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Corporate and Business Communication 2009 / 2nd place / Launch of Swedbank in Latvia – Hansabanka’s new name
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Corporate and Business Communication 2009 / 2nd place / Launch of Swedbank in Latvia – Hansabanka’s new name


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Baltic PR Awards 2009 …

Baltic PR Awards 2009
Corporate and Business Communication


Agency: Hill & Knowlton
Client: Swedbank

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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Launch of Swedbank - Hansabanka’s new name (Latvia) Baltic PR Awards 2009 Laima Plavina
  • 2.  
  • 3. About Rebranding
    • Communication of rebranding in Baltics was divided into 2 phases:
      • informative announcement about the rebranding decision and the following process (May, 2008);
      • the actual brand name change (Sept, 2008).
  • 4. Biggest Challenges
    • Hansabanka – a strong and a highly respected brand ;
    • Minute by minute plan across the three Baltic states;
    • The confidentiality issue;
    • The situation in financial markets globally and complex communication environment
  • 5.
    • Goals:
    • Inform and explain the reasons behind the change;
    • Create and enhance neutral/positive attitude towards the change;
    • Strengthen the Bank’s position as an excellent service leader ;
    • Turning the employees of Hansabanka into the ambassadors for Swedbank .
    • Target audiences:
    • Clients;
    • Employees;
    • Opinion leaders ;
    • Cooperation partners ;
    • Former Board Members of Hansabanka ;
    • Media ;
    • Society overall.
    • General approach: All PR activities ensured that a positive atmosphere was created to celebrate new opportunities, horizons and challenges.
  • 6. Main messages
    • 1) Our aim is to become the service leader in Europe. That is the main reason why Hansabanka Group in Baltics and Swedbank are joining forces under a united brand;
    • 2) We are developing a strong and powerful international financial group with common corporate culture to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedbank in the European market;
    • 3) By service leadership we understand a simple and easily understandable products and services; accessible and proactive bank in the eyes of our clients.
  • 7. Execution I phase – informing about brand change
    • May 21st
    • Internal announcement for employees of Hansabanka;
    • Press release and invitation to an on-line press briefing to Latvian media;
    • E-mail letter or personal letter by courier post to opinion leaders;
    • Press briefing in Tallinn with a video feed to Riga. Latvian journalists had the possibility to ask questions to the CEOs of all three Baltic States.
    • May 22 nd
    • A meeting with all managers. The speech of Hansabanka’ s CEO and Head of Migration process as well as other Members of the Board;
    • Media dinner inviting key media editors and journalists;
    • An On-line conference on the intranet for all employees of Hansabanka in Latvia
  • 8. Execution II phase – launch of Swedbank brand in Latvia
    • September 15th
    • An Internal announcement for employees of Hansabanka (CEO’ s email to every employee)
    • Press release to Latvian target media
    • Invitation to a press conference sent out to key media
    • SMS to 500 000 clients about the launch of Swedbank
    • Hand-written letters for opinion leaders supplemented with a souvenir
    • Media event – launching the new Swedbank brand
    • Special presents to editorial offices and tickets to basketball games and theatre play sponsored by Swedbank
  • 9.  
  • 10. Research and data gathering
    • Several studies on brand perception among Hansabanka and Swedbank in target audiences.
    • The Banks’ client satisfaction research to communicate service leadership
    • A database of the Banks’ stakeholders
    • Brand Tracking research on the performance of Swedbank brand in the Baltics after the communication of rebranding
    • Personalized face-to-face interviews with opinion leaders about the brand change
  • 11. Results
    • Excelent results - 97% of respondents were aware of Swedbank brand in December 2008 (comparing 93% in October 2008)
    • Swedbank had the highest level of spontaneous awareness comparing to other banks
    • Swedbank had a biggest publicity volume in September 2008 in Latvia media. Swedbank was mentioned 678 times in media in Latvia and the highest reach of target audience if comparing to other banks. The information about Swedbank could be read/heard/watched 14 342,240 times
    • Central messages were covered - serviss leadership, values, exchange of good experience
    • The interviews with opinion leaders showed that the news of brand change was perceived more positively than negatively . Hansabanka’s brand was more loveable but interviewees admitted that they understand the rational and reasons behind it. They evaluated the personal touch in communicating the brand change
  • 12. Photos and Images
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15.
    • Swedbank’s PR division ( Ivars and Kristine )
    • Swedbank’s Marketing division ( Normunds )
    • The Head of Swedbank’s Brand Migration ( Oksana )
    • Hill and Knowlton team ( Ralfs, Jānis, Anete)
    Big Thanks!!!