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Learn Ballroom Dance Lesson For Your Weeding
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Learn Ballroom Dance Lesson For Your Weeding


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Ballroom dancing is great fun with your partner. This is a good way to spend quality time with your closest person in life. So don’t feel embarrass good practice will help you to learn the perfect …

Ballroom dancing is great fun with your partner. This is a good way to spend quality time with your closest person in life. So don’t feel embarrass good practice will help you to learn the perfect steps. In this technological age, the internet is a vast storehouse for information on everything.

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  • 1. The Ballroom Of HuntingtonDance with the stars at The Ballroom of Huntington
  • 2. LEARN HOW TO DANCE SWINGThe Swing is a spot dance with a carefree relaxedstyle and is a dance easily mastered by mostpeople. The various speeds are excellent trainingfor quick footwork and good leading & followingwhich will add comfort and ease in other rhythmdances. After mastering the patterns, both menand women will find Swing a fun and excitingdance to learn and practice. Perhaps the mostuniquely American of all dances, the Swing bringsforth a buoyant carefree movement. Its one of thedances that becomes contagious.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at631.385.7271to learn more about the best Swing Dancelessons Suffolk County has to offer!
  • 3. SALSA DANCE LESSONSHave you ever watched two peopleSalsa Dancing? Isnt it simplymesmerizing? Doesnt it seem like thesingle most magical, fun, andliberating experience? Salsa dancingis HOT! It is for all ages and culturesand one of the most exciting activitiesyou can do. If you would like to meetnew people, have an amazing time,and learn to dance all at the sametime, then The Ballroom of Huntingtonis the place for you!Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at631.385.7271 to learn more about the best WaltzDance lessons Suffolk County has to offer!
  • 4. TANGO DANCE CLASSESTango is passionate, with dramatic poses.Its story is of a love affair that issometimes amorous, sometimes angry,but always intense! The basic timing isslow-slow-quick-quick-slow, spelling out itsname: T-A-N-G-O. The Argentine Tango isthe easiest of all the ballroom dances tobegin dancing, and to begin dancing well.Why? Its basic rhythm is slow-slow, aneasy walking pace. And its basic "step" isthe walk.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at 631.385.7271to learn more about the best Tango Dance lessonsSuffolk County has to offer!
  • 5. WALTZ DANCE LESSONSWaltz is a smooth progressive dancecharacterized by long, flowing movements,continuous turns, and rise & fall. Gracefuland elegant, dancers glide around the flooralmost effortlessly. The American style ispunctuated with lavish open movements,underarm turns, and solo spins. At 28-30measures per minute, the tempo is slow atbest, but the expressive quality of themusic often invites very powerful anddynamic movement from dancers.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at 631.385.7271to learn more about the best Waltz Dance lessonsSuffolk County has to offer!
  • 6. LEARN TO DANCE THEFOXTROTThe Foxtrot is a smooth American danceintroduced to the public in 1913 by Harry Fox,noted for being the first dance to incorporateinto the rhythm a combination of Slows andQuicks. Characterized by elegant walking-style movements danced to silky or upbeatjazz tunes by artists including Frank Sinatra,Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Tony Bennett,Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble and the newcrop of contemporary jazz artists. It is one ofthe most elegant and sophisticated of theballroom dances. Think Fred and Ginger, tophats and tails! This isnt a slow dance-although it is smooth, good music is mid-tempo, and is therefore easy for beginningdancers to keep their balance while learning.This is one of the most useful ballroomdances to learn!Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at 631.385.7271to learn more about the best Dance lessons Suffolk Countyhas to offer!
  • 7. HUSTLE DANCING LESSONSThe Hustle gives us the fusion of Swingand Disco. You will encounter the hustle atweddings and nightclubs. It is one of theeasiest dances to learn. there are lots ofturns and spins which make the hustleexciting and full of energy. Hustle songsand artists include: I Will Survive - GloriaGaynor, Last Dance - Donna Summer,Believe - CherContact The Ballroom of Huntington at 631.385.7271to learn more about the best Dance lessons SuffolkCounty has to offer!
  • 8. LEARN TO DANCE COUNTRYWESTERNCountry Western dance encompassesmany dance forms or styles, which aretypically danced to country western music,and which are stylistically associated withAmerican country and/or western traditions.Many of these dances were "tried and true"dance steps that had been "put aside" formany years, and became popular underthe name(s) "country-western", "cowboy",or "country". Country dancing is also knowna "kicker dancing" in Texas.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at 631.385.7271to learn more about the best Dance lessons SuffolkCounty has to offer!
  • 9. Cha-Cha, originally known as Cha-Cha-Cha, has its origins in theCuban Mambo. It gets its name fromthe distinctive syncopated triple step(cha cha cha) danced between 2 rocksteps. It came to this country in themiddle 1950s. This is also a spotdance and is expressed though bodyanimation. The character is fun,flirty, playful. Cha-Cha figures crossover to almost any fast tempo musicfrom country to funk and hip-hop.Learn the basic figures and thetechnique that makes those movesreally stand out on the dance floor,including rhythm walks, Cubanmotion, spotting, connection,posture, and footwork.LEARN THE CHA CHA
  • 10. LEARN TO DANCE FOR YOURWEDDINGLearning to dance for yourwedding is a special gift thatyou and your spouse-to-becan give to each other.Feeling confident and poisedwhen you dance together willensure that your very firstdance as husband and wifewill be a memory you willcherish forever. The Ballroomof Huntington can help getyou started and plan aprogram that will prepare youfor your big day.
  • 11. PROFESSIONAL DANCE LESSONS – LEARN BETTER ANDFASTERProfessional dance lessons make you perfect in learningdance steps. The lessons are really fun and providerefreshment. The whole procedure of them is to helpyou have and feel great about yourself. At present, thereare many dancing styles to learn that are able to take foryour enjoyment.Private and professional dancing lessons are where youwill get the most out of dancing. You will have the mostfocus and be able to retain the most knowledgeable ofdance lessons and unique style. You will get the mostattention that you can get so you are able to perfectyour moves and remember them to the best of yourability.
  • 12. LEARN TO BELLY DANCEBelly dance is natural to awomans bone and musclestructure. The movementscenter on the torso rather thanthe legs and feet, as iscommon in Western dance.The belly dancer isolates partsof her body, to move eachindependently in a completelyfeminine interpretation of themusic. The music seems toemanate from her body, assometimes she emphasizesthe rhythm, sometimes themelody of the song.
  • 13. ZUMBA DANCE CLASSESDitch the workout and join theparty!" is the slogan of Zumbassexy fitness program. Colombianative Beto Perez started thissizzling trend in 1999. Zumbafuses hypnotic latin rhythms andeasy to follow moves to create adynamic fitness program that willblow you away. Zumba fanaticsachieve long term benefits whileexperiencing an absolute blast inone exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant toengage and captivate for life!
  • 14. EXERCISE DANCE CLASSESDance is the universal languageof movement. Now you canexperience the joy of moving tomusic while improving yourfitness and burning 300 – 500calories!Want to learn some fun dancemoves for your weekend eventsand get a great workout in at thesame time? This dance workoutwill do just that and you will notbe disappointed. Our instructorsteach you easy to follow dancemoves that wont stress you out.Instead, youll have a blast andbe dripping in sweat.