MORRIS Customer Segment Profiles


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The MORRIS CSP aligns and identifies your brand and products to the people that want them most.

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MORRIS Customer Segment Profiles

  1. 1. MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)DO YOU REALLYKNOW WHOYOU’RE SELLING TO?
  2. 2. WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDYWHAT IS CSPThis MORRIS customized approach is aproven system of identifying and definingdemographics to assist marketing andsales teams become more effective atunderstanding and selling to audiences. CONSUMERThe CSP begins with mining criticalinformation from your customers andpotential customers. Through targetedresearch analysis, customer segments aredefined and purchasing motivations areidentified. Behavior sets, such as brandpreferences, media consumption habits,shopping behavior and communication BRAND PRODUCTtools are defined. Ultimately customersegments are aligned with your productline for efficient sales targeting.At its crux, the CSP aligns your brandand products with the people that wantthem. It can also align your brand topotential co-branding opportunities. MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  3. 3. WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDYBENEFITS OF CSP WHO IS YOUR UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER YOUR CUSTOMER Provides sales Defines a deeper people with a better understanding of understanding of who what motivates they’re selling to. the customer. TARGET YOUR CONNECT WITH MESSAGING CONSUMERS Creates laser-targeted Allows sales people messaging and selling, to connect products resulting in increased with consumer’s sales and more efficient needs, interests marketing efforts. and motivations.WHO BENEFITS FROM CSPProduct Managers Product Managers Sales teams who Innovation teams Any brand who’slooking to who want deeper want to improve who are looking looking for aincrease sales understanding on their sales numbers to extend product more authentic what motivates lines or influence understanding of their customers retail or co-brand how their brand partners connects to it’s target audiences MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  4. 4. WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDYSCOPE FOR CSPONLINE SURVEYSWriting and deployment of online surveys INDIVIDUALIZED ONLINE SURVEYS CUSTOMER SEGMENTSURVEY ANALYSISSurvey analysis and reportingCONSUMER MAPPING CONSUMER MAPPING SURVEY ANALYSISMapping of consumer segments to anindividual product line (usually 4-8 products)INDIVIDUALIZED CUSTOMER SEGMENT CUSTOMERIndividualized customer segment defined REPORT & SUMMARY SEGMENTATIONverbally and visuallyCUSTOMER SEGMENTATIONCustomer segmentation definition and mappingREPORT AND SUMMARYDelivery of a report on all of the above and a brandedPowerPoint summary presentationPRICING FOR CSPPRICING TIMING For more details on the MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles please contact:The cost for the base CSP is $30,000 and The CSP takesour client partner owns all the discovery, anywhere from 20-40 Steven Morris — 619.234.1211 x111content, reports and presentations. days to complete. Todd Ballard — 619.234.1211 x108 MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  5. 5. MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)CSP CASE STUDYIn the following pages, MORRIS provides a case study* that showcases how apotential consumer segmentation profile is brought to life. The client challengedMORRIS to create a storyline for target consumer categories that map to thebenefits of a specific product line.*Specific client was removed for IP protection
  6. 6. CSP CASE STUDY WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDY SPORTS MOM ALSO KNOW AS: Soccer, Swim, Lacrosse or Taxi Mom MISCONCEPTION: All Stay-at-Home Moms are frumpy and wear sweats all day. TV SHOPS MAGAZINES WEBSITES PRODUCTS FACTOIDS • 92% of polled parents said that sports are “Important to the overall development of their children.” • An estimated 48 million kids, ages 5-17, are involved in sports. MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  7. 7. CSP CASE STUDY WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDYSPORTS MOM CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION PROFILETHINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MARKETING TO HER SUGGESTED PRODUCTS1. Promote an image of a trendy and well-balanced mom—stay AWAY from the typical dowdy, minivan- driving image.2. Justify how your product aids in raising well-adjusted, confident and successful kids.3. Demonstrate the ability of your product to keep her connected to family and friends.4. Use networking sites and parenting blogs to reinforce your product’s key features. Model #34920234WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW• Drives a minivan or SUV• Always has a car full of kids• Free time is spent in a car when she is watching games or practices• Is overly protective• Usually a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom• Family’s needs come before her own Model #7039483THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW• Very health conscious• Searches for a sense of community• Reads self-help and parenting books• An avid social networker and part of many online communities• Frequently feels over-burdened• Finds that her hardest times are her kids hardest times• Listens to her intuition Model #40594892 MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  8. 8. CSP CASE STUDY WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDY WORKING MOM ALSO KNOW AS: Self-Made, Work-from-Home or Career Mom MISCONCEPTION: All Working Moms never cook. TV SHOPS MAGAZINES WEBSITES PRODUCTS FACTOIDS • 40% of working women are moms with kids under 18 years. • 83% of new moms return to work within 6 months of giving birth. • In 2002, there were 687,000 daycares in America. MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  9. 9. CSP CASE STUDY WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDYWORKING MOM CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION PROFILETHINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MARKETING TO HER SUGGESTED PRODUCTS1. Show how she can stay connected with her kids— without being over-bearing.2. Illustrate how your product can eliminate stress from work and allow her to enjoy more time with friends and family.3. Create a vision of productivity leading to less time in the workplace.4. Optimize search engine output to give your product’s research and reviews prominence. Model #309784WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW• Convenience is key• Has little to no free time• Friends are co-workers• Spends too much time at work, not enough with the family• Takes kids to daycare or relies heavily on family/husband to help out• Is a coffee addict and has bad eating habits Model #332008• Thinks technology makes things more convenientTHINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW• Has guilty feelings about working• Considers work their “free” time• Favorite gadget is the DVR to record her favorite shows and fast forward through the commercials• Actually separates friends from work• Is aware of healthy eating choices, but not always able to act upon them Model #3000566 MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  10. 10. CSP CASE STUDY WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDY AFFLUENT MOM ALSO KNOW AS: Well-to-do or Bravo Housewife MISCONCEPTION: All Affluent Moms have had plastic surgery. TV SHOPS MAGAZINES WEBSITES PRODUCTS FACTOIDS • Spends $1.6 trillion annually—equal to Great Britain’s purchasing power • Controls 80% of the household spending • Comprises 83% of all consumer purchases • Has 76 million credit cards—18 million more than men MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  11. 11. CSP CASE STUDY WHAT / BENEFITS / SCOPE & PRICING / CASE STUDYAFFLUENT MOM CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION PROFILETHINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MARKETING TO HER SUGGESTED PRODUCTS1. Illustrate status by creating a brand image that emphasizes “high-end.”2. Your product must enhance her lifestyle—show how family members will support and take pride in the same product.3. Promote how your product makes her stand out from the crowd.4. Celebrity endorsements will elevate the status of your product—advertise in upscale magazines and Model #97484 invitation-only websites/blogs.WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW• Not eco-concerned (drives SUVs)• Cares more about status symbols and having luxury items for her family than the family’s actual well-being• Nice things means the family is doing well• Has a nanny and housekeeper, so she has time to do what she wants• Gym, spa, manicures/pedicures, eating out, shopping are Model #67679033 among her favorite activities• To show support, she attends galas and expensive fund raisers—photo-ops aren’t a bad thing either• Has the newest technology—not for its uses, but because it shows off statusTHINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW• Lives through kids lives and tends to be overbearing—she wants for them what she never had• As long as there are nice things, she’ll ignore signs of discontent in family life Model #56543885• Tries to be young and her kids’ best friend MORRIS Customer Segmentation Profiles (CSP)
  12. 12. © MORRIS, Inc. 2011 All rights reserved.The contents of this document are the intellectual property of MORRIS, Inc. and cannotbe shared, used or distributed without the express written consent of MORRIS, Inc.