabbi Deborah Wechsler Harriet and William Helfand Dr. Mark Whitman Jacqueline GlassgoldKathy and Stevan Weinberg Deborah and Stanford Hess Drs. Anne Rompalo and Fran GlushakowDr. Hillary S. Wohl and Joel Wohl Mary Miller and Charles Hirsch Charles Wiener Eileen and Brian GoldmanShirley Wolock Caren and Bruce Hoffberger Lillian Wilen Bruce GoldmanHeller and Dr. Ari Zaiman Nina and Jason Horwitz Michelle and Dr. Steven Wions Payton and Evan Goldman12
  15. 15. Rona Sue London and Ivan Oshrine Steven Greenspan Laura and Louis PakulaSue and Jan Guben Shirley ParkerStacey and Harry Halpert Beth PerlmanMichelle and Jeffrey Hettleman Janice and Hazzan EmanuelPaula and Michael Himowitz PerlmanLotta and Edward Holzman Pamela and Dr. Jeffrey PlattNancy and Dr. Rick Hudes Rita and Dr. Marshall PlautBarbara and Dr. Julius Hyatt Randi and Dr. Andrew PupkinWendilyn and Barry Isaac Joy and Paul RobinsonCathy and Dr. Barry Jurist Harriet RosenbloomJane and Ronald Kahn Joanne and Abe RosenthalShari and Neil Kaplan Barbara and Robert RoswellVirginia and Dr. Robert Kass Aliza and David RothenbergSusan and Dr. Richard Kolker Ann and Dr. Aviel RubinHeller and Jeffrey Kreshtool Sharon and Dr. Eric RubinCheryl and Richard Kress Gordon SalganikRobin and Abram Kronsberg Jane SchapiroRosalind and Alfred Kronthal Lois and Dr. Fred ScholnickGail and Jerome Kurman Maxine SeidmanShelley Hendler and Dr. Scott Lever Polly and Allan SenkerAmanda and Dr. Stuart Levine Nancy and Lee ShermanWende and Michael Levitas Jeannie and Louis SiegelSuzanne Levitt Dr. Michele Shermak andSusan and David Lewis Howard SobkovHelen and Dr. Herman Lewis Bernice SolomonBarbara and Sam Lichter Jill and Dr. Alfred SommerVilma Liedman Deborah and Frank SpectorBeth Creeger and Charles Liptz Bonnie and Stuart StainmanDrs. Gail and Robert Liss Eileen and Dr. Michael StangEllen and Carl Love Drs. Susan and David StrausLustman and Cohen Dental Dr. and Mrs. Craig Suchin Associates Rhoda ToneyIlene and Stephen Mackler Laja and Dr. Gustav UrySaundra and Dr. David Madoff Helene and Jeff WaranchLauri and Joey Malin Harriett. and Arthur WassermanShari and Dr. Louis Malinow Jay M. Weinstein PhilanthropicCynthia and Robert Max FundJudy Meltzer Jill and Dr. Michael WeissMaxine and Dan Mendelson Wesley WilsonBarbara and Dr. Richard Meshulam Ilene and Jerold WiseElise and Dr. Jeffrey Michelson Dorothy Gold and Dr. James WolfJoyce and Paul Miller Florence and Dr. Stanley N. YaffeJune Minch Dr. David YousemElana and Dr. Ari Moskowitz Karen and Dr. Jeffrey ZaleMaureen and Dr. Joel Nathanson Carol and Dr. Jonathan ZenilmanMildred and Phil Nochumowitz Margot and Norman ZipperTanna and Louis OmanskyGail and Jerry OppelRosalind and Samuel Oppenheim 13
  16. 16. $100 to $249 Ann and Dr. Daniel Fried Bettye and Jerome Leibowitz Jan and Dr. Jay ScheinAnonymous (2) Margo and Dr. Barry Friedman Dr. Arthur Lesley Bonnie and Dr. Jules ScherrDr. Albert Aboulafia Elizabeth and Dr. Keith Friedman Audrey Levine Kandy ScherrRachael and Joshua Abrams Pamela and Dr. Robert Friedman Barbara and Bruce Lewbart Phillip SchimbergSusan and Michael Adess Susan and Edward Frieman Matt and Elysa Lipsky Edee and Joseph SchnitzerIlene and Shay Alon Selma Fritz Lisa and Scott London Cindi and Brad SchrumAlice and Allan Alperstein Jason and Tami Fruman Deena and Jonathan Lowenberg Karla and Stanley SchulmanElizabeth and Dr. Richard Ruth and William Gann Marc Mandel Eileen and Dr. Stanley Schultz Ambinder Bonnie and Robert Garonzik Susan and Steven Manekin Elda and Dr. David SchwartzPatricia and Robert Anbinder Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gerstenblith Marla Marder Fern and Jaime SchwartzbergKimberly and Boris Bekar Stacey and Randal Getz Lily and Dr. Warren Massouda Susan and Ronald SchwartzmanDonna and Leon Berg Carol and Lawrence Gilbert Shirley Matz Ada and Stanley SeidmanBeverly Berman Sylvia Gimbel Catherine and David Max Janice and Jeffrey SetrenDoris and Jay Bernhardt Dr. Rivalee Gitomer Judith and Arthur Mehlman Jean and David ShashoDr. Linda Alexander and Elaine and Dr. Barry Gittlen Ellen and Neil Meltzer Ava and Harry Shasho Dr. Geoffrey Bloomfield Randee and Ronald Glassman Annabelle and Morris Mervis Rena and Jack ShenkMiriam and Bertold Bodenheimer Karen and Dr. Robert Gober Israela and Judith and Dr. Mark ShulmanEvelyn and Dr. Gary Brager Michelle and Kyle Gold Rabbi P. Michael Meyerstein Amy and Todd SibelHarriet and Miner Brown Leslee and Mitchell Gold Helaine and Lee Miller Irene and Bernard SiegelCarole and Noah Buchman Louise and Dr. Lewis Goldfine Sandra and Edward Mitchell Roslyn and Melvin SiegelRoxy and Norman Buchsbaum Alice and William Goodman Sandy Montuori Mickey SimonJoan and Daniel Cagan Beryl and Jerome Gottesman Kim and Dr. David Neschis Barbara and Jeffrey SnyderCaroline and David Cahn Sarah and Richard Gratz Marcia Neuburger Arlene and Dr. Carl SperlingElyse Caplan Adrianne Greenspun Mitzi and Fred Nochumowitz Dr. Margery Kates and David SpitzCarol and Howard Caplan Barbara and Alan Grochal Alison J. Dray-Novey and Bettye and Norman SteinbergDina and Harvey Carmel Michael S. Novey Jessica and Albert Grosman Drs. Sandra and Marvin SteingartSherry and Dr. Bernard Cohen Vered and Jeffrey Nusinov Elsbeth and Edward Haladay Barbara and Thomas SteinhardtBarbara and David Cohen Janice and Dr. Abraham Robin and Glen Haller Obuchowski Elyce and Dr. Barney SternDoris Cohen Ellen and Jerome Hart Michelle and Len Ostroff Diane and Dr. Damie StillmanDr. and Mrs. Jerome Coller Leah Helman Judith Pachino Edina and Kenneth StollerIlene and Arnold Dashoff Dr. B. Ralph Hoffman June Patz and family Francine and Lee StotskyWendy and Robert Davis Terry and Allen Holzman Alexandra Piltch Amy Helsel and Jeremy SwerlingIleen and Henry Dickman Ethel Jacobs Isabel and Dr. Steven Pinson Harriet and Richard UdellSuzanne and Dr. Sheldon Diskin Ilene and Dr. Peter Jay Sue and Howard Platt Dr. Susan and Shmuel VickMark Eisenberg Bluma Jed Susan and Dr. Jeffrey Posner Bonny and David WalkerRobin Zimelman and Laurence Eisenstein Natalie Jeffrey Fran and Mark Pressman Vera and Barry WassermanCarole and Dr. Morton Ellin Miriam and Arnold Kahn Shuli and Gary Raffel Drs. Deborah and Lawrence WeberDaniela and Jacob Eyal Gilda and Arthur Kahn Henne and Harvey Rapkin Jessica and Alex WeinbergDiane and Dr. Clifford Faber Janet and Stanley Kantor Dr. Howard Raskin Kelly and Andy WeinbergSusie and Dr. Sylvan Feldman Barbara and Dr. Sheppard Kaplow Sheila Raskin Lauren and Jordan WeinbergLeslie and Aaron Finkelstein Suzanne and Gerald Katz Seema Reznick Leslie WeinbergVicki and H. Bruce Finkelstein Marilyn and Jack Kiner Linda and David Robinson Isobel and Dr. Israel z”l WeinerCathi and Scott Finkelstein Marilyn and Marvin Klompus Alisa and Michael Rosenbloom Janice and Jay WeinsteinTamara and David Flax Dr. Lewis Klotzman Ruth and Dr. Jerome Ross Vanina and Joshua WolfAllison and Erik Folkart Ellen Koch Berenice and Dr. Errol Rushovich Dorothy YankellowDoris Fox Judi and Marc Komins Julie and Daniel Scharfstein Rona and Alan ZukerbergElaine and Leonard Fox Cindy and Dr. Philip Konits Dara and Dr. Ronald SchechterPamela and Joel Fradin Debbie Kramer Susan and Douglas SchehrRose Frank Linda Mara KrellMuriel and Jack Freedman Edith and Walter Lamm14
  17. 17. Up to $99 Linda and Robert EisenbergAnonymous (3) Helen and Morton EisensteinLucille Abrams Marie ErdmanDr. Daniel Alexander Sallye EstersonSusan and Mike Applefeld Janet FeinglassBeverly and Robert Auslander Eena and Arthur FeldJenny Baker Sherri and Arnold FeldmanCarolyn and Gilbert Barron Wendy and Evan FeldmanIris Barron Alison and David FeldsteinAmy Seaman and Richard Barron Judy and Michael FinifterTheresa and Marc Bass Susan and Gary FlaxGerri Baum Marilyn D. FolusSherrie and Geoffrey Becker Aileen G. FrankVicky and Stuart Becker Selma B. FrankAmie and Samuel Bell Dorothy FreedLisa and Ronald Belman Shirley FreedmanRandi and Adam Benesch Linda FreudRose Berlin Connie Apatoff FriedmanSara and Eytan Berman Donna and Dr. Gary FriedmanRosellen and Norman Bloomberg Irvin FriedmanSonia and Martin Bodner Lisa and Robert FriedmanDr. Stephen Brand Sylvia GamermanJoan and Abe Brauner Miriam and William GardnerStephani and Gary Braverman Mr. Norman GassSylvia and Julius Braverman Marlene and Bernard GerberSandra and Jeffrey Brenner Myra and Michael GershenJanice and Norris Brodsky Miriam and Dr. Jay GerstenblithLisa Cohen and Steven Buchoff Mimi and Howard GetlanEster and Jay Caplan Patsy and Dr. Harold GilbertMarjorie Caplan Sylvia GlucksternRobin and Robert Chafitz Judy and Keith GoldbergMichael Chapper Adva and Michael GoldbergNancy and Lee Chiat Robert GoldbergEtta and Crawford Clay Linda and Stephen GoldbergMichelle and Mitchell Clay Joan and Jonathan GoldmanBarbara and Howard Cohen Leslie GoldschmidtEllen and Mitchel Cohen Carol Zuckerman andRuth and Jeffrey Colbus Barry GoldsteinSue and Bill Crystal Edith GoldsteinRichard Crystal and Rick Hedy and Irving Goldstein Wasserman Ellen and Dr. Joel GoldwasserJudith and Louis Culiner Darlene and Gerald GordonFaith and Marvin Dean Jacqueline and Robert GordonStacie and Jeffrey Dubnow Evelyn and Morris GreenSherri and Dr. Martin Edelman Erika and Joseph GreenblumRochelle and Bernard Eisenberg Judy GreenfeldDoreen and Bruce Eisenberg Drs. Ruth and Neal GrossmanSusan and Dr. Joseph Eisenberg Marion Gruber 15
  18. 18. Cheryl and Dr. Lenard Hammer Robyn and Charles Levine Marci and Mitchell Platt Norma and Theodore SuroskyLenora Harrison Linda and Mark Levy Harriet Pollack Marlene SussmanArthur and Judith Harrow Myra Levy Fay Prohovnik Ilene and Alan SwirnowJill and Dr. Adam Hartman Katherine and Paul Lichtenstein Mindy and William Pruitt Shirley TallesDebby and Jesse Hellman Harry Lichtman Lorraine Pugatch Elaine TobiasSara and Geoffrey Hoffman Amy Landsman and Rebecca and Ron Raich Drs. Jennifer Heller and Joel TurnerMarcia and Dr. Gerald Hoffman Dr. Martin Linker Dorothy Rainess Ann and Glenn UlickSam Holtzman Lynne and Harry Lipsitz Dr. Joan Raskin Joan and Michael VardiSonia and Morton Isaac Idaline and Joe Lipsky Erica and Joshua Rattet Dori and David VitbergMarion Isaac Tracy Lombardo Seymour Anita and Herman Raynes Frada WallKaren Mazur and David Israel Marlene and Mark London Shelly and Ronald Reiss Marilyn andSerene Israel Barbara Werner-Lubich and Jennifer Arndt Robinson Dr. H. Richard Waranch Bruce Lubich Helaine and Kenneth WeberJudi and Randy Jachman Marjorie Rofel Debra Macklin Estelle WeinbergFelix Jacob Estelle and Allan Rose Michele Mannes-Mandel Nissa and Paul WeinbergJanet and Carl Jacobs Dr. Roberta Babbitt and Nathan Gil Mandel Rosen Diane and Dr. Jeremy WeinerSaralee and Robert Jacobson Adele and Daniel Marcus Shawn Rosofsky Gail and Sam WeingramMarshall Janoff Fran and Dr. Jonathan Matz Marcia and Bernard Rubin Lynn WeisbergHarvey Jerome Jonathan Mayer Lynn N. Rudman Wellpoint FoundationPaula and Stanley Junker Susan Mehlman Cynthia Sachs Beryle and Toby WisemanJoan and Dr. Theodore Kaiser Rochelle and Jonathan Mendelsohn Jacqueline and Rolando Sanz Susan and David WitteGail and Lenny Kaplan Lisa and Dr. Gerald Meyer Susan and Barry Schepp Ali and Dr. Ari YaresSally and Dr. Morton Katz Marlee Michelson Marci and Brian Scher Marilyn and Irvin ZimmermanRobert D. Katzoff Dr. Randi and Andrew Miller Marcia and Dr. Steven Scherr Sam ZimmermanHarriet Keiser Jamie Miller Rita and Philip Schleider Dolores and Martin ZuckermanLindsay and Matthew Klatsky Rita Miller Bonnie and Eric SchlossLauren and Carl Klein Margery and Michael Moranz Helen SchreiberEthel and Irvin Klein Norma Moritz Susan and Harold SchreierBarbara and Marc Klein Pnina and Melvin Moschel Anita SchulmanAlissa and Dr. Mark Kligman Natalie and David Moshavi Judy SchwaberRuth Kreisler Maxine and Paul Moskovitz Deborah and Eric SchwartzLynn Isaac and Fred Krieger Barbara Naiditch Myra and David SerpickMadlyn and Steven Kroll Elissa and Robert Ness Ruth and Donald SheinBracha and Darryl Lang Scott Ness Bette ShermanRena and Ari Lapidus Stephanie and Eric Nislow Martha SiegelElinor and Michael Laupheimer Karin and Jacques Noah Marcia and Stephen SiegelMarsha and Irv Layton Temrah and Gene Okonski Sandra and Steven SimonJill and Dr. Larry Layton Dr. Joan Ordman Robin and Mark SisselmanShirley Layton Irene Pack Susan and Steven SklarReyna and Douglas Lederman Anna Pateka Sarah SlavinNancie Leibowitz Nadja and Dr. Albert Pats Sarah Sody z”lSaul Leibowitz Adie and Dr. Ido Paz-Priel Danielle and Gary Stegman, Jr.Caryn and Dr. Brian Lerman Julia Perle Laurie and Nathan SteinSylvia and Eric Levenson Jean and Michael Pindrik Lottie SteinbergSandee and Dr. Barry Lever Brina and Jay Pintzuk Jennifer and Michael SteinhardtRosalie Levin16
  19. 19. Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center Renewal CampaignUnder the leadership of Sharri and Greg Rochlin and Mindy and J.M. Schapiro, the Goldsmith Early ChildhoodEducation Center embarked upon a Renewal Campaign that raised funds for immediate facility and programmatic needsof the school. Over $16,000 was raised for improvements, such as technology, life skills programming, and classroomfurniture. The campaign is slated to continue for the coming years in order to build additional philanthropic support forthe school and its programs.$1,000 and aboveEileen and Benson Askin Sharri and Greg RochlinMelissa and Jonathan Cordish Mindy and J.M SchapiroSarah and Mark Davison Dara and Dr. Charles SchneeAlison and Dr. Giora Netzer Rabbi Deborah Wechsler$250 to $999Courtney and Matthew Gotlin Marlene and David J. SchwaberNina and Jason HorwitzUp to $249Anonymous (2) Andrea and Craig NusinovRachael and Joshua Abrams Vered and Jeffrey NusinovRobyn and Steven Blum Ellen and Gary PetlerArlene and Paul Bekman Marcy Spector and Joe PonczakRobyn and Mark Brody Andrea and Dr. Steven RiceDrs. Maya and Steven Brooks Joyce and Paul RochlinSusan and Harvey Cohen Maxine SeidmanRosalie and Richard Davison Ada Rae and Stanley SeidmanElizabeth and Dr. Keith Friedman Ruth and Dr. Harry SilberJenny and Dr. Ziv Gamliel Colby and Kasey SimonArleen and Stanley Greenberg Drs. Jennifer Heller and Joel TurnerEllen and Dr. Arnie Levin Sandy and Phil UmanskyBarbara and Sam Lichter Deborah Cardin and Jonathan WillisPhyllis and Fred London Vanina and Joshua WolfJayne LoveSandra Miller We acknowledge the generous in-kind contribution of Jeffrey Press and itsMary Ann and Scott Nordheimer President, Eric Levenson, to the Goldsmith Early Childhood Education Center Renewal Campaign. 17
  20. 20. Honoring Rabbi Wechsler Rabbi Deborah Wechsler’s 10th Anniversaryon her Tenth Anniversary Celebration SponsorsOn Shabbat Shavuot, Chizuk Amuno celebrated Rabbi Florence and Charles Hoffberger FoundationDeborah Wechsler’s ten years of dedicated service to our 2009 Adult Bat Mitzvah Classsynagogue community. Over 800 people gathered in Anonymousthe Sanctuary to pay tribute to Rabbi Wechsler, whose Julie and Gary Applebaumintellect, warmth, compassion, and commitment to the Dr. Patricia and Gary Attmanideals of Conservative Judaism have touched the lives of Phyllis and Leonard J. Attmanso many. Benjamin and Belle Cogan Foundation Suzanne F. CohenHundreds of congregants honored Rabbi Wechlser by Karen and Edwin Ezrinecontributing to the Chizuk Amuno Tuition Assistance Phyllis and Louis FriedmanFund. Led by a grant from The Florence and Charles Harriet and Lowell GlazerHoffberger Foundation, almost $70,000 was donatedand then distributed to the Stulman Center for Adult Anna Davis and Richard GordonEducation, Krieger Schechter Day School, Rosenbloom Toba and William GrantReligious School, and Goldsmith Early Childhood Sandra HittmanEducation Center to defray the cost of tuition for families Leroy E. Hoffbergerexperiencing financial hardship. Anne and Steven King Ronnie KleimanWe are grateful for all of those who donated to the Tuition Dr. and Mrs. Herman LewisAssistance Fund and especially to Mimi Blitzer and David Lee M. Hendler and Richard LowitzMallott and Heller and Ari Zaiman who served as Chairs Michelle and Ira Malisfor this special occasion. Mimi Blitzer and David MallottIn honor of this milestone occasion, Chizuk Amuno Bernard and Vivian Manekin Foundation Bernard Manekin z”lmembers, educators, and clergy collaborated and produced Vivian and Robert Manekina customized birkon (grace after meals guidebook) to use Marsha and Richard Manekinat community meals for years to come. Ellen Kahan Zager Sandra and Brian Moffetdonated her time and talent to the design and production Ellen and Alan Mogolof the birkon. Elke and Arnold Neuburger Meta Oppenheimer Sheila and Dr. Lawrence Pakula Drs. Livia and Antony Rosen Dr. Michelle Gelkin Rosenbloom and Howard Rosenbloom Drs. Roberta and Steven Schulman Robin and Rabbi Ronald Shulman Ina and Jon Singer Kathy and Stevan Weinberg Lillian S. Wilen Dr. Anne and David Young Ann and Rabbi Joel H. Zaiman Heller and Ari Zaiman18
  21. 21. Thank you to the donors who generously contributed to the Chizuk Amuno Tuition Assistance Fundin honor of Rabbi Deborah Wechsler’s 10th Anniversary CelebrationAnonymous (4) Drs. Susan M. and Jenny and Ziv Gamliel The Helfand FamilyMr. and Mrs. Walter H. Abel Harvey S. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. William Gann Leah Helman and familyFerne and Dr. Leslie Abramowitz Linda and Dr. Jeffrey Cole Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gerstenblith The Hendler/Lever familyAnn and Gil Abramson Alberta and Sam Cooperman Miriam and Jay Gerstenblith Shelly and Jeff HettlemanRabbi Elan Adler Melissa and Jonathan Cordish Patsy and Dr. Harold Gilbert Mary Miller and Charles HirschMoses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Jack, Hillary, Bryan, and Amy Ellen and Richard Gillette Nancy and Dr. Rick Hudes Congregation Crystal Dr. Rivalee Gitomer Dr. and Mrs. Julius HyattNaomi and Dr. Larry Amsterdam Edna and Mace Crystal Elaine and Barry Gittlen Wendy and Barry IsaacPatty and Bob Anbinder Bill, Sue, Hannah, and Sam Crystal Sandra and Barry Glass Marion IsaacAnn and Dr. Michael Andorsky Richard Crystal and Rick Wasserman Jackie Glassgold Serene F. IsraelDr. Marc and Debra Attman Phyllis and Leonard Glassman Bluma F. Jed Sylvia CumminsElaine F. Baker Jim Glick Natalie F. Jeffrey Mr. and Mrs. Arnold DashoffJenny Baker Fran Glushakow, Warren Gould, Harvey Jerome Maureen and Steven DavidBaltimore Hebrew Congregation and the Glushakow-Smith Ann H. Kahan Ken Davidson ChildrenDrs. Liba Goldblum and Miriam and Arnold Kahn Jay Baraban Rabbi Alexander Davis Ms. Jean Suda and Mr. Kim Golden Carole Diamond Jane and Ron KahnIris Barron Louise and Dr. Lewis J. Goldfine Ileen and Henry Dickman Harriet and Alan KanterSam Beck Bruce Goldman Rev. and Mrs. Yehuda Dickstein Janet and Stanley KantorRabbi and Mrs. Donald Berlin Joan and Jonathan Goldman Harriet S. Dubansky Joyce and Louis KaplanRosalie and Larry Berman Barbara and Mark Goldman Deborah and James Effron and Ruthanne KaufmanDoris and Jay Bernhardt Florene and Ron Goldner family Mr. and Mrs. S. KemperEllen Rosenberg and Cary Miriam, Irwin, Seth, and Besmanoff Mimmie Erdman Adina Golob The Kerbel FamilySue, Sanford, and Melanie Block Harriet Feinglass Hadassah and Leon Gordis Marilynn and Martin KinstlerEstelle Bloomberg Eena and Arthur Feld Ellen and Dr. Mark Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Irvin KleinRobyn and Steven Blum and family Rena and Ruben Finkel Beryl and Jerome Gottesman Helen J. KleinmanBeth and Albert Blumberg Laura and John Flaks Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gottlieb Dr. and Mrs. Richard KolkerEvelyn and Dr. Gary Brager Tamara, David, and Sally and Arthur Grant The Komins Family Rebecca Z. FlaxMichele, Howard, Lee, and Debbie Edward and Carol Gratz Sonia and Dr. Bernard Kozlovsky Brill Miriam and Forrest Foss Sarah and Richard Gratz Debbie G. KramerRabbi Jonathan Brown Elaine and Leonard Fox Esther and Allan Greenberg Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. KrausAllen and Ruth Brown Rose C. Frank Joanie and David Greenberg Diana Zwaig-Krol andHarriet and Moe Brown Selma Frank and Aileen Frank Bernard Krol Mr. and Mrs. Martin GreenbergSheila and Rabbi Gustav Buchdahl Dotty Freed Robin Kaplan and Abram Erika and Joseph Greenblum KronsbergDr. and Mrs. Jerry Buxbaum Laurel and Matthew Freedman Adrianne Greenspun KSDS Social CommitteeLaura Schimberg and Amy Caplan Janet and Alvin Freedman Mrs. Rahel Adina Lerner and Dr. Gail and Jerry KurmanSharon and Irvin Caplan Claire and Howard Freeland and Adam Gregerman family Edith and Walter LammDr. and Mrs. Steven E. Caplan Jessica and Albert Grosman Sarah and Andrew Fried Marilyn Laves and Bill WiesmanShoshana S. Cardin Marion Gruber Margo and Barry Friedman Rachel LaytonSheila and Penn Chabrow Joan and Saul Gurney Connie Apatoff Friedman Nancie LeibowitzVivian and Philip Chait Dr. Maria and Marshall Haine Donna and Dr. Gary Friedman In Memory of Louise LeibowitzAmy and Bruce Chapper and family Fritzi K. and Robert J. Hallock Irvin Friedman The Lerman FamilyDebbi and Aaron Charles Lois H. Halpert Arlene and Kenneth Friedman Harriett and Mende LernerChizuk Amuno Sisterhood Ina and Calvin Hamburger Susan and Ed Frieman Arthur M. LesleyBeverly K. Cohen Ann and Richard Hantgan Janine and Rob Frier Judy, Arthur, Hannah, and Ilana Mae Rosen LevinBarbara, David, Jeremy, and Sarah Cohen Gloria Galperin, In memory of Harrow Rosalie Levin Irving Galperin Jill and Dr. Adam HartmanDoris Cohen 19