Regional Campaign 2008 / 1st Place / Laima chocolate bear


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Regional Campaign 2008 / 1st Place / Laima chocolate bear

  1. 1. Categorie:Regional campaignTitle of campaign:"Laima chocolate bear"short common description of the campaign::"Laima" is the oldest chocolate producer in Latvia and the largest confectionerymaker in the Baltics. As such, the company needs and implements PR activitiesnot only in Latvia, but in Lithuania and Estonia as well.While "Laima" is virtually synonymous with "chocolate" in Latvia, in Estonia theirlocal producer "Kalev" enjoys similar position. Therefore, we felt that we need tocome up with something emotional in order to create positive feelings towards"Laima" in Estonia.Goal: In relation to April 1st joke theme, to create a publicity event that willincrease positive publicity and attitudes towards "Laima" in Estonia.research work done during the campaign:
  2. 2. Project was born during a brainstorming session and finalized in cooperation withpartner PR agency in Estonia.One of the funniest and most popular stories regarding Latvian-Estonian relationsin 2006 was a story about a mystery Latvian bear that appeared and for a whileterrorized inhabitants of a small island in the middle of Gulf of Riga. While theoriginal bear eventually left the island (and supposedly swam back to Latvia), PRagency decided to create a chocolate bear and to send it to the small island in orderto mark the one-year anniversary of the whole ordeal.We had no doubts that the project will attract a lot of positive publicity, so the restwas just logistics and implementation of our PR plan in Latvia and Estonia.strategy:Strategy:To create and publicly present a chocolate bear to Ruhnu island municipality as asweet anniversary gift from "Laima" and as a replacement of the real Latvian bearthat visited the island last April.Two presentation events to be held - first in Riga and next day in Tallinn, Estonia.Target audience:General population of both countries.
  3. 3. Main message and lead:We all remember well that a year ago media informed about a bear that was seenswimming on a piece of ice to Ruhnu Island. Active bear hunting continued forseveral months, but with no success. Last news is that this bear did swim back toLatvia and currently is in Kurzeme forests.Scientists still argue if all this is possible, but the heroic Latvian bear has alreadybecome Latvian and Estonian folklore personage.To celebrate the first anniversary since bears journey to Ruhnu Island, JSC"Laima" has made a special gift for inhabitants of Ruhnu Island - a chocolate bear.This bear is made of big piece of chocolate, therefore it weights about 36 kilos.It is 45 centimeters tall and it took 4 days to make.After few hours it will be delivered to Tallinn, where tomorrow it will be given asa gift to the head of Ruhnu Island municipality, who will deliver it by plane toRuhnu Island.Place and time:April 3, 2007: Media presentation event of the bear in "Laima" factory withcompany representatives giving on the spot print and TV interviews.April 4, 2007: Presentation of the bear to Estonian media in Tallinn before itsdeparture to Ruhnu. Participants: Estonian sales representative of "Laima" andRuhnu Island mayor.Our PR agency was responsible for finding a sculptor willing to work withchocolate, as well as organizing and coordinating all the logistics. It created allpublicity materials and organized publicity events in Latvia. It also provided all
  4. 4. the media materials and coordinated work of Estonian agency.Results of the campaign and evaluation::Even before it was unveiled, the first rumors about the bear became a hugesensation. Just around April 1st it hit all the Estonian and Latvian media - radios,TV, online and print. Media swarmed presentation events in Riga and Tallinn.Story also attracted attention of the local reporters of such news agencies as BBC,Agence France Presse (AFP) and Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA).Within days our monitoring noticed story appearing in many European countriesas far as Spain. It also was carried by many of Russias news portals, and appearedeven in Taiwan.While all this was great, the main emphasis was on getting publicity in Latvia andEstonia, which was successfully fulfilled.What we had not planned for and what was a definite bonus - the chocolate bearstory started a life of its own. During summertime it appeared in travel articlesabout sights to see and visit in Ruhnu Island. In September 2007 islanders decidedthat they will eat the original bear and create a sculpture copy of it. This newsagain was carried by Estonian and Latvian press with almost sorrowful "they will
  5. 5. eat our little bear" headlines.In December 2007, right about Christmas time, in presence of "Laima"representatives, who had arrived with presents, the bear was divided up, eaten andreplacement statue unveiled. This again hit the news in both countries.All in all, this resulted in almost a year-long publicity for "Laima" with total mediahits more than we could monitor and count.