Understand energy saving through pedaling and sweating – Electrolux BIKE-BLENDER


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Organization: Hauska & Partner
Client: Electrolux Latvia
Country: Latvia
Baltic PR Awards 2012
Category: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Project name: Understand energy saving through pedaling and sweating – Electrolux BIKE-BLENDER
Place: 2nd

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Understand energy saving through pedaling and sweating – Electrolux BIKE-BLENDER

  1. 1. Category: CSR Hauska & Partner (Latvia) Understand energy saving through pedaling and sweating – Electrolux BIKE-BLENDER Electrolux Summary One of important topics in EU as well as in Latvia is energy efficiency. Experts have proved that every family can decrease energy spending by 30% if modern home appliances are used instead of old ones. Being a producer of green and energy efficient appliances and market leader in Latvia, Electrolux Latvia decided to bring up this topic among Latvian families but as usually energy efficiency theme is expressed in a very scientific jargon the challenge was how to do in interactive, innovative and fun way to attract families and make energy efficiency understandable and tangible. The solution was to create a special device - pedal powered food blender where each person could feel energy production in action. To reach target audience, educate and engage society, Bike-blender was exhibited in different events for families and youth, where specially trained people invited to try it and educated about sustainable lifestyle. In result 80 000 people reached and educated about sustainable lifestyle, Electrolux moved from Silver to Gold category in Sustainability Index. Bike-blender was exhibited in 26 events vs 8 planned initially and interest to exhibit it is still continuing, project has outgrown itself and paid off dozens of times. Situation According to European Commission one of the simplest ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions, increase sustainability and security of supply is to improve energy efficiency which is an issue in both - EU and Latvia. Experts have proved that by using modern household appliances instead of old ones, a 30% decrease of energy spending can be achieved. Electrolux is well known for its highly energy efficient home appliances and as a company that supports green initiatives and invests in consumer education. However, when talking about energy, it is hard to avoid scientific jargon. The challenge was: how to make energy efficiency tangible? Objectives Objectives:• make target audience – families and youngsters – aware of energy consumption and ways of minimizing it by using newer appliances• strengthen Electrolux reputation as green and environmentally friendly company• create positive background for sales of green products (A+ group) Families is Electrolux target audience globally as well as in Latvia so the main emphasis was to involve children and youngsters as they are the ones how engage in activities and are ready to change behavior. Researches made – evaluation of existing communication channels, technical research and testing for product creation and research of events to exhibit Bike-blender. Strategy The core of the strategy was to make energy tangible in interactive, innovative and fun way, creating a unique pedal powered food blender where everyone can feel energy production in action – create a milk shake by pedaling. Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: CSR In order to use resources in a smart way, it was decided to address people in different events where they are relaxing such as eco fairs on Kalnciema Street, White Nights a.o. Project was designed to engage the audience that could be responsive and change behaviour – families with children and youth. Evaluation criteria:• number of direct contacts• impact on sales• companys position in Sustainability Index Execution• In June agency engaged with Electrolux technical experts and metal artist, freak-bike creator Edgars Spridzāns to test the idea and plan the technical production.• During next two months Bike-blender was produced combining low energy consumption blender with a bicycle and kinetic energy collector by the tires.• In 24th of August launch event with eco-friendly celebrities was organized.• Till October Bike-blender went on a tour through different family oriented events.• Educated promo people not only invited people to try the vehicle, but also educated about energy efficiency and household appliances. Large printed information board contained information clearly visible also from a distance, so those, who didnt actively engage, could still read the message.• Initially 8 events were planned, but due to increasing requests Bike-blender was exhibited in total at 26 additional events.• The interest to exhibit Bike-blender is still continuing and project has paid off numerous times. Documented Results• In 2 months of campaign 80 000 people attended events, where Bike-blender was exhibited and were educated about sustainable lifestyle.• 1200 tried it in action, 130 km “ridden” and 720 litres of milk-shakes made.• Electrolux moved from Silver to Gold category in Sustainability Index.• Although campaign target was to engage with society vs. publicity it gained also main print and online media interest.• Since the launch of Bike-Blender sales of Electrolux energy saving home appliances started to increase by 2% every month and is still continuing which is a good result taking into account that energy efficient appliances are quite expensive for Latvian inhabitants’ income level.• Acknowledgment from Swedish Embassy and Electrolux Group received – project presented as “best practice” on company group level.• Almost weekly incoming requests to exhibit Bike-blender in various events are ensuring that project lives on and grows bigger! Baltic PR Awards 2012