Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility 2008 / 2nd Place / LMT helps to improve hearing health in Latvia
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Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility 2008 / 2nd Place / LMT helps to improve hearing health in Latvia






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    Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility 2008 / 2nd Place / LMT helps to improve hearing health in Latvia Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility 2008 / 2nd Place / LMT helps to improve hearing health in Latvia Document Transcript

    • Categorie:Social campaignsTitle of campaign:LMT helps to improve hearing health in Latviashort common description of the campaign::Situation and problems overviewHearing disturbances of children occur in a form of silent concealed disturbances,as at the early age children cannot tell that they hear worse, thus hearingdisturbances which are not timely detected cause language as well as speechdevelopment problems in the future life of a child, and later also psychological andsocial failures.On January 2007 the company Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) celebrated its15th birthday. Wishing to make an investment in improvement of the public healthand being aware of significance of the hearing related problems in our country,LMT decided to present hearing diagnostics apparatuses GSI 70 for all certifiedmaternity wards in Latvia.On 2006 LMT presented cohlear implants for children having the diagnosis"deafness", which were registered at Latvian Childrens Hearing Centre.On 2008 specialized kindergarten nr.218. for children with permanent hearingproblems in Riga is equipped with Scola FM system.
    • research work done during the campaign:ResearchAccording to statistics in Latvia on average 3 - 4 % of children are born withhearing problems of various levels. However, 90 % of timely detected departuresfrom norms can be cured. Though by 2007 in most cases in Latvia the parentsfound out about hearing problems only when the child had to start to speak, butdue to unknown reasons the language progresses slowly or not at all. Hearingdisturbances which are not detected timely is the primary condition why yourchilds language develops inaccurate or does not develop at all, as the child canlearn and repeat only what he/she has heard perfectly. Likewise detection of thehearing disturbances at the very early age of the child, when the development oflanguage centres is the most intensive, is of special importance.Latvian Childrens Hearing Centre several times had drawn attention of the stateinstitutions on a significance of the problem of lack of apparatuses, however, didnot received any response from the side of state in this issue.strategy:Target group. Primary target group: maternity wards, medical staff, families.Secondary target group: mass media and general public.
    • Campaign target:1.To draw attention of the state institutions and the public on improvement ofhearing health in Latvia, by solving the newborn hearing screening problemthroughout the country.2.To serve as a positive example for other companies encouraging them to takepart in solving of the issues of public importance.3.To raise loyalty of LMT customersMessages1.LMT continues to be socially liable company and takes care for the public health2.LMT in its birthday gives presents to other3.Hearing health care in Latvia improves thanks to LMT supportMeans of communications1. Central and regional mass media2. Seminars for medical staffImplementation1.In cooperation with the Latvian Childrens Hearing Centre we requested from theHealth Statistics and Medical Technology Agency a list of those medicalinstitutions of the Republic of Latvia having the certified maternity wards.2. In one month we organised a formal handing over of apparatus to each medicalinstitution having a certified maternity award. The events were participated byrepresentatives of regional media and local governments, LMT management andDr. Sandra Kuske, Head of Latvian Childrens Hearing Centre. In most places thenew apparatus was demonstrated in operation upon the prior consent of theparents.3. central and campaign closing event was held in Riga Maternity Hospital on 15
    • February 2007. Doctors of Riga City and Riga region, media representatives, theMinister of Health, representatives from the Riga City Council participated in theevent.Results of the campaign and evaluation::Direct results~ With the LMT support the newborn hearing screening was implemented on thecountry scale, what is internationally defined as Universal Newborn HearingScreening. Thus detection of permanent hearing disturbances is no more ,,matterof chance, but a complex of concrete measures based on examinations, enabling todetect hearing disturbances of the children at the very early age, giving them oneof the greatest possibilities at life: to hear and to be heard.~ state institutions ensure funds required for performance of manipulation from thestate budget~ Comment by Dr.S.Kuš e, director of Latvian Childrens Hearing Centre: "Frommy everyday experience I can only say that in my 14 years of professionalexperience I have never consulted so many newborn children as this year (2008)..."~ LMT received a letters of thanks from hospitals
    • ~ LMT got positive feedback from its customers~ Feeling of moral satisfaction~ Emotional plots in central and regional TV, radio, more than 100 publicationswithin a monthIndirect resultsLMT got the 2nd place in the Reputation top 2007 of the companies