1“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”Price: £19.97 Each Issue Volume 3 ISSUE 3Inside This Issue Pages 1 - 6:How...
2model to follow.All you have to do is simply follow themodel and you’ll see a significant spikein your results.The Sales ...
3that, all things being equal, a longer letterwill out-perform a shorter letter. Thisgoes against what most people think.M...
4your primary objective. Nothing more,nothing less.If your letter is 3 pages long - then so beit. If it’s one page long th...
5 Free survey Free estimate Free problem evaluation Free demonstration Offer on the anniversary of thecustomer placin...
6Idiot-Proof…In Just 10 Days…The 7-Minute Workout…The Lazy Mans Way To…Instant, Automatic Results…The Quick And Easy Way T...
7“Create Your Website - The Easy Way”By Neil FoleyIn your recent newsletter an article entitled‘Web Marketing for all smal...
8Most businesses focus more attention onprospects and new customers than theydo on established customers. So theylose good...
9Sir David Attenborough has defendedfilming the death of a baby elephant in theBBC’s Africa series, as he says“…intervenin...
10The #1 Way To Get New BusinessThrough Your Website At Any TimeI speak with a lot of business owners whoare frustrated. T...
11responds to the offer—will then be addedto your database.You then start communicating with themby e-mail and other means...
12FREE RESOURCE #1:Go 4Ward Review MeetingProbably the best FREE two-hoursyou’ll ever spend. Our Go 4WardReview Meeting he...
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3. results 4 business newsletter vol 3 issue 3


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How to write highly effective sales letters and other great tips to grow your business

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3. results 4 business newsletter vol 3 issue 3

  1. 1. 1“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”Price: £19.97 Each Issue Volume 3 ISSUE 3Inside This Issue Pages 1 - 6:How To Write Sales LettersThat Sell Page 7:Create Your Website - The EasyWay Page 8:Keep Your Existing CustomersHappy Page 9:Distressing Lessons For BusinessGrowth Or Survival Page 10 - 11:The No 1 Way To Get NewBusiness Through Your Website Page 12:No-Nonsense Resources For YourBusiness >>>FACT: Most sales letters don’t work. They miss a number of vital‘success ingredients’. Follow our ‘Sales Letter Template’ and watchyour enquiries and sales multiply!Have you ever sent a letter to yourprospects or customers to get morebusiness?The chances are you have and if youhaven’t you’re wasting a hugeopportunity. However, as frequently as‘sales letters’ or ‘lead generation letters’are used they rarely get fantastic results.In fact many business owners concludethat ‘sales letters don’t work’! Why?Because with a UK average response ofless than 0.5% most simply flop. But likeeverything we discuss inResults4Business—it’s not what youdo, it’s HOW YOU DO IT that makes thedifference.Therefore this month we’re going to spillthe beans on one of our most closelyguarded secrets—how to write a salesletter that sells.As you’re about to discover, there is avery simple but extremely effectiveCreate a sales letter that sells by followingour simple ’Sales Letter Model Template’.If you can follow a simple recipe, you canwrite a powerful sales letter that generatesenquiries or sales for your business.
  2. 2. 2model to follow.All you have to do is simply follow themodel and you’ll see a significant spikein your results.The Sales Letter Model TemplateOver the years, well-written sales lettershave generated £billions—for everyimaginable industry. What’s interesting isthat when you study what success reallylooks like you can see some clearpatterns emerging.In fact we’ve studied the things thatwork - really work - and cross-referenced these elements acrosshundreds of best-selling sales letters.The result is a powerful Sales LetterModel Template that anyone can use—even if they’ve never written a sales letterbefore. But before we get onto theModel, let’s first discuss a few‘Preparation’ elements that areimperative to your success, and must beadhered to EVEN BEFORE YOUWRITE A SINGLE WORD...The CriticalPreparation ElementsWhat we’re about to disclose are 4 of themost important elements you mustprepare and get right before you sit downand start writing. They each have asignificant impact on results and explainin some part the failure of most salesletters. As long as you religiously followthese preparation elements, your successis several steps closer... The Most Important Thing InMarketing Is The ‘Target Market’We’ve repeated this many, many timesand we’ll keep on saying it. No matterwhat media you’re using, the targetmarket is still THE most important partof your marketing.When it comes to writing your letter,there are two key things relating to thetarget market you need to think about…1. Who are you going to send the letterto? Remember, your target market isthe group of people or businesses thatwant your product or service, canafford it, have the decision-makingauthority to buy it and can be easilyreached.2. Write your letter focused on thetarget market. We know this soundsobvious but once you’ve identifiedyour target market, your letter needsto be completely focused on them—their fears, wants, desires, etc. If youhave 2 or 3 different target marketsthen you should have 2 or 3 differentletters, each written for that specifictarget market. Yes it’s more work—and that’s why so few do it—butthose that do often get extraordinaryresults. Laser-Beam FocusThis is another elementary mistake madeby most people: Attempting to achievemore than one thing with their sales letterresults in confusion with no clearobjective. The result is a reduction inresponse!You must write with the END IN MIND.That means before you put pen to paper,write down the purpose of the letter. Is itto generate enquiries through a freemeeting, to get a sale or to sell somethingelse to an existing customer? Whatever itis you must write it down and make sureyour letter is completely focused onachieving this goal. Length Is NOT An IssueTests have proven time and time again“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”>>>One of the biggest mistakes made by most people is they try to achieve a number of objectiveswith their sales letters. The key is to stay focused and have just one key objective!
  3. 3. 3that, all things being equal, a longer letterwill out-perform a shorter letter. Thisgoes against what most people think.Most people think that half a page isbetter than a full page, one page is betterthan 2 and so on…...However the fact is that it’s theopposite that’s true.Now don’t misunderstand what we’resaying here. It doesn’t mean you want toextend the letter just for the sake of it.In other words, it needs to contain asmuch information as possible to attain“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”>>>This letter written for the Wall Street Journal (America’s best known, largest (over 2 million circulation) and most respected businessnewspaper) has generated over $1 BILLION in subscription fees for the publication.It is a clear demonstration of what can be achieved with a well written sales letter. It is believed to be the best-performing letter ever written—andis still in existence today some 33 years after its first showing.The point we’re trying to make isthat your letter has to be longenough to GET THE JOB DONE.
  4. 4. 4your primary objective. Nothing more,nothing less.If your letter is 3 pages long - then so beit. If it’s one page long then fine. Butdon’t worry about length! Getting Your Letter Opened IsFundamental To Your SuccessYou can have the most powerful and best-written sales letter in the world, but if no-one reads it—your response will be a bigfat zero.Pile Ais the stuff that looks interesting andpersonal. That’s the pile that gets opened.Your letter needs to be in this pile!Pile Bis the stuff that has no relevance and iscategorised as ‘junk mail’. It’s only junkif it doesn’t appeal to the recipient. Ifyour letter ends up in this pile you’re introuble.There are a number of easy-to-execute‘tricks’ you can use to ensure your letterends up in Pile A and we will discussthese next month.The Sales Letter ModelTemplateOkay, once you’ve carried out yourpreparation work, you’re ready to createyour letter.Here are the key components that willhelp you either generate more enquiriesor sell more of your products orservices…1. The OfferEvery media piece you send must havesome kind of offer. It’s no different withyour sales letters.The offer is what the recipient willreceive when they respond and what theyhave to do to get it.There are two main types of ‘offercategories’: soft offers and hard offers.Soft offers are ones which don’t requireany personal interaction or sale betweenthe buyer and seller.Typically, soft offers involve some formof printed media – a request for thecompany brochure, a special report, afree booklet, etc.Here is a list of some proven softoffers… Free Special Report Free Brochure Free Catalogue Free Newsletter Free Information Pack/Kit Free Coupon Free DVD/CDHard offers require a sale to occur orsome kind of personal interaction (phonecall, meeting, etc.) between the prospectand the seller. Heres a list of proven hardoffers… Free trial Free no-obligation appointment Free explanatory meeting Free evaluation of yourrequirements Free initial planning session Free executive briefing Invitation to a free talk or seminar Free consultation“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”The ‘personal’ look is an excellent and proven method for getting your letter opened. Note thehand written name and address and three postage stamps.What you need to be awareof is that when people aresorting their mail theysubconsciously have twopilesPile A and Pile B.>>>
  5. 5. 5 Free survey Free estimate Free problem evaluation Free demonstration Offer on the anniversary of thecustomer placing their first orderHere are a few more of our favourite hardoffers… Send no money now. We willinvoice you Order now. We wont bill youuntil <date> Send no money now. Pay in easyinstalments Discount for new customers Discount for past customers Extra discount for volume Seasonal sale Short-term introductory offer. Avery successful example of this is,“My accountants on holiday. Buyat this lower price before he getsback.”Examples of ‘Get More If You Act Now’offers… Free gift in return for your order Free gift in return for your orderover a certain amount Free gift for your paid-in-advanceorder Surprise gift with your orderFree ‘Promotional’ offers examples…“If you live in our area but have nevertried us out, come in for a free wash anda free £4.97 wax treatment. Your firstvisit is on us, so we can get acquainted.But hurry! This offer is valid only if youlive or work within two miles of our carwash and have never visited us before.”“Ive just opened an office in yourneighbourhood, and I want to build upmy practice, so Ill give your entirefamily one free health check on yourteeth, mouth, and gums, just to introducemyself to you.”The ‘Loss Leader Offer’...If customers make more than onepurchase (buying print, accountancyservices, legal services, and almost everyother type of business) you may not needto make a profit on the first order. Thatswhy you often see offers like these… 27-piece luggage sets for £29.95, 4 CDs for£4.99.In the next edition we’ll look at somespecific examples of offers and how youcan use them to get astonishing results.2. The HeadlineOnce you’ve clearly defined your offer,you can now start to construct your letter.It starts with the headline.The headline is absolutely critical to yoursuccess. It’s the ‘ad for the ad’. Itspurpose is to attract attention and drawthe reader into your letter.Here are seven of the most successfulheadline types below. By applying anumber of these different headline typesyoull start to see how you can createwinning headlines…#1. Benefit headlines (all your headlinesshould contain a benefit of some sort)#2. Use a two- or three-word headline(but remember long headlines are almostalways more successful than shortheadlines)…Burn Fat FasterGet June FreeDouble Bonus SaleOh My God!Millionaire Secrets#3. Headlines that focus on quick andeasy solutions…Fast And Simple…Ridiculously Easy And Fast…“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”>>>The classic ‘loss leader offer’. This irresistibleoffer was inspired by Maxwell Sackheim - thegreat US marketing strategist.He created ‘The Book Club’ offer decadesago, yet it is still being used today by savvybusiness owners!
  6. 6. 6Idiot-Proof…In Just 10 Days…The 7-Minute Workout…The Lazy Mans Way To…Instant, Automatic Results…The Quick And Easy Way To…#4. Warning headlines…Read This Before You…Dont Buy…Until Youve Read TheseFacts#5. Testimonial headlines…A Specific Benefit Written TestimonialFrom One Of Your Customers“Or It Can Just Be A Headline In SpeechMarks Like This Written Like ATestimonial”#6. Reasons why headlines...7 Reasons Why You Should…37 Invigorating Reasons…6 Ways To…7 Steps…Heres How…#7. Offer headlines (put your offer in theheadline)…Try-Before-You-Buy Carpet CleaningLet’s take this boring unsuccessfulheadline: ‘We Repair Or Replace YourOven’ and show you how to use theseheadline types to create seven powerfulalternatives…3. The First Few Words…Sometimes the hardest part of copywriting(any writing for that matter) is puttingdown the first few words.However, the first few words are critical.Your reader will quickly determinewhether they should keep reading ornot.There are three simple and proven rules tofollow when starting your ad or salesletter…1. Understand that the purpose of yourfirst sentence is to get the reader to readthe second sentence and so on.Your goal when writing is to get yourreader to read as much of your letter aspossible. You must keep the readerinterested throughout the letter. Thereforeyour first few sentences are critical.2. Make your first sentence and firstparagraph short.If your first sentence is long (a commonfault with many ads and sales letters) yourreader will lose interest. Long sentencesare hard to read.Your reader will assume the rest of yourad or letter is going to be like this – andjust gives up.Your first sentence can actually be yourfirst paragraph. If your first sentence andfirst paragraph are short, your reader willautomatically be drawn into your letter.3. Dont waffle. Get straight to the point.Another very common fault with salesletters is that the writer starts the main partof the letter after the fourth or fifthparagraph. Dont fall into this trap. Yourreader hasnt got time. Get to the factsquickly in your opening sentences.End Of Part 1:That concludes Part 1. By adopting thesecritical ‘Preparation Elements’ and thefirst 3 components of our ‘Sales LetterModel Template’, you’ll see a significantjump in the results you achieve with yoursales letters.We’ll conclude with Part 2 in the nextedition.“How To WriteSales Letters That Sell - Part 1”Examples Using TheHeadline Types#1. “We Collect And ReturnYour Oven Within 24 HoursSo There’s No Disruption ToYour Day”#2. “Your Oven RepairedFast”#3. “The Fast And SimpleWay To Repair Your Oven”#4. “Don’t Contact AnotherOven Repair Company UntilYou’ve Read This”#5. “By 11am The Next DayOur Oven Was Returned AsGood As New”#6. “7 Reasons Why WeShould Repair Your Oven”#7. “Your Oven RepairedWithin 24 Hours Or Less,Guaranteed”
  7. 7. 7“Create Your Website - The Easy Way”By Neil FoleyIn your recent newsletter an article entitled‘Web Marketing for all small businesses –E-Commerce’ mentioned Elance as beinga cost effective way of getting a websiteup and running quickly. As I was in needof just such a site I decided to explore theElance proposition.For the consumer there are no direct costswith using Elance, so it was free to joinand simple to register. The next step is toeffectively place a tender outlining whatmy requirements were and the sort of site Ineeded constructing.As somebody who is not technicallyminded, I initially struggled with this buteventually decided to forget trying tosound as I knew what I was doing, but Iwas very clear in what I wanted –namely a site which will load quickly,with a mixture of images and text but mostimportantly where I was in control andcould update anything on the site quicklyand easily without any particular expertise.I envisaged a site of around five pages intotal. So I ‘posted’ this brief on the siteand waited to see who out of the 172,000listed website designers Elance work withwould be interested.I did not have to wait long…four and halfminutes to be precise.The web designers sent a messageoutlining what they would charge andtheir previous experience on Elancewith clients.By the end of the first week I had overtwenty designers to select from, to includethose who had no previous experience toquite large and sophisticated firms. Allwere from either India, Pakistan or SriLanka. The prices quoted ranged fromless than $100 dollars through to $800+.The real beauty of Elance then comes tothe fore – in that you can see exactly whatwork the designers had undertaken in thepast, to include the technical briefs theyhad been given and most importantly pastclients had rated their service and delivery– so an abundance of Social Proof.I created a shortlist of likely designers andeventually selected one in Pakistan whohad 51 really positive reviews fromclients, a great range of designs and hiswritten English was perfect. His quotewas for $164.I emailed Saad and arranged a Skype callwhere we refined my requirements.In practical terms I awarded him thecontract on Elance and paid $164 into anescrow account operated by Elance using acredit card. So Saad knew I had themoney to pay him and we both knew thathe would not get paid until I was 100%satisfied with his work.Saad delivered a fully functional websitewhich matched my requirementscompletely, within five days usingWordpress which is easy to use. We usedSkype to communicate which was ideal aswe could look at screenshots which madeexplanations easy to understand.I would have no hesitation inrecommending Elance as a great way ofgetting work done cost effectively andquickly.So in summary, I have a greatlooking site which is easy to update,all completed within a week for thesum of £109.50 and just asimportantly I now have a technicalexpert on call whenever I need him.There are no direct costs with using Elance,so it was free to join and simple to register.Neil FoleySystem 4Results Consultant - Norfolk
  8. 8. 8Most businesses focus more attention onprospects and new customers than theydo on established customers. So theylose good customers and spend evenmore money on suspects and prospectsjust to tread water and make up that loss.Newsletters can be a successful strategyfor Lead Generation, Sales Conversionand Customer Maximisation. If yours issolely for one of the three BusinessMultipliers make sure it goes to the rightpeople carrying the right message forthem and for your objective.For your newsletter to achieve two ormore of the Business Multipliers youmust ensure a balance in every issue soeach of your audiences can say tothemselves, “They’re talking to me.”What Should You Include?The content is vital. Here are some goodexamples…Articles that give valuable informationand case studies that solve a particularproblem.Ways to use your servicesQuizzes and self-analysis sheets thatscore your readers on dimensions ofinterestQuotesShort tipsFree items to send forNews and announcements about thebusiness (written in a “what’s in it forme” way. Make sure you state thebenefits)News for your market / industry (aboutissues that the reader won’t be awareof)Special offers, including discountcouponsMention interesting articles in the nextissue to create a sense of anticipationNewsletters are becoming more and morepopular. Businesses have realised thatcommunicating to customers, prospectsand even suspects with a regularnewsletter achieves the following…Newsletters can be tailored to fit anybudgetNewsletters are successful because oftheir editorial nature. David Ogilvy, theadvertising legend, says “editorialmaterial is three times more persuasivethan advertising”.But, even though newsletters will achieveany of the above benefits, their impact isconsiderably reduced when this magicingredient is forgotten. Yet it is sostrikingly easy to use. So what is thismagic ingredient?“It’s all about them, not about you!”The content of your newsletter shouldalways focus on your prospects andcustomers – their needs, wants andfrustrations, not on you and yourcompany. The whole purpose of anewsletter is for the customers andprospects to read it.The only way to ensure a high readershipis to make almost everything in thenewsletter relevant to them. They aren’tconcerned about what’s happening inyour company (within reason), or howgreat you are – all they’re interested in isinformation that is relevant and importantto them.Remember that one simple ingredient andthis strategy will work for you…Keep Your Existing Customers HappyYou can’t keep customers happy ifyou don’t stay in touch with them soyou need a regular newsletter – justlike this one! Enhances reputation Builds awareness of the businessparticularly with prospects Keeps the product or servicefirmly in the minds of prospectsand customers Helps to build relationships withcustomers and prospects Can increase sales significantly Induces potential customers tospend more time consuming thenewsletter than they would dowith an ad or direct mail piece Gives prospects something moretangible to save than a businesscard. Hole-punching thenewsletter or providingcustomised binders will helpprospects keep their issues Helps prospects understand therange of a business’s capabilities Success stories, case studies,client or customer surveys,examples, and beneficial “How-toadvice” allow the prospect todraw the conclusion that theyneed your product or service Positions the business as a re-source rather than a companyconstantly asking for more cus-tom. The newsletter is a classierway of reminding prospects aboutyour business than a sales letter oradvert
  9. 9. 9Sir David Attenborough has defendedfilming the death of a baby elephant in theBBC’s Africa series, as he says“…intervening in upsetting situationswould only make things worse.”I watched the programme and, like manyviewers, became really upset as the scenesunfolded and it became clear that thedestiny of the baby elephant was in thehands of a greater power.Closer to home, in a business setting, lesstraumatic perhaps but no less distressing; Ihad to witness a small business ownermaking a series of bad judgements.Judgements which I believe, in time, willbe fatal for the business. This is in spite ofthe recognition of the need for help andcommissioning me, a business growthspecialist, to assist.The System 4Results™ toolkit clearlyplaces the “sack a client/customer”technique as a recommended customermaximisation approach for all businessesand it applies to consultants as well as theirclients. The technique is recommended foruse by identifying your worst client/customer and replacing them with a betterone - a relevant technique for me and onewhich I had no alternative and eventuallyno hesitation in using.The client wasNon System 4Results™ businesscolleagues have been surprised andsomewhat shocked at our technique, saying– “…the business is paying your fees and ifthey don’t take advantage of your advicethat is their problem surely!” Thatargument, in most business arrangements,might be considered acceptable but not inone that lives by the statement “BusinessGrowth Is Scientific Not Creative”.System 4Results™ guarantees to growbusinesses and that reputation needs to besafeguarded at all costs which, if necessary,means foregoing the fees and investingtime and expertise in areas, and otherclients, which will make better use of them.And so… whilst I use the emotive parallelof David Attenborough’s Africanexperience, I, like him and his photographercolleagues, have now become an observerof the inevitable with the conclusion thatfurther intervention in upsetting situationswill only make things worse and delay theultimate destiny of this small business.“Can Distressing Lessons From Mother NatureHave Important Parallels For Small BusinessGrowth Or Survival?”By Brian WoodcockWorld Famous Natural History Broadcaster Witnesses A Baby ElephantAbout To Die Of Thirst And Does Nothing. That Can’t Be Right!Reluctant to engage in theessential Nine Stages OfPreparation which meant that thefoundations for business growthwere weak, potentially unstableand very unreliableDisorganised and refused to allowthe consultant to implement triedand tested systems and proceduresto ensure consistent delivery ofimprovements in areas known tobe deficientSupportive of staff, competitorand customer research but thenignored the demonstrable need forchange and improvement shownin that researchUnwilling to meet agreeddeadlines for advertisement proofsand draft copyUnwilling to supply necessaryinformationSystem 4Results™ guaranteesto grow businesses and thatreputation needs to besafeguarded at all costs...In a business setting, less traumaticperhaps but no less distressing; I had towitness a small business owner makinga series of bad judgements.Judgements which I believe, in time,will be fatal for the business.Brian WoodcockSystem 4Results ConsultantAberdeenshire
  10. 10. 10The #1 Way To Get New BusinessThrough Your Website At Any TimeI speak with a lot of business owners whoare frustrated. They’ve spent a lot ofmoney on getting their website designedand online (they should have read NeilFoleys article on page 7)... but then can’tget enough (or even any) visitors.There are many dozens of tactics that canget traffic (visitors) to your website. Allyou have to do is test them... find outwhich specific tactics work best for youand your industry.But I can already tell you which tacticwill be the clear winner in terms of notonly sending huge streams of traffic toyour website in a very short time but alsomaking the traffic more ‘pre-qualified’and likely to respond to your salesmessage.Strategic AlliancesAlso called joint ventures, strategicalliances are where you get otherbusinesses which sell products andservices that complement your own, andask them to send one or more e-mails totheir customers, recommending yourproducts, services or treatments.Let me give you some quick examples.To start with, my strategic alliancepartners include other business andmarketing consultants who I don’tdirectly compete with. The arrangement Ihave with Go4 Results Ltd., for example,is a strategic alliance.I also have accountants and financecompanies recommending my products totheir clients. And I also have allianceswith professional organisations andbusiness institutions who recommend myproducts to their members.And in the latter case that’s not forcommission, it’s a reciprocalarrangement where I’ve spoken at theirconferences for free in return forpromotion. (See how alliances can becustomised to suit the individual?)But enough about me - what about ane-commerce website that sells children’sparty bags? They could have allianceswith children’s clothing andshoe retailers, the manufacturers ofoutdoor play equipment, and other suchretailers.The e-mails your strategic alliancepartners send out to recommend yourproducts and services (which I stronglysuggest you write for them, or at leasthelp them write) contain a link back toyour website, where their referredcustomer is able to either buy whateverwas recommended, or in the case of sales-leads generation, the other companycould recommend their customers grab acopy of your new free report for example.Now every person who does that—whoThe sooner you set up your alliances—the sooner you’ll start to see a return.In the current economic climate, strategic alliances are one of the best strategiesyou can adopt!By Ed Rivis—The UK’s leadingauthority on internet marketingstrategies that get results!>>>
  11. 11. 11responds to the offer—will then be addedto your database.You then start communicating with themby e-mail and other means, giving themadditional information and sooner or laterencouraging them to make their nextpurchase from you. And when they do,the referring company usually gets apercentage commission on those sales.You only pay when you sell something.(Or even better, you can do a ‘list swap’where no commission changes hands.You simply agree to e-mail your listrecommending the alliance partner’sproducts in return for themrecommending you. Tit for tat.)Form some alliancesLook for strategic alliance partners. (Startwith friends, colleagues and suppliers.)Remember, the key to profitable alliancesis to only target businesses which havethe same types of customers as you. Senda simple letter or e-mail explaining you’dlike to do a joint venture with themwhereby you each benefit from therelationship. Below is a simple letter youcan adapt showing how to contactpotential alliance partners.Use software like iDevAffiliate(www.iDevDirect.com) orInfusionSoft.com to track which partnerssend you referrals.Then make sure you follow up and sell toas many of those referrals as possible soyou can pay great commissions, earngood money yourself, and of courseprovide those new customers with goodquality products and services.It’s Win/Win/Win for everyone.The #1 Way To Get New BusinessThrough Your Website At Any TimeWhy This Letter Works So Well:1. Who doesn’t want to increase profits without increasing costs? Impossible not toread on.2. The opening further explains the offer in a clear and benefit orientated way.Again very difficult not to read on.3. This statement is hard to say ‘No’ to. Again forcing the reader to keep reading.4. Good and clear call to action.5. The P.S. states a very important benefit of joint ventures – the fact that bycontacting dormant customers is a very profitable exercise – yet so few companiesdo this.Strategic alliances are apowerful, fast and no-riskway to get web site trafficand streams of new business.What this means is that unlike mostother ways of getting traffic to awebsite, if you successfully formalliances with people with big e-maillists, you can get huge streams oftraffic very quickly, and at no up-front cost. It’s a zero-risk tactic.
  12. 12. 12FREE RESOURCE #1:Go 4Ward Review MeetingProbably the best FREE two-hoursyou’ll ever spend. Our Go 4WardReview Meeting helps you uncoverprofits already lying untapped insideyour business.During this invaluable 2-hourmeeting… We’ll show you in detail how byimplementing S y s t e m4Results™ you virtuallyguarantee your business success. We’ll reveal how to austerity-proof your business so it growseven in tough economicconditions. We’ll explain how you candestroy the competition andblow them out of the waterwithout reducing your prices. You’ll discover how you canuncover vast potential profitsalready hidden in your businessjust lying there waiting to befound! You’ll find out how you can growyour business, and reap thefinancial rewards that allsuccessful businesses bring, byimplementing S y s t e m4Results™ into your business.And much, much more. All in all it’sa meeting you shouldn’t miss ifyou’re genuinely serious aboutgrowing your business.To arrange your Go 4Ward ReviewMeeting contact us on the numbersshownFREE RESOURCE #2:‘Stop Moaning And Blaming YourLack Of Profits On Other People…And Start Doing Something AboutIt NOW’One of the most popular reports on theInternet. Our FREE report titled‘Stop Moaning And Blaming YourLack Of Profits On Other People…And Start Doing Something About ItNOW’ has been downloaded and readby thousands of people. If you haven’tdone so already, get your copy now atFREE RESOURCE #3:To access all the ways we can helpyour business to grow, many of themfree, go to www.system4results.co.ukCONTACT US:To get your FREE report ‘StopMoaning And Blaming Your Lack OfProfits On Other People…And StartDoing Something About It NOW’ orto arrange your Go 4Ward ReviewMeeting contact:Bernard KeavyT: 01926 519363E: bernard.keavy@system4results.co.ukW: www.system4results.co.uk“No-Nonsense Resources For YourBusiness Where ResultsAre Always Top Of The Agenda”Our resources help you to target the 3 Business Multipliers in your own businessand help you quickly build your sales and profits