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Google Analytics: MVPs and Game-Changing New Features
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Google Analytics: MVPs and Game-Changing New Features


Part two of Seb Chan & Brian Alpert’s "Web Metrics and Google Analytics for Museums" workshop looks at some of the most significant recent changes to Google Analytics. With many improvements released …

Part two of Seb Chan & Brian Alpert’s "Web Metrics and Google Analytics for Museums" workshop looks at some of the most significant recent changes to Google Analytics. With many improvements released over the course of the 2013-14, Google dramatically altered the landscape of the tool's capabilities. The presentation discusses such GA "MVPs" as Advanced Segmentation and Event Tracking, and provides an overview of some of the many new features, including Demographics and Interests reports, custom channels and content grouping, and the coming change to Universal Analytics. Case studies and slides showing best practices and "tips and tricks" are also included, as well as links to the valuable resources used to collect the information. Presented 4/2/14 at Museums and the Web 2014, Baltimore Maryland.

Published in Data & Analytics
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  • Four of thirteen datapoints are outside of the upper and lower control limit ranges, 30% of the data. Is that enough to say yes, that’s a statistically significant trend? The answer is subjective, but arguably so.


  • 1. Google Analytics MVPs and Game-Changing New Features as presented at Museums and the Web 2014 Baltimore, MD 4/2/14 Brian Alpert Web Analytics and SEM Analyst Smithsonian Institution @balpert
  • 2. 2 What do we have here? • Introduction • MVP Feature 1: Improved Segmentation – Cohorts • MVP Feature 2: Event Tracking • Automation: Supermetrics Dashboard / Case Studies • New, Game-Changing Features – Demographics and Interests – Universal Analytics • Other Stuff • GA Best Practices/ Tips and Tricks • Resources
  • 3. 3 Feverishly Google  Since 2012 Google has been feverishly revamping the world‟s most popular web analytics tool.  70+ launches in 2013 alone!  New reports  New features  New navigation structure  New names for stuff  New ways to do stuff  Completely new code (we‟ll get to that)
  • 4. 4 Google Analytics MVPs!
  • 5. 5 MVP #1: Improved segmentation  “Probably the most important tool” (Cutroni)  Drag and Drop interface  Templates make it easier to create segments  (Anonymous) user segments  Cohort analysis  Behavior “sequence” segments  Launched 7/13/13  Overview  Examples (Cutroni) Advanced segments are accessed from this pull- down arrow.
  • 6. 6 (Not-so) New user interface  Drag and Drop one or more segments into place  Nice touches give an improved experience
  • 7. 7 User segmentation is a large step forward  “A user is the tool‟s best-guess of an anonymous person.”  User segments represent all data associated with a user.  I.E., all visit data the user generated during the time frame.  Built-in  Single-visit users  Multi-visit users  Create your own  "Users in Massachusetts who spent > $500."  Can follow user groups for 90-days. User segment: mobile device users from facebook who stayed for >30 seconds.
  • 8. 8 User segmentation (cont‟d)  Offered in various places  E-commerce area shows ability to analyze per user (anonymously)  The segment shown at the bottom can answer the question: What’s the difference in conversion rates for people who went to page X from a banner on the home page, compared to people whose first page was page Y?
  • 9. 9 New and awesome! Cohorts!  The ability to segment a unique group of visitors with something in common.  Helps analyze the long- term benefits of groups.  Date of First Visit is the first / only offering.  Segment users (create cohorts) by when they first visited.  "All users who first visited between Feb 1 and Feb 28 as a result of a paid search campaign” (cpc).  Can create cohorts for any 31-day time period The example can help you understand if a shift in strategy has been successful (or not!) (Kaushik)
  • 10. 10 Also way cool – “Sequence” segments  Identify specific sequences of interaction by visit (within single visits) and/or user (over all visits within a date range).  Track the behavior of users across multiple sessions.  Examples  Users who viewed two pages in a row (e.g., two steps in a shopping cart).  Segment all people who visited from a campaign and bought something some time after seeing the campaign.  People who started a checkout process but did not purchase. This segment will measure users who start a checkout process, but do not finish. (Cutroni)
  • 11. 11 The Gallery. THE GALLERY!  Let experts create segments for you!  Well-known GA experts post their segments.  Click “Import from Gallery.”  Not just segments!  Custom Reports  Dashboards  Bonus segmentation links  Example segments (Google)  10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI (Search Engine Watch)
  • 12. 12 “Social Media Visits” advanced segment  Regular expression:||bitly||blogger|bloglines|blogspot|delicious|digg|facebook|feedburn er|flickr|foursquare||||hootsuite|instagram|linkedin|m.fa|meetup|newsgator|||pinterest|||reddit |sphinn|stumbleupon||technorati|tripadvisor|tweetdeck|twitter|typepad|tumblr|wikia|wordpr ess|youtube The regular expression (“regex”) can also be edited to include smaller groups, or types of social sites, i.e., facebook and twitter.
  • 13. 13 Case Study: Social Media Visits segment Key Trends and Insights Social Media segment trends are ‘streaky,’ indicating interest correlating to social media program activity. High loyalty group share is much higher than similar groups, indicating strong relationship between OP content and its audience. Impact • Social media visitors visiting the site erratically over time could impede the project goals of fostering a desire to learn more, to continually share and to move visitors along a continuum of learning toward action. Recommended Steps • If social media/blog efforts are coming in spurts, consider ways to execute a more consistent schedule. • Engage qualitative effort to gauge possible U-I or search issues, and/or uncover other engagement- related characteristics.
  • 14. 14 Let‟s make the „Social Media Visits‟ segment  The regex, which you can update and/or customize: ||bitly||blogger|bloglines|blogspot|delicious|digg|facebook|feedburner|flickr|fo ursquare||||hootsuite|instagram|linkedin||meetu p|newsgator|||pinterest|||reddit|sphinn|stumbleupon||tec hnorati|tripadvisor|tweetdeck|twitter|typepad|tumblr|wikia|wordpress|youtube
  • 15. 15 Advanced segment: engaged visits These visits  Were deeper than three pages.  Were longer than three minutes.
  • 16. 16 Advanced segment: highly-engaged visits These visits  Were deeper than four pages.  Were in frequency more than two times in the measured period.  Were longer than two minutes. These values can be tweaked for your site, of course! A nice blog post on this topic is here.
  • 17. 17 Custom Channels help you understand your audience  “Channel Grouping”  Located in „Acquisition‟  Acquisition-Behavior- Conversion (ABC) cycle  How you acquire users  How they behave  Their conversion patterns  Custom channel examples  Paid social media  Library sites  Photo sites  Rules may involve regex  These channels will also appear in the Multi Channel Funnels reports Sources: Cutroni SEER Interactive The Acquisition „Overview‟ report shows acquisition metrics in “ABC” terms:  Acquisition  Behavior  Conversion
  • 18. 18 Content Grouping helps you understand behavior  A way to create content-specific segments  Blogs  Content types (“History”)  You define these.  Multiple ways to specify content groups  Tracking code modifications  URL, page title, or description  Other rules  Groupings of Groups - !  Blog content categories  References  analytics-content-grouping/  analytics-content-groups/
  • 19. 19 Discuss  How would you use user segments – as opposed to traditional visit segments?  How would creating “Date of First Visit” cohorts extend that usefulness?  What custom channels would you add?  What about Content Groups – how could you use them?
  • 20. 20 MVP #2: „Event‟ Tracking  Events are super-important, yet under-utilized because they involve adding code!  “Events” are a feature of HTML  Bits of code that triggers javascript to make something happen  A prompt, or alert  Sending info to Google Analytics (e.g., a link was clicked)  To use “Event Tracking” in GA, you have to:  Define and categorize your events  Configure and add the code, usually right in the link (but not always)  The code is pretty simple, really  Many social-share widgets automatically add Events.
  • 21. 21 Common uses for Events  Basic (super easy)  External links  Internal banners  Sign-ups, log-ins, form submissions  Downloads  Middle (a little more complex)  Gadgets  Videos  Social sharing button interaction  Advanced (but awesome!)  Search engine rank tracking  Form completion progress/ drop out  Scroll reach (great for blogs)  Source: Lewis (2013) Source: Bowhouse
  • 22. 22 Defining Events is a simple exercise  Category  The broad category of the event you are tracking  Ex. – External links, Social, Downloads, Videos  Action  More specifically what you are tracking  Ex. – Click, PDF, Play Video, Submit Form, etc.  Label (optional, but helpful)  More specific sub-categories of actions, titles, etc.  Ex. – Overview PDF, Gone With the Wind  Value (optional, also good-to-do and easy)  A predetermined numerical value for a tracked object  An assigned “dollar value” ascribed to an Event  An assigned value when a user plays a video to a certain point, etc.  Interaction (optional)  True/False category that determines if the action will prevent the visit from being a „bounce visit.‟
  • 23. 23 Event code is easy to parse (really!)  Tracking clicks on a link to download a white paper  The full code of the link:  <a href=”/downloads/whitepapers/seo-is-great.pdf” onClick=”_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'whitepaper', 'download', 'SEO Whitepaper', 5, true]);” target=”_blank”>SEO Whitepaper</a>  Other code examples  _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', External links', „Click', „Partner website']);  _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Downloads', 'PDF', 'Overview PDF']);  _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Videos', 'Play', 'Gone With the Wind']);  Source: Lewis (2013)
  • 24. 24 There‟s a bit of a conundrum however…  Two significant changes affecting Events  Google Tag Manager (GTM)  Universal Analytics  The Good  Events can be tracked via GTM w/o extra code!  Universal Analytics is the future; offers new capabilities and power.  The “Bad”  GTM means revamping all your code, and embracing a new way of doing things.  Universal Analytics Events code is also different.
  • 25. 25 There‟s tons of info on the web  Google Event Tracking Guide (Google)  Google Analytics Event Tracking Explained for Non-Coders (Miceli, SEER Interactive)  The Complete Google Analytics Event Tracking Guide Plus 10 Amazing Examples (Lewis, koozl)  A New Method to Track Keyword Ranking using Google Analytics (Cutroni, Google)  Tracking Internal Campaigns with Google Analytics (Cutroni, Google)  14 Google Analytics Product Announcements from the 2013 #GASummit (Sauer, Jeffalytics)
  • 26. 26 Google Analytics Automation
  • 27. 27 Supermetrics Data Grabber  Extracts data from the Google Analytics API.  Easy-to-use and customize.  Exceptional charting capabilities.  14 days free.  $348 per year.  Limited documentation and support.  Excel for Windows 2003/2007/2010/2011.  Excel 2011 for Mac (super slow though)
  • 28. 28 Supermetrics Custom Dashboard  The two spreadsheets work together.  „Engagement‟ oriented metrics  Visit Frequency  Visit Length  Visit Depth  New vs. Returning Visits  Bounce Rate  Conversion Rate  Search Engines  A foundation to make data actionable  “Key Trends and Insights”  “Impact on Site/Museum”  “Steps Being Taken” The easily updated, trended data is what makes the dashboard powerful.
  • 29. 29 Dashboard Case Studies
  • 30. All Visits data tells a nice story... 30 Minimal loyalty group (purple) downward trend indicates improving content engagement High loyalty group (blue) upward trend indicates same Impact of this Data on the Site or Program • This good-looking chart may indicate high content engagement and/or perceived value • This data may correlate to increasing conversion behaviors Acting on this Data • Identify moderate and high loyalty pages as a means of duplicating, or improving others • Examining conversion behaviors of these segments may yield add'l insights • Correlating high bounce rate pages to one-time visits may yield add'l insights • Test different content types in an attempt to move 'minimal' visitors into 'moderate' group Key Trends and Insights
  • 31. 31 This Impact of this Data on the Site or Program • Organic search listings are driving poorly-targeted traffic • Will result in decreased organic search performance over time Acting on this Data • Refocus title tags, meta-description tags and page content for important pages • Perform link analysis to see where other SEO improvements can be made Minimal frequency group upward trend indicates organic listings are not appropriately targeted Moderate frequency group downward trend indicates same High frequency group trending slightly downward, in contrast to previous chart‟s upward slope Key Trends and Insights …But applying segmentation tells a different story
  • 32. 32 SI Archives “Definitive Source of SI History”  Strategy: increase engagement with SI history website content.  Tactic: make website history content more measureable.  Measurement: “High Visit Depth”  Percentage of HISTORY visits was 94% higher than ALL visits  1.21% average for ALL visits  2.35% average for HISTORY visits History-related visits All visits
  • 33. 33 Archives of American Art Wikipedia Case Study  AAA wanted to make their content more accessible to younger students.  They worked with Wikipedia to expand their offerings.  We compared segments of Wikipedia visitors to other visitors.  Wiki-referred visitors were increasingly less likely to (need to) visit the AAA site many times.  This contrasts with the stable trend of all visits. All visits, high frequency Wikipedia visits, high frequency
  • 34. Is the trend statistically significant? • Control Limits Definition • Avinash’s blog post • ‘Instant Cognition’ (Clint Ivy) blog post Four of thirteen datapoints are outside of the upper and lower control limit ranges, 30% of the data. Is that enough to say yes, that‟s a statistically significant trend? The answer is subjective, but arguably so.
  • 35. 35 Archives of American Art Wikipedia Case Study  Followup datapoint to the first  Wikipedia-referred visitors were less likely to ask Smithsonian staff for help via “contact us”  Reduced burden on Smithsonian staff  The same datapoint for two other segments is shown  Returning visitors  Visitors from search engines Returning visitors Wikipedia visitors Visitors from search engines
  • 36. 36 New, Game-Changing Features
  • 37. 37 Demographics and Interests reports  Demographics  Age (traffic by age ranges)  Gender (traffic by gender)  Interests – behavior by  Affinity Categories  In-Market Categories  Other Categories  No PII is tracked!  You have to add a line of code to your pages  You have to modify your privacy policy 
  • 38. 38 Affinity Categories TV Lovers Green Living Enthusiasts Movie Lovers News Junkies & Avid Readers/Business & Economic News Junkies Technophiles Movie Lovers/Comedy Movie Fans News Junkies & Avid Readers Beauty Mavens Music Lovers/Rock Music Fans TV Lovers/TV Comedy Fans Music Lovers Do-It-Yourselfers Music Lovers/Indie & Alternative Rock Fans Movie Lovers/Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movie Fans Sports Fans Travel Buffs/Beachbound Travelers Music Lovers/Electronica & Dance Music Fans Pet Lovers/Dog Lovers Shutterbugs Music Lovers/Folk & Traditional Music Enthusiasts Music Lovers/Rap & Hip Hop Fans Music Lovers/Spanish-Language Music Fans Cooking Enthusiasts Sports Fans/Winter Sports Enthusiasts Music Lovers/Pop Music Fans Thrill Seekers Travel Buffs Sports Fans/Basketball Fans News Junkies & Avid Readers/Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies Auto Enthusiasts/Performance & Luxury Vehicle Enthusiasts Gamers Sports Fans/American Football Fans Shoppers/Shopaholics TV Lovers/Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Fans Political Junkies Music Lovers/Country Music Fans Home Decor Enthusiasts Movie Lovers/Romance & Drama Movie Fans Gamers/Hardcore Gamers Sports Fans/Cycling Enthusiasts Cooking Enthusiasts/Aspiring Chefs Movie Lovers/Horror Movie Fans Music Lovers/Metalheads Shoppers/Bargain Hunters Sports Fans/Soccer Fans Travel Buffs/Luxury Travelers Pet Lovers Pet Lovers/Cat Lovers Music Lovers/Jazz Enthusiasts Movie Lovers/Family Movie Fans Art & Theater Aficionados Music Lovers/Blues Fans Auto Enthusiasts Sports Fans/Baseball Fans Nightlife Enthusiasts Shoppers/Value Shoppers Savvy Parents Sports Fans/Hockey Fans Health & Fitness Buffs Travel Buffs/Snowbound Travelers TV Lovers/TV Drama Fans Sports Fans/Golf Enthusiasts Outdoor Enthusiasts News Junkies & Avid Readers/Local News Junkies Music Lovers/Classical Music Enthusiasts Auto Enthusiasts/Motorcycle Enthusiasts Movie Lovers/Action & Adventure Movie Fans Sports Fans/Boating & Sailing Enthusiasts Shoppers/Luxury Shoppers Fast Food Cravers Gamers/Casual & Social Gamers Sports Fans/Skiing Enthusiasts Avid Investors Travel Buffs/Family Vacationers Foodies Cooking Enthusiasts/30 Minute Chefs TV Lovers/Game, Reality & Talk Show Fans Sports Fans/Running Enthusiasts Fashionistas TV Lovers/Family Television Fans Sports Fans/Water Sports Enthusiasts A partial list, to give you an idea. There are TONS of these categories!
  • 39. 39 In-Market Segments… Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles Consumer Electronics/Televisions Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles (New) Financial Services/Investment Services Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles (Used) Home & Garden/Home Appliances Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles by Brand/Ford Home & Garden/Home Appliances/Small Appliances Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles by Brand/Toyota Home & Garden/Home Decor Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles by Type/Motorcycles Home & Garden/Home Decor/Lights & Fixtures Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles by Type/Motorcycles/Motorcycles (Used) Home & Garden/Home Furnishings Autos & Vehicles/Vehicles (Other)/Bicycles & Accessories Home & Garden/Home Furnishings/Bedroom Autos & Vehicles/Vehicles (Other)/Campers & RVs Home & Garden/Home Furnishings/Garden & Outdoor Computers & Peripherals/Computer Accessories & Components Home & Garden/Home Furnishings/Home Office Computers & Peripherals/Computer Accessories & Components/Memory & Storage Home & Garden/Home Furnishings/Living Room Computers & Peripherals/Computers/Desktop Computers Home & Garden/Home Improvement Computers & Peripherals/Computers/Laptops & Notebooks Home & Garden/Home Improvement/Flooring & Decks Computers & Peripherals/Computers/Tablets & Ultraportable Devices Home & Garden/Home Improvement/Paint Computers & Peripherals/Printers, Scanners & Faxes Home & Garden/Home Improvement/Plumbing Fixtures Consumer Electronics/Audio Home & Garden/Home Improvement/Tools Consumer Electronics/Audio/Car Audio Real Estate/Residential Properties Consumer Electronics/Audio/Pro Musician & DJ Equipment Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Rent) Consumer Electronics/Audio/Speakers Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Rent)/Apartments (For Rent) Consumer Electronics/Audio/Stereo Systems Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Rent)/Houses (For Rent) Consumer Electronics/Camcorders Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale) Consumer Electronics/Cameras Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale)/Apartments (For Sale)/Preowned Apartments (For Sale) Consumer Electronics/Cameras/Camera Lenses Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale)/Houses (For Sale)/New Houses (For Sale) Consumer Electronics/Cameras/Digital SLRs Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale)/Houses (For Sale)/Preowned Houses (For Sale) Consumer Electronics/Cameras/Point & Shoots Software/Antivirus & Security Software Consumer Electronics/DVD & Blu-Ray Players Software/Audio & Music Software Consumer Electronics/Game Consoles Software/Business & Productivity Software Consumer Electronics/Game Consoles/Sony PlayStation Software/Design Software/Drawing & Animation Software Consumer Electronics/Home Theater Systems Software/Design Software/Photo Software Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones Software/Video Software Telecom/Internet Service Providers
  • 40. 40 Other Categories… Arts & Entertainment Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/TV Shows & Programs/TV Reality Shows Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities & Entertainment News Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/TV Shows & Programs/TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows Arts & Entertainment/Comics & Animation/Anime & Manga Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design Arts & Entertainment/Comics & Animation/Cartoons Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design/Architecture Arts & Entertainment/Comics & Animation/Comics Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design/Design/Graphic Design Arts & Entertainment/Entertainment Industry/Film & TV Industry/Film & TV Awards Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design/Painting Arts & Entertainment/Events & Listings/Concerts & Music Festivals Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art & Design/Photographic & Digital Arts Arts & Entertainment/Humor Autos & Vehicles Arts & Entertainment/Humor/Live Comedy Autos & Vehicles/Bicycles & Accessories Arts & Entertainment/Movies Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Brands Arts & Entertainment/Movies/Bollywood & South Asian Film Autos & Vehicles/Vehicle Brands/Toyota/Scion Arts & Entertainment/Movies/Comedy Films Beauty & Fitness/Body Art Arts & Entertainment/Movies/Horror Films Beauty & Fitness/Face & Body Care/Make-Up & Cosmetics Arts & Entertainment/Movies/Science Fiction & Fantasy Films Beauty & Fitness/Fashion & Style Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio Beauty & Fitness/Fashion & Style/Fashion Designers & Collections Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Classical Music Beauty & Fitness/Fashion & Style/Fashion Modeling Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Country Music Beauty & Fitness/Fitness/Bodybuilding Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Experimental & Industrial Music Beauty & Fitness/Hair Care Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Folk & Traditional Music Books & Literature Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Jazz & Blues/Blues Books & Literature/E-Books Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Jazz & Blues/Jazz Books & Literature/Literary Classics Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology Books & Literature/Magazines Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology/DJ Resources & Equipment Books & Literature/Poetry Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology/Music Recording Technology Books & Literature/Writers Resources Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology/Musical Instruments Business & Industrial Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology/Musical Instruments/Guitars Business & Industrial/Advertising & Marketing Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology/Musical Instruments/Pianos & Keyboards Computers & Electronics/Computer Security/Antivirus & Malware Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Equipment & Technology/Samples & Sound Libraries Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Audio Equipment/Headphones Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Reference/Music Composition & Theory Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Audio Equipment/Stereo Systems & Components Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Reference/Song Lyrics & Tabs Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Camera & Photo Equipment/Cameras & Camcorders/Camera Lenses Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Music Streams & Downloads Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Camera & Photo Equipment/Cameras & Camcorders/Cameras Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Pop Music Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/Game Systems & Consoles/Sony PlayStation Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Radio Computers & Electronics/Programming Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Rock Music Computers & Electronics/Programming/Scripting Languages Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Rock Music/Classic Rock & Oldies Computers & Electronics/Software Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Rock Music/Hard Rock & Progressive Computers & Electronics/Software/Business & Productivity Software Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Rock Music/Indie & Alternative Music Computers & Electronics/Software/Business & Productivity Software/Spreadsheet Software Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Rock Music/Metal (Music) Computers & Electronics/Software/Freeware & Shareware Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Rock Music/Punk (Music) Computers & Electronics/Software/Internet Software/Internet Clients & Browsers Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Urban & Hip-Hop/Rap & Hip-Hop Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software/Audio & Music Software Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Urban & Hip-Hop/Soul & R&B Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software/Audio & Music Software/Audio Files Formats & Codecs Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/World Music/East Asian Music Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software/Desktop Publishing/Fonts Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/World Music/Latin American Music/Brazilian Music Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software/Graphics & Animation Software Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/World Music/Reggae & Caribbean Music Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems/Linux & Unix Arts & Entertainment/Offbeat Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems/Mac OS Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems/Windows OS Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video Computers & Electronics/Software/Software Utilities Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/TV Shows & Programs Finance/Accounting & Auditing/Tax Preparation & Planning Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/TV Shows & Programs/TV Comedies Finance/Banking Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/TV Shows & Programs/TV Dramas Finance/Investing
  • 41. 41 Privacy considerations  Google refers to this as “changing your Analytics tracking code to support Display Advertising.”  You are required to disclose the following in your privacy policy:  The Google Analytics features you've implemented based on Display Advertising (e.g., Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, or Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting).  Using the Ads Settings, visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads. 
  • 42. 42 Technical considerations  You can only apply over a 90-day period.  This data is based in integration with Google‟s DoubleClick ad-serving network, so…  Take these with a grain of salt – you may not be who DoubleClick thinks you are.  These reports are based on a subset of your data since Google cannot always determine user characteristics.  Not yet available in the API.  Not yet available in Universal Analytics.
  • 43. 43 Example from  Cyclic Defrost is an online magazine that covers independent electronic music, avant-rock, experimental sound art, leftfield hip hop and everything in between.  The largest visitor segment is 25-34 year-olds.
  • 44. 44 Example from (cont‟d)  Older visitors (though small in number) engage the content at a higher rate.  This segment skews more highly male than the 25-34 year-olds.  83-16 vs. 77-23
  • 45.  Shows how men and women use the site differently 45 Awesome motion chart
  • 46. 46 Universal Analytics T H E F U T U R E Source:
  • 47. 47 Universal Analytics means user-centric data  Moving away from device-specific measurement (a.k.a. cookies).  Track users on other network-connected devices  Kiosks  Game consoles  Point-of-sale systems  Catalog sales (?)  More control over settings and adjustments  User ID feature allows you to anonymously track all interactions related to a logged-in person, across all data sources. (This feature is still in closed beta.)  Session time-out setting  More control over dimensions and metrics  Custom Dimensions and Metrics  “Dimension Widening” (importing dimensions from other data sources)  Better cross-domain tracking and back-end improvements
  • 48. 48 Universal Analytics means all new code  Ultimately we will all migrate to the new code, but…  You might not want to do it now.  Still in phase one of a public beta.  You can use both tags at the same time.  Your data will be “starting over”  Does not currently support:  Demographics and Interests  Remarketing  Google Display Network Impression Reporting  DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration Source: Vampyre Fangs
  • 49. 49 A word about the technology  Universal Analytics works via the Measurement Protocol.  Still works by collecting hits, but...  You manually determine the way hits are collected / users identified.  Then add the GA code into your device to send hits back to Google Analytics.  References  analytics/  
  • 50. 50 Add data into Google Analytics!  Custom Dimensions and Metrics: Import data from other datasets and create your own Dimensions and Metrics  Office coffee drinkers  Types of coffee they like  Number of cups per day they consume  Dimension Widening: Join them with the existing data in Google Analytics.  Content data (Author, Topic)  Product or customer data  Advertising data  Cost Data Import: Import the amount of $$ spent on non-Google ads  Help calculate the ROI on non-Google ads  Manually upload CSV files or automatically send data via the GA API  Resources    analytics/#sr=g&m=o&cp=or&ct=-tmc&st=(opu%20qspwjefe)&ts=1387574151
  • 51. 51 Discuss  Has anyone upgraded to Universal Analytics yet?  How would you use GA in your non-website / mobile settings (i.e., in a kiosk or point-of-sale unit)? Other device(s)?  What new dimensions or metrics would you add, from other data sources?
  • 52. GA Best Practices / Tips and Tricks 52
  • 53. 53 A Word About Scope  No, not the mouthwash!  Google defines dimensions and metrics in terms of their scope.  User  Session  Hit  You can only widen between dimensions and metrics of same scope. Source: Kaushik Source: Cutroni
  • 54. 54 A more detailed version of the diagram Source: CutroniSource: Kaushik
  • 55. 55 Dimensions and Metrics should be matched  Mismatching of hit- and session- level metrics and dimensions is becoming more commonplace. Source: Google Analytics Academy
  • 56. 56 You can do a mismatch, but…  “It would not be logical to combine a session-level metric like Count of Visits with a hit-level metric like Page Title.” Source: Google Analytics Academy
  • 57. 57 Sometimes you can‟t do it even if you try.  “It is not possible to combine a hit- level metric like Time on Page with a session-level metric, like Traffic Source or Geographic Location.” Source: Google Analytics Academy
  • 58. 58 Unfiltered backup profile  Create a profile that has no filtering of any kind  Leave this profile alone – it serves as a backup  Protection against unintended consequence  Possible names  Website/view name (backup)  Website/view name (unfiltered data)
  • 59. 59 Filter-out internal-traffic  If you want to exclude visitors surfing from within your network  Account >> Admin >> View (Profile) >> Filters >> +New Filter >> External Traffic Only
  • 60. 60 Measure only traffic taking place on your site  Scraping and re-publishing website content is a common practice.  Those sites exist to serve Google Adsense ads and make money.  Unfortunately they also scrape your GA “UA” account number.  Their traffic goes into GA as your traffic!  Include all your domains.  Filter pattern  |
  • 61. 61 Use annotations  Super easy – a great way to know at-a-glance what happened on your site, launches, promos, etc.  You think you‟re gonna remember – you‟re not!
  • 62. 62 Resources  Google Analytics Blog   Avinash Kaushik‟s “Occam‟s Razor”   Analytics Talk (Justin Cutroni)   Supermetrics Data Grabber   Automate Analytics Google Group   Lunametrics blog   Kissmetrics   Annielytics 
  • 63. 63 Thanks! (whew!)