African continents


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African continnts,famous places in Africa,Africa trade relation with other countries,Africa trade relation with india & china,Africa Import-Export with India.

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African continents

  1. 1. WELCOME
  2. 2. Presented By… Balram Solunke
  3. 3. African Continents
  4. 4. Africa 54 countries. Over 1000 languages. 797 million people.
  6. 6. Camel Caravan crossing theThe Sahara SaharaWorld’s Largest desert in Africa is - The SaharaDesert which spans almost 3.5 million square miles (9,000,000 square kilometers).
  8. 8. Victoria Falls
  9. 9.  Africa Geography: the equator cuts the continents into two nearly equal halves generally divided into two regions with reference to the Sahara (the worlds largest desert) North of the sahara Sub-sahara region
  10. 10.  The African Economy Farming• Subsistence farming (60%) vs cash crop Herding• Cattle on the savannas (grassland) fishing Hunting and gathering• Very few remain today Mining• Gold and diamonds Further, these countries offer potential for investment in sectors such as tourism, pharmaceuticals, electronics, computer software and accessories, information technology related products, financial services and textiles.
  11. 11. Mauritius (Global Rank #19)
  12. 12. Country:South AfricaCapital city : PretoriaCurrency :south african rand(ZAR)Language:africaans,engish,swazi,sotho,zulu
  13. 13. Country: RwandaCapital: cityKigaliCurrency:rwandan franc (RWF)Language: french,english
  14. 14.  According to a WTO report, in 2011 India surpassed China with an export growth rate of 16.1 percent, placing it at the top of the list of all major global trading countries. China has now replaced Indias as the second- fastest exporting nation among major economies at 9.3 percent. In 2010, China exports growth was 28.4 and India saw a 22 percent growth.
  15. 15.  Africa export to India: important sources for Export of petroleum, metallurgical goods, raw cotton, fruit, vegetables and preparations, chemicals, non-metallic mineral manufactures, precious stones, textile yarn, gold, & nickel. African nations exporting to India with Nigeria providing 10 percent of Indias petroleum needs.
  16. 16.  Africa Import From India: Africa imports fabric, yarn, auto-parts and machinery, especially agriculture equipment from India. The traditional African Imports to India has been gems and jewelry. India polishes almost all of South Africas diamonds and is a major Importer of the Sub- Saharan African nations gold.
  17. 17. Indian Energy & Mining Investments in Africa Key Chrome/ Ferrochrome Cobalt Copper Diamonds Iron ore Oil Refinery Oil Exploration/Prospecting Natural Gas Steel Refinery Oil Pipeline Phosphate Carbon
  18. 18.  Indian NOCs in Africa:Country Indian Company Type of Size of Investment InvestmentCôte d’Ivoire Unknown (various Oil Prospecting US$1 bn companies acting as a consortium)Nigeria National Thermal Liquefied Natural US$1.7 bn Power Corporation Gas (NTPC)Nigeria Indian Oil Oil refinery US$ 3.5 bn Corporation (IOC)Nigeria Indian Oil Liquefied Natural US$ 2 – US$ 4 bn Corporation (IOC) Gas (LNG) plant & (proposed) Oil refineryNigeria Oil India 25% stake in Sunetra Nigeria OPL 205 Ltd.Gabon Oil India 45% stake (including operatorship) in an onshore blockSudan Videocon Group Oil Prospecting US$ 100 mn (76%
  19. 19.  Africa’s trade with India & china: China and India are increasingly important trade partners; 12.5% of Africas exports are to China, and 4% are to India, which accounts for 5% of Chinas imports and 8% of Indias Competition between India and China in Africa means more rapid transfers of technology to the continent.
  20. 20.  “Focus:Africa” India has been actively promoting trade with Africa in recent years. To boost the country’s trade with the Sub-Saharan African region, the Government of India launched the “Focus: Africa” programme under the EXIM Policy 2009-14. To promote bilateral and regional commercial relations with the COMESA Region, India’s Exim Bank has extended Lines of Credit (LOCs) to support export of eligible goods on deferred payment terms.
  21. 21. India and Africa: bridging thetechnology gap from Cairo tothe Cape In response to challenges facing African countries in the provision of education and health services the Indian Government established the Pan-African e-Network.
  22. 22. Bilateral Trade With India Business transactions between Tanzania and India have been simplified after the First National Bank Tanzania (FNB) introduced seamless banking services with FirstRand Bank (FRB) in Mumbai, India Statistics show that the bilateral trade between India and Africa recorded $45 billion dollars in 2010. Over the past seven years, the total trade volume between India and Africa has grown as much as seven times. Last year Indian and African leaders agreed to sharply increase bilateral trade to $70 billion by 2015. FRB based in Mumbai is a subsidiary of the FirstRand Group.
  23. 23. NEWS
  24. 24. IBSA summit: Dilma Rousseff, Zuma and Dr SinghThe three emerging economies managed to surpassan intra-trade target of $15bn (£9.50bn) set duringthe forum’s inception in 2003, achieving $16.1bn(£10.19bn) in 2010 and on track for a 2015-target of$25bn (£15.83bn).
  25. 25. India-South Africa trade to touch $15 b before 2014Chairman of Tata Group of Companies Ratan Tata andMinister for Commerce and Industries Anand Sharmaduring the India South Africa CEO Forum in New DelhiPhoto: S. Subramanium
  26. 26.  The CEOs Forum, the second meeting, of the two countries led by its two chairpersons Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, and Patrice Motsepe, Executive Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals, met here. The first meeting of the Forum was held in Johannesburg last year. The CEOs met with the objective to give a boost to the growing bilateral economic relations between the two nations and find ways and means to promote bilateral trade and investment. The meeting also addressed the challenges and constraints hampering the growing economic partnership.
  27. 27. CONT…. Official figures put the cumulative value of Indian investment in South Africa at $6.7 billion. Interacting with the South African Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies, during the meeting of the India-South Africa CEO Forum here, Mr. Sharma said: “We hope to achieve the target of $15 billion set for 2014 in trade much before than the proposed deadline”.
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  29. 29. THANK YOU