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What have you learnt about technologies
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What have you learnt about technologies

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  • 1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  • 2. ICT
    I have gained more experience in using Adobe Photoshop and using a blog to record research on the music press and to document the process of making a music magazine. I have also used desktop publishing software such as Pages which I used to set out the magazine’s feature article. In using software specifically designed for Apple computers, I have learned how to save my work in a format that would allow documents to be opened on both PCs and Macs.
    On my blog, I used Slideshare to upload a Power Point presentation and Scribd to present a PDF file to show information in a more dynamic way. Scribd shows PDF files in different formats, but the slide/book views allow the feature article to be read as if it were a physical publication.
  • 3. Uploading and downloading files
    I used dafont.com to download fonts for my cover and feature pages. The sans serif fonts reflect a sense of modern sophistication which I felt fit in with my layout design, also.
    Using SlideShare, I was able to upload Power Point presentations on the evaluation questions. I received audience feedback in video format and made an iMovie video of the responses. In the program I learned how to add titles and rearrange clips to make a short film. The video was then uploaded to the blog.
  • 4. Using Pages
    In the process of making the product, I learned how to use a desktop publishing program, Pages. It was necessary to use this type of technology as it is specifically designed to be used in making publications, and other software I used in the production lacked the features it has, for example the ability to create columns for text.
  • 5. Using Photoshop
    I created the magazine front cover, contents page and images in the feature using Photoshop. Although I already have used it, I learnt some techniques to make the cover and contents look more interesting and professional.
    Using the layer styles function, for instance, I could add shadows to images and text. Linking/grouping layers allowed me to move separate images (the three different pictures of the actors) together.
  • 6. Photography
    I used a digital camera for all the photography, and I have learned more about manipulating photos. I also got some practical experience in photography, setting up a backdrop and using lighting.