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Bali villa holidays articles   jesse mckinley

Bali villa holidays articles jesse mckinley






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    Bali villa holidays articles   jesse mckinley Bali villa holidays articles jesse mckinley Document Transcript

    • Jesse Mckinley The author recommends to visit http://www.balivillaholidays.com The author recommends to visit Private Villas In Bali website to read more about the bali island and some good locations like a Seminyak Villa. Visit http://www.balivillaholidys.com/blog to read more aboutholiday vacation tips and updates.Website: http://www.balivillaholidays.comCountry: Australia Content provided by Article NicheCopyright © 2012 Jesse Mckinley - All Rights Reserved. Hyperlinked material remains the property of its respective owners.
    • | Spending Ideal Holiday Vacation Holidays have always been anticipated with preparations and reservations. Most people spend a lot of time and money just to ensure that all are polished and done to the date of their awaited retreat. Thats why they do some early searches or canvasses about the right spot and conveniences they would like to spend the holidays with. Like where and what type of accommodation they favoured and most appropriate for the occasion. Hotels and beach resorts are the common pick of a typical holiday vacationer. Every popular tourist destinations in the world is said to be moreappreciated considering theaccommodation and lodging services offered. Top class hotels and resorts usuallytake the second spot of the places popularity since people often remembers thequality of comfort they experienced in each short stay. But people practically chose privacy in their every stay. Like everything would bemore luxurious whenever their family or partner or even by themselves spendholidays in an exclusive and reserved manner. The very idea of special seclusionfrom the work stress and crowded environment would definitely supply relaxationand leisure for the vacationers. In private villas, these types of conveniences are generic. Because vacation villasare similar to real state rental, vacationer would feel like they are renting a newhome just for their holiday vacations. Having a normal rest house could possiblyhave, private villas definitely differs in terms of home comfort and basic vacationhouse niceties. It is also economical as normal rents range the same as the rate inhotels. Some would range from $200 and up depending on how popular andappealing the tourist place. The amenities are exclusive for the renters while theyenjoy all the features of the villas. In addition, villas are described as quiet and ideal neighbourhood for a holidayvacation. The perfect views and luxuries a lodging house can offer are clusteredhere that holiday vacationers can experience the complete relaxation they reallywanted. Swimming pools, spas, green environment and nature trekking are justsome of their famous offerings which people look for in their vacation. It can beexperienced either with the whole family, partners and friends. Somehow, the new trend in vacation villa renting during holidays could be thefutures famous look out. The preservation of resort-like experience compared tourban hotels and the special exclusivity in lodging and accommodation in villasrespond to the ideal holiday vacation a regular person seeks. Even if its in the tropicor in the four-season tourist destinations, private villa accommodation maximizedevery feature the place can offer.Article Niche Content Provider 2
    • Therefore, whenever you want to spend your holiday vacation close to nature andin a calm environment, a private villa could be more accommodating. Every sparetime away from work pressure and city life would be healthier and worthy as long asyou cherish it in a private way with your family or special someone. The panoramicview around where you stay would more than a consolation to your free and leisuretime.Article Niche Content Provider 3
    • | Great Bali Villas To Stay On Your Vacation You are in your vacation in Bali Indonesia but still looking for those perfect villas that you can rent out and take a full rest. Today is the right time to sit back and choose the private Bali villas that suits you best. Make the perfect time and indulge into great finds in a tropic island as you and your family visits a luxurious holiday in Balis famous villas. The serene, green environment of the natives rice fields and the natural beauty of every beach in the island will sure fill your vacation with sweet memories. People across the world are considering the Bali Indonesia ason of their pick when it comesto their holiday vacation trip. The climate and the distinct views in this famous holiday destination are just someof the general features that western tourists were interested to. Bali Island isdescribed by travel enthusiasts as the destination for everyone who is looking for agreat tropical holiday. Whether you are solo, or with your family and friends, or evenstruggling on a tight budget, you can still definitely enjoy a top class vacation withBalis generous offers. There are lots of beautiful villa rentals in Bali that you canenjoy in particular with what you want and need for comfort and styleaccommodation. Like some of the featured villas in BaliVillaHolidays.com, there arealso a great number of ideal locations to choose from especially if you want for asecluded and quiet environment. Each year, tourist experience a kind of familiarityto every place in Bali that they are the ones who discover the area they are lookingfor a private and ultimate vacation stay in this admired island. Like the Villa Toba, which is said to be named after Lake Toba in Indonesias NorthSumatra Province the largest lake in all of Southeast Asia, most villas have its ownunique history and special highlights to satiate every moments of your stay. Thenatives colourful culture is not but another consolation for Bali Island guestsespecially during festivals and community events held in every Bali village. This villais also known for the single-storey 2-bedroom that would definitely suits you andyour family with resting relaxation. The two pavilions positioned on either side of aswimming pool within a sunny, walled, courtyard garden surely will also add for yourmemorable stay. These fine architectures indeed contribute to the beauty and unique atmospherethat most Bali villas are famous of. If your budget is on tight you can also avail theirrates + 21% tax and service charge and the good news is the package is inclusiveof daily breakfast and round trip airport transfer. This offer is really what most touristtake advantage to as it means no hassle for their vacation if everything is all set asin the tendered vacation packages. There are several villa rentals you can choosefrom at different locations in Bali wherever you see appropriate for you holidayvacation. You can make your mind set into place according to your lifestyle andpreference. So enjoy and have a nice holiday vacation at Bali Indonesia.Article Niche Content Provider 4
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 5
    • | Living A Luxury Lifestyle At Paradise Island You and youre family are ready to go and will start the Bali vacations that every one of you deserve. There is quite a lot of number one tourism destination in Bali that has been thinning out its name all over the world. If this is youre first time to be a Bali tourist you will definitely fall in love all over again and will promise to keep coming back not only because this is the Islands of Gods but also the perfect place for your getaway! People across the globe are well-known with Bali as the island of Gods or island of thousand temples. This fine-looking placehich is develop by unique combination between the beauty of fascinating view, thebeautiful and hospitable people occupied the Bali island and the rich culture thatlives all the way through the generations. Bali tourist keeps coming into Bali to discover all the places that made them the joyand happiness of seeing the beauty given by God. All the magical temples,Exquisite Mountains view, ancient village object, temple tours, under waterattractions and adventures, the simplicity and calming lake view, the eye catchyvalley to see, if you are into adventure kind of way then rafting in a longest river ofBali is best suits you. All these places are here in Bali islands that anyone canenjoy. Every time you want to feel to have a Bali holiday go, see and enjoy these places.Ask your family and friends to enjoy this Bali visits anytime of the year, make themost out it and live your life to the fullest. Just make sure to be responsible and doyour own job to make this Islands of Gods clean and safe. Now that you are fallen in love in the Island of Bali and wish to stay for the rest ofyour life, you can make some note and do some research on what you should doand not to do while living in Bali. Bali lifestyle is quite laid back according to most ofthe locals and you can see that they are very simple in terms of their livelihood. Allthey needed are in the corner of the islands, the food the adventure the livelihoodand everything that they want and need. Living in Bali is quite a treat for yourself especially if you came from the countrywhich is far different form Bali islands. You will certainly enjoy every bits of what youare doing here however it might be lessen as you stay longer yet you can alwayscome up and see different places across the islands. From its beautiful differentlocations your whole life will definitely enjoy and you can start and have your familyhere. Bali, one of the most popular islands in the archipelago of Indonesia, is among thethirty-three provinces of the Republic of Indonesia. This is the most well knowntourist destination that every people across the globe have visited. Bali is not only aArticle Niche Content Provider 6
    • perfect holiday and getaway but also a good place to start a new life. From therecent fact Bali has been ranked as one of the worlds best island by severalInternational Travel Magazines. However even the Bali lifestyle is quite a laid back, the culture is continuouslygrowing with the faster pace and is moving ahead with globalization. Since lot oftourist are coming that made their tourism industry increase and became lucrative tomost of the local businessman. So whenever you are planning to start and new lifewith a beautiful country, Bali is definitely a good choice.Article Niche Content Provider 7
    • | Best Shopping Spots Near Private Bali Villas There are many things that you can do while you are in your vacation or holiday in Bali Islands. Bali living and Bali lifestyle become popular not only because of the exquisite resorts and the beauty of their landscapes like mountains and etc. Bali villas are also one of the reasons why more and more people visit the island to experience the luxury and high quality accommodation. Indeed there are many countries that are in lead of having most popular boutiques and shopping store however Bali will have their share on having this famous shopping spots. Even though Bali is known fo variousreasons except shopping in Bali shops like the luxury Bali villas the Bali lifestyle andthe resort. Nevertheless all those people who visit Bali never really go back withoutbeing on a shopping spree at least one day amongst the rest of their holidayvacation. Bali Island is known or its exquisite scenery, exotic beaches, the beautifuland warm landscape, waterfalls and mountains yet they have also some famousboutiques and shopping shops that even if you are not shopaholic can definitelyenjoy these places. Bali shops are also the well-visited places as shopping in Bali is a more hands-onmatter than what a tourists and visitors may experience at a mall or supermarket inanother countries. Nevertheless this doesnt mean and not to say that Bali haventsurround its share of modern malls and department stores, but that the real joy ofBali shops is to visit one of the many smaller markets that can be found all over theisland. Not only you can get your exercise but also you can see and talk to thelocals, even you walk by foot under the sun you will not get annoyed because youwill feel the hospitality of the Bali locals. This way you will not only buy stuff also youcan enjoy the different conversations that you might have among the locals. In Bali shops bargaining is the number one things that every buyer would do. Theycan get stuff at less expensive prices than any department store you can get.General custom in Bali states that once you start negotiations, the seller will beexpecting you to stay bargaining in anticipation of a price to reach halfway and bothparties are happy with. A lot of markets in central and southern Bali are gearedtowards tourists, such as the massive Badung Market, Kuta Art Market, Kumbasarimarket, Ubud Art Market, Sanur Art Market and the Pasar Seni Sukawati. One of these places is the Kuta beach that is known as the definitive shoppingdestination for foreigners visiting Bali. There are many of art shops selling Balinesecrafts in Kuta. Tourist can buy bikini swimwear, surf wear, flip flops, surfboards andmountain wear and they can enjoy this stuff with the most affordable prices. Legian beach is a local boutiques and art shop that any artsy tourists certainlyenjoy the stuff they are selling here. The Nusa Dua beach is an outdoor mall that isa one-stop-shop for all and you can buy some Bali collections here.Article Niche Content Provider 8
    • The Sanur beach where you can buy antiques and vintage stuff, one place also isthe Ubud where anyone buys things from art shops especially for those interested inart crafts. Ubud also has the Sukawati Art Market, one of the largest art markets inBali, known for handicrafts and traditional handmade products. At Seminyak beachwhere you can buy antiques, unique furniture and handicrafts made by the mostcreative locals. Bali lifestyle is one of the perfect things why a tourist keeps coming back. Imaginethe busy city that gives you stress everyday. Here in Bali Islands you will not onlyfeel at home but also enjoy, relax and soothing environment that will give you a fullrest.Article Niche Content Provider 9
    • | Beach Villa Lifestyle In Canggu Bali Bali is popular among the tourists because of the calming and soothing experience that this place is to offer. With the calmest atmosphere, anybody can fall in love and will keep coming back for the experience of a lifetime. Canggu Bali is nestled on the north of Seminyak and on the south east of Tanah Lot district. Tourist can go to this place and reached within 40 minutes driving away from Balis international airport. At Canggu Bali the tourist will certainly enjoy the nature with the enchanting terrace rice field right down to the beach, with its simplicity and beauty.Canggu Bali is within20 minutes driving from the urban neighboring area, which is the Seminyak. Touristwho keeps coming back in Canggu loves the popular hang out place the CangguClub. The Interneation School is also near so if anyone decided to stay and haveam education here is definitely a good idea. Canggu is highly celebrated because of its properties such as beachfront resorts,Bali private villas, cottages, hotels, and also long-stay residences for expatriates.More and more people across from different countries are coming here. Theychoose to have their vacation holiday here and take a good rest to its luxury villas.Most Bali villas in Canggu are close by alang-alang Balinese roof, ornately carvedpillars, day bed, gazebo, private swimming pool, and the most essential of all, eachvilla Bali in Canggu uses the traditional elements of Bali mixed by modern comfortsand the latest technologies. In which according to tourists is the perfect place toenjoy their vacation. Canggu is a popular spot for surfers, because of the high waves. Theres not muchto see in Canggu. It is mostly for those who seek a private spot for those specialmoments. Tourists often visit Canggu Bali to enjoy the beach, relax under the sun,or get a view of the rice fields. If you want to experience the small, peaceful andquiet town of Canggu, then you should rent Canggu villas. There are a lot of Canggu villas all over the town. Canggu each Villa, for example,has one of the most prime private locations in the area. The luxurious pool, livingarea, and master bedroom were specially designed o give you the comfort youneed. With very lavish decorations it is no wonder why many people want to rentthis villa. The villa itself was designed by an Australian developer, who wasresponsible for almost all of the Bali villas in the area. It is strategically located soyou get the best view of Canggu. The four bedrooms in the villa are equipped with separate air conditioning systemsand ceiling fans. Because it is a tropical country, the management wants to you beas comfortable as you can in Canggu. The vacation should be a very relaxingexperience for you. This is why the bedrooms are equipped with an en suiteArticle Niche Content Provider 10
    • bathroom. You can experience showering outdoors, and enjoying a big Jacuzzi andbathtub. You can also cook your own food through the fully equipped kitchencomplete with very big refrigerators, high quality stove, oven and microwave.Smoothies will also be a breeze to make because of the kitchen blenders. However,you wont need to cook as you will be provided with over fourteen fully trained staff.This way you can be pampered any way you can. There are lots of places to choose for your perfect vacation holiday get away,however beforehand make sure to have a research to saves a lot of time andmoney.Article Niche Content Provider 11
    • | How To Make The Best Out Of Your Bali Vacation More and more people from across the world choose Bali Indonesia for their Bali travel and Bali vacation. Being one of the worlds most sought after tropical holiday destinations, Bali Island welcomes millions of overseas tourists each year. To provide accommodation them and to pull towards even more, growths of Bali holiday facilities are incessantly captivating place at an astonishing pace, from hotels to restaurants, from roads to marina. In this island of God, even people from the neighborhood country they have chosen to have their vacation to Bali Island. Since you goplaces to have a holiday breakthen you will need to get the most out of it. There are many travel destinations thathas been very popular nowadays but Bali Island is one of the top. Holiday break andget away be supposed to be all in relation to the fun and recreation, on the subjectof visiting a place which is away from daily routine and busy work. It is a placewhere never-ending occurrences are coming up for your sighting. For each holidaybreak and get away reason, Bali Island offers thousand things to do at the sametime as enjoying your holiday break in the island of the gods. Bali Island becomes popular because of its stunning scenery and the Bali lifestylethat made every tourist fall in love. The laid back lifestyle is definitely what you needafter a very long time of career and job in which your only center of attention. Thereare many things that you can do in the Island of God. Take a dip in the Balirestaurants that offer fresh top-quality ingredients totally support the Balis dishes tobe so mouth-watering and a mixture of, ranging from Indonesian, Japanese,Chinese, Thailand, French, Moroccan, Italian, to Balinese foods. In Bali Island youwill be capable of almost all kinds of food in completely diverse surroundings withthe outstanding views of rice fields, ocean, beach, bay, mountain, and other naturalviews. Recently tourism awareness spots have been incessantly comprehensive. Kuta asone of the oldest holiday closed society has been extensive to both directions, upnorth to Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, even Tanah Lot, and down to the south as wellas Jimbaran, Bukit, Dreamland, and Uluwatu. To begin with dedicated for premiumhotel developments, Nusa Dua has been without approval absolute as well. Southwest coastline from Tanah Lot to Nusa Dua along with Kuta, the island has Sanuron the other side of the greater south have been said as two of the most populartourist spot. Surfing is definitely a good decision if you want to release the adventure withinyourself. Bali has long become the paradise for surfers from anyone in the world,Kuta beach is one of the most popular across the island. Another popular surfingbeaches that you will certainly enjoy; from Kuta, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu,Article Niche Content Provider 12
    • Padang-Padang, Impossible, Balangan, or south of Kuta off the airport reef. Bali has something to offer for everyone whether if you are the adventure type orjust want to stay put, relax and enjoy the wind that blows from the beach. There isno denial the Bali Island is far one of the favorite spot among the tourists. With theexquisite restaurant along the sand of the beach you will not enjoy the delicious foodas well as the ambiance and views that will definitely melt your heart.Article Niche Content Provider 13
    • ReferencesAbout Author The author recommends to visit Bali Villa Rental website to read moreabout seminyak villas and search bali villas.Article Niche Content Provider 14
    • | Luxury Bali Villas In Kerobokan You Might Want To Visit Bali Island is indeed one of the most popular travel destinations in the world today. More and more people are coming to Bali to see the beautiful scenery and of course the admirable beaches, the beautiful villas and the unlimited things that people can do while having the perfect vacation in Bali Indonesia. Staying in a Luxury Bali Villas in Kerobokan is a lot of fun. You possibly will take happiness in wide-ranging activities on the seaside like rafting, diving, water jets, etc. This craze everyone inside the household can have an superb and breathtaking skill for lifetime. Th Luxury Bali Villas inKerobokan make available a restricted choice of personal pool and drinks of onesselection with a dinner near the beach coast. In Luxury Bali Villas In Kerobokanfamily can take pleasure in eating lavish and fresh sea food, and delight in therelaxing action at the same time as watching sundown sitting within the villas galleryand witness the dolphins frolicking in the sea. There is no denial the Bali Island is one of the well-visited place in the world today.They have known for their breathtaking scenery in which a lot of adventure thatanyone would certainly enjoy. At the same time Seminyak is well thought-out as almost certainly the majoritywell-known place in Bali in the middle of the sharp travelers. For the most partlinking to house to stay, then Villas in Seminyak make available an impressive staywith high security privacy. The area has eye-catching landscapes which catch theeyes and the attention of lot of people. It is going to be a perfect trip the place afamily will get pleasure from their keep in Villas in Seminyak in Bali which provides alast sense of tropical living. It will be the worth staying alternative in Bali Villas. If you are anguish from pressure and looking ahead to a magnificent time absentfrom work with your family, in that case possibly Bali is the vacation spot that youare looking for. Getting your strength back from the major devastation brought bythe calamities in the past years, Bali vacations at the moment recommend a lot ofattractive deals that attract you to enjoy the splendor of this place. Bali vacationshave a lot to offer to vacationers. From historical places to scenic views, you cancome across a selection of activities and places to travel around. On the other hand,there is one most important motivation why a lot of visitors keep coming back toBali, and that is Balis image as beach destination. There are lots of beaches that can be found in Bali Island. One of the mainlyadmired is the Kuta beach, which stretches from the airport in Tuban over mainKuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Kerobokan and all the way to Canggu. Kerobokan isthe wonderful place to go sunbathing for the duration of the day and socializing atArticle Niche Content Provider 15
    • night for the reason that usually this place starts to become crowded as soon as thesun sets. In Kerobokan the villas is quite worth staying for, you can choose fromdifferent rooms depends on your personality and budget. You also feel like your athome for the reason that this villa has the overwhelming ambiance that will makeeveryone satisfied.Article Niche Content Provider 16
    • | The Common Things In Bali Tourists Love Bali is a tranquil island blessed with notable beautiful landscapes and beaches that has been frequented by many around the world. So called the island of gods, and is considered as the most extraordinary chance of experience to travel. According to the history facts and legend has it, stated that Bali was first revealed at the same time as a huge surfing destination in the late 1960s by Australian surfers, other than whether it has been a fact and just a theory, there is no denial that Bali has in view of the fact turn out to be one of the hottest spots on the world surfing roue bymeans of leagues of surfing devotees. Bali is an astonishing island surfing situated in the Indonesian archipelago of18,700 islands just 8 degrees south of the equator. In recent times Bali Island has agigantic surf way of life, as a result whether youre a beginner demanding out yourfirst beach breaks or a skillful reef break rider, Bali Islands offers a number of thebest surfing beaches wherever in the world. There are many awesome places as you take a trip around the islands of Bali. Places like GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park, with a fantastic viewacross Jimbaran, Tuban, and Nusa Dua which reflects a good sunset view in theafternoon. Or take a trip down to Lovina Beach, just few kilometres away from thecity of Singaraja, Bali region in the north. There are many things to do while you are in Bali. And the more you explore Bali;there are more things to do that your time may not be enough. Bali Island, is usuallymade up of exotic body of water, and there are so many cultural influences here thatmost tourist just like to learn about. You can explore hotels, resorts, and cottagesthat you can check out if you have no definite plans yet on where to stay. Take BaliVilla Holidays Villa rentals for example, they have superb vacation services and alot of things to go for while you are there. Or you can visit the other parts of Bali where different cultural activities are such atreat for every tourist. Find time exploring Lovina. Lovina offers charming and quietmoments that you just love strolling around. Seeing people jog and swimming in theblue beaches. Or probably go for a fishing treat through the clear waters. You can also check out some people who work with so much detail andcraftsmanship in threading an ornament of pearls, ranging from rings, bracelets,necklace, and many more. Or if you get tired of walking around the areas, you cancheck their arrays of restaurants and warungs that cater for every taste with acertain budget restrictions. You can find Island with Moziac and Bebek Bengil (DirtyDuck) in Ubud, and Kudeta and Mades Warung in Seminyak,as well as finding theTrattoria, Rumors and Ultimo.Article Niche Content Provider 17
    • All of these establishments, offers touch of elegance and exotic feel. Finding theright nook for you to whet your appetite is just as thrilling in this place in Bali. Balitourism is such a warm and inviting subject. And you will miss coming here onceyou experience a treat here. Come now to Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 18
    • | This Months Best Bali Vacation Deals Bali Villa Holidays is an online source where you can find beautiful private villas for your planned vacation holiday in Bali. There are list of cheap private vacation villas and as well as luxurious villa for rent. The best thing about the villas here in Bali Villa that they offer is that it is one of the most sought after location and destination in this side of Bali. If you are in need of a place of relaxation and experience a beautiful sunset, you can go and have the vacation you need at Bali and find your tropical paradise. Bali is one of the best destinations in Indnesia with great scenery combined with nature getaways and vacation deals.Tourists choose Bali for their place to enjoy a warm and exotic feel of the tropicalplace and the staff will make you feel like royalty. The living and dining areas are spacious, well furbished and comfortable whilethere are large and air conditioned bedrooms for a calm and peaceful rest. A part ofyour Bali villa vacation package is the outstanding service of well-trained cooks toprepare your delicious Balinese and international dishes. Your Bali vacation willsurely be remarkable. Its not a vacation if theres no spa to pamper your whole body. You can bearranged for a beauty treatment like facial, manicure/pedicure, body scrub or youcan even plunge into a Mandi Lulu flower bath. There are also available Balinese orSwedish massage to take all that stress away. There are Bali villa vacation deals that will surely fit your budget. Here are some ofour top picks for you: Romantic Honeymoon Packages (Seminyak Area) – for only USD 3,223 netand stay for 3 nights at one-bedroom pool villa. Spacious bathroom with bath tub,indoor rain shower head,spacious living room and fully equipped kitchen. You canalso enjoy a Romantic dinner with champagne to make that special a nightunforgettable. The family excursion package – for only USD 1,194 net and stay for 3 nights/4 days in a villa with private pool, be welcomed with a fresh tropical fruit drink andfragrant chilled towel upon arrival. The family adventure package – for only USD 1, 255 net and stay for 3nights/4 days in a villa with a private pool, with a fresh tropical fruit drink and cooltowel and fruit basket upon arrival. You can also enjoy a daily breakfast in villa orrestaurant adventure rafting at Ayung River inclusive of lunch. Long Stay package – for only USD 493 net / package, stay for 5 nights, andbe welcomed with a tropical fruit drink upon arrival. Complimentary soft drink/snacksin the Mini – Bar, Daily full Breakfast served from 7:00 am – 12:00 pm.Article Niche Content Provider 19
    • If you just want to relax and get away from it all the vacation, you need and theplace to be is in Bali, Indonesia. With all these affordable best vacation deals, theenjoyment and lavish feel will be all worth it.Article Niche Content Provider 20
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 21
    • | Introducing New Luxury Villas At Legian Bali Ever wanted to have a superb vacation treat and awesome island treat in Bali? Trip to Bali is an awesome treat to give yourself and a holiday moment with your sweet family and relatives, or friends. Bali is island rich with myths, culture and natural scenery. It is perfect choice for memorable vacation and holiday. There are so many great beach, places, and community in Bali that you can choose from. With the low season coming in this month, Bali Villa Holidays is once again showcasing its list of luxurious private resorts and villas to spice up your holiday vacation here in Bal. With Bali Villa Holidays great locations, what more can you ask? To give you further ideas on the various locations that Bali Villa Holidays can offer,we enlisted some of the great feature villas for you to choose from. Including itsprice range and thus, it would help you choose which one works for you and yourfamily. Some samples are as follows: Legian Bali Villas , during low season, have prices is down to 660$. Villa is locatedin the heart of Seminyak and it is a free standing villa, awesome place for couple orfamily who want to stay longer than the usual vacation. Amenities are great,including a swimming pool, and for friendly staff to look after your need. Luxury villas are the great destination offer to go. Here in Bali, it is great to discovernew places and bound to come across the wonderful scenery that Bali beaches canoffer. Luxury villas like the ones offered at Bali Villa Holidays.com are superb choiceto look at. There are at least 67 suites that offer spacious living areas, bathroomsthat seems to have been ripped off in a lifestyle magazines, all these with a greatvacation experience with your family completes the idea of a leisurely and hotsummer or year round vacation. Legian Bali as one of the top notch luxury villas in Bali Villa Holidays villa offeringsand selection is a place on which a lot of foreign travelers and tourist are fond ofselecting. Located in the heart of Seminyak and a villa that actually is a freestanding villa, this is surely the great getaway place to be. Each suite or villa has a minimum standard 4 bedrooms with a price ranging from660$ during its lowest season and as high as 889$ during peak season. Most of theLegian villas are just a few meters away from the beach so this makes it suitable fora walking exercise during afternoon or a night of stroll to some distance away fromthe shops, restaurants, cafe, bars, and spas that is just few walks away. You can also have a wonderful tea session during afternoon if you are hanging outwith friends or family in their large gardens approximate the land has a measure ofat least 1,500 m2 land, and this makes it good for a spacious and private loungingArticle Niche Content Provider 22
    • or relaxing moment. You wont have to worry about the amenities as well, because it is all right here.You can have a full service and secure company with some dedicated Englishspeaking staff, aside from the large swimming pool that is always clean and readyfor your afternoon splash. So what are you waiting for? Contact Bali Villa Holiday formore of your inquiries and enjoy now.Article Niche Content Provider 23
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 24
    • | Best Adventure Spots Around Seminyak Bali All people who had been in Bali knows that almost every tourist here goes to shop. Everybody comes to Bali to shop and even if shopping wasnt the ultimate aim, you will still end up buying great and irresistible goods. Bali is known for its love for fine art, handicrafts, antiques and semi-antiques, furniture, paintings or even jewelry. If you shop around the area where markets, shops, and art shops is just right around the corner of your house, then having a good buying technique to get a much low price with your bargaining power can go home with so much in their hands. Bargainig is just normal here in Bali so youdont need to feel awkward on it. If you passed around Seminyak, there will be anincreasing jammed street all throughout Jalan Laksamana, as one of the particularspot. So if you are traveling here for the first time, its better to walk around here orrent a motorcycle of bicycle. Bali is one of the treasures in the Asia Pacific, it is the lifeline of a luxuriousvacation thrills in this side of place in Asia. It has great scenery adorned with itsnatural getaways, and vacation deals. Tourists choose Bali for their place to enjoy awarm and exotic feel of the tropical place and the staff will surely make you feel likeyou never left home. One of the best thing in Bali Villa Holidays is the SPA. It will never be a vacation ifthere is no spa to pamper your whole body. You can be arranged for a beautytreatment here in Bali like a facial, mani/pedis, body scrub and even a traditionalmassage will do and complete the essence of having your vacation here. Also whatgood does it get when the living and dining areas of the place you rent out arespacious, well furbished and comfortable while there are at least large and aircondition bedrooms to complete the whole package. Aside from the great beaches surrounding the area and some great Seminyak villason the corners, Seminyak is also known through its high-end spas which is actuallymakes it the capital of Bali. Spa and shops are the best thing to have andexperience in this side of place. Spa experience is a great luxury in a high endsetting. It is filled with sophistication and yet the prices are far cheaper than youwould pay in western country. One of the favorite spot here is the Glo Spa, which isa self styled hip spa offering many different treatments. Seminyak also have many shops that are frequented by locals and foreign visitorsin the area. Biasa, is one of the best shops to go if you are looking for a Bali fashionbrand and usually they sell lightweight womens wear using only the natural fabricsthat is available in Bali.If you want to see the classic and natural delicacies you would be glad you visitedArticle Niche Content Provider 25
    • this place. Bintang supermarket is a grand old aunt of supermarkets in all areas ofBali. It has old fashioned looking features that still remain popular especially forthose photography enthusiasts.Article Niche Content Provider 26
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 27
    • | Delicious Food Servings At Bali Villas Bali in Indonesia is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world right now. With its magnificent beauty, people have been enticed to sample what it has to offer, and there are certainly a lot. The beaches of Bali are one of a kind. People will find many aquatic activities that they can do while vacationing there to fill their time. There is scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. People may also think of other water activities for them to do as the place provides not only inspiration but opportunities as well to try other activities for them to enjoy. However, jut enjoying themagnificent view of the beach, especially at nighttime is enough to calm and relaxthe mind and body. The island also offers people a chance to experience the hospitality and creativityof its people. With shops found all over the area, tourists will get the chance to meetthe locals. These shops boast of the locals works of art which were sold atreasonable prices. A tour of these shops is guaranteed to be interesting andenjoyable. The accommodation in the island is also something to look forward to. The villas,which are now gathering popularity among tourists and the locals, are modern yethomey. Located near the beach to give the guests ample opportunity to enjoy thewater and its view, the villas were built with contemporary design. All the neededamenities to make the guests at home and provide them with comfort while onvacation are provided inside the villas. A private swimming pool is also made available for guests. This swimming poolgives opportunities to hold parties and other occasions, or to simply have a privateswim. The garden filled with tropical and colorful flowers also give the place arelaxing ambiance. One truly has much to experience in Bali, but the best one is also offered by thevillas. While staying in one of the villas, guests can enjoy the sumptuous foodprepared by the villa cook. From Indonesian to other Asian and internationaldelicacies, guests can request for whatever food they wish to eat and the cook willgive it to them. For starters, guests can try the different Indonesian specialties. A word of caution,though. You may want to consult the villas menu first the ingredients included in thedishes for you may be allergic to some of them. Some of the most popularly orderedIndonesian dishes include Green Papaya Seafood Soup and Chicken Soup withShallots (Cram Cam), Pork in Sweet Soya Sauce (Babi Kecap), Spicy Tuna Salad,Vegetable Salad in Peanut Sauce (Gado Gado) and the reknowned Fried Rice (NasiArticle Niche Content Provider 28
    • Goreng). These dishes can be prepared in a short time so you want have to waitlong to sample them. Other cuisines that are also served in the villa vary from Western to Asian likeChinese and Japanese. Your requests can be arranged as long as you tell the staffahead of time. Dishes are usually prepared for a minimum of four, but they alsoprepare for a large group. Meals are served in family style wherein food are in largebowls and plates, placed in the middle of the table and everyone will have to helpthemselves.Article Niche Content Provider 29
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 30
    • | The Rich Cultures Of The Bali Island Natives Bali is an island in Indonesia. The island is home to the vast majority of the countrys small Hindu minority. Culturally and linguistically, Balinese people have closer relationship to the people form the Indonesian archipelago, the Philippines, and the Oceania. Now, Bali is the largest tourist destination in the country. The island of Bali has so much to offer to tourists. The beaches are beautiful, the villas are magnificent, and the people of the island have so much to share to its guests. With its highly developed arts like its dance, sculpture, painting, leather, andmusic, Balihave gained popularity among people all over the world. Bali culture is strongly influenced by Chinese, Indian, and the Hindu culture. Theseinfluences can be observed in their diverse and sophisticated art forms. Thegamelan, the Balinese percussion orchestra is highly developed and diverse. Theisland also boasts of their performing arts which often depict Hindu epic stories suchas the highly popularized Ramayana with the heavy Balinese influence. Bali alsohas one of the most diverse and creative performing arts culture in the world. Theyusually stage paid performances in thousand of temple festivals, public shows, andprivate ceremonies. The Balinese have many celebrations and these are held for many occasions.Some occasions include the tooth-filing, which signifies the coming-of-age of aperson, cremation, and the odalan. An important idea common to Balineseceremonies is that of desa kala patra which states that ritual performances must besuitable to the specific and general social context. There are ceremonial art formswhich call for improvisation so as to provide the performer flexibility to adapt theperformance to the present situation. Some of these performances are the wayangkulit and topeng. Oftentimes, celebrations of the Bali people are loud and boisterous. Thesecelebrations lead to rame, an aesthetic which is distinctively Balinese. There wouldsometimes be two or more gamelan ensembles performing in one celebration andthey would sometimes compete for them to be heard. People from the audiencewould talk among each other, get up and walk around to see other performances.They also cheer to the performances and this adds to the liveliness of thecelebration. The inner and outer courtyards of some temples serve as spaces for performancessince most Balinese rituals are performed with any combination of music, dance,and drama. Performances in the inner courtyard are called wali. These are the mostsacred rituals which are offerings exclusively for the gods. The outer courtyard, onthe other hand, is for the bebali, which are intended for gods and the people. TheArticle Niche Content Provider 31
    • performances for the entertainment of the people take place outside the walls of thetemple. These performances are called bali-balihan. With the high rate of tourism in the island, Bali people now have more chance toshowcase their arts. The foreign audience is always eager to pay and seeperformances. This has created more performance opportunities and a highdemand for dancers. So when you go to Bali, make sure that you dont miss theseperformances. These will surely make your vacation even more worthwhile andinformative.Article Niche Content Provider 32
    • | Fun Tour Activities And Places To Enjoy In Bali Quiet a large island, Bali has a range of beach choices that fit just about any need. Gorgeous beaches are found mostly on the southern end of the beautiful island. Sanur and Nusa Dusa offers 5 star resort luxuries while Seminyak are for mid-rangers. Kuta is the place for backpacker which has reputation to rival that of Khao Sanh Road in Bangkok. You may also try the black sand beaches of Lovina on the north coast if you want a tranquil place to get away from it all. The place offer ranges from backpacker guesthouses to four star accommodations and is located next to a hot mineral spring spa t boot. As one of the main Bali activities, this island has been the surfing and diving spotfor most of the Australian surf rats for decades. The main surf and dive spots arefound in Kuta, Legian and Uluwatu. Their local waters are enormously well knownwith scuba divers. They have affordable and competitive prices with the rest ofSoutheast Asia. Tourists are able to dive about anywhere but the best spots andstores are to be found along the south coast. Some of Bali fun tours are sightseeingof reefs, wrecks, manta rays and hammerhead sharks. You may also enjoy your Balitravel through snorkeling which can be best in Lovina with pods of dolphins. Ubud has been known as the cultural hub of Bali. It is the city in Bali wherein youwill see several villages fused together and are honeycombed with shrines andtemples. It is the place in Bali where you can find numerous arts and crafts with thesouthern edge of town literally being a suburb of workshops for sculptures,leatherwork, batik and other crafts. You will also enjoy your vacation through itslandscape that includes some of the most prestigious terraced rice paddy country tobe found anywhere in the world. And lastly, you will have the chance of watchingtheir traditional tribal dance and court dance performance as well as Indonesiangamelan concerts held at different venues mostly done on nights. Bali is home to two active and known volcanoes. You should have a climbingequipment to be able to trek to the peaks of both. There are also guided toursavailable for both as well. Gunung (Mount) Batur is the first volcano which is a5,633ft mountain with a small volcanic lake inside the caldera. It is a 2 day and 1night trekking. On the other side is 10,308ft tall, Gunung Agung. It guided treks tothe top for 3 day and 2 night affairs. There may be no lavas at either volcano butthey have hot rocks, streams and fumaroles of green scalding sulfurous water whichare all present in abundance. Bali tourism has a handful of options for those who want to travel just a little further.A ferry connects Bali to East Java on the western tip of the island. There areovernight tourist buses that regularly ply the route to the historical and massivesuper volcano park of Tengger Caldera which is also popularly known as GunungArticle Niche Content Provider 33
    • Bromo after its most active volcano. Less developed Lombok is next door to theeast. There will be a boat that makes a tour to the Komodo Islands wherein you willhave a sight in their famous Komodo Dragons.Article Niche Content Provider 34
    • | What Are The Amenities Commonly Offered In Villas Everybody would really want to spend some time off work. After weeks, months, and years of work, it would be a wonderful idea to pack up ones things and head straight to the best and most ideal vacation place in the world. Of course, that would be no other than Bali. When going to Bali, it is just natural for tourists to find certain specifications in the villa where they would be staying. It is also common for tourists to look for certain villa services that are equal or more than the amount that they are paying for. That is why it is important to sort first through a crwd ofvilla choices before making that final choice. It is important to know the villa amenities because, after all, this would be oneshome for the next few days within their vacation. Many Bali villas have packages. They offer vacation packages of good for 3 to 4nights including breakfasts on all mornings. They also have villa packages that offerbeach activities. With regards villa amenities, many villas in Bali have the usual swimming pool. Thepools only differ in size and shape. While some are extremely big, there are alsoothers that take on unique shapes. More than that, some swimming pools areadorned with artificial waterfalls and other decorations. There are also Jacuzzis in most villas. A luxury that most hotel commonly offeredfor their guest who opted for special hotel suite. Most Bali villas have at least two bedrooms. In most villas, the masters bedroomhas an en suite bathroom and the rest of the bedrooms have their own toilet andbath. All bedrooms have TV sets and are air conditioned. Some other villas also have open showers. This is because it is part of the Balineseculture to bathe or shower outdoors. There are also Bali villas that have golf courses. These golf courses can be enjoyedby the villa guests. Aside from that, there are also tennis courts that are available foruse by the guests who are sporty. For those who want to relax and rejuvenate, thereare also villas that have spas as part of their amenities. Here, different types ofmassages and other relaxation exercises are offered. Bali amenities also include unlimited and speedy internet connection, satellitetelevision, IDD phones, and DVD and CD players.Article Niche Content Provider 35
    • Villa services also include food preparation by very well-trained chefs whilepleasant and warm villa receptionist and staff give the guests a warm and homeyfeeling. For certain Bali villas, they include in their villa packages water sport activities likeskiing, scuba diving, beach volley, wind surfing, and other fun activities. When aguest checks into a villa for a certain number of days, the aforementioned activitiesare already included allowing the guests to save a few dollars. Bali villa amenities are considered to be among the best in the world. Villas in Balilive up to the expectation of the world regarding the high standard of service that itoffers. So if you are thinking about taking a vacation, think Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 36
    • | Experience Luxury On Top Of The Hill At Villa Ali Agung Bali never ceases to amaze vacationers. Its beautiful scenery is not only pleasing to ones eyes but also creates that relaxing mood perfect for a vacation. Bali has got the touch of nature like no other. That is why Bali has become a favorite tourist destination of both locals and foreigners alike. Aside from Balis beautiful beaches, hotels, resorts, and warm and hospitable people, it also has villas that provide the comfort of home and the feel of luxury living. Bali villas are known for the homey feeling of a home away from home. Of the many luxury Bali villas, oe stands out. A luxury living on top ofthe hill is offered by Villa Ali Agung. Villa Ali Agung is situated on high up in the hills above Pekatu and overlooking theBukit area in the southwest of Bali. Guests will enjoy a breathtaking 270-degreeview over Kuta, Canggu, and the peaks of central Bali which includes the GunungAgung. Designed by Architect Popo Danes, Villa Ali Agung has four bedrooms all designeduniquely with spectacular views especially of the sunrise and the sunset. An infinitypool is located above the canopy of rich tropical vegetation. Beautifully manicuredtropical gardens and lily ponds surround the entire property to give the guests thatrelaxing feeling of seeing many greens. Its interiors, designed by Roland Adam of The Good Life, have antique pieces fromall over the archipelago, artifacts, and some teakwood. The lights have also beencarefully and strategically positioned to create that relaxing feeling during themorning and evenings. Villa Ali Agung allows the guests to watch the beautiful skyat night. The rooms also come with air conditioning, TV, DVD player, and CD player.Each room also has a toilet and bath. It also offers daily breakfast and roundtripairport transfers for its guests. The villa guests can surely enjoy their stay in Ali Agung since the area has one ofthe best beaches for surfing. They can also enjoy dining outside the villa as manyintimate restaurants are located around the area. More than that, the New Kuta GolfCourse is very visible from the villa and can be accessed within ten minutes. To complement the luxurious amenities of Villa Ali Agung, the staff in this Bali villahas been trained to provide world class services for its guests. Theyve been trainedto be hospitable and caring to bring comfort to their beloved guests as what the Balitourism government promotes for their local establishments.Villa Ali Agung is truly the place for relaxation. Everything in the villa has beenArticle Niche Content Provider 37
    • designed to give its guests that feeling of hominess that is best for rejuventation.This is also the perfect place for people who want to enjoy privacy since the villa islocated in a secluded area. Security is also not a problem for a 24-hour security isprovided by the management. The next time one is thinking about visiting Bali, consider Villa Ali Agung.Vacationers will definitely get their moneys worth and will enjoy their stay in the BaliIsland like no other.Article Niche Content Provider 38
    • | Online Booking For Bali Villas And How Great It Can Be Tropical summer heat can really be felt today. The suns scorching rays definitely say that summer should be enjoyed and staying at home would be the last thing a person should think of. People would usually packed their beach bags, wallets, beach items, and all others to head where the fun is. And of course, what remains to be among the best tropical summer destinations is Bali, The Paradise Island in Indonesia. Bali is an island off the coast of Indonesia. Its beautiful touch of nature makes ones summer vacation truly worthwhile. The amazing and breathtaking viewsof the sea,the sparkling clear blue waters, the powdery white sands, and the warm andhospitable people are what make Bali a perfect get away. To get there, vacationers can opt to just head straight to Bali with only their moneyand passport in hand. They could just take the necessary flights that bring them tothe island paradise without seeking the assistance of a travel agent. Of course, ifthis is the case, the vacationers should have researched the place well beforegetting on a vacation. Another way is by seeking the assistance of a travel agency.By doing so, it is the travel agent that provides all the necessary information aboutthe different places in Bali. It is the agency that does the Bali booking and Balireservations. All the vacationers have to do is pay and get their tickets andpassports from the agency. Afterward, they can head for their vacation. The latest and most convenient way of making Bali bookings and Bali reservationsis by doing it online. Through the use of a desktop or laptop computer and a speedyinternet connection, one can already gain access to the infinite offers of Bali rentalsand villa rentals. They can also look for a variety of choices when looking up online. When using the online reservation, a vacationer is given the chance to personallysee the options for a great get away. Unlike in hooking up with a travel agency,online booking gives the vacationer total freedom to choose everything from villas toactivities according to his discriminating taste and budget. More than that, the onlineadministrator will help the vacationer look for the best villas and villa rentals in Balias suggestions. Online Bali reservations are not only convenient. It also offers special discountsfrom the villas that are participating members. There are villas that offer freebreakfasts throughout the duration of the vacation. There are also some others thatoffer 10 to 20 per cent discounts on certain villas. There are Bali villas as well thatoffer an extended night of stay free of charge to its guests that avail their servicesthrough online booking.Another advantage of using online Bali reservations is that one is assured ofArticle Niche Content Provider 39
    • accommodations of choice. Most online villa booking sites are often prioritized byvilla management so that reservations would be easier and synchronized withwhats available for random clients. Furthermore, booking online for villa rentalscould give more choices and spontaneous solutions for schedules and budgetprices.Article Niche Content Provider 40
    • | Whats Special At Bali Villa Capung Atas Bali remains to be a perfect getaway not only during summertime but all throughout the year. And among the many resorts and villas in the island, the Villa Capung Atas is considered to be a top destination of both local and foreign tourists. Villa Capung Atas gives its guests a taste of luxury with its amenities and privacy with its secluded yet safe location. It is a mere 30-minute drive from the Bali International Airport and is also very closely situated to the world-class golf courses. It is also accessible to beaches that are perfect for surfing. Villa Capunghas a variety of amenities. Firstup is its entertainment room that is a lounging area for its guests. It has a luxuriousteakwood bed perfect for lazing around and playing games on the Playstationconsole. The area has an LCD TV, Playstation Console, DVD Player, Bose DockingStation, laptop computer, board games, wireless internet, and other materials. There is also an Al Fresco area where a lotus pond and water features greet theguests as they enter this Uluwatu villa. There is also a Bale or an open pavilion thatis perfect for reading in the afternoon or dinner under the stars at night. The area ismaintained by a resident gardener to keep it perfect for lazing around by the pooland watching the beautiful scenery and landscape. It is the areas perfect spot for apeaceful afternoon nap. The master suite of this villa in Bali runs the entire width of Villa Capung. Theguests can have a majestic view over the Bukit and ocean. There are fluffy pillowson an antique four-poster bed. There is also a huge for him and for her walk-incloset to secure all things brought for the vacation. A free standing over sizedbathtub can also be enjoyed by its guests. This Uluwatu villa also has a garden suite where palm trees can be found. The airis also filled with frangipani that makes the air smell sweet. Guests can stay on thelawn or relax under the shade of a terrace where cool air may be experienced. In this area, there are two twin beds, dueling closets, armchair and foot stool,bathroom with shower, private terrace with outdoor seating, and garden access. The peak season for visiting Villa Capung Asta falls between August 1 to 31 andDecember 20 to January 7. High season include Chinese New Year and Easterperiod. Low seasons fall throughout the rest of the year. Villa Capung Atas gives the best and most unforgettable vacation experienceanyone can ever think about. With its superb amenities that boast of luxury and coolArticle Niche Content Provider 41
    • comfort, every centavo of ones money is worth it. Villas in Bali have a reputation ofproviding only the best for its clientele. So the next time you think about having a vacation, think about this villa in Bali.Villa Capung Atas would be one of your wisest choice. Cozy, complete amenitiesand all sort of entertainment at reasonable villa rental price.Article Niche Content Provider 42
    • | Nusadua Is The Enclave Of High End Bali Villas Nusa Dua is known as a peninsula in South Bali. The term can be used in two ways. First, it can refer to the whole eastern side of the Bukit peninsula located at the southern tip of Bali. Secondly, it can also mean the purpose-built, safe, and sterile tourist enclave located at the southeast side of the peninsula. Nusa Dua is known as the enclave of high end hotels. When hotels are being talked of, Nusa Dua has some of the greatest and most amazing hotels in the world. Among these are the Nusa Dua Bali villas. Nusadua Bali villas have the Wangsu Suite which is theperfect place for tranquility,serenity, harmony, and peace. It is a two-storey structure that stands on 1000m2 ofland with three bedrooms. It has a spacious landscaped garden, a huge swimmingpool, massage beds for its guests, a day gazebo, a private terrace, and a Jacuzzi.As if these amenities are not enough, Wangsu also has a spacious dining and livingarea, a fully-equipped and stylish kitchen, 1 master bedroom on the second floorthat has an indoor en suite bathroom and shower, and 2 suite bedrooms on the firstfloor that have one semi-outdoor bathtub.Villa Heavenly Residence Villa O La La Called Villa O La La, Villa Heavenly Residence is the smallest and the leastexpansive villa in Nusa Dua. Though it only has three bedrooms, it is as luxuriouslyfinished as the other two villas in Nusa Dua. Adding to its magnificence are thebeautiful and breathtaking views of nature. Its infinity pool and well-maintained andmanicured gardens can definitely make its guests get their minds off the pressuresof the metropolis. Guests can also enjoy the feel of the ocean as they can haveaccess to a private beach at the foot of the cliff.Villa Cantik Villa Cantik is just 50 meters from the waters of Benoa Harbor in South Bali. It isone of the chains of luxurious villas known as the Puri Tirta Villas. The villas sizeand secluded nature are perfect for the family or the group of friends that arewanting that privacy and relaxation without missing out on the news of the rest ofthe world. Adding to the relaxing surroundings are the water features, frangipanitrees, immaculate lawns, a garden, and a 20m swimming pool with a waterfall and aBuddha.Villa Scena and Villa The Shanti ResidenceVilla Scena has 2 bedroom suites that are fully air conditioned. It also has a privateArticle Niche Content Provider 43
    • swimming pool for guests who want to feel the coolness of the waters on their skinand a beautifully landscaped garden that provides that natures touch to the villa. The Villa Shanti, on the other hand, has a magnificent ocean view. It has 5 suitehomes that encompasse a 184m2 master suite. This opens onto a private deck,plunge pool, and a gazebo. The Nusadua villas can undoubtedly give its guests the ultimate vacation. Thepressures of the hectic metropolis may be temporarily forgotten because of theextraordinary experience one can have while staying at these Bali villas.Article Niche Content Provider 44
    • | Bali Villa Is The Perfect Venue For Executive Conventions Known as the Travel and Leisure 2010 Best Island Awardee, the island of Bali is popular for its attractive surroundings (both mountain and coastal areas), diverse tourist attractions, excellent international and local restaurants, and the friendly local people. Truly a distinctively beautiful tropical island paradise, Bali island boasts of an interesting and intriguing Balinese culture, strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese, and particularly Hindu culture. Famous for its range of diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, andcrafts, and theperforming arts where elaborate rituals are performed by artistic and hospitable localpeople, Bali boasts one of the most diverse and innovative performing art cultures inthe world, which often portrays stories from Hindu epics such as the Ramayana butwith heavy Balinese influence. Likewise, the Bali Island is quite renowned for its breathtaking panoramas ofcultivated rice terrace, awesome volcanoes and pristine beaches, where the southpart of the island tends to have white sand while those in the north and westhave black sand. Amidst the breathtaking and relaxing island atmosphere, Bali has many large spacevillas set in a spectacular panorama of white sand beaches, convenientlysurrounded with Balinese unique arts and thousands of history-filled temples andaugmented by an unrivaled range of modern leisure destinations and activities. Balis large space villas are truly a great venue for executive meetings, conventionsand other group occasions. Sporting of Bali villas for conventions perfectly suited tohold Bali conventions and any major Bali events, these large space villas are fullyequipped with all the necessary modern day amenities and facilities needed to holdsuccessfully any large scale or group activities in Bali. Such large space villas that could accommodate a quantity of people for any largescale activities are:Nagasutra Villa Nagasutra is an ideal large family holiday vacation getaway for it boasts of a 7fully air-conditioned bedrooms, of which 5 bedrooms have king sized double bedswhile the remaining 2 bedrooms have twin sharing single beds, all with private pondview and en-suite bathrooms. This private luxury villa showcasing a combination of east meets west architectureis truly an ideal vacation home for a large family as they try to enjoy the surroundingArticle Niche Content Provider 45
    • paradise of white sand beaches and Balinese inspired events and architecture.Villa Saba Villa Saba is a contemporary styled property of five villa complex, strategicallysituated around a private, central courtyard that showcases 9 large bedrooms,garden bathrooms, open air living and dining pavilions, well equipped kitchens,swimming pools and relaxing tropical gardens. Surrounded by Balinese sculptures and commissioned artwork, Villa Sabaembraces seclusion, relaxation and comfort set within a tranquil setting. As Bali is known for its villas, it is also a good place for international and localevents such as The United Nations Climate Change Conference, hosted by theGovernment of Indonesia, that took place at the Bali International ConventionCentre.Article Niche Content Provider 46
    • | Luxury Villa Suites Within Jimbaran Bali With Balis endless list of luxurious villas, there is one that is called the Beverly Hills of Bali or the Millionaires Row in Bali. That is none other than, the Jimbaran Bali Villas. Bali has recently been awarded to be among the most beautiful islands in the world. Its world-class villas, powdery white sand, warm and hospitable people, and calm waters have all contributed to how Bali is being viewed today. Jimbaran Bali villas are located in the south of the airport and Kuta. In the earlier days, this beach just had a tiny fishing village and a daily market But things began to get bettersometime in the 1980s until it is now the site of numerous 5-star beach resorts andother mid-market hotels. Thus, it is now named the Beverly Hills of Bali or theMillionaires Row in Bali. Its beautiful and captivating white sand beach is perfect for swimming as it gives itsguests some cooling experience even under the sun. At the end of the day, astunning sunset will make the shift from day to night. And for a bountiful dinner,three clusters of grilled seafood restaurants will serve delectable gastronomicdelights for the guests.Jimbara Bali villas include several other luxurious villas such as:1.Villa the Rishi Villa the Rishi boasts of a spectacular view. It provides a 180-degree view of Balifrom the edge of the Jimbaran Hill. Its location makes it strategic to watch thesunrise in the east over Nusa Penida. Serving as a background are the views ofBenoa Harbour and the stunning range of Balis volcanic mountains. At night, the view is also as beautiful. As the sun sets behind the Jimbaran bay,silhouettes of fishing boats will be seen. Later in the evening, the lights of the islandof Bali twinkle like stars.2.Villa Gending Kedis A whopping 19 luxury villas comprise the Villa Gending Kedis which are located in atranquil and secluded area. These villas are perched on a ridge of land along theJimbalan Bay. This Jimbalan bay, also known as the Golden Mile, is home to Balismost luxurious and prestigious hotels. A breezy ride of 10 minutes from the airport will take the guests to the luxuriousVilla Gending Kedis.3.The LonghouseArticle Niche Content Provider 47
    • The Longhouse sits on a whole span of the Jimbaran hillside that gives it itsbeautiful and panoramic 180-dergee view. The open living area of this luxury hotelhas a roof that is made of traditional alang-alang roof. There is a series of muralsthat gives the guests part of the famous Ramayana story. There are six individual and spacious bedrooms in the villa. And each of these hasa theme that is patterned after an Indonesian island. To complete its touch, arts,crafts, and motif from that particular island adorn the room.4.Villa Karma What could be better than enjoying ones vacation in a luxury villa situated on thesloping hillside of the Jimbaran Bay? Villa Karma has 38 private pool residencesenjoyed by its guests. The place is generally contemporary, utilizing modern architecture. However, it stillhas kept a touch of the traditional Balinese culture in its design and decor.Truly, Bali villas are the greatest when it comes to luxury vacation and living. Theworld class villas in Jimbaran will surely make anyones vacation a memorable one.So dont be the last to visit Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 48
    • | Latitude Is The Most Luxurious Villa In Bukit Bali Bali is known to be among the best places to see in ones lifetime. It has all the things that one would want to experience while on vacation. For one, it has very beautiful beaches that have white and powdery sands. Its shores can be the perfect spot for sunbathing and doing other activities like sports. The Bali villas also provide a home away from home where guests can have a feeling of luxury and elegance. Bali also boasts of its boutiques, shopping area, and fine restaurants. Among the Bali villas that are luxurious is the Villa Latitude located in the Bukit peninsula According to Wikipedia, the Bukit peninsula is located in the southern part of Baliwhich is traditionally known to be all the area south of Jimbaran beach. Bukit has adry, arid, and stoney landscape. The Villa Latitude, located 30 minutes from the airport, is perfect for both familiesand friends who want to go on a holiday. The tranquil surroundings will surelyprovide the peace and privacy that one can barely get from the city. It also has agarden and wooden deck that will serve as a perfect venue for any occasion whileits shoreline provides a magnificent view for any wedding celebration. It is locatednear the Bali Golf and Country Club which is one of Asias five best golf courses.For guests who like the extreme adventure, a paragliding center is situated at theBukit Cliffs for them to enjoy.Staying at Villa Latitude has the following services:Complimentary airport transfersComplimentary full breakfast for each registered guest24 hours butler service24 hour uniformed securityAn in-house chefFully equipped kitchen for guests useCar with driver service for up to 10 hours. Petrol is not includedChild minding service/ baby-sitting servicesArticle Niche Content Provider 49
    • In-house spa service available upon requestLaundry and dry cleaning available upon request The facilities of this luxury villa are superb. These provide the feeling of home awayfrom home for its guests. These include:5 air conditioned rooms with ensuite bathrooms4 bathrooms with outdoor JacuzziSafe deposit boxKing size beds for the bedroomsCable TV and DVD player for all bedroomsSwimming poolSun beds and poolside umbrellasLiving room with high ceilingFully-equipped kitchenLibrary and study roomWifi internet connectionPrivate TV A maximum of two persons can be accommodated in each of the five bedrooms ofthis luxury villa. Villa Latitude is undeniably the best place to stay in Bali. The services it offersfollow very high standards. The staff at Latitude is aware that a homey feeling iswhat guests want during their holiday.Article Niche Content Provider 50
    • | The Beautiful Sunset Beach Villa Akarasu In Seminyak Bali well-deserves its recent award as one of the most beautiful places to see in the world. Not only is it popular for its white sand beaches, beautiful Bali villas, soothing and calming waters, warm and hospitable people, but it is also the home of an amazing Balinese tradition. When one thinks of visiting Bali, a place worth seeing and staying in is the Villa Akarasu in Seminyak. Villa Akarasu is a beachfront villa where guests can experience a quiet and peaceful holiday. It adjoins the Akara Villa Complex which is situated in the fashionable district of Seminyk. This luxurious Bali villa is very close to the beach. It is only a walking distance tothe ocean where one can have a magnificent view of the sunrise and the sunset.More than that, it is also very close to the popular restaurants of Seminyak like LaLuciola, The Living Room, Ku De Ta, Breeze at Samaya, and others. For guestswho also like to enjoy the nightlife, Villa Akarasu is also very close to the party areaof Seminyak and to the fashion boutiques of the place.Villa Akarasu has the following amenities:Private pool and massage baleThree air conditioned rooms with ensuites, bathtub, and separate showerOpen-style fan cooled living roomDining roomFully-equipped kitchenFor the regular season, the following rates apply:1 BR---$320 for 2 adults2 BR---$460 for 4 adults3 BR---$600 for 7 adultsHigh season is from July 1 to September 30 and December 15 to January 15.The aforementioned rates include:Welcome drink and cold towel upon arrivalArticle Niche Content Provider 51
    • Free airport transfer with private vehiclesDaily breakfast in the villaWelcome flower arrangement and seasoning fruits upon arrivalPrivate pool with lounge chairs and a tableWireless internet accessComplimentary bottled mineral waterTea and coffee maker set Professional management team including a concierge housekeeping, and securitydepartments Staying in a luxurious Bali villa during ones travel is a privilege. But nothing can bebetter than staying in a Bali villa that is close to the beach---a beachfront villa forrent. So if thinking about staying in a beachfront villa, here is a list from where youcan choose your villa. Canggu Villa Gajah Putih is a villa set on a 18,500 sq.m. of land with a large 18 x18 meter swimming pool. Its building size is 1,200 sq.m. Canggu Villa Waringin is another example of a luxurious Bali villa that has thebeach within reach by its guests. Bali villas for rent continue to be very popular the world over because of the comfortand homey feeling it provides its guests. That is why when thinking of nice Balivillas, try the beachfront Bali villas.Article Niche Content Provider 52
    • | New 2 Bedroom Villa Acassia At Low Price Offer Bali has been the haven not only of couples on honeymoon but also of families and friends who want to take some time off work and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. The villas for rent in Bali provide a different atmosphere that brings its guests to another world of relaxation, beautiful and natural beauty, and unforgettable experiences. The Bali villas can either be a bit expensive or budget priced villas. Here are three of Balis villas for rent that are low priced but still provide that same Bali atmosphere. Villa Acassia Villa Acassia is located in Seminyak which isa little farther to the North from Kuta. The beach is located just to the north side ofthe famous Kuta Beach. The setting is a combination of beach and sunset and ricefields.Seasons in Villa Acassia include:- Low season which falls on February, March, May, June, September, October, andNovember. During this period, the minimum length of stay of guests is 2 nights.- High season falls on April, July, August, December, and January and theminimum length of stay is 3 nights.The rates of the villa are inclusive of:- 10% Government Tax - Pick up & transfer from Airport to villa and transfer from villa to Airport (1 x in & 1 xout) - Serviced daily including housekeeping, ground maintenance and night securitystaff. - Meals, laundry, local transportation, telephone bill and other optional extras are atguests account.The amenities and services include:- 2 king size bedrooms with air conditions- 2 bathrooms with hot and cold waterArticle Niche Content Provider 53
    • - A kitchen full with equipment- A satellite TV / CD and sound system- A private swimming pool- Full service : Maid, security and gardenerVilla Baliku As one enters the gates of Villa Baliku, one will be amazed to see the traditionalvillage of Banjar Padang and some paddy rice fields. The villa has a minimalist modern design that still has the touch of traditionalBalinese designs. The main living areas of the villa are constituted by twosemi-separate buildings. It has a dining area that can accommodate up to 6 persons. Adjoining the livingarea is the master bedroom that has a large ensuite bathroom. A unique breakfast experience by the pool awaits the guests at the dining terrace ofthe villa. On the second building are the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms which all have anensuite bathroom. There is a manicured garden with several tall trees. A 7-meter swimming pool isalso available for guests use. The amenities of the villa include a stereo music system, TV and DVD players, andIDD phone.During its low season, which falls every January 10 – June 30 andSeptember 1 to December 19, the minimum length of stay is 2 nights.Villa Anjali PurpleVilla Anjali is a one-bedroom villa in Bali. It is very accessible to any point inSeminyak Bali.Services and facilities:• 48m2 land establishment• Air-conditioned bedroom• en-suite bathroom• TV with satellite channel• Semi open-air living area that furnished with a comfort sofaArticle Niche Content Provider 54
    • • Dining room• Dining table for 4 people• Fully equipped kitchen• Private pool• Exotic tropical garden• Daily cleaning by the staff• Security watchman• Internet Staying in these villas for rent in Bali would mean a beautiful and unforgettableexperience.Article Niche Content Provider 55
    • | A Private Bali Villa Close To A Beautiful Nature View Known for its breathtakingly tropical beaches, the island of Bali, Indonesia is also known for its Bali villas. Ranging from luxurious private villas to nature villas - all of Balis villa for rent boast of all the uniqueness and tranquility Bali has to offer. Set in a conveniently panoramic location, Bali villas are ideally suited for any kind of vacation, from adventure to pleasure seeking and relaxation. Choosing the right private villas accommodation and lodging places in Bali is quite easy as there are a wide range of Bali villas to chooe from. These villas are alsoquite affordable for those tourists on a budget as well as quite luxurious for thosetourists who require comfort as well as luxury its villa accommodation. All Bali villasis quite suitable for all budget.One of these Bali villas is Villa Atacaya.Villa Atacaya A luxurious Canggu Bali Villa, Villa Atacaya is a 5-bedroom villa, ideally suited forguests who are looking to enjoy the privacy and comfort of a luxury pool villa butalso like to be near the beautiful nature Bali has to offer.Premier Location Conveniently located from the ultimate golf experience, Villa Atacaya is just lessthan 10 minutes away from ultimate golf experience of Nirwana Bali Golf Club whichwas designed by Greg Norman, and known to provide its guests a stunning oceanview and lush Balinese landscapes and a unique world-class experience for golfersof all skill levels. Villa Atacaya guests are known to be delightfully pampered as they have fullaccess to the prestigious Canggu Club --- Balis first and only international membersclub that provides first class sporting facilities and activities for both adults andchildren - for the duration of their stay.Luxurious Accommodation Surrounded by rice fields and directly facing the gentle stream of a river, VillaAtacaya panoramically showcases a stunning view, with its open-air dining andliving room as well as its yoga deck and relaxation area with its big comfortableArticle Niche Content Provider 56
    • pillows, overlooking the lush, greenery around the river. Villa Atacayas 5 bedrooms are fully air-conditioned with king-size beds anden-suite bathrooms. Each bedroom boasts of a its own cable TV & DVD player andsafe deposit box. Its open-air dining room includes a 4 m wooden table that can seat 12 people whileits media room is also air-conditioned with daybed and its own Cable TV & DVDplayer. Villa Atacaya also boasts of a central audio system including garden speakers anda 15 x 4.7 meter pool with sun beds ideally perfect for relaxation and sun bathing.Fully Equipped Facilities Villa Atacaya showcases a fully equipped kitchen with in-house chef as well as a 24hour butler service. Laundry and dry cleaning services can be availed upon requestas well as child minding service and in-house spa treatments.Moreover, Villa Atacaya is very safe as it has 24 hour uniformed security.Other Bali Villa - Villa Arman Showcasing the inspired fusion of Seminyak spirit, tropical island living andmetropolitan convenience, Villa Arman is a 2-bedroom Bali villa that combinesminimalist design and comfort. Each bedroom includes self controlledair-conditioning, a luxurious sizeable low-set beds with soft mosquito nets as well asfitted with in-room safe and make up table. Villa Arman likewise showcases an impressive open-air living room, illuminated bysoft lights and freshen and cooled by the adjacent soaring roof and private pool. A satellite TV with plasma screen and stereo surround sound to engage yoursenses are also one of Villa Armans amenities.Article Niche Content Provider 57
    • | Bali Villas That Offers The Best Sunrise And Sunset Views Nothing is more relaxing than having sunset drinks while viewing Bali sunsets. Moreover, nothing is more invigorating than greeting day with Bali sunrise. With its perfect, sunny weather during the day, creating an idyllic clear blue sky on a backdrop of Balis famous sparkling beautiful blue water as well as the breathtakingly panoramic vista when the sun slowly sets down to the horizon, creating a most enchanting Bali sunsets, the island of Bali with its popularly known Bali villas have become a relaxing and heavenly perfect location for sunset and sunrise viewing for gusts. Bali has many places where one can enjoy the tranquil charming vista of the sunhiding into the horizon as the island is speckled with the ever famous Balis holidayvillas. Choosing the right location for a perfect Bali Island accommodation is so easy. Onecan choose from the islands many captivating and picturesque villages where thesefamous Bali villas holiday are panoramically set in a vista of fascinating and excitingbeauty of white to black sandy beaches, picturesque landscape and uniqueBalinese paintings and temples. The main tourist locations are the town of Kuta (with its beach), and its outersuburbs of Legian (with it cottage-style accommodations) and Seminyak (with itshigh density of high-end shopping, combined with the clustering of many fine eatingestablishments making it one of the most well known tourist areas on the island), theeast coast town of Sanur (once the only tourist hub), in the center of the islandUbud, to the south of the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Jimbaran, and the newerdevelopment of Nusa Dua and Pecatu.One of these places where one can best view these magical sunsets are:Kuta Beach Walk along the road or in its white sandy beach or even sit in the nearby beachfrontcafes; one can enjoy the sunrises or sunsets of which Bali is also famous for.Though, if you think it is very crowded, try to sit at the northern side of Pantai Kuta,close to Legian Beach.Dreamland BeachFurther to the southern part of Jimbaran area, Dreamland Beach is just around 30minutes drive from Kuta and Legian.Article Niche Content Provider 58
    • Tanah Lot One of the most mesmerizing places to watch the sunset, Tanah Lot is a perfectplace to just sit back and relax on its beach front cafes and restaurant whilecounting minutes the sun goes to horizon.Sunsets in Bali Villas Sunsets and sunrises are not only best viewed in Balis sandy beaches andcharming beachfront cafes. There are also Bali villas that boast of a perfect locationfor sunset and sunrise viewing for its guests.One of these Bali villas is Bendega Villas.Bendega Villas One of Canggu Bali Villas, Bendega Villas is conveniently located just a five minutewalk from the Canggu beach – a true advantage for this modernly designedhaven in Bali. Meaning fisherman in the local language, Bendega Villas borders a small fishingvillage of the same name in the district of Canggu, southwest of Bali. Bendega Villas showcase Balis famous modern Balinese architecture, wide-openspaces, a lush tropical garden and a quiet village location close to the beach inCanggu – these combines to create the stunning retreat that is an ideal placefor family and friends to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Bali. Meanwhile Bendega Villas guests are given a full access to the prestigious CangguClub for the duration of their stay. The Canggu Club is Balis premier internationalmembers club, providing first class facilities that include a Restaurant, Bar andLounge , Library , Kids Club , Tennis courts ( flood lit and indoor) Air-conditionedSquash courts, 25meter swimming pool, Gym fitness and aerobics center , Indoorsports hall, Sauna, and a Billiard lounge. Truly, your Bendega Villas experienced would surely be quite relaxing andluxurious with its villa location just perfect for viewing Balis enchanting sunsets andsunrises from its strategically positioned balconies or even in its wide-open spacedpavilion or its hidden sun deck.Article Niche Content Provider 59
    • | The Tropical Luxury Offered By Seminyak Villa Pradha Situated in the south coast of Bali and the next town north of Legian, the more upmarket village of Seminyak is well known for its luxury accommodation and fashionable high-end restaurants and bars as well as its high end spa and as Balis boutique shopping capital and where many of Balis hippest nightspots are located. Luxury Villa Pradha Conveniently located amidst Balis center of tourists attractions, excitements, and accommodations, Villa Pradha is set in the midst of fashionable Seminyak, with award winning restaurats such as KuDeTa,Trattoria & many more. From Balinese to modern fusion, a wealth of dining options& trendy nightspots are just minutes away. Featuring eight private villas, each with two bedrooms, luxury villa Pradha is artfullynestled within an immaculate walled private garden that exposes the healthyattributes of Balinese outdoor living, with private pool and a semi outdoor loungearea where guests can enjoy the balmy Balinese evenings & cool breezes. Moreover, luxury villa Pradha is modeled after traditional houses found in Bali andJava, with a modern Asian design with subtle Balinese touches, in which the villasare built, furnished and decorated using local timber, tiles, fabrics andartifacts-blended with a modern minimalist edge. Meticulously designed & lovingly cared for, these exclusive villas boasts of anair-conditioned bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen and a living and dining areas thatconveniently open onto the garden while each beautifully appointed bedroom has itsown air-conditioning, LCD TV & entertainment system. Furthermore, luxury villa Pradha boasts of luxury services such as an in villa spatreatments and dining. Pradhas in villa spa treatments are a unique and sensuous experience whereguests are treated to a complimentary "gingerfoot" scrub and can experience thebest and latest spa and massage techniques from around Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, herb scented shampoos and organically scented soaps arealso provided as part of its bathroom amenities while an extensive aromatic bathmenu is available and prepared by the villa spa therapists. Also available is in villa dining which is expertly prepared by your very own privateChef and served by your villa butler, giving you the chance to dine under the stars,by the pool or in the garden.Another Seminyak villa that offer the same luxury services in Bali Island is VillaArticle Niche Content Provider 60
    • Tanjung Plawa.Villa Tanjung Plawa Sitting on prime property with an area of 420 m², Villa Tanjung Plawa is a modernBalinese villa that is located in the trendy neighborhood of Seminyak, Balis mostvibrant district and home to upscale restaurants, bars, fashion boutiques, andlifestyle stores, and just a fifteen-minute drive from the Ngurah Rai Internationalairport. We are also a short ten-minute walk to Seminyak beach, where you willenjoy spectacular sunsets. Villa Tanjung Plawa boasts of three bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom andequipped with a swimming pool, lounge area, dining room and spacious kitchen.Guests have complimentary access to a desktop computer with high speed internetas well as Wi-Fi access. With an affordable rate, attention to detail and commitment to service, the TanjungNakula facilities - with its private swimming pool, minibar & open dining room, airconditioner, and 34" LCD television - are an attractive accommodation for VillaTanjung Plawa global clientele.Article Niche Content Provider 61
    • | Bali Villas Can Be Perfect For Custom Wedding Marriage, as they say, is the culmination of love as a wedding is its visual representation of that love. Everyone, especially females, dreams of having a memorable and unforgettable wedding - a wedding memories of a lifetime. If you want to make your wedding day special and memorable in a picturesque manner, then arranging for a private wedding in Bali sounds like a prefect idea for you. The famed Island of the Gods - with its varied and panoramical diverse landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanc hillsides, all providing apicturesque backdrop to its popularly known Bali villa rentals - is not only known forits luxurious villas in Bali but also for its private villa wedding.Besides leisure and relaxation, this true paradise on earth - Bali - also offers manymemorable and romantic locations for those who love to experience a unique Baliwedding.Bali has been always a favored venue for lovers from all over the world to be legallymarried as it is possible for most nationalities of the world to be legally married inBali. A custom villa wedding has always been one of the many events that happen inBali. In order to have a custom wedding at the many villas and beach resorts in Bali,one has many options which are quite mind-boggling but exciting like: aspectacular, intimate ceremony on a truly beautiful beach villa, a villa weddings inthe most exotic of locations, amidst perfect surroundings where they can hold theirmarriage ceremony in a truly blissful manner, or a more traditional, village-likewedding with its reception in one of Balis luxurious villa rentals.Villa Wedding in Bali When it comes to marriage destinations, the choices of wedding options availablein Bali - from its enormous range of villa accommodations, fully equipped facilities,affordability, romantic and exotic settings - are simply endless. Some of these villas in Bali that are excellent venues for wedding ceremonies forcouples are:Villa Segara BayuArticle Niche Content Provider 62
    • One of Canggu villa rentals, Villa Segara Bayu, is conveniently set in a perfectlocation for the vacation of a lifetime. A 35-minute ride from international airport, and15 minutes from fashionable Seminyak district where sweeping beach, vibrant nightscene, world-class restaurants and chic boutiques, Villa Segara Bayu is also locatedjust minute from Canggu Club, the best sporting facilities in Bali catering. Surrounded by a rice fields and natures beauty, Villa Segara Bayu is the idealplace for your family or group to enjoy their stay in Bali as it showcases the ultimateaccommodation for up to ten traditional guests in totally private and exclusivenatural ecosystem. With its world class domestic services and stylish designs, Villa Segara Bayu offersthe highest standard of comfort and luxury as well as boasts of the very best inguest accommodations and facilities. Villa Segara Bayu has a 15 meter privateoutdoor swimming pool with its floating gazebo with bale, air conditioned luxurysuites with en suite bathrooms as well as spacious living room and dining pavilionand garden. Villa Segara Bayu offers guests the very best in comfort, accommodation andservice with its facilities and accommodation luxuriously equipped for privatevacations, as well as weddings and special events. Segara Bayu Villa offers itsguests the service and luxury that they deserve.Villa MaryJust 150 metres from the well known surfing beach of Canggu, Villa Mary is a 45minutes from airportand 15 minutes to central Seminyak and Oberoi area. This four-bedroom elegant villa provides all the comforts and glamor of moderntropical living while preserving a distinctive Balinese charm in an exotic atmosphere.Boasting of a picturesque ocean view of good surfing breaks and views south toKuta and the Bukit, Villa Mary is designed by one of Balis premier architect,Komang Suardika Jeghier of Jeghier Architect, showcasing a signature of creationwith a unique layout and beautiful roof design. Villa Mary includes 4 air-conditioned bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, oneprivate 16 x 4.2 meters swimming pool inclusive of a childrens section at the villaend, a relaxing area and pool deck with day bed, sun chairs, table and umbrella anda large landscaped manicured garden perfectly suited for gatherings/ weddings. Moreover, Villa Mary is fully staffed including villa supervisor, attendant and securityguard. Chef and assistant cook are available upon request as well as boasts of afully equipped dry and wet kitchen featuring bar table for meals preparation. A large one-piece wood dining table with 8 dining chairs and a unique chill-out andrelaxing area located on the roof top level where you will enjoy a dramatic view ofBalis coastline stretching all the way down to Bukit and Uluwatu completes VillaMary atmosphere of luxurious accommodation.Article Niche Content Provider 63
    • | Living A Simple Bali Lifestyle Amidst Full Balinese Culture The famed Island of the Gods, Bali, is world-renowned for its diverse landscape of hills and mountains, barren volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces, rugged coastlines and sandy tropical beaches – all providing a picturesque backdrop to its colorful, deeply spiritual and unique Balinese culture. The word "paradise" is always associated with Bali and not without reason. The combination of friendly, hospitable people, a magnificently diverse and sophisticated visual culture infused with spirituality, the spectacular beaches with world-class surfing and diving andthe large number of cultural,historical and archaeological attractions, and an enormous range ofaccommodations and the popularly known Bali villas, have made Bali one of theworlds most popular island destinations. Bali is a pocket of Hindu religion and culture. Bali is also famous for its diverse andsophisticated art forms, in the forms of painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts,and performing arts. Both traditional and modern art is everywhere in Bali and impossible to miss.Countless Hindu temples are found in every village and are Balis best-knownattractions. Living in Bali is simplistic and Balinese society continues to traditionally revolvearound each familys ancestral village to which the cycle of life and religion is closelytied. Every aspect of Bali living is suffused with religion. Currently, as the islands tourism becoming its largest single industry, many touristsare constantly coming to Bali with the cities and tourist centers absorbing a streamof population from the countryside. However, the Bali natives are now used togetting the attention of tourist to their Bali lifestyle and they are always ready to help.Tourists are always welcome in Bali, and one doesnt have to worry that they willtreat you as a stranger because they are honest and friendly. With its breathtaking and diverse vista and its honest and friendly people, touristscan really enjoy all the magnificent things that Bali can offer. While enjoying thesethings, tourists are offered a vast range of accommodations like its renowned largecollection of private villas for rent, complete with staff and top-class levels of service.Villa JabunamiA Canggu Bali Villa, Villa Jabunami is a tasteful complex consisting of twoArticle Niche Content Provider 64
    • luxurious, self-contained villas, one with four bedrooms and the other with threebedrooms, each with a private entrance and swimming pool. Strategically located close to the excitement of Bali but far enough to ensure atraditional Balinese experience, Villa Jabunami is only twenty minutes drive awayfrom the chic restaurants, bars and swanky shops of Seminyak that offer trulyunique Balinese products. It is also a fifteen-minute drive to the picturesque templeof Tanah Lot, the Nirwana golf course and the endless untouched beaches of WestBali and just forty five minutes from Ubud. Villa Jabunami is a built as a series of three pavilions, finished with the highestquality materials including Indonesian marble floors, wooden doors, Balineseceramics and Indian sandstone chosen for their natural beauty and durability. Facilities include a music system, satellite flat screen 46" HED television withsurround sound and entertainment system including Home Theatre, CD and DVDplayers, cable TV and Wi-Fi internet access throughout. Contemporarily designed, Villa Jabunami boast of large air-conditioned bedrooms,garden bathrooms, rain showers, open air living and dining pavilions, modernfully-equipped kitchens, private swimming pools, lush tropical gardens and airconditioning in all the indoor areas. Villa Jabunami also showcases an open air and spacious living and dining areas allbedrooms furnished with king size beds with five-star bedding and a walk-indressing room, fitted wardrobes with drawers and hanging space, and a slidingglass doors which open on to the garden.Apsara Villa Only 30 minutes drive from the international airport, Apsara Villa is also locatedwithin easy walking distance to Seminyak Main Street where many boutiques,restaurants and the famous Bintang supermarket are to be found. Set amidst a lush tropical garden, seeping pond waters that snake around the villaand a beautiful pool, Apsara Villa is a 3-bedroom villa that features a fully equippedwet and dry kitchen, living and dining areas cleverly segregated by a wall unit, amassage and spa treatment room and 2 swimming pools.Article Niche Content Provider 65
    • | The Beauty Of Amed At The Northeast Of Bali Amed is a long coastal strip of fishing villages on a horseshoe bay that lay on the north-eastern tip of Bali, a little more than a two-hour drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The nearest bigger town is Amlapura which is 44 kms away. The nearest smaller town Culik is 3 km away which is the main transport hub. Amed is a bit of a backwater and transport is less frequent than in other parts of Bali. However, it boasts of coastal scenery that is quite stunning, making Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali. Ameds waters are so clear that one can se with theirnaked eyes the corals and fish that swim around Balis sea. Quite coarse black volcanic sand lines the Amed village beach. However, as onemoves further east (and away from Mount Agung), one can feel the softer midgrey-brown sand. The sea doesnt have the big waves as on the west coast. Ameds pace of life is slow and its inhabitants live from fishing, salt-making andtourism. Tourist accommodation outnumbers local accommodation, but it is all verylow-key, no nightlife only sea, snorkeling and diving. Amed is most commonly used as a base for visitors wishing to dive the USS Libertywreck at Tulamben. Most people come to Amed as a getaway, including expatsfrom other parts of the island. Honeymooners also treat Amed as a favoritehoneymoon destination as it is also famous for its beaches, lined with traditionaloutrigger fishing boats which tourists can use to enjoy nature and go with the windon a traditional sailing boat for diving, fishing, exploration, dolphin watching,snorkeling or just swimming and relaxing. Moreover, there are other good dive sites close at hand and a thriving dive industryhas developed all the way along the coast, making Amed very popular with diversand snorkelers. Ameds natural beauty and its picturesque bay and its slow-pace life have madethis village a good location for Bali villas for rent. One of these Amed villas is VillaAsada. Villa Asada is a ten-minute drive from the quiet seaside village of Candidasa, whichboasts of a rich heritage close to many of Balis most important historical landmarksand attractions. It is located at Manggis, near Candidasa in East Bali, where onecan see the glorious panoramic vista that follows the coastline to the east and west,overlooking Labuan Amuk Bay, the shimmering sea, the Blue Lagoon, and theislands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Lombok.Article Niche Content Provider 66
    • Candidasa is a beautiful, undeveloped area that is set well away from the hustleand bustle of mainstream tourism in the Islands magnificent eastern regency ofKarangasem—an exotic royal Balinese kingdom of forests and mightymountains, emerald rice terraces, islands, beaches, temples and palaces. Blessed with one of the most spectacular coastline views in Bali, Villa Asada is partof a small development of seven designer villas, known as Kalyana Bay Villas. It liesupon a hillside land, at an elevation of 25 metres above sea level. Providing as itsdramatic backdrop is the resplendent summit of Mt Agung is Balis tallest and holiestmountain. Moreover, Villa Asada is just 50 metres from the seashore, where a reef offerssuperb snorkelling. It is a contemporary-styled villa that is comprised of twodouble-storey buildings and is completed with four bedrooms, an expansive mainLiving & Dining Room, and an open plan Kitchen. Its architecture is characterized byan abundance of space and light, elegance and graceful simplicity. Guests will entervia the Living & Dining Room, which is located on the upper level. A 18 x 4 metre infinity-edge pool reaches out towards the sea and is perfect forswimming laps. A large open-sided bale relaxation pavilion with a shingle roof anda deeply cushioned floor is also set outdoors. Spacious flat lawns make this anothersuperb area for parties and receptions. The ornamental pond complete with urnfountains provides the soothing sound of running water.Article Niche Content Provider 67
    • | How To Make A Memorable Holiday Vacation In Bali It is time once again to plan your holiday vacation as the Christmas season is coming. Bali, one of the most famous tourist spots for holiday vacation in South East Asia, could be the perfect holiday vacation spot for you. Though Bali is just a small island, a holiday vacation in Bali can pack a lot of punch with regards to a fun-filled relaxing holiday. If you are the type of person who loves arts and want to experience and indulge in them or if you are the type of person who just wants to laze on the beach, go surfing, or just want to experience the magnificent beauty of natur, then a Bali holiday vacationis just for you! Make your holiday vacation memorable as you experience the limitless beauty ofBali as Bali is famous for its widely diverse landscape of hills and mountains, lushrice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches,and world-class pulse-pounding surfing and diving. Moreover, Bali boasts of one of the worlds fascinating cultures. In fact Bali isrightfully renowned as the famed Island of the Gods as this small island paradise isrich in cultural, historical and archaeological attractions – with its highlydeveloped arts, including mesmerizing dance performances, enchanting templeceremonies, over 10,000 Balinese temples sculpture, painting, leather,metalworking, and music - religion, tradition, and lush nature. Discover the wonders of a Bali vacation as you enjoy and indulge in scenicattractions that Bali has a limitless supply of. Then after a day of fun, relax in one ofBalis renowned large selection of Bali holiday villas. Maximize your holiday vacation in Bali and stay in one of Bali Villa Holidays (BVH)private villas for rent with its luxurious accommodation and excellent service. BVHholiday villas are conveniently located in sought-after areas of Canggu, Ubud,Legian, Seminyak and other places in Bali. One can easily maximize their stay inBali as these places have easy access to many of the famous tourist spots in Bali aswell as some of them are located near Balis famous beaches: Kuta Beach –the surfer central of Bali and also near lots of shopping and night-life and the centreof lower-end party culture on Bali, Legian Beach – which is more relaxed andhas less crowded surf break, quieter Seminyak Beach and Canggus black sandbeaches of Berawa, Echo Beach and Pererenan. One of BVH villas in Bali where you can stay and have easy access to places andbeach so you can maximize your vacation in Bali is Villa Atas Ombak.Villa Atas OmbakArticle Niche Content Provider 68
    • One of Seminyak Bali Villas, Villa Atas Ombak, Indonesian for "Villa On Top of TheWaves", is directly located on the beach only a few kilometers north of Legian. It is a5-bedroom villa that has been featured in a number of magazines, including Elle andVogue, and has been used as the setting of several television shoots. It isconsidered to be one of Balis most luxurious villas and features breathtaking viewsof Balis famous sunsets as Villa Atas Ombak encompasses an acre and a half ofgarden area, with over 100 meters of beach frontage. Villa Atas Ombak boasts of a large 18m x 5m private swimming pool, a mainbuilding with three bedrooms, a large entertainment pavilion that functions as anopen-air living room, and two separate Ocean rooms. Each of the 5 bedrooms isair-conditioned and has en-suite bathrooms.Amenities of the house include telephone and facsimile facilities, satellite televisionwith video, full stereo system, internet broadband and large parking area. Villa Atas Ombak is located far enough away from the tourist crowds to ensure totalprivacy but it still has access to Balis favorite shops, restaurants, and entertainmentvenues. Guests also have easy access to some of Balis cultural and natureattractions like the Tanah Lot temple - famed for its sunsets, which is 40 minutesaway by car, and the Uluwatu temple – which lies further to the south in theUluwatu area, which boasts of top beaches and cultural destinations.Article Niche Content Provider 69
    • | The Secret Ingredient Of Kuta Beach Fame In Bali Kuta Beach is commonly being referred to as Sunset Site No.1 for its daily spectacular sunsets where the sun kiss goodbye to its spectators. It is unique and a kind that one can only experience in Bali, Indonesia, particularly in the Kuta Beach. The moment you arrive in Kuta Beach begins a memorable experience in your life. The international airports runway that lies across the beach gives you a dramatic breathtaking landing experience. The starry, starry night –effect of the sunsets appeal to the crowd is really amazing, which add color to thebright citylights in Kuta Beach. The place is also the center of night life activities in SouthernBali. In the morning, the waves which toss the sun also invite surfers to go for a ride!You can also enjoy great affordable shopping in the wide array of shops, boutiques,and galleries to choose from. Affordable, healthy, and tasty foods can be bought inthe restaurants which line up at the beachfront. Luxurious and inexpensive villas arealways ready to accommodate you. For a comfortable, affordable, and luxurious accommodation, visit and relax a quietand peaceful stay at a small but elegant four bedroom Villa Baladewa Satu. It is anexclusive estate of four, 5 star properties, with its rice terrace views and is a quiethaven from the stress of the modern world. Its prime location is something of ahidden gem. You have to experience also Villa Arman that combines tropical islandliving and metropolitan convenience in a soothing and comfortable environment.For a wide choice of villas, hotels, and restaurants you would like to choose from:visit Bali Villa Holidays webpage on this link for a travel guide:http://www.balivillaholidays.com/ . Kuta is a well known destination amongst surfing enthusiasts. A long sandy beachwith a lack of dangerous rocks or coral makes the area attractive for beginners. Inthe evenings, plenty of people head down to the beach or seaside cafes to watchthe wonderful sunset. From Kuta, you can also enjoy different tourist attractionsnearby. The following is a partial list of some popular destinations near Kuta Beachand of what to do when you are there: Waterbom Park. The place can fill your day with absolute pleasure. Here you canchoose from a list of various rides, which include river raft rides and macaroni tuberides among others. If you are visiting Kuta with children, then this place will surelycatch their fancy. The elder people can rejuvenate themselves here by spendingsome time at the spa. Greg Norman 18-hole Golf Course. If you are a golf enthusiast, then you cantafford to miss the 18-hole golf course in Tebanan, 30 minutes west of Kuta. Thisplace was designed by the well known international golfer, Greg Norman himself.Article Niche Content Provider 70
    • Jalan Karthika Plaza. Here one can find handicraft items. You can also satiate yourappetite in any of the restaurants here.Legian Beach. Legian is the neighborhood town of Kuta. The Balines word "Legian"means "sweet and pleasant". Here you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming.However, while surfing you have to be careful about the treacherous waves. Paddys nightclub. It is popular among young party goers. Hit the disc and swingyour body to the sound of music. Balinese dance performances. You can watch dancers performing traditionaldances like Kecak, Legong and Kebyar Duduk. Wayang Kulit. A "shadow puppet show" is performed during the night and cancontinue till morning.Enjoy the fun as you have a taste of Bali! Nourish the secret ingredient of fun inKuta Beach, Bali Indonesia.Article Niche Content Provider 71
    • | Some Exotic Spa Services In Bali Island The island paradise, Bali, is not only famous for its panoramic vista of mountains and hills, lush rice fields, and tropical beaches. Bali is also popularly known for its world-class Bali villas accommodations as well as its Bali spa services. There are even many villas with spa services in Bali. There is nothing like experiencing the relaxing and tranquil feeling that one gets from a massage spa in Bali. Aside from enjoying the world-class surfing and diving, the diverse cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, and the luxury and comfort provided in te many villasin Bali, tourists can also experience the exotic world of Southeast Asia with a visit tothe islands numerous famous exotic Bali spa services including some of thosemassage spa services offered in exclusive villas in Bali. Guest can unwind, relax and retreat as they experience the famous spa servicesBali style. Enjoy a diversity of treatments and massages by expert spa specialists,indulge and customize a spa experience with any of the traditional Balinese BodyRituals, each coupled with essential oils, and the authentic Balinese style fruit spa.Or perhaps, receive aesthetic advanced facial and body care as you visit and try outthese exotic Bali spa services. Moreover, tourists can also experience the unique massage sensation as one istreated with the Bali Coconut Spa, a beauty and relaxation treatment made out fromcoconut scrubs to coconut masks. Coconut trees are abundant in Bali. According to research, coconut can be used ascosmetics. Coconuts have been proven to be useful for cleansing the skin as itsmooths, and moisturizes the skin. It can also improve blood circulation.Villa Phalosa A Seminyak Bali Villa, the Phalosa is Balis newest luxury event venue. It boasts ofa romantic beachfront placement on a beach that is renowned for its world-classsurf breaks, panoramic coastline views, and picture-perfect sunsets. Only meters away from the ultimate backdrop of rolling surf and stunning sunsetsebbing into the Indian Ocean, Villa Phalosa is a four-bedroom villa that includesextensive lawns perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and other typesof celebrations. It also boasts of a one full-size swimming pool and two privatepools. The 4 bedrooms are air-conditioned and with en-suite bathrooms as well.Most significantly, Villa Phalosa, with its stunning and relaxing nature backdrop,Article Niche Content Provider 72
    • also provides spa services upon request. Enjoy the breathtaking surroundings with its panoramic coastline views andpicture-perfect sunsets as one avails of the villas spa services.Villa Body A Canggu Bali Villa, Villa Body is a beautiful luxury holiday villa strategically locatedclose to Batu Belig beach, a cozy beach and a well-kept secret of the insiders ofBali. Also surrounded by magnificent green rice fields, Villa Bodys unique location of ricepaddies and beaches offers its guest the ultimate feeling of luxury, privacy andserenity in a tropical setting. Moreover, Villa Body offers its guests a lovely modern Balinese atmosphere and isa peaceful oasis for any traveler with its four spacious air-conditioned bedroomswith en-suite bathrooms, spacious open-air living/dining area, private 10x3.50meters swimming pool, generous gazebo, and a fully-equipped luxury kitchenincluding bar. The two large sun decks with comfortable sun beds, as well as the 2 spaciousbedrooms that are overlooking the garden and swimming pool and where one canendlessly enjoy the stunning views across the rice fields and the surrounding area,are a good place to enjoy the in-villa massage service that could be availed onrequest.Article Niche Content Provider 73
    • | The Beautiful Views In Ubud Captured In Eat, Pray, Love Movie A town in central Bali, Indonesia, Ubud is regarded as the cultural center of Bali. It is popularly known as an arts and crafts hub, and much of the town and nearby villages seem to consist of artists workshops and galleries. There are also quirky little cafes and restaurants, bookstores and spas as well as villas for rent and remarkable architectural sights that are found in this center of art and dance in the foothills, Ubud Bali. Far removed from the drunken bikini scene in Kuta, where one experiences a general feeling of well being and tranquility while enjoying some f the most creative eateriesand one of the most attractive temples in Bali, it is no wonder why American authorElizabeth Gilberts 2006 memoir, Eat Pray Love Bali, has explored the art ofpleasure and devotion in this part of the island paradise of Bali. Ubud features quite heavily in the heroines search for fulfillment in the memoirbook, set in Ubud Eat Pray Love, that talks about the authors experiences whenshe came to the island at the end of her passage, searching not for romance but forbalance between worldly pleasure and devotion. In Gilberts four transformativemonths on Bali, she has toured Ubud Hanging Gardens and the cliff-top Ayana. Some private villas located near those places in the movie Eat, Pray, Love are:Villa Alamanda Situated ten minutes east of the cultural town of Ubud, this Ubud Bali villas VillaAlamanda is perched high on a ridge above the Petanu River, boasting of valleyviews. Blending contemporary elegance with ethnic charm, Villa Alamanda is afour-bedroom thatched hideaway that is an ideal choice for those looking for modernluxury in peaceful surroundings. Designed to harmonize with the environment and utilize local materials, the gracefularchitecture of Villa Alamanda is an enchanting retreat where guests can enjoy arelaxing experience with personalized service. Facilities include four fully air-conditioned bedrooms, each with an en-suitebathroom, a large freeform swimming pool, a gazebo, and an open-air terraceincorporating dining & lounge areas. These four stylish and spacious air-conditionedbedrooms can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. The sizeable, open-airlounge and dining terrace overhangs the jungle, creating a true feeling of space andinteraction with the stunning scenery.Truly, Villa Alamanda presents tropical living at its best.Article Niche Content Provider 74
    • Villa Alam Puri Experience the romance and charm of staying in Bali while enjoying the amenitiesof modern hotel at Alam Puri Villa. A hidden treasure deep in the outskirt of Ubud area in Bali, Alam Puri Villa isconveniently located 20 minutes away from southern Balis art and culture center ofUbud, in the heart of Bali Island, and is the perfect oasis from where to start yourtours and excursions to the culturally rich attractions and sites in Bali. Alam Puri Art Museum & Resort is comprised of 13 private villas, each of which hasits own private plunge pools and balconies with views of rice paddies. All villas haveseparate sitting areas with sofas, tables and chairs. Moreover, this 13 luxury VillaAlam Puri boasts of its own private plunge pool available in 1 bed room and 2 bedrooms, wide living area. The unsurpassed privacy and serenity of Alam Puri Villa make this a romanticgetaway and retreat venue for weddings, birthdays, and commitment-ceremonies.Article Niche Content Provider 75
    • | Stylish Villa Accommodation On A Holiday In Bali A beach town in South Bali, Seminyak is known for its quieter, mostly more up-market luxury accommodation of beachside resorts and villas for rent just to the north of Legian and fashionable high-end restaurants and trendy designer bars and dance clubs. Seminyak boasts of an atmosphere that is much more sophisticated and laid-back than Kuta, and the beach in particular is quieter during the day. Seminyak is the high-end spa capital of Bali. Guests will surely enjoy a spa experience that is of great luxury in a sophisticated setting. If you are staying in one of te villas in Seminyak, then in-villatreatments will almost certainly be offered to you  just check with the staff. Seminyak is also the boutique shopping capital of Bali. It is the center for hip andinventive fashion boutiques, other designer stores and art studios in Bali. A goodstarting point for any shopper would be the legion of small boutiques and designerstores on Jalan Laksmana. Over the past 10 years, Seminyak has developed a world-class dining scene.Guests who want to splurge on one very special dinner while in Bali need not lookfurther than the higher end options in Seminyak. Prices are high by Bali standardsbut, on an international scale, are still good value for the highest quality of food andeating environment. Many of Balis hippest nightspots are in Seminyak, with its trendy designer bars anddance clubs. The main choices of accommodation in Seminyak are its luxurious stylish Seminyakvillas for rent and higher end hotels. Villas are priced in mid-range in low season, soshop around. One of these stylish villas in Bali accommodation is Seminyak Villa Bliss. Located inSeminyak, Villa Bliss is only 15 to 20 minutes away from the Ngurah Rai BaliInternational Airport. Relatively close to the beach as well as to an array of toprestaurants, boutiques and spas, Villa Bliss is the perfect base from which to explorethe island at a leisurely pace as well as enjoy the finest pleasures that Bali has tooffer. Sleek and sophisticated, Villa Bliss is a contemporary two-bedroom retreat that isstyled to fully meet the holiday needs of savvy travelers seeking stylishaccommodation on the island of Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 76
    • Taking tropical creativity to new heights, Villa Bliss showcases minimalist spaceand free from the fussy details of classic Balinese architecture, resulting in a simplevisually refreshing design concept that supports optimal relaxation and taking eachday as it comes. Designed to blend seamlessly into the outdoors, this stylish villa includes anopen-plan living area that is just footsteps away from the pool and features acomfortable sofa and state-of-the-art home entertainment system. A streamlined galley kitchen that runs along the back wall with a four-seat diningtable allows guests the option of preparing their own meals or even engaging theservices of a professional chef for a special dinner celebration. Styled with customized furnishings and a clean-line décor, two identical bedroomsare strategically positioned on either side of the living area with en-suite bathroom.Each bedroom also has a shaded terrace area directly in front, providing additionalspace for guests to sit peacefully and reflect. Aiming to recreate the luxurious ambiance of a smart spa facility, each en-suitebathroom includes a free-standing bathtub and a separate rain shower cubicle forabsolute bathing indulgence. Boasting of modern luxury and outdoor simplicity, Villa Bliss has a generous infinityedge swimming pool that dominates the entire outdoor area. Instead of a garden, anarrow strip of tropical greenery complete with a mature palm tree that swaysseductively in the breeze completes the outdoor design. Villa Bliss friendly and experienced staff is sure to welcome and cater to yourholidaying needs, leaving you to indulge yourself in this beautiful island whilst lettingyou feel at home, in paradise.Article Niche Content Provider 77
    • | How Hinduism Affect The Lifestyle Of Most People In Bali Unlike any other island in largely Muslim-majority Indonesia, the island paradise of Bali is a colorful hodgepodge of Hindu religion and culture. Adhering to Bali Hinduism Hindu Dharma, the Balinese population showcases the culture and lifestyle that integrates the mixture of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences that come from mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia. Balinese Hinduism, Balis main religion, can find its roots in Indian Hinduism and in Buddhism. It also adopts the animistic traditions of the indigenous people. Its influence greatly strengthens the Balinese blief that the gods and goddesses can be found in all things and, therefore, everyelement of nature has its own power, which in return reflects the power of the gods. Bali Hindus religion is deeply interwoven with its arts and ritual. Balinese art isdeeply rooted in Hindu-Javanese culture. It grew from the work of artisans of theMajapahit Kingdom, with their expansion to Bali in the late 13th century. All aspects of Balinese life are immersed with religion where the most visible signsare seen in the tiny offerings (canang sari) found in every Balinese house, workplace, restaurant, souvenir stall, and airport check-in desk. Another notable featureof religious expression among the people is the ritualized states of self-control whichhave become famous for their graceful and decorous behavior. Balinese Hinduism as practiced in Bali involves a complex belief system that notonly integrates theology, philosophy, and mythology, but also ancestor worship andmagic. These beliefs pervade nearly every aspect of traditional life. Balinese Hinduism is a fusion of people worshiping gods and demigods togetherwith Buddhist heroes, the spirits of ancestors, indigenous agricultural deities, andsacred places. Balinese society even showcases the continuous traditional belief system thatrevolves around each familys ancestral village, to which the cycle of life and religionis closely tied. The largest tourist destination in the country, Bali is popularly known for its highlydeveloped arts. These include its traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting,leather, metalworking, and music as well as its countless Hindu temples. With an estimated 20,000 puras or temples and shrines, resulting to Bali beingknown as the "Island of a Thousand Puras", or "Island of the Gods", each village inBali as required by adat or customary law showcases at least three temples: theArticle Niche Content Provider 78
    • pura puseh or temple of origin located at the kaja (pure) side of the village the puradesa or village temple found at the center for everyday community activities and thepura dalem or temple of the dead located at the kelod (unclean) end. Balis Hindu culture and history that predominate Balinese lifestyles are bothextraordinary and unique. Many Bali travel visitors cannot fail to see temples, comeacross ceremonies and witness daily offerings as well as see BaliHinduism-influenced villa designs when they experience their own Bali adventure. Inrecent years, tourism has become Balis chief industry. With its vista of varied landscape of rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lush riceterraces, world-class surfing and diving, a large number of cultural, historical andarchaeological attractions, and a wide selection of hotels and luxurious villa for rent,this famed Island of the Gods has become one of the worlds most popular islanddestinations which has consistently won travel awards. Famous for its large collection of private villas for rent, complete with staff andtop-class levels of service, Bali has, without a doubtm the best range ofaccommodations in Indonesia, with its villas in Bali having something to offer a verybroad market of visitors from young back-packers right through to the super-rich. Some of Balis villas for rent are known to adapt Hinduism as their primaryinspiration for their villa designs. Private villas are found mostly in the greaterSeminyak area (Seminyak, Umalas, Canggu), in the south around Jimbaran andUluwatu, in Sanur and around the hill town of Ubud as well as Lovina in north Bali.Villa Melon A Seminyak villa, Villa Melon is a villa complex of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villa that isuniquely designed and artfully blends both modern and traditional Balineseelements. Equipped with an expansive array of personal services and facilities, VillaMelon offers a complete personal and fulfilling holiday experience.Villa Alamanda An Ubud villa, Villa Alamanda is strategically perched high on a ridge above thePetanu River with valley views. The graceful architecture of this thatched hideawayblends contemporary elegance with ethnic charm. Villa Alamanda is a four-bedroom villa that is designed to harmonize with theenvironment and utilize local materials. Elegant teak furniture, complemented byclean lines, natural colors, local artwork, size able open-air lounge, and diningterrace overhangs the jungle, creating a true feeling of space and interaction withthe stunning scenery. The Villa Alamanda is an ideal choice for those looking for modern luxury inpeaceful surroundings; an enchanting retreat where guests can enjoy a relaxingexperience with personalized service.Article Niche Content Provider 79
    • | Practical Information For A Safe And Health Friendly Stay In Bali Just like any other tourist destination, Bali travel is fairly safe. Though there are some hassles from the typical scammers, hawkers, peddlers, & touts similar to any other tourist destination only few visitors encounter any real problems or danger. The tropical island paradise of Bali is not only known for its panoramic landscape, countless temples, cultural scenic spots, as well as its wide range of hotels, resorts, and Bali villas as it is also as the unlucky scene of one of the lethal terrorist bombings. Following the suicide and car bombing in 2002 and 205, where more than 200 peoplewere killed and more than 350 injured in total, with both waves of attacks targetingnightclubs and restaurants popular among foreign visitors, the island of Bali hasmostly been free of terrorist activity since. However, Bali safe security isconsequently tight at obvious targets, though it is of course highly improbable toprotect oneself completely against terrorism. To be safe, it may be prudent to avoidhigh-profile western hang-outs, especially those without security measures or youcan head out from the tourist enclaves of South Bali to elsewhere on the island. Aside from the threatening perils of terrorism, petty theft occurs but it is notprevalent in Bali. Problems of rabies are around. There have been several deathsarising from rabies infections as recorded in early 2011. Visitors are thereforewarned to avoid contact with dogs, cats, monkeys, and other animals that carry thedisease. You must seek medical attention if bitten. Illegal drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin, and tourists gettingdrugged are a particular problem in Bali. As Bali is increasingly enforcingIndonesias harsh penalties against the import, export, trafficking, and possession ofthese drugs, the islands police regularly conduct raids on establishments known tobe popular with tourists. In some cases, body searches as well as drug testing onurine or blood are randomly conducted by the police. So, one should be on thelookout for those seemingly harmless street boys looking to sell you drugs as theymight be working with undercover police that entrap you in buying these drugs. These police officers might demand a bribe for your release, or, more likely, look fora far larger payday by taking you into custody as even the possession of a smallamount of drugs for personal use will increasingly put you at risk of a trial andimprisonment for more than four years. Furthermore, if convicted as a drug traffickerof heroin or cocaine, you can face the death penalty. Thus, it is greatly advisable toavoid Balis drug scene at all costs. Bali is also known for its world-class surfing. So if you enjoy indulging Balis surfingscene, be careful of the strong undercurrents for these might cause injury or evenArticle Niche Content Provider 80
    • death to those who underestimate them. Safe Villas in Bali As Bali is one of the worlds most popular island destinations and is known to caterto a very broad market of visitors from young back-packers right through to thesuper-rich, there are many safe villas in Bali. Most of these villas Bali have 24 hour security. These large collections of privatevillas for rent are complete with staff and top-class levels of service. Moreover, most Bali villas offer some form of secure storage, such as in-room safesor central safety deposit boxes for guests. If available, it is highly advisable to use itsince robbery and petty theft are not uncommon in Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 81
    • | Cook Your Own Food Recipe In A Private Villa Do want to stay in private villas where you can have a chance to cook your own food recipe? If you love foods which I think most of us do you will want a fully-equipped kitchen to go along with you when you go on your vacation. Having the option to cook in the place you are staying in for your vacation will provide an opportunity to cook your favorite food recipe. And this is where renting private villas in Bali comes in. The famed Island of the Gods is, without a doubt, famous for its large collection of private villasrong> for rentthat are complete with staff and top-class levels of service as well asluxurious facilities and fully-equipped kitchens. Thats why private luxury villa rentals in Bali can be a great option for yourideal vacation destination. As vacationing in Bali does not only give you thevery perfect place to enjoy and indulge in the relaxing and adventuresomeexperience as you come across and see the breathtaking panoramiclandscapes that the island paradise of Bali has to offer, Balis wide range ofprivate luxury villas for rent allows you to indulge your palate and cook toyour hearts content and your stomachs contentment and pleasure. Favorite Cuisines and Balinese Foods One of the most pleasurable ways of "immersing" yourself in Balis colorfuland magnificent indigenous culture is to sample its local food. Unlike the rest of Indonesia, actual Balinese food is common on the islandand emphasized on pork. Virtually, all Balinese eat meat and, thus, most localfood is non-vegetarian. If you want to immerse yourself in Balis culture Thur their food, here aresome notable Balinese dishes that you could cook in your private cook villas: Satay lilit a minced seafood on a lemon grass stick, grilled over charcoal Babi guling a roast suckling pig served with rice Bebek betutu a "darkened duck", topped with a herb paste and roasted inbanana leaves over charcoal Ayam Betutu same with bebek betutu but instead of using a duck, aArticle Niche Content Provider 82
    • chicken is use Lawar name for a range of Balinese salads, usually involving thinlychopped vegetables, minced meat, coconut and spices and commonly mixwith green beans and chicken. Sate lilit a minced seafood satay, served wrapped around a twig oflemongrass Urutan — Balinese spicy sausage, made from pork Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bawang Mentah a grilled chicken with slicedshallots, chillies and lime Ayam Panggang Bumbu Merah a grilled chicken with red chili and shrimppaste sauce Ayam Tutu a steamed chicken cooked with balinese herbs and spices Tum Ayam/Ketopot sliced chicken mixed with herbs and spices andsteamed in banana leaves Ikan Kakap Bakar Bumbu Terasi a grilled snapper in local hot spices Sudang Lepet a salted dry fish Pepes Ikan Laut a sliced fish mixed with herbs and spices grilled andserved in a banana leaf Pelecing Paku fern tips with shrimp paste and lime Hiring a Bali cook If you dont have the time and the talent to cook but still like to choose andeat your favorite food recipes or want to have a more personalize cookingservice, then you can have the option of hiring a Bali villa cook. On the otherhand, some private villas in Bali do provide their own Bali cook or chef. To hire a villa cook, you can inform the owner of the villa of your preferenceand they will be the one to provide you with the cook. You must make sure toArticle Niche Content Provider 83
    • state your preference so as not to have any complications. You can do thisduring the time when you book the villa or when you are already there. Whilebooking, you can ask if the villa has a fully-equipped kitchen and if a villa chefis part of the staff.Article Niche Content Provider 84
    • | Benefits Of Bali Villas Located Near The City This famed Island of the Gods of Indonesia, Bali, is not only famous for its world-class surfing and diving, breathtaking vista, and historical and archaeological attractions but also for its large collection of private luxury villas for rent complete with staff and top-class levels of service. Offering a very broad market of visitors from young back-packers, families, and right through to the super-elite, these luxurious Bali villas are often set among Balis lush landscape, more set in a lush garden backdrop and boasting of an open-air living, dining, and bathroom area hanks to Balisbalmy climate. Definitely showcasing a very Balinese experience, choosing to stay in one of thestrategically placed villas in Bali and particularly in villas near Bali city is much morethan the typical experience of passing the night away comfortably in one of Balislarge range of accommodations as the private Bali villas are like another vacationdestination in itself. Usually, most of Balis tourists prefer or favor luxury villas near Bali city, specificallylocated in Central Bali particularly around the hill town of Ubud. Other locationsinclude the greater Seminyak area (Seminyak, Umalas, Canggu), the south aroundJimbaran and Uluwatu, Sanur as well as Lovina in north Bali as these luxury villasare strategically located amidst peaceful and relaxing vistas, promoting relaxationand comfort for them.Central Bali A mountainous Bali area, Central Bali is most popularly known for the artistic andcultural capital of Bali in Ubud and the mountains and lakes around Bedugul. Central Bali is also popular for the presence of two of the key nine directionaltemples of Bali namely the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan (Lake Bratan Temple) in Beduguland Pura Luhur Batukaru (Batukaru Temple) in Tabanan as well as its other notableartistic, cultural, historical, and scenic attractions such as botanical gardens and theCandikuning market in Bedugul, the black sand beaches and Mount Batukaru Balissecond highest peak in Tabanan and the interesting small palace, monkey forest,and lots of arts and crafts shops in the foothills of Ubud. Central Bali also boasts of many cultural dance performances, particularly in Ubud,on an almost nightly basis. Ubud is also a haven for all kinds of spa treatments andother wellness centers. So if you want pampering, definitely you can experience thatin Ubud.Article Niche Content Provider 85
    • For those outdoors types, the rice fields and valleys at Jati Luwih near Bedugul is agood place to take a relatively gentle hike while those who are more energetic andexperienced can climb the mighty Mount Batukaru. However, because this region has no coastline, there are limited opportunities forwater sports so those who want to surf and dive will just have to do with white-waterrafting as it is excellent in the Sayan valley close to Ubud.Villas Near Central Bali Dominated by artistic, cultural, historical, and scenic attractions, Central Bali is apreferred tourist destination for those looking for a break from the sun, sand, andpartying in South Bali. However, most of these tourists prefer to stay in villas nearcentral Bali like in Seminyak villas. BVH has a list of a wide range of private villas inSeminyak which offer the best access to the city like:Villa Walmi Villa Walmi is a luxurious three and four-bedroom villas, conveniently located in theheart of Seminyak area and just a few minutes away from one of the islands mostfamous stretch of golden-sand beaches, myriad of restaurants, and shoppingboutiques.Villa Lata Liana Villa Lata Liana is a two-bedroom and 5-bedroom self-contained villa that is locatedjust minutes from Seminyaks Petitenget beach and close to the popular Gado Gadorestaurant.Villa Vie Bali Villa Vie Bali is a refined 4-bedroom villa in a sophisticated tropical lifestyle, justfootsteps away from Seminyak Square. Seminyak, a beach town in South Bali, is more upmarket and has a much morelaid-back and more sophisticated atmosphere than Kuta which is by far the mostheavily developed area in Bali, with lots of shopping and night-life and the islandscenter of lower-end party culture. With a much quieter beach atmosphere and considered as the high end spa andboutique shopping capital of Bali, Seminyak is a much better place to stay thanthose villas within the city.Article Niche Content Provider 86
    • | Breathtaking Panoramas In Bali That Keep Tourists Coming Back One of the most preferred tourist destinations, the island paradise of Bali, is not only famous for its Bali villas but is also famous for its breathtaking Bali panorama, as well as its local Bali scenes. The famed Island of the Gods showcases numerous and diverse spectacular scenic views and panoramas, ranging from its natural landscapes of scenic mountains, lush rice terraces, barren volcanic hillsides, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, to its numerous cultural, historical and archaeological attractions of ancient temples museums, cultural shows, as well as its golf courses botanical gardens, world-classshopping boutiques and spas, and affordable and luxurious Bali accommodation. Boasting of a colorful, deeply spiritual, and unique culture, along with itspicturesque backdrop that takes a serious claim to be paradise on earth, Bali hasbecome one of the worlds most popular island destinations and one whichconsistently wins travel awards as tourists keep on coming back to experience andindulge in Bali lifestyle and culture. Travelling around Bali, tourists are exposed and will be tantalized by the sheerbeauty that Balis breathtaking panoramas are offering.Bali Villas With its world-class surfing and diving, a large number of accommodationssuch as villas for rent in this Bali travel paradise has something to offer to avery broad market of visitors from young back-packers right through to thesuper-elite. Villas in Bali are very affordable and luxurious. Famous for its large collectionof private villas for rent, Bali villas are complete with staff and top-class levelsof service. These villas also showcase a distinct ambiance of which BaliIsland and its Balinese culture is unique for.Villa Alam PuriAn Ubud Bali villa, Villa Alam Puriis is a villa complex of 13 villas, each ofwhich has its own private plunge pools and balconies with views of ricepaddies. Decorated in Balinese style beddings and decors, these villas alsoboast of original Indonesian artwork hanging on the walls.Conveniently located 20 minutes from southern Balis art and culture centerof Ubud, Villa Alam Puri is ideal for weddings, birthdays, andArticle Niche Content Provider 87
    • commitment-ceremonies as it boasts of amenities of modern hotel.Villa Saraswati Ubud Located in the secluded settings of the traditional village of Payogan in Ubud,situated 50 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes drive from Balis art andcultural center of Ubud, Villa Saraswati reflects traditional elements ofBalinese architecture incorporating all modern comforts. Nestled amongst eight acres of tropical plantations, Villa Saraswati is atwo-story villa that consists of four sleeping quarters, fully equipped kitchen,office area, library, a spa room, and a large salt water swimming pool.Moreover, the villa showcases a spacious open plan living area, tastefullyfurnished in Indonesian heritage represented with a varied collection ofantiques. With its friendly people, Hindu culture, rhythmic dances, breathtaking scenicpanorama of natural as well as cultural and historic places, along with itsluxurious but affordable private villas for rent, Bali is undoubtedly one of themost fascinating places in the world.Article Niche Content Provider 88
    • | Track The Calendar Of Colorful Events In Bali This Year For every Balinese, Bali festivals, events, and ritual ceremonies are an important part of their daily, religious, and social life, determined and held according to their Bali calendar. Without these Bali events, festivals, and rituals, their life cycle, social structure, and connection with the heavenly world will be incomplete. In 1 year alone, youll be surprised how many there are. Permanent fixtures in the lives of the Balinese, these Bali festivals are afforded great meanings by Balinese culture. There are some festivals in Bali that are dedictedto certain gods, including those who symbolize knowledge, virtue, or birth. Temple festivals, harvest festivals, fasting and retreat festivals, blood sacrifices,and life-cycle ceremonies which are events celebrated to mark the passage of aBalinese as he progresses in his life from birth, birthday, tooth filings, wedding untilfuneral rites, and cremation are all part and parcel of Bali festivals. So not surprisingly, as at every stage of a Balinese life there is a ceremony or ritualtaking place together with other Bali festivals at full moon, a new calendar year orother days are considered important. It is, therefore, extremely obvious that whenyou visit Bali, you will always see Bali events and festivals going on somewhere onthe island. Bali festivals and events are an integral part of Balinese life and a huge part of themysticism and allure that sets Bali apart from any other land as most months of theyear, Bali has something of interest happening, with various seasonal things to doand tourist-friendly events taking place as well as major events taking place nearlyevery six months or every 210 days! This year, one of the most important festival months on Bali is March, when theexciting Melasti, Galungan and Nyepi religious festivals are taking place and arealways being the cause for much celebration.Article Niche Content Provider 89
    • Melasti is a purification festival held the day before Nyepi. This is the loud part ofthe two-day event, where well-dressed villagers offer flowers and fruit and holy mensacrifice pigs amid the din of gamelan and drums and lots of merry shouting. Thenall must fall silent the following day on Nyepi. Nyepi festival is one of Bali holidays where everyone in Bali, including tourists, mustremain silent. It is a day of absolute silence throughout the island after Melastiwelcomes the beginning of the lunar year with a silent vigil to fool the spirits. Balisairport is closed on Nyepi and no one is permitted to leave their villa for rent. The most important Bali festival is Galungan. It is held throughout the island and isan annual event each March in the wuku year, celebrating the victory of virtue overevil, the victory of good Dharma over the evil Adharma. It is a ten day festival whereit is believed that all the gods, including the supreme deity Sanghyang Widi, comedown to earth for the festivities. Barongs prance from temple to temple and village tovillage. The Bali Arts Festival runs between mid-June through mid-July. It a great time tovisit Bali as this festival celebrates the arts and culture of Bali. Never will you have abetter chance to witness Balis glorious culture so close at hand. The main eventsare held each year at the Taman Budaya (Art Centre) in east Denpasar. The Bali Kite Festival is a fun event where one sees hundreds of kites in a myriadof forms and colors, decorating the blue Bali skies, treating foreign travelers to yetanother aspect of the islands unique culture. The festival is a real boon for touristswho want to get a unique glimpse of another side of Bali. Villa Bali is one of the favorite accommodations of tourists who want to witnessthese Bali festivals. Bali has many private villas for rent where travelers can easilyand affordably stay and thereby be near on hand to witness these Bali festivals. Private villa Bali are found mostly in the greater Seminyak area (Seminyak,Umalas, Canggu), in the south around Jimbaran and Uluwatu, in Sanur and aroundthe hill town of Ubud — the center of art and dance in the foothills as well asLovina in north Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 90
    • | Must-see Nature And Eco-parks In Bali Island The island paradise of Bali has always been blessed by the beautiful breathtaking panorama, both natural and man-made. From its majestic mountains to its luxuriously elegant Bali villas for rent until its world-class crashing surfs and friendly Balinese people, Bali, suitably named the island of the Gods, is also blessed for its Bali nature parks and Bali eco park. A travelers paradise, Bali is not only known for its myriad of Hindu Temples but is also known for its Bali parks that are rich in several habitats, wildlife, flor and fauna, andverdant landscapes and forests, which will make you fall in love with the island.Bali parks along with its gardens are very much a part of Balinese character.West Bali National Park One of the Bali nature parks located west side of the island paradise is West BaliNational Park. Covering around 190 square kilometers of land and sea, West BaliNational Park boasts of a beautiful panoramic, fresh atmosphere and unique natureecosystem, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Bali. Showcasing nature conservation with pure ecosystem, this lush nature park iscomprised of several habitats such as a savanna, mangroves, montane andmixed-monsoon forests, and coral islands, with the center of the park dominated byremnants of four volcanic mountains from Pleistocene era, with Gunung Patas itshighest elevation. Boasting of long beach, reef and islets to the north, a seaport to the west and thevillage of Goris to the east, Bali West National Park is home to some 160 rareArticle Niche Content Provider 91
    • species of floras and faunas including the Banteng, Barn Swallow, Black-napedOriole, Black Racket-tailed Treepie, Crested Serpent-eagle and the criticallyendangered Bali Starling the islands mascot among others. If one is lucky enough, he may have a glimpse of the rare barking deer in this park,apart from several types of monkeys, leopards, and civets.Bali Barat National Park Located in the most western part of Bali, Bali Barat National Park was foundedmainly to protect the Bali Starling and the last of the wild banteng, from which mostof the Balinese cattle descend. Comprising of a total area of 19,000 ha, Bali Barat Park is mountainous and boastsof a primary monsoon forest, mangrove forest, lowland rain forest, savanna, seagrass vegetation types, coral reefs, sandy beaches, and both shallow and deep seawaters. Surrounded by six villages with a varied ethnic population, from the Balinese,Javanese, Madurese and Bugis, the peninsular Prapat Agung, with its extensiveweb of footpaths, is the most accessible part of the park. Easily accessible from Gilimanuk, Bali Barat National Park is home to 175 speciesof plants, of which 14 are endangered species like bayur (Pterospermumjavanicum), ketangi (Lagerstroemia speciosa), burahol (Stelechocarpus burahol),cendana, or sandalwood (Santalum album), and sonokeling (Dalbergia latifolia). The Park also not only boasts of about 160 different species of birds, making it aparadise for bird-watchers, but also of wildlife, consisting mostly of sea and shorebirds, the most conspicuous being the Brown Boobies and Lesser Frigate birds. If you want to snorkel and see the colorful corals, go to the area of Menjanganisland where hectares of colorful coral reefs are found.Article Niche Content Provider 92
    • Now, if you are interested to experience and indulge in Bali nature parks, one canstay in Balis famous villas for rent. Bali is not only famous for its Bali nature parks but also for its large collection ofprivate villas for rent, complete with staff and top-class levels of service. These private villas are found mostly in the greater Seminyak area (Seminyak,Umalas, Canggu), in the south around Jimbaran and Uluwatu, in Sanur and aroundthe hill town of Ubud as well as Lovina in north Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 93
    • | Famous Celebrities And Personalities That Spend Vacations In Bali Bali has been known as the island of the Gods as it is abundant not only of breathtaking landscape but also of man-made structures. From its lush rice fields, end-to-end tropical beaches, thousands of temples, scenic volcanic and mountainous backdrops, as well as its luxury villas and exotic floras and faunas and its world-class surfing and diving, Bali is one of the most famous tourists destinations in the world. Famous People in Bali Bali is also an ideal place for romance and romantic assignations and this is proven by some famous celebrties whocome to this island paradise to have their holiday in comfort, peace andprivacy. Bali, with its famous large numbers of villas in Bali known for its elegance,luxury, Balinese designs and Balinese-inspired themes as well as comfort andprivacy are where the celebrity in Bali stays as well.Tyra Banks in Bali Ex-supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks had her Bali vacation lastyear. After her trip to China taping the latest season of "Americas Next TopModel", Banks flew right back to Bali to spend the holidays with her mysteryflame. The 38-year-old model recently took a trip to Asia and came back with... a love interest. And then went to Bali to have a holiday with her loveinterest.Nick Jonas in Bali Nick Jonas and new girlfriend Delta Goodrem has also their vacation in Bali.Lovebirds, Disney pin-up Nick Jonas and Australian songbird Delta Goodremwere spotted alighting an airplane at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Balilast June 2011. It was believed that the two lovebirds headed straight for a resort getaway.According to a Sydney-based friend of Goodrem, the two were at the placesimply for a "song-writer camp" after having collaborated for her upcomingalbum. However, the manager of Goodrem refused to comment on the issue.Paris Hilton in BaliThe 30-year-old heiress, Paris Hilton was seen showing off her bikini bodyArticle Niche Content Provider 94
    • while frolicking on the beach in a sexy two-piece in Bali. Paris Hilton was seen taking a break from her growing business empire forsome relaxation on the idyllic island of Bali last November 2011. While in Bali, the reality star Paris had been embracing her spiritual side onthe one-week break. The break has been a very spiritual experience for her.Shes been seen visiting local temples, playing with monkeys and justenjoying some time off after a really hectic month. Paris has totally fallen inlove with Bali. Paris also indulged in Balis famous sunset, topping up theirtans during the day while lying down on the poolside at their hotel. Paris has been joined on the holiday by her good friend, Australiansupermodel Cheyenne Tozzi.Obama in BaliAiming to knit Asian allies ever closer as Chinas might rises, PresidentBarack Obama attended the East Asia Summit in Bali. Obama completed anine-day Asia-Pacific trip with a visit to his boyhood home of Indonesia.Obama is the first US president to take part in a summit of East Asian nations.Obama went to Bali in November 2011 after traveling from Australia.Article Niche Content Provider 95
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 96
    • | Enter And Experience The So-called Beverly Hills Of Bali Bali is an island paradise that boasts of a beautiful scenery. From plains and rice fields to beaches and white sand, Bali has it. And aside from the more popular Seminyak area of Bali, there is another place that is worth visiting and it is Jimbaran which is just south of the airport and Kuta. This place used to be a small fishing village but it has now grown to have one of many 5-star beach resorts of the world Jimbaran has been labeled as the Beverly Hills of Bali primarily for the many luxury Bali villas and private villas in the area. Jimbaran Bali Villas>When one visits Jimbaran, there are many villas to choose from. Among these are:Villa Blue Horizon If one feels like being on top of the world, then Villa Blue Horizon is the best placeto stay. Situated on top of the Hill of Balangan, one gets a breathtaking view of thesunset, the Indian Ocean, and volcano. This luxury villa has all the amenities one may look for like king sized bedroomswith en suite bathrooms, air conditioned circular lounge where one can relax in andenjoy the magnificent view, a well-equipped kitchen and storage room, a largeswimming pool and Jacuzzi, and a huge gazebo where one can have the mostrelaxing massage. What makes this accommodation unique is that it has a superb library that issurrounded by glass windows that still provide an excellent view.Villa Bidadari This Bali villa is located near the most magnificent surf beaches in Bali. It isconveniently located just 10 minutes to the seafood cafes and to the white sandbeach of Jimbaran. This villa is located within the Pura Gading residential complex. But guests can optto visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park and the Uluwatu Temple. It has an open plan space where natural sunlight can seep through. And adding tothis magnificent touch is a sliding glass window that provides a fantastic view andpathway to the pool. Its kitchen allows the guests to prepare their food using its double sink, stove top,and practical appliances. The guests can enjoy their meals at the dining table thatArticle Niche Content Provider 97
    • sits 8 people.The villa has three bedrooms. One is the master suite with a full length picturewindow and two other bathrooms are for the children and accompanying friends.Villa OHare A spectacular view especially at night awaits the guests of Villa OHare. From adistance, a view of the ocean can be seen as it is illuminated by the lights of theNgura Rai International Airport. This villa has five bedrooms, each with a bathroomwhich makes the villa the best option for large groups of tourists. Its amenities include a large swimming pool, large screen TV with DVD player, WIFIinternet access for those who want to keep connected to the rest of the world, fullyequipped kitchen, and automobile with driver.Article Niche Content Provider 98
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 99
    • | Review The Best Spots And Attractions Complimented To A Bali Vacation It is common knowledge to people around the world that Bali, an island off the shore of Indonesia, has been consistently winning travel awards in the local and international scenes. The beautiful scenery that includes white sand beaches and awesome villas in Bali for the Bali accommodation consistently receive positive Bali island reviews. If you are still not convinced of the majestic beauty of Bali, then read on and discover for yourself. Tirta Empul Holy Springs. Bali is not only the place of beautiful white sand beaches. It is also a place of natural springs wichinclude the Tirta Empul Holy Springs. Founded in the ninth century, such springs arebelieved to have magical powers and have become a place for ceremonies andprayer. The crystal clear waters provide a stunning reflection of its visitors. As theseplaces are considered holy by the Balinese, people who visit are required to wearthe sarong or something that covers many areas of the body. Penglipuran Village. This is a village where the houses are built in a uniformmanner. Even the interior of the houses are uniform except for the bedrooms.Through time, this place has become a tourist attraction where people can visit thedifferent houses for a price. Hindu-Buddhist Temples. Balinese people are not just warm and hospitable butthey are also deeply rooted to their religion. The Hindu-Buddhist temples are amongthe symbols of this religion. It is dedicated to Dewi Danu. Puri Candi Dasa. Puri Candi Dasa is another temple complex that houses differentareas that are used for prayers and ceremonies. Even when ceremonies and offersare being held, visitors are allowed to enter provided they dress appropriately. Theymust wear the sarong and keep their shoulders covered as a sign of respect.There are also a lot of things that can be done on the island. Among these are: Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sports. It is considered to be Balis newest and mostcomplete and exclusive center for water sports. They do not only provide theequipment for water sports, they also provide services and outstanding facilities forthe satisfaction and convenience of their guests.Chez Monique Silver Smith Class. Tourists can also visit the Chez Monique SilverSmith Class where they can choose their own design and size of jewelries. Paon Bali Cooking Class. If preparing a sumptuous Balinese cuisine is ones idea ofa Bali vacation, then trying out the Paon Bali Cooking Class is the answer. AfterArticle Niche Content Provider 100
    • visiting the market and picking the best and freshest native ingredients, the touristsare taught the basic techniques of cooking Bali food using its very well-equippedkitchen.These Bali reviews come from those who have personally experienced the place.These are surely going to help one decide on the activities that can be done in Bali.Article Niche Content Provider 101
    • | Uncovering The Mysteries Behind The Galungan Festival In Bali Bali, the island paradise in Indonesia, boasts of a colorful diverse Bali culture closely integrated with religion. Aside from its famous Bali tourism and villas holiday, Bali is also well-known for its Bali festival. One such major festival in Bali is the Galungan festival. Generally considered to be the most important festival for the Balinese, the Galungan Festival is a series of Hindu religious ceremonies that are performed during the 10-day Galungan-Kuningan period. This Bali holiday festival symbolizes the victory of Dharma (which means Virtue) upon Adharma Evil) and is filled with culturalrite and ceremonies that focus on the importance of living a life based on dharma. The Galungan festival preparations usually start at Tumpek Uduh, 25 days beforeGalungan Day, at the Saturday of the 7th week of the Balinese Pawukon calendar,Wariga. For this reason, the entire Galungan festival period has a total length ofabout 35 days or 5 weeks, a one Balinese month. A 10-day festival, Galungan Festival is held all throughout the whole Bali islandparadise. Celebrated every six months, the festival celebrates the Hindu gods andmost importantly the triumph of good over evil. During the festival, the Balinesebelieves that during these 10 days, the Balinese gods as well as the ancestral spiritsdescend to earth for the festivities. Because of this, the Balinese puts up lavishdecorations throughout the island to honor their arrival. One can see in every homes right side entrance an enormous bamboo polecovered and beautifully decorated with woven young coconut leaves, cakes, fruitsand flowers. Basically, there are around 12 specific ceremonial days of the Galungan festival,starting with Tumpek Uduh and ending with Tumpek Kuningan. Signifying "Pawedalan Jagat" or the earths festival ceremony, Galungan Day isspent in prayers and special ritual ceremony held for the Balinese ancestors spirits,thanking God for his creations on earth and its content. One can witness traditional dishes being prepared and then offered to the gods attemples and shrines. Then all the families come together to eat and celebrate,wearing traditional clothes and dress.During the Galungan festival, one can see the Balinese usually performing aArticle Niche Content Provider 102
    • ceremony called Ngelawang. This ceremony involves the Balinese traveling aroundthe village in the costume of Barong Rangda and Barong Kedengkling. Full of performances conveying holy values, the Ngelawang Galungan ceremony ismeant to create prosperity and health as well as protection. During the ceremony,one can see the Balinese performing a series of dances such as the Janger, theJoged, and the Arja. After the performance, a canang sari offering is made whichcontains some money (sesari, canang beras jinah). Overall, there are many ceremonies, rites, dances and rituals, guests can witnessduring the entire Galungan festival period. If you really want to fully enjoy thisfestival, book into one of Balis famous luxurious private holiday villa. Bali has a wideselection of these luxurious private villa getaways where you can enjoy, relax andappreciate the beauty of Bali in comfort and peace, while having the option toindulge in Balis lively festivals and many high-end boutiques, spas and restaurants.Article Niche Content Provider 103
    • | Saving The Endangered Beauties In Bali Island Bali is internationally known to be a fantastic and amazing place to see, whether for residency or for vacationing. Bali has consistently won in many contests for being the worlds best and most loved tourist destination. Its beautiful landscape, white sand beaches, unique flora and fauna, water sports, boutiques and shops especially in the Seminyak area, and warm and hospitable people are just some of the reasons why it has grown very popular. Aside from these mentioned, it is also home to many Bali animals and Bali endangered species. Its long and wide list of animals cotinues to amaze locals and tourists alike. There are, in fact, 280 species of birds thatcan be found in Bali which also includes the endangered, Bali Starling. Among theseare the Barn Swallow, Black-naped Oriole, Black Racket-tailed Treepie, CrestedSerpent-eagle,Crested Treeswift, Dollarbird, Java Sparrow, Lesser Adjutant,Long-tailed Shrike, Milky Stork, Pacific Swallow, Red-rumped Swallow, SacredKingfisher, Sea Eagle,Woodswallow, Savanna Nightjar, Stork-billed Kingfisher,Yellow-vented Bulbul, White Heron, and Great Egret. There are also the wild Banteng, leopard, Bali Tiger, Javan Russa deer, wild boar,Indina Muntjac, squirrels, Asian Palm Civet, bats, monkeys, crab-eating macaque,and Javan Langur.Its Bali marine animals are also as beautiful and unique. There are the HawksbillTurtle, Giant Sunfish, Giant Manta Ray, Giant Moray Eel, Bumphead Parrotfish,Hammerhead Shark, Reef Shark, barracuda, and sea snakes. It is also for its popularity that Bali tourism is putting at its forefront the safety andwelfare of the Bali island ecology. It recognizes the threats that are posed on itsnatural resources considering the influx of tourists to the island everyday. That iswhy it has instituted programs, backed up by agencies and government groups, totake care and promote the welfare of the resources. What are the programs that are dedicated to the welfare of Bali island ecology thatcan also be experienced by the tourists? BALI BIRD WALK. From the name itself, it is an activity for bird lovers. Whilestrolling in a protected area, they will see birds of different kinds and families. BALI MARINE PARK. This is one of Indonesias Marine Conservation Programs.There are 24 protected areas in the whole country of Indonesia that have beendeclared by the government. News has it that it will be expanded to 85 reserves thatcover 30 million hectares of land. The plans for this park include the management ofmarine inhabitants like coral reefs and mangroves for sustainable use. Hunting ofArticle Niche Content Provider 104
    • turtles has also been banned throughout the country. REEF WATCH PROGRAM. The Reef Appreciation Area can be experienced if onegoes on a day cruise to Lembongan Island. Bali Hai Cruises is one with thegovernment in protecting and managing the reef. BALI ELEPHANT SAFARI PARK. Located in Desa Taro, such safari park lets itsguests feed and interact with these unique Indonesian elephants. BALI BUTTERFLY PARK. Obviously the home of many butterflies, the Bali ButterflyPark is the place devoted to the study, breed, and preservation of varied types ofbutterflies in Indonesia and the rest of the world.Article Niche Content Provider 105
    • ReferencesArticle Niche Content Provider 106
    • | What Is Special About A Traditional Balinese Wedding Weddings are every girls dream. Walking down the aisle with the man you would want to spend the rest of your life with is such a gift. After all, not everyone is blessed as much as being able to get married. The most common and the most traditional weddings are held in churches. However, there are also other styles and themes which can entice couples. Among this is the traditional Balinese wedding. When one seeks to attend a Balinese wedding, it is important to know how they do it and how to behave during such occasions so as not to cause any trouble and emarrassment on oneself. Here are some points to remember when wanting to witnessthis unique celebration. For the attendance, Balinese people would want as much people to be present atthis very special day. As they say, "the more, the merrier". They are not only invitingrelatives, but even close friends, business partners and associates, neighbors,colleagues, and friends. It is even possible for anyone who has not personallyreceived an invitation to join groups of friends who have been formally invited to theoccasion. One just has to make sure that it is not a sit down dinner wherein there isa limit to the guests. Attending a Balinese wedding expresses support and life for the ones who areengaged in the Bali marriage. That is why the presence of guests is such a deephonor. Though one is not obliged to attend such a Bali wedding, the consequencesmay take its toll on future relationships and agreements. The invitations are also extravagant. Upon opening the envelope, greetings like"Merupakan suatu kehormatan & kebahagiaan bagi kami apabilaBapak/Ibu/Saudara/i berkenan hadir untuk memberikan doa restu kepada keduamempelai" or "Tiada yang dapat kami ungkapkan selain ucapan terima kasih darihati yang tulus atas kehairan serta pemberian do. a restu Bapak/Ibu/Saudara/ikepada putra-putri kami" will greet the reader. This means that your presence is anhonor and a way of extending blessings to the bride and groom. As for the dresses, women can wear nice dresses that she would wear to a typicalwedding at home while the men can wear a business suit or a long sleeved batikshirt paired with slacks. When thinking about the gift, the guest can think about the usual things that may beneeded by the couple as they start their lives together.The reception of Balinese weddings may vary from having it at home or at a 5-starArticle Niche Content Provider 107
    • hotel. A private villa wedding can also be an attractive and unique venue for awedding in Bali. Some of these villas that can be chosen for a villa wedding are:Uma NinaVilla KavyaVilla KavayaTaman SorgaVilla Sayang CangguVilla PhalosaVilla ChampuhanVilla KailashaVilla Baladewa SatuThe villa that will be chosen by the couple can still assist in the preparation of themany aspects even if they choose to have a self-managed wedding. These include:Legal paperworkWedding gownPhotographyCakeHair and make upFlowersBridal carSo if you are thinking about getting married soon, think about having a Baliwedding.Article Niche Content Provider 108
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    • | Places To List Down For Your Romantic Escapade In Bali The famous Island of the Gods, Bali, with its picturesque backdrop of lush natural beauty along with countless number of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, as well as its enormous range of luxury Bali villas and hotel accommodations from its thousand temples to its world-class surfing and diving and shopping and dining venues, is a perfect romantic island haven. Boasting of relaxing panorama over tropical shores, cool and lush greeneries with gentle yet balmy breezes and breathtaking memorable views from cliff tops and mountain tops, the island paradise of Baliisan idyllic honeymoon destination.Here are some of the best spots for a romantic Bali Island getaway:Sunset Dinner Cruise Spend a soothing sunset evening with your love one in a romantic dinnercruise around Balis Benoa Harbor. This Sunset Dinner Cruise will head out tosea as the sun goes down. Cruisers can indulge and enjoy cool night breezeson the top deck whilst listening to live tunes from strolling Batak Singers.Guests can also indulge their stomach with a delicious international buffetdinner and then dance the night away at the disco lounge or just stay put on acozy deck corner just for the two of you.Jimbaran Sunset Dinner After your romantic excursion on the Uluwatu Temple, conclude your day byindulging in a spectacular sunset overlooking the Indian Ocean and anextensive barbecued seafood dinner on the idyllic Jimbaran Bay.An extremely tranquil beach and perfectly white, Jimbaran Beach is an idyllicplace for walking or just sitting and waiting for the sunset. There are manyopportunities to dine out along the beach as many of the local people haveopened up various cafes for passersby and tourists.Tirta Gangga Water Palace Located in Karangasem in east Bali and set amidst stunning rice paddyterraces, Tirta Gangga Royal Water Palace is a lovely maze of pools andfountains surrounded by a lush garden and stone carvings and statue amajestic and serene attraction that is worth a visit.The water palace lush natural beauty is a perfect backdrop for couplesArticle Niche Content Provider 110
    • wanting to capture honeymoon memories of their island visit.Moreover, around Tirta Gangga are a variety of budget restaurants, privateBali villas and hotels, offering visitors with its menu that offers a combinationof international dishes for couples to dine alfresco, with open views to thebeautiful water pools and gardens pampering visitors attracted by TirtaGanggas treks through lush greenery.Chandra Luxury Villas Situated in the Oberoi area of Seminyak (a quieter, more upscale beach sideresorts and villas just to the north of Legian, with some fashionable upscalerestaurants and trendy designer bars and dance clubs), Chandra Luxury Villasshowcases the perfect blend of traditional and modern, minimalistarchitectural elements as well as the fusion of the exotic charm of Bali withthe luxuries of a boutique resort. This two and three-bedroom rent villas in Bali, represent the very best inluxury holiday honeymoon Bali villas accommodation as all villas areexquisitely decorated with easy-living convenience of a luxurious villafacilities and amenities, which Balis private villas are famous for.Chandra Luxury Villas boast of maid service and chef on demand, a privatepool where guest can relax, and a soothing outdoor bathroom.Guests can also indulge in the equally famous Balinese massages in theprivacy of the villa. Chandra Luxury Villas provides their guests withmassages, body scrubs, body wraps, facials, pedicures and manicures.Article Niche Content Provider 111
    • | Rewarding Experience From The Best Itinerary For A Seminyak Bali Getaway Boasting of a much more upmarket atmosphere, Seminyak, Bali is one of the best Bali vacation destinations. Showcasing with mostly luxury Bali package accommodation and fashionable high-end restaurants and bars, this next town north of Legian, well-known for its atmosphere, is much more sophisticated and laid-back than Kuta. Also well known for it being the high-end spa capital of Bali, a Seminyak guest is sure to indulge in a spa experience that is one of great luxury in a sophisticated setting. Boasting of the prices that are still 50% or more cheaer than what is charged in awestern country, if you are a guest in one of Seminyaks high end hotels, you willundoubtedly be treated in an in-house spa service. If you are staying in one of theluxurious Seminyak villas, then you can avail of the many luxurious in- SeminyakBali villa treatments that will almost certainly be offered just check with the staff. Though Seminyak boasts of a beach atmosphere which is quieter during the day,this corner of the island paradise is also the center in Bali for hip and inventivefashion boutiques, other designer stores and art studios the boutique shoppingcapital of Bali. From its Bali Seminyak villas to its trendy shopping centers and to its relaxing quietbeaches or to its luxurious yet relaxing and affordable high-end spa service,Seminyak is an ideal Bali getaway for those who want to experience the perfectfusion of a Bali hopping, spa and relaxing villa experience.Lagoon SpaLocated in Jalan Baik Baik, Seminyak, Lagoon Spa has on offer a wide arrayof indulging body and beauty treatments. Boasting of a relaxing environment,Lagoon Spa features a Romanesque Jacuzzi, sauna, rain shower and publicpool, with treatments drawn on the ancient health and beauty traditions ofAsia.Zanzibar Restaurant Showcasing an open terrace overlooking the beach, Zanzibar Restauranttakes its Mediterranean décor to heart as it boasts of an Italian-themed menuwith a focus on fresh fish and locally grown vegetables. Guests should do trythe salad of roast pumpkin, feta cheese and poached egg followed by the tunacarpaccio with avocado.Article Niche Content Provider 112
    • Indigo & Rose Located in Jalan Seminyak, 50m from Bintang Supermarket and Jalan Oberoi,opposite Seminyak Square, Indigo & Rose is the sister label of longestablished Indigo Kids. This popular shop offers affordable sleek and stylishwomens resort wear, beautifully hand crafted leather accessories, sandals,jewelry and childrens wear. The shop also emphasize on intricate handcrafted detailing on all pieces such as beading, crochet, embroidery and lace.Villa Tanjung Plawa One of the modern Balinese villas in Seminyak, Villa Tanjung Plawa sits onprime property with an area of 420 m², located in the trendy neighborhood ofSeminyak, Balis most vibrant district and home to upscale restaurants, bars,fashion boutiques, and lifestyle stores. Also just a fifteen-minute drive from the Ngurah Rai International airport, thisVilla Tanjung Plawa is also a short ten-minute walk to Seminyak beach whereyou can enjoy spectacular sunsets. One of the villas Seminyak, Villa Tanjung Plawa is made of three bedrooms,each with en suite bathroom and equipped with a swimming pool, loungearea, dining room and spacious kitchen. Guests have complimentary accessto a desktop computer with high speed internet as well as Wi-Fi access. Offering an affordable rate, attention to detail and commitment to service, theTanjung Nakula facilities - with its private swimming pool, minibar & opendining room, air conditioner, and 34" LCD television - are an attractiveaccommodation for Villa Tanjung Plawa global clientele.Article Niche Content Provider 113
    • | Visiting The Bali Island Paradise Via Luxury Cruise Set in the midst of the southern Indian Ocean, the island paradise of Bali is one of the best vacation destinations in the world for its pristine sandy beaches, clear waters, and underwater beauty from colorful coral reefs, exotic fishes and other amazing sea life boasting of lots of activities for the young, families and young at heart. With its extensive coast line, Bali is also well-known for its luxury cruise to Bali. An adventuresome yet also relaxing activity, cruises in Bali offer a convenient way for Bali visitors to enrich their experience of Asia catching a glimpse of ights of unbelievablebeauty one may have only read or heard about; seeing monkeys, deer and birds ofevery color and species which are believed to be over 300; and filling your senseswith the fragrant smells from the exotic floras in Bali while enjoying the sun, thewarmth the fresh air and the relaxed atmosphere that Bali is also known for. Embark on a fun-day filled adventure with an adventuresome Bali cruise. Cruisethrough the islands and be able to see and experience the Balinese way of life andhave a chance to sample and indulge in the locally-grown Balinese products andfoods. Have a chance at visiting the vineyards in the north and sail to the nearbyLembongan Island for a fun filled day of relaxation and adventure. While cruising,dont stop at just enjoying the refreshments offered on board, also feel and indulgein the warm ocean breeze on the deck that is sure to soothe you like nothing elsecan. Also be entertained by the dolphins gathering at Lovina, Padangbai or Candi Dasa.If one wishes to indulge its mermaid-merman fantasy, go diving and be in the midstof the beautiful array of colorful corals and colonies of coral fish as well as planktoneating sharks and reef fishes. If you want to spend a day or two soaking up the sun on this breathtaking islandparadise, then you have the option to stay in Balis wide array of villas in Bali.Island Explorer Cruises With a choice of any of two different crafts, cruise to Coconuts Beach Resortin Lembongan Island and enjoy and indulge in a full day vacation with variouswater sports activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, banana boat ridingor joining the semi-submersible boat – all in a days adventure. However, if you want to stay inland for your dream beach Bali vacation, youcan stay in Balis center of art and dance in the foothills, Ubud and enjoy theArticle Niche Content Provider 114
    • monkey forest and lots of arts and crafts shops along with the manymuseums.Villa Awan Biru Ubud An Ubud Bali Villa, Villa Awan Biru Ubud is a 5-bedroom villa that isconveniently located in the north of Ubud at the edge of the volcano slope.Slopping from the top of the hill into a dramatic river valley, Villa Awan BiruUbud is set amidst terrace rice fields, temples, river and even the famousmount Agung. Villa Awan Biru Ubud boasts of an amazing132 m2 swimming pool with avalley-view and 5 perfectly decorated bedroom, with a interior designdedicated for each of them to a specific region of Indonesia such as Sumba,Sumbawa, and of course Bali. Fully equipped with air-conditioned, all the bedrooms also have flat screenTV with satellite and DVD, stereo system, wireless internet access. And one ofthem features its one private swimming pool. In addition, Villa Awan Biru Ubud also showcases two living and dining areaone open space, air conditioned one gym room, one study TV room, and aseparate gazebo where one can enjoy private massage. A professionalkitchen where the cook will prepare the best international and local dishescompletes the villa facilities and amenities.Article Niche Content Provider 115
    • | Putting Safety On Top Priority For Your Vacation In Bali As with every travel, one should put your safety and health first if you want to have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe travel Bali experience. Generally, it is safe in Bali to travel and have your dream vacation getaway in one of their Bali resorts and villas. Though Bali was the scene of lethal terrorist bombings in 2002 and 2005, which had targeted nightclubs and restaurants popular among foreign visitors, Bali security is consequently tight at obvious possible terrorist targets and even the Balinese themselves (who are depending on tourism for their livelihood) disapprove of tebombings and the terrorists behind them as it had caused terrible sufferings to theirpeaceful island paradise. As a visitor, it is very important to put the risk in perspective. The sad fact is it is ofcourse impossible to protect oneself fully against terrorism. The sadder fact iscrossing Balis roads is far more dangerous, the same as crossing in ahighly-urbanized highway where cab drivers almost always try to challenge trafficrules, speeding too fast with less regard to traffic lights and pedestrians safety. However, it is may still be prudent to avoid going to high-profile western hang-outs,especially those without security measures. Petty scams are not uncommon in Bali, although you can easily avoid them with amodicum of common sense. If someone tries to approach you on the street offeringa deal on souvenirs, transport, etc., do not deal with them and refuse their offer asyou can rest assured that you will find yourself paying more if you follow your newfound friend. Make sure to guard your bags, especially at transport terminals and ferry terminals.Along with the risk of them being stolen, there are self-appointed porters who like tograb them without warning and then insist on ridiculous prices for their "services". Though theft is a relatively low risk in Bali, it is not uncommon for snatching andtheft to happen in hotel rooms and villas in Bali. If youre not careful and mindful ofyour belongings and locking your Bali villa room, thieves could break in and enterinto your villa room and rob your belongings. Therefore, you should follow someprecautionary measures. You could always keep your doors and windows securelylocked when going out of your room, or at night. When exploring Bali, make sure toalways keep your valuables in a front-carry pouch. Do carry only copies of yourpassports and travel documents; you must leave the originals locked up in yourhotel or villa room.Article Niche Content Provider 116
    • Luckily, villa security is a key priority of most villas in Bali. Bali safety and securitymeasures are implemented in most villas in Bali. Most Bali villas provide safetydeposit boxes in their rooms where one can keep their valuables and importantdocuments. Or you can use the hotel or villas safe or security box when available. Hotels, resorts and villas in Bali also have 24-hour security with security guardsavailable to assist guests during their stay. Moreover, Balis hotels, resorts and villas do carefully select their team of highlytrained, friendly staff who will ensure their guests experience in Bali is trulyenjoyable and safe. These staffs are which may include an in-house chef,housekeepers, gardener, pool attendant and security guards are trained in properhealth, security and safety protocols.Article Niche Content Provider 117
    • | Health Benefits You Might Enjoy During You Bali Vacation Aside from Balis world-class surfing and diving, colorful; deeply spiritual and unique Balinese culture; varied and breathtaking landscape; stunning and memorable sunset and sunrise views; a large array of fashionable upscale restaurants, trendy designer bars and dance clubs as well as sea-side resorts and luxury Bali villa, the popularly called Island of the Gods is also well-known for its high end Bali spa services. As Balinese culture is deeply ingrained with spiritualism and religion, a persons health is also an integral part of Balinese culture. The All-Around Healthy-Drinks: The JamuIn fact, the Balinese have a traditional family healthy Bali drinks, called jamu,which was handed down through the female side of the family for manygenerations, dating more than 5000 years ago. According to the Javanese and the Balinese, jamu, a go-to solution drinks, afunctional drink, wellness drink, and healthy drink that provide balance in ourlife. They depend on these drinks for their health, energy, strength, body-mindbalance, and internal and external radiance. Also a way of life, the jamu is considered to cure all kinds of commonailments, ranging from infertility to increasing libido.Balinese Spa and Health Treatments and Services Though many visitors get so wrapped up in shopping, partying and beach lifein Bali, many still dont miss the opportunity to indulge in the ultimate Balihealth spa experience. Considered as the spa capital of Asia, Bali is a paradise for spa lovers, withall sorts of small basic listings of treatments and services widely available inevery Bali health spa.Particularly popular is the Balinese lulur body scrub with herbs and spices,which is traditionally performed before a wedding ceremony. Usually done with oil, a Balinese massage involves long, Swedish-stylestrokes and is affordability valued, making it more available to a wide range ofvisitors. In local salons, a one-hour full body massage or a 2 hr mandi lulur, whichincorporates a body scrub and hydrating yogurt body mask in addition to theArticle Niche Content Provider 118
    • massage, is priced affordability in steep contrast to exorbitant westernmassage fees. Similarly, the curiously named cream bath, a relaxing scalp and shouldermassage, usually lasting 45 min, in which a thick conditioning cream isworked through the hair and into the scalp, is also typically costsaffordability. Being a host to some of the finest yoga and well-being centers and retreats inthe world, Bali boasts of an abundance of amazing yoga classes to suit alllevels in most of the tourist areas as well as the best yoga centers like inUbud and Seminyak and high end spas in Seminyak.Seminyak Villa in Bali Offering one of great luxury yet affordable Bali spa experience in asophisticated setting, if you are staying in either one of Seminyaks high endhotels or its private luxury villa at Bali, an in-house spa service or an in-villatreatments will almost certainly be offered. Just check with the staff.One of this villas offering in-villa spa treatment is Serene Villa LotusSerene Villa Lotus Situated in the fashionable Seminyak Oberoi district on Jl. Drupadi, SereneVilla Lotus is close to the beach shopping and trendy cafés, nightlifelocations, as well as a few minutes to the Legian Beach.Showcasing a modern contemporary design combined with open air living,Serene Villa Lotus features a small dipping pool, and garden deck, which canbe overlooked from the private bedroom.A one-bedroom villa, Serene Villa Lotus also boasts of modern interior designwith high quality furniture, a queen-size bed, private en-suite open-airbathrooms with modern facilities, mini bar service, fully equipped kitchen andA/C & ceiling fan equipped rooms. There is also an indoor outdoor bathroom with raindrop shower head forbathing. A small intimate villa perfect for singles or couples, this moderncontemporary Serene Villa Lotus also boast of a fully staffed chefs andhousekeepers and in-house spa.Article Niche Content Provider 119
    • | Other Things You Want To Experience In Bali Beside The Beaches The island paradise of Bali is not only famous for its rugged coastlines, sandy beaches where one can experience world-class surfing and diving, there are also other Bali activities that guests from the various luxury villas in Bali can enjoy and experience. As Bali is gifted with varied landscape of hills and mountains, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides, there are many Bali adventure activities and tours in Bali that you could do while having your dream vacation getaway. Bali also boasts of a large number of cultural, historical and archaeologicalttractions; an estimated 20,000 Hindu temples (pura), each of which holds festivals(odalan) at least twice yearly, large island-wide festivals; huge variety of cafes andrestaurants, serving Indonesian and international food; as well as severalmonuments and museums and an enormous range of villa and hotelaccommodations. One of the worlds most popular island destinations, Bali has at least a bit offun-filled something on offer to a very broad market of visitors from youngbackpackers right through to the super-rich. There are many fun-filled adventures that visitors can enjoy in Bali, ranging fromBali trekking and Bali tour across Bali, golfing, watching Balinese traditional dancesand cultural shows and festivals or just lazing around in one of its many luxuriousBali villas. Trekking and Tours. Visitors can go on a relaxing Volcano Cycle Tour for the wholefamily where you and your whole family will be directly transported to Penelokan,the crater rim of the Active Batur Volcano and enjoy morning breakfast overlookingthe volcano, crater lake view, black lava field, and its surroundings. You will then goon cycling downhill on your mountain bikes through the heartland of Bali, passing onsecret back roads and minor village roads, away from the main traffic, enjoying thebeautiful Balinese landscape while visiting Balinese Temples, a traditional Balinesehouse, and seeing the craftsmen at work on route before arriving in Ubud fortraditional Balinese lunch (chicken & duck betutu). River Rafting. Or, you can also go on River Rafting. Go rafting along a beautiful,scenic 10 kilometer river run, lasting approximately two hours. Golfing. Bali has become popular destination for golfers. Golfing enthusiasts canhave the option of 5 Golf Courses: "Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club" in themountains near Bedugul, the "Bali Golf & Country Club" in Nusa Dua, a 9-holeArticle Niche Content Provider 120
    • course at the Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur, the "Nirwana Bali Golf Club" nearTanah Lot, and the New Kuta Golf Course at Pecatu on the Bukit Peninsula. Museum Tours. Ubud, the artistic capital of the island, has several museums and avariety of informal workshops and retail outlets. You can see in Ubuds museumexhibits of works of local artists, both living and dead, as well as works by manyforeign artists, who either have a strong affinity to Bali or have made the island theirpermanent home. Relaxing in a Villa. You can also have a relaxing stay in one of Balis many luxuryvillas.Villa Bayu A charming property located on the Bukit, Villa Bayu is popular for itsbreathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and Balis famous sunsets. An idealgetaway destination, away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Seminyak,Villa Bayu is but only 3 minutes by car to Padang Padang beach (a legendarysurfing spot), 10 minutes to the Uluwatu Temple, 20 minutes to Jimbaran Bayand its world class hotels and restaurants and 25 minutes to Nusa Dua, Kutaand Balis International Airport. A 4-bedroom villa, Villa Bayu features three buildings, positioned in a lushtropical garden, all featuring high ceilings and large ceiling fans undertraditional thatched roofs. In the main building, the spacious living and dining area and the modernopen-plan granite-topped kitchen is found. The living and dining areasoverlook the swimming pool, gazebo and the spectacular Indian Ocean. Thesurrounding garden is lit up at night, providing a perfect venue for a BBQunder the stars. There are 4 air-conditioned bedrooms occupying the two 2-storey wings oneither side of the main building, making Villa Bayu an ideal location for twofamilies to holiday together. The two upstairs bedrooms feature king-size beds and verandas while eachof both downstairs bedrooms has 2-single beds, a terrace and its own smallprivate garden. All bedrooms showcases large folding doors that open up tothe terraces that boast of uninterrupted views to the ocean and give guests aprivate space to relax. A fully equipped modern kitchen; full sized swimming pool with sun loungersand a Balinese gazebo, which offers a perfect spot to enjoy a drink atsundown; outdoor rainshower for those returning from the beach and atrained staff including a private chef, housekeepers, gardener and securityguards who will take care of all your arrangements from planning meals andarranging day trips or tours, organizing in-house spa treatments.Article Niche Content Provider 121
    • | Balis Ngurah Rai International Airport Offering Hospitality To The Rest Of The World The island paradise of Bali, which is separated from Java by the Bali Strait, can be reached by air through its own Bali airport, the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Also known as Denpasar International Airport, this airport is where most of the thousands of luxury villas guests and visitors will arrive every year. Ngurah Rai is located on the isthmus at the southernmost part of the island in Tuban between Kuta and Jimbaran. It is close to the tourist locations of southern Bali as the resort center of Kuta is 2.5 km north of the airport and Balis capital of Denpaar isroughly 30 min. away. Indonesias 3rd busiest international airport (after Jakarta and Surabaya), NgurahRai is a major Bali travel hub well-connected to Australia, South-East Asia, and therest of Indonesia. Originally built in 1930 as a simple 700-meter-long airstrip at the narrowest pointon the southern coast of Bali by the Dutch Colonial administrations Voor Verkeeren Waterstaats public works office, Ngurah Rai airport was named as Tuban Airportor Pelabuhan Udara Tuban. By August 1, 1969, when the added international facilities to the existing domesticpassenger terminal were done, the once Tuban Airport was inaugurated by the thenIndonesian President Suharto as Pelabuhan Udara International Ngurah Rai, orNgurah Rai International Airport. The name came from I Gusti Ngurah Rai who wasa significant Indonesian National Hero who died in a puputan (fight to the death)during the struggle for independence in Indonesia in the Indonesian Revolution in1946. At present, the current airport has an east-west aligned runway and associatedtaxiway, with over 1000 meters of that runways length projecting westward into thesea. The International Terminal is set in the newer L shaped terminal whilst theDomestic Terminal is located in the older adjacent building a short distance to thesouth east of the international terminal. There are 17 gates in the airport, with 3 inthe Domestic terminal, and 14 in the International terminal. Designed with the nuances of Balinese architecture, Ngurah Rais InternationalTerminal Building consists of a separate Terminal Departure and Arrivals Terminalseparated by Plaza Festival. Its terminal capacity can serve up to 4,938,840passengers a year. There are 62 check-in counters in the departure area locatedon the first floor, which are equipped with electronic scales and luggage conveyors.Nine of the international gates, which are located on the second floor along withthe waiting area, are equipped with aerobridges and automated aircraft parkingArticle Niche Content Provider 122
    • systems. For passengers waiting time of departure, there is an internationaldeparture lounge area on the 3rd floor, which has a total capacity of 3,175passengers. The Domestic Terminal Building has 35 check-in counters, equipped withelectronic scales and a luggage conveyor system. It can accommodate up to1.37232 million passengers per year. For the passengers waiting for departure,there is the boarding hall which has a capacity of up to 2,118 people. There is aLuggage claim area which has 2 L type baggage carousel units. There are also prayer rooms, showers, telephone facilities, shops and restaurants,massage service and hotel and Bali tourism information desk available in theterminal. This is for the convenience of passengers looking for villas in Bali andasking for Bali vacation spots and services.Article Niche Content Provider 123
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    • | Lombok: Neighbor And Next To Bali As A Tourist Destination Though the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Bali are both well-known tourist destinations, Lombok does not have the fabled image of its hugely popular neighbor Bali. But, Lombok, which is only a 20-minute hop from Bali, has also wonderful beaches, yet far fewer tourists. An island in West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, located just east of Bali, with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west, Lombok is well-known as the "unspoiled Bali". Boasting of beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjni combined with relatively fewtourists, the paradisical tropical island of Lombok is the most popular touristsdestination in Nusa Tenggara. Shaping up at about 80 km from east to west and about the same from north tosouth, with lush evergreen landscapes and parts which are chronically dry,Lomboks trump card is its wonderful coastline, with its wild surfing big breaks onthe south coast a magnet for surfers; the very scenic Sumbawa in east Lombok,offering low key tourism and some good surf breaks; the sweeping bays and calmwaters on the west coast; and the fabled Gili Islands in the northwest, drawingvisitors for action both in and out of the water as well as the mighty Mount GunungRinjani, a large active volcano looming over the island and the 3rd highest peak inIndonesia, luring trekkers. The Mount Rinjani National Park is a hugely dominantfeature of the island. At the foot of Mount Rinjani is the gateway village area of Senaru, where touristscan indulge in some great waterfalls and other spectacular natural scenery. Mataram, Lomboks capital and largest city, is a good spot for a Lombok vacationday trips to the surrounding areas, and nearby Senggigi, the islands principal touriststrip with a wide range of hotel, resort and villa destinations, is superbly positionedalong a stretch of or sweeping bays, with the coastline from Senggigi beach toMangsit beach in the immediate north and the fairly secluded beach of Batu Layarto the immediate south. Just like its Bali namesake, Kuta is Lomboks surfing mecca, a surfers paradise,but thats where the similarity ends, where surfers can enjoy beautiful, largelydeserted, white sand beaches and great surfing waves. Just like Bali which is known for its wide selection of luxurious Bali villasaccommodations, the two nearby peninsulas of Medana and Sire are home tosome of the best resort and luxury villa destinations on the island.Article Niche Content Provider 125
    • So, if youre interested to visit Lombok yet wanting still to stay in Bali, there are Balivillas near Lombok, which could be a good choice for accommodation while touringLombok.Villa Asada Located ten minutes drive from the quiet seaside village of Candidasa inEast Bali, Villa Asada boasts of one of the most spectacular coastlinepanoramic vista views in Bali, which follows the coastline to the east andwest, overlooking Labuan Amuk Bay, the shimmering sea, the Blue Lagoon,and the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Lombok. Villa Asada is complete with four air-conditioned bedrooms with en-suitebathrooms and a main Living & Dining Room, with folding glass doors and acovered balcony running the full length of the room, thereby maximizing thebreathtaking view and making it an ideal space for parties. The dining area isfurnished with a table for ten. There is also an open plan Kitchen that features a black polished granitecentral island, and is fully equipped and with walk-in pantry. Completing the villa is the 18 x 4 meter infinity-edge pool that reaches outtowards the sea, with a creamy-white Palimanan stone pool deck furnishedwith eight sunbeds and sun umbrellas.Article Niche Content Provider 126
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    • | Top Ten Hotels And Beach Resorts In Bali Island The famed Island of the Gods, Bali is not only popularly known for its lush varied landscapes but also for its best range of accommodations, from Bali hotels to Bali villa resorts, offering affordable accommodation to a very broad market of visitors from young back-packers right through to the super-rich. Here are the top ten famous Bali villas, hotels and resorts based on online references and reviews: 1. Viceroy Bali. An Ubud luxury villa resort, Viceroy Bali consists of 25 luxurious villas in Bali, specifically in the highlands of Ubud, Baliscultural center and arts and crafts hub.With an average visitor rating of 5 out of 5, Viceroy Bali offers luxurious villas withprivate pools and spectacular views over Petanu River gorge and tropical forests.Each villa has luxurious European fittings combined with Balinese architecturalfeatures. Each villa also boasts of sumptuous décor, with marble floors, luxuriousfurnishings; top quality beds with fine thread count linen; spacious marble bathroomwith separate shower, bath, twin vanities; with all having air conditioning, ceilingfans, 42 LCD satellite television, DVD player, espresso coffee machine and more. 2. C151 Smart Villas Hotel. A Seminyak Bali villa, C151 Smart Villas Hotel classesitself as a 5 star hotel, with an average visitor rating of 5 out of 5. Convenientlylocated near a wide variety of shopping, entertainment options, popular restaurants,and more, this villa resort features one to three bedroom high tech villas, with eachvilla showcasing a bedroom, bathroom complete with smart toilet, spacious livingroom, fully equipped kitchen, a bar, a dining area, and a stunning private swimmingpool complete with under water speakers. Each villa also comes with a top of theline list of amenities including a plasma television, DVD players, a great hometheater system with music, movies on demand, remote controlled sliding glassdoors, and laser security systems, among others. 3. O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger. One of Legian beach resorts Bali, O-CE-N Bali byOutrigger is the largest all suite luxury resort in the area, with guest satisfactionrating of 5 out of 5. Set in the beachfront at the prime surf beach Legian, this is anapartment-style hotel that comprises of five levels of 112 spacious suites, all incontemporary style with natural stone, clean finish, in the shades of broken whiteand ocean blue, inspired by the tropical Bali beaches. The hotel also boasts of tworestaurants, C Bistro & Lounge and Flying Fish, both with indoor and outdoor diningterraces overlooking the white sand beach. 4. Grand Hyatt Bali. The Nusa Dua, Bali resorts crown jewel, Grand Hyatt Balioffers the comfort of a first-class hotel with the relaxing tranquility of a secludedbeach resort in the luxury stretch of magnificent beachfront on the island of Bali. AArticle Niche Content Provider 128
    • first choice hotel on the paradise island of Bali, whether for meetings, incentives,romantic getaways or honeymoons, Grand Hyatt Bali boasts of a design that reflectsa Balinese water palace, that features clusters of low-rise buildings and private villasamong waterfall-fed pools and landscaped hotel gardens on 40 lush acres. All theindividually controlled 659 air-conditioned hotel guest rooms and suites featureinterior design that utilizes muted batik fabrics, graceful bamboo and the manynative arts and crafts of Bali. Grand Hyatt Bali also features state-of-the-artconference, meeting and banqueting facilities that can cater to events for everyspecial occasion, from intimate engagement dinners to music and fireworkscelebrations for thousands. 5. Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort Hotel. A luxury resort hotel in Jimbaran, Bali,Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort Hotel comprises of 41 individual luxury cottages and villaswith private gardens, promising the luxury of seclusion and uninterrupted sea views,beside the soft white sands of Jimbaran Bay. Designed in a simple, unpretentiousand supremely romantic style, each cottage also boasts of its own private walledgarden, a spacious indoor sitting area with sleeper bed, and a bathroom with freeform sunken terrazzo marble bathtub with both handheld shower and fixed rainshower. 6. Kozy Villas Hotel. Formerly Ratu Kharisma Villa, the Kozy is a boutique luxuryprivate villas resort hotel in the northern end of the Seminyak area, north of Kutaand Legian beaches. It boasts of two types of villa with private entrance, JuniorSuite (180m2) and Luxurious Suite (215m2), both having two bedrooms each withensuite bathrooms, and a private swimming pool of 2×3 meters for Junior, and 3×4meters for Luxurious. 7. Novotel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Residences. Located in the heart of BaliTourism Development Complex, Nusa Dua, this hotel features 175 beautifullyappointed spacious rooms and suites, fully equipped with living room, dining, andkitchen and many of which has garden views. Close to the most prominentconvention center in Bali, and shopping center, this hotel also offers five stars resortfacilities including private beach club, pool lagoon, spa, sauna, massage, fitnesscenter, kids club, meeting and conference rooms. 8. CG-014 Villa. Nestled in the peaceful surrounding of Pererenan Village, 800meters from the Pererenan Beach, on Balis south-western coast, CG-014 Villa iscomposed of two different buildings within a high wall to ensure total privacy andtranquility. Set atop a 2,800m2 lush tropical garden by the riverside and rice fields,Paloma Villa showcases a Main House that consists of three air-conditionedbedrooms completed with en-suite bathrooms; a large dining area over viewing theswimming pool and garden; a warm welcoming spacious living area; air-conditionedTV room; a fully equipped kitchen with small comfortable dining area and pantryroom on the other side. A modern design wine cellar between the kitchen and maindining area, and a second building for the Guest Wing that consists of twoair-conditioned bedrooms also completed with en-suite bathroom, a living area,kitchen and a plunge pool complete the villa facilities. 9. The Intercontinental Resort Bali. Set beachside along powder-white sands, TheIntercontinental Resort Bali is designed with comfort in mind. Each beautifullyappointed guest room is fully equipped and within close proximity to the resortsArticle Niche Content Provider 129
    • excellent leisure facilities. This resort also boasts of a choice of 8 restaurants andaccess to sailing, swimming, tennis and water sports, there really is no better placeto relax and watch the world drift by. 10. The 101 Legian. Located in the beachfront town of Legian in South Bali, northof Kuta and south of Seminyak, this hotel boasts of modern amenities in everyguestroom and superb service. Each of the hotels guestrooms provides hair dryer,nonsmoking rooms, bathrobes, complimentary bottled water. The 101 Legian alsooffers amenities and services that include room service, safety deposit boxes,bar/pub as well as on-site latest leisure and sports facilities such as gym, pool(kids).Article Niche Content Provider 130
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    • | Potential High Profit Advantage For Business Start Up In Bali Do you want to a start Bali business in the island paradise of Bali renowned for its lush, breathtaking landscapes, a large collection of cultural attractions as well as hotels and Bali villa accommodations? Over decades ago, Bali economy was largely agriculture-based. Currently, the largest single industry in Bali today is tourism, of which as a result, Bali is one of Indonesias wealthiest regions. In Bali, about 80% of its economy depends on tourism. In Indonesia, Balis economy is one of the most energetic, fueled by the constant flow of touism dollars andsupported by agricultural production and trade revenues. According to Jeffry Kairupan, the head of Bank Indonesia in Bali, the interimfigures for the 4th quarter of 2011 had shown to have remained strong and reliant,which is primarily demonstrated on the transportation and service sectors. Balis strong tourism-based economy has driven economic growth for the islandending the year at 6.65%. Figures show that there was strong consumer demandlast year, as consumers spent well driven to do so by the high number of religiousfestivals and holidays. The different Balinese celebrations tied to the end of the academic year were alsoseen to have stimulated people in Bali to go shopping. Balis economy has also seen a marked increase in the rate of growth across theprevious year, fueled mainly by the booming tourist economy and increasing visitorarrivals, according to the Bali government statistics agency. The large number ofBalinese local festivals, including Idul Fitri and Galungan, was attributed to haveboosted the domestic consumer market. So, if you want to do Bali business in this beautiful and blessed island paradise ofBali, then the islands booming economy, which is driven by the thousands oftourists who come to Bali each year, provides an economic advantage for thosewilling to invest in small businesses in Bali. Moreover, the Balinese people are gifted skilled artists and craftsmen, producing avariety of artistic and functional pieces of arts & crafts as well as garments that areexported. There are even some foreigners who have created their own localbusinesses in Bali successfully exporting artwork and furniture. So, if you want to sell crafts and artworks in Bali, you could successfully do so. Butheres one of the Bali business tips. Make sure to acquire contacts with buyers andArticle Niche Content Provider 132
    • retail stores in your country as this could help you in marketing your products,though the local tourists from the many luxury Bali villa can be a good local sourceof your buyers, especially during the many Balinese events and festivals wherethese tourists tend to spend more on buying local arts and crafts. Likewise, there is a growing potential stable market for luxury Bali villa rental andtravel accommodation agencies in Bali. Running a small hotel or private villa forrent is a popular business for foreigners. Specifically in Seminyak, it seems that there are foreigners who build villas thatare completely furnished, with cooking facilities and all the modern convenienceslike plasma TVs, internet, private pools and even complete with staff and top-classlevels of service. Balis low labor cost is attributing to the villa in Bali boasting ofstaff teams of up to 30 people at the really high end. For those interested, you can plan to build your villas in the greater Seminyak area(Seminyak, Umalas, Canggu), in the south around Jimbaran and Uluwatu, in Sanurand around the hill town of Ubud as well as Lovina in north Bali. Private villas arerare in heavily built-up areas like Kuta, Legian and Denpasar.Article Niche Content Provider 133
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    • | Meeting The Highest Point In Bali Island At Mount Agung The highest point on the island of Bali, Mount Agung is a mountain in East Bali. Known as Gunung Agung by the Balinese, Mount Agung Bali is also the fifth highest volcano in the whole of Indonesia. Towering 3,142 meters above sea level, once can see Mount Agung dominating the surrounding area influencing the climate. It is said that Bali Agung takes the water from the clouds that came from the west so that the west is lush and green and the east dry and barren. To the people of the island paradise, Mount Agung carries a huge spiritual significance. It is believed y the Balinese that Mount Agungis a replica of Mount Meru, the central spiritual axis of the universe. There is evenone legend that says the mountain is a fragment of Meru which is said to have beenbrought to Bali by the first Hindus. Another Balinese legend also says that AgungBali was created as the result of the splitting of Mount Meru by the Hindu GodPasupati, thus forming Mount Agung with a fragment. Mount Agung holds the most important temple on Bali, the Mother Temple of PuraBesakih, which is located high on its slopes. Forming the part of a chain ofvolcanoes that make up the back bone of Bali with its last eruption in 1963-1964,Mount Agung is still active, and describe as having a large and very deep craterwhich occasionally belches smoke and ash. From a distance, the mountain can be seen appearing to be perfectly conical,despite the existence of the large crater. From the peak of the mountain, the peak ofMount Rinjani on the island of Lombok can possibly be seen, although bothmountains are frequently covered in clouds. There are private Bali villa that are overlooking Mount Agung which guest couldrent such as Villa Asada.Villa Asada A villa in Bali with ocean views, Villa Asada is located ten minutes drive fromthe quiet seaside village of Candidasa, which boasts of a rich heritage closeto many of Balis most important historical landmarks and attractions, as wellas lies in the rain-shadow of Balis most sacred and mystical landmark, Mt.Agung, to the north. A villa near Mount Agung, Villa Asada features an 18 x 4-meter infinity-edgepool that reaches out towards the sea and is blessed with one of the mostspectacular coastline views in Bali. There is also a creamy-white PalimananArticle Niche Content Provider 135
    • stone pool deck that is furnished with eight sunbeds and sun umbrellas aswell as an ornamental pond complete with urn fountains provides thesoothing sound of running water. Spacious flat lawns make Villa Asadas garden area ideal for parties andreceptions. A contemporary-styled villa, Villa Asada is comprised of twodouble-story buildings, showcasing an architecture that is characterized byan abundance of space and light, elegance and graceful simplicity.Villa Asada also boasts of four bedrooms, composed of two air-conditionedMaster Suites and two Guest Bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms. The main Living & Dining Room showcases a folding glass doors and acovered balcony running the full length of the room, thereby maximizing thebreathtaking view and making it an ideal space for parties.Villa Asada also has an open plan Kitchen fully equipped with an electricoven, a gas hob and a full range of the latest utilities and a walk-in pantry. There is also a Family Room that is comfortably furnished with waterhyacinth sofas, armchairs and a sugar wood coffee table as well as a hometheater with a large flat screen TV complete with satellite channels and a DVDplayer.Article Niche Content Provider 136
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    • | Learning The Popular Areas And Tourist Destinations In South Bali South Bali is considered as the most popular part of Bali, Indonesia as it is where most of the islands action takes place. Kuta Bali is well-known for its white sand beaches and raucous nightlife, the party central and the center of lower-end party culture of Bali. Kuta is also by far the most heavily developed area in Bali where you can find lots of shopping and night-life. On the other hand, though Seminyak Bali is much quieter, there are also lots of more upscale beachside resorts and villas and fashionable upscale restaurantsand trendy designer bars,with better nightlife in Seminyak, making this city also a popular touristdestination. The bustling city of Denpasar Bali is well-known for its urban attractions andfor being the administrative center and transport hub of the island. Thisrugged southernmost part of Bali, Bukit Peninsula is popular for itsstunningly located famous cliff-hanging temple at Uluwatu, a number ofBalis very best beaches including Balangan, and the top surfing spots onthe island. Nusa Dua Bali is famous for its ordered serenity, among others and itsenclave of high-end resorts. Nusa Dua is also famous as it is home to themost popular golf course in Bali and the main convention center on theisland. Canggu Bali is renowned for its black sand beaches, surfing and rolling ricepaddies. Much of Canggu features quietly undulating terrain with the ricepaddies that typify much of south central Bali. Amongst the better beachesin Canggu are Berawa, Echo Beach and Pererenan. Known as the "Beverly Hills of Bali" or "Millionaires Row" of Bali, JimbaranBali is popular for its sea-side resorts, and nice sheltered beach and seafoodrestaurants. Jimbaran has several world-class 5 star beach resorts, plus afew more moderate mid-market hotels.The beachfront town of Legian Bali, despite its small size, has a very highprofile with visitors due to its lovely beach frontage, and abundance ofmid-market hotels.Balis oldest upscale resort area, Sanur Bali is a mature beach-side townwell-known with older families for its sea-side resorts and beaches popular.Despite the abundance of restaurants and accommodation, it has a quiet andArticle Niche Content Provider 138
    • relaxed feel to it. Tanah Lot Bali is well-known for housing one of Balis important directionaltemples and a world renowned golf course and the sunset here is to die for.Denpasar is treated by most tourists as just little more than a transit point forcross-island journeys, but few realizes that Balis administrative capitalholds the islands best museum and makes an interesting contrast to themore westernized beach enclaves. Instead, the vast majority of Bali tourist head straight for the brash,commercial cities of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak which sprawl down thesouthwest coast just 3km north of Balis airport and are renowned for itsshopping, nightlife and world-class surf as well as the place for findingscores of easy-going bars, trendy clubs and packed dance floors, the greatplaces to party, as well as some of the finest dining and most sophisticatedshopping on Bali. Across on the southeast coast, one can experience quieter and greenerbeach life at Sanur, a more luxurious and manicured scenery at five-starNusa Dua, and more focused water sports at Tanjung Benoa. South of Kutaand west of Nusa Dua is the Bukit peninsula which offers peaceful, upmarketbeachfront hotels at Jimbaran. While, Sanurs green and relatively peacefulresort makes an appealing alternative to Kuta.Article Niche Content Provider 139
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    • | The Three Wonder Crater Lakes In Bedugul Central Bali Bedugul Bali is a large mountain lake resort area in the mountain range of Central Bali. Bedugul is known for its great natural beauty, which centers round the three Bali crater lakes of Bratan (Beratan), Buyan and Tamblingan, and the nearby botanical gardens, the Bedugul Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1959 under the name Eka Karya and is the largest in Indonesia. The whole area of Bedugul, which covers around the villages of Bedugul itself, Candikuning, Pancasari, Pacung and Wanagiri amongst others, is set at an altitude of 700 meters or more, with thtallest mountain peaks which said to be above 2,000 meters, so Bedugul enjoys amild mountain weather. A shallow lake with the high caldera about 1231m above sea level, Lake Bratanis a crater lake that lies in the southeastern part of the Bedugul caldera situated inthe plateau area with surrounding cool atmosphere, making it an ideal place forrelaxation while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the lake. The Bedugul crater lakes are – Lake Bratan is almost square in shape andhas an approximate area of 4 square kilometers, where tourists can do variouswater recreation activities such as riding the boat motorized to circle the lake,parasailing, canoeing with the traditional boat, banana boating, water skiing, andothers. Also available in this place are fishing activities for who one loves fishing inthe lake. In Balinese mythology, Danau Bratan is a holy lake, and is home to PuraUlun Danu Bratan, one of Balis most important temples. Lake Buyan is Balis second-largest lake, which is 4.5 square km, although it isquite shallow. Situated below the northern rim of the Bedugul caldera, Lake Buyanis also the smallest lake in Bali located just a next door of Lake Tamblingan. Set amidst the high land plateau area with hill, cool weather and rain forestsurrounding it, Lake Buyan is usually blanketed with fog. Lake Buyan can be seenfrom the top of Asah Gobleg Village. Located in the plateau area with green hill surrounding it, Lake Tamblingan is asmall crater lake at the northwestern edge of Bedugul caldera. It is far smallerthan the lakes it shares the caldera with namely Buyan and Bratan, but is apopular one among hikers. Tamblingan Lake can be seen from the top hill right from Asah GoblegCountryside, Sukasada District and Singaraja regency, north part of Bali. Withcool weather surrounds, Lake Tamblingan is encircled by hill and covered by fresh cold atmosphere will fascinate all visitors who pay a visit to this place.Article Niche Content Provider 141
    • There are at least 31 temples around the 115 hectares of Tamblingan lake,making it ideal for jungle trekking adventure because of its very amazing rainforest including its flora and fauna. There are various hotel and private Bali villasaccommodations available near the Bedugul crater lakes, which are perfect forovernight stay, resting and enjoy the beautiful panoramic of lake with the UlunDanu Temple as a magnificence. One of this villa in Bali is Villa Indah Manis. Villa Indah Manis is perched high onthe Bukit peninsular with spectacular views for miles across the Bukit, JimbaranBay and up the west coast and on a clear day even to Mt Batu Karu in central Bali, and the misty volcanoes of East Java. Located near Pecatu in The Bukit, Balis southern peninsula, Villa Indah Manisfeatures 4 bedrooms and 1 kids bedroom, a gym, spa, media room and guestoffice. There is also one honeymoon suite called the Bulan Madu, which is acompletely private 1 bedroom villa attached to the main property and built as ahoneymoon suite. Can be rented together or separately, the 2 villas both include a private pool and5 star service from their professional and friendly staff. The four bedrooms in themain house, and the honeymoon suite has en-suite bathrooms (some of themopen-air) and a dedicated kids room; a total of 6 bedrooms on the property.Article Niche Content Provider 142
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    • | Black Sand Beach And Bali Aga Villages In Candidasa A small piece of paradise, Candidasa is a coastal town on the Eastern coast of Bali. Candidasa Bali normally covers the stretch of coastline from Manggis through Candidasa town itself and east to Bugbug. A laid back and very relaxing area of Bali, there are many visitors, especially Europeans, who combine a stay in the hot spots of south Bali with a more relaxed break in Candidasa. Found in the hills just four km inland from Candidasa at Tenganan, is the most famous Bali Aga or original Balinese villages, which is one of the few original Balinese villages remaining in Bai and is famous for its doubleikat weaving and ancient beliefs. The Aga Balinese people are said to have retained an ancient pre-Majapahit Baliculture, which is apparent in the many obvious differences from the rest of Baliwhich you will find in Tenganan.One can see that the villagers are able to maintain a strict adherence to ancestorworship, cosmology and other animist beliefs, as well as a rigid social organization.This is probably because the village is an isolated community in almost every way. A solid stone wall that entirely encompasses the village separates the village fromthe rest of the world. The village has only four gates in the wall, one for each pointof the compass. Once can also see that all houses are exactly alike and alignedeither side of natural stone pathways, which are only accessible by a flight of steps. Balinese Aga villagers are known to be required to live inside the village andmarry from within. The Tenganan village itself is known to be closed to outsidersafter dark. Also, the Balinese dialect spoken in Tenganan is heard nowhere else,and differs substantially from even the other Bali Aga community in Trunyan on theshores of Lake Batur near Kintamani. The 70 foot long Bali Agung pavilion is the focal point of Tenganan. This is theplace where the village elders meet to discuss matters of concern. The Pura Puseh(the temple of origin) is the major communal village temple, which is said to actuallylie outside the village walls just to the north. The Bali Aga village of Tengananis is well-known for producing some of the finestwoven basket-ware and a fabled double weave ikat fabric called Geringsing. Thisfabric is extraordinarily complex and fine pieces fetch enormous prices in theinternational markets.Candidasa is also known for its black sand beaches. However, in Candidasa thereArticle Niche Content Provider 144
    • is not much beach, especially at high tide. Thats why the black sand beaches arevery narrow and often disappear altogether at high tide. Candidasa is also well-known as an area of Bali with a range of accommodationfrom the most simple of bungalows to world renowned five star resorts and Balivillas. One such villa in Candidasa is Sea Breeze Villa. Overlooking the beautiful Lombok Strait and the Island of Nusa Penida, SeaBreeze Villa features five private air-conditioned Bedroom Suites with granite floor,natural stone wall and breathtaking large terrace views overlooking the IndianOcean. All rooms and villas include spacious verandah with a view to the ocean, thegarden and the pool. The bedrooms with king size bed or queen size bed are alsoideally suited to sleep 2 to 4 people. Each bungalow has large terrace overlooking the sea, entertainment garden andtwo swimming pools for adult and children. The turquoise waters of the dreamy,palm fringed swimming pool is said to appear to overflow into the azure sea hasmade this place best suited for couple and/or family enjoyment.Alternatively, there is an outdoor Bale or chair near the water edge with privatewhite sandy beach to enjoy the view and feel the gentle of sea breezes.Article Niche Content Provider 145
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    • | Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Around Padang Bai Bali Located on a perfect little bay on the East coast of Bali, the small fishermens town of Padang Bai is a well known small port town for ferries between Bali and Lombok, and passenger boats to Nusa Penida. Facing the two small islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, tiny Bali Padang Bai is also well known as a popular place where one can indulge in a good Bali diving and Bali snorkeling area. Padangbai also has diving and the friendly dive centers that are right on the beach with their own bars for after-diving refreshments. Padang Bai is close to ome of the best divelocations in the world, with the sea between the islands boasting of the mostinteresting marine life, whereas the coasts are fringed with coral reefs which are inextremely good healthy condition. This combination makes a large number of varied Padang Bai diving sites. Withinjust over a half hour away by boat from Padang Bais number of great beaches,there are a number of diving snorkeling sites, offering every kind of diveexperience. Deep dives and drifts, walls and reefs, wrecks, caves and muck divesabounds. And you will also find dive sites within just a 15-minute boat trip. On a calm day, one can expect lots of fish and great visibility. There are buoysthat mark the furthest point snorkelers should go. For even better snorkeling youcan have a choice of chartering a boat. To the north of Padang Bai, a 10-minute walk is Blue Lagoon Beach, a verypopular beach for snorkeling with two warungs where guests in villa in Bali can hiresnorkeling gear and equipment and have lunch. Easily accessible, to reach Blue Lagoon Beach, one can head east on foot overthe prominent headland at the eastern end of the main bay. However, do take note,that wading through the water can be both frustrating and dangerous. This is due toan abundance of coral and submerged rocks. In Blue Lagoon, one can see very pretty coral reef right up to the shore. Tosnorkel, the best way is to enter on the far left side, where there is a coral-lesscanal that leads to the snorkeling site. On the other hand, the best beach in Padang Bai is Bias Tugal Beach, also calledPantai Kecil (Little Beach), a beautiful white sandy beach. Bias Tugal Beach is wellknown for its swimming, though the currents can be strong.To the south of Padang Bai is the famous Secret Beach, which is a lovely longArticle Niche Content Provider 147
    • strand of white sand with much laid back feel. Perfect for a relaxing beach day,Secret Beach is about a 20-minute walk from the hotel, where one can find 2warungs selling cold drinks and simple lunches. With the village itself retaining a quiet charm, Padang Bai is also renowned for itstraditional Balinese folklore and atmosphere where villa at Bali guest will almostdaily find the local people celebrating some cultural ceremonies. There is also a wide choice of budget-leaning accommodation available in thevillage, and along the road behind the beach. Upstairs rooms in the village places,especially up on the hill, catch the breeze and have fine views.Article Niche Content Provider 148
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    • | Guide To The Forested And Mountainous Part Of East Bali The spectacular large region of East Bali boasts of a diverse fusion of natural habitats ranging from black sand beaches to barren gravel plains and an active volcano as well as lush forests and mountainous terrains. Showcasing tall mountains on one side and stunning cliffs and raw ocean views on the other, East Bali offers an adventure in its own. The stretch of coastline to the south is home to the popular yet quiet coastal resort town of Candidasa, the most famous Bali Aga (original Balinese) village at Tenganan and gateway to the east coast, with ferries to Lombok at Padang ai. The mighty Mount Agung, Balis highest volcano, dominates the landscape of EastBali, looming large over the entire East Bali. Mount Agung Bali also hosts Balisholiest of temples, Pura Besakih. For the Hindu Balinese Besakih Temple, which is dramatically located on theslopes of Mount Agung, is considered to be their sacred mother temple, the singlemost important temple on the whole of the island of Bali. A popular side trip from the nearby coastal resort towns of Amed and Candidasa isTirta Gangga. Tirta Gangga is renowned for its similarly named Tirta Gangga waterpalace, which is a lovely maze of pools and fountains enclosed by a lush gardenand stone carvings and statues. Tirta Gangga nearby surroundings is some stunning rice paddy terraces, of whichyou have all seen as one of the postcard pictures of Bali rice terraces are usuallyfrom photographs taken there. Farther east is the increasingly popular and evercharming stretch of coast of Amed Bali. An area of peaceful, traditional fishing villages, Amed lies on a long stretch of coastrunning the north-eastern tip of Bali. Featuring black sand beaches, coral reefs andexcellent diving, this long coastal strip of fishing villages is well-known for itsbeaches, lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats. Amed village beach features quite coarse black volcanic sand, but as you movefurther east and away from Mount Agung, the sand in the beaches will tend tobecome softer and become more of a mid grey-brown in color. Amed is also the most commonly used base for visitors who are interested to divethe USS Liberty wreck at Tulamben. Other good dive sites are also close at handand a thriving dive industry has developed all the way along the coast.Though Amed has whole stretch of very attractive coastline, the prettiest bays areArticle Niche Content Provider 150
    • probably those at Jemeluk and Lipah. In Amed, along with Tulamben in thenorth-east and around Padangbai further south, is found some of Balis best divingopportunities where you can see thousands of colorful tropical fish swim amongstthe hard and soft coral reefs. So, interested tour East Bali and stay in one of the east Bali villas near Amed? Whynot stay in the luxury Bali villa Pandan Wangi. One of Amed Bali villas, Villa Pandan Wangi is perched on the slope of Balishighest and most sacred mountain of Mount Agung, overlooking rice fields, the TirtaGangga valley, Seraya mountain, island and strait of Lombok. Extending over a total area of 8000 m2 lush terraced garden completely walledaround Villa Pandan Wangi is said to follow a contemporary traditional Balinesepattern of design. With a back garden on the north where Mount Agung is clearly seen, Villa PandanWangi features a two storey mainhouse (wantilan) which houses air-conditioneddouble bedrooms / master bedroom with its own bathroom and outdoor shower, aswell as a private walled garden and private large lily pond verandah and vastopened lounge room equipped with a private library/ TV /DVD; and a guest housewith 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, also with double bedrooms, outdoor shower largeverandahs and private walled garden. An open air dining room with a thatched roof overlooking the garden and the straitof Lombok and a service pavilion and staff house as well as a 75m2 swimmingpool that provides a cushioned sheltered relaxation Balinese bale and pool chairscomplete this villa in Bali facilities and accommodation.Article Niche Content Provider 151
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    • | Transport Services In Bali That Are Available For Tourists As the famed Island of the Gods, Bali, is a fairly large island, you will need a method to get around if you plan on exploring more than the Bali villas pool. Luckily, just like its varied landscape, Bali has also a variety of available Bali transportation services. If you want to go to the different excursions around the island, you can join a tour via your hotel or at one of the many street agencies which are found everywhere in booths normally marked "Tourist Information" or book a tour from one of the luxury Bali villas you are stayng in. Or, you could commute in Bali, riding on one of the main forms of publictransport on Bali such as cheap buses, minibuses and bemos that run onsomewhat set routes within or between towns. These buses connect alltowns and most places of the island through local bus stations and can bestopped at any point of the routes. However, these mostly operate day timeinter island, with some available at night for long distances within cities. There are also tourist shuttle buses that run between major touristcenters, but these are more expensive than public transport but aredefinitely more comfortable and convenient. Scheduled shuttle buses arealso available between many of Balis most popular destinations. These arecheap and reliable. You can check locally advertised services and book oneday in advance. You could also have your own private transport in Bali arranged. There aremany Bali car rental or villa car rental as well as motorbikes, and bicyclesfor rent around the island. If you plan to explore Bali in half day or full daytrip, hiring a car with a driver is the best way to do it. Or you could rent aself drive car or motorbike, though you need an international driving licensefrom your own country or in some cases you can get a temporary permit atlocal police office. Meanwhile, there are bicycles which are normally available for rent athotels. There are also some bigger resorts that even provide bicycle tourfor free including a professional tour guide. You could also use taxi as this is the most efficient and convenienttransportation in the island. Chartered or metered taxis are availableeverywhere and quite inexpensive compared to some other countries. There are also some private villas that accept car rental or have Bali carservices. This includes Seminyak Villa Casa Mateo which has can arrangeArticle Niche Content Provider 153
    • excursions, soft & hard adventures, tours, cruises, transportation and otheractivities. Villa Aliya, centrally located in Seminyak, also has a full day tour serviceby arrangement, while Arman Villa also located in Seminyak offers freeshuttle to Seminyak and Kuta area based on villas schedule as well asexcursions and activities desk, where you can book a tour.Villa Olive in Seminyak also provides airport pick up and transfer servicewhile Villa Serene Hibiscus situated in the fashionable Seminyak Oberoidistrict on Jl. Drupadi offers Car Rental & Excursions as well as VIP AirportService (custom clearance).Article Niche Content Provider 154
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    • | Hot Springs And Dolphin Watching In Lovina Bali A quiet coastal town on the North Bali coastline west of the city of Singaraj, Lovina Bali is actually a string of coastal villages, essentially consisting of seven traditional villages, namely: Temukus, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Banyualit and Kaliasem, which all slightly merge into one on a ten-kilometer stretch of the main road which hugs the north coast into Singaraja to the west. The main hub of this area is Kalibukuk and is often thought of "Lovina town centre". Comprising of several quite narrow stretches of black volcanic sand beaches fringing ovinas entire stretch of coast,Lovina has managed to exude a sedate charm even as the number of hotels andvillas in Bali and other tourist places grows. Accessed by a multitude of small lanes which run perpendicular to the east-westcoast road, Lovina boasts of black sand beaches and relatively calm waters of Balisnorth coast that are generally safe for swimming and lend themselves well toexploration on foot at a leisurely pace, which are in direct contrast to the crashingsurf of the south. Aside from diving, and snorkeling, dolphin watching Bali is also one of Lovinasmain attractions. Dolphin sightings are said to be always being offered trips everyother minute. These leave the main beaches each morning at dawn as dozens ofBali dolphins tend to gather around every morning during sunrise for breakfast justoffshore of Lovina beach. The dolphins are one of Lovinas major attractions, and dolphin sighting can giveyou an enjoyable ride and of course very worthwhile, especially if you do find a podof dolphins. Aside from dolphin sightings, Lovina is also known for its Banjar Hotsprings. Located west of Lovina, Banjar Hot springs are just about 30 minutes fromLovina. These enchanting hot springs are known for its stone carved mouths that gushwater in a lush garden setting. The waters tend to be naturally a very pleasingtemperature and have high sulphur content; thus, providing you an extremelytherapeutic and cleansing experience. The ancient looking Banjar Bali Hot Springs showcases a beautiful flowered gardenwith three baths where you can puddle in 38ºC sulfur water. In the first bath, youcan see it is filled with dragon statues spewing water, which then overflows in thesecond bath located lower. Along the walls is a small ridge where you can sit in thewater.Article Niche Content Provider 156
    • Just like the other pools, the third pool is a great place to soak as it has warm watertoo, with the water pouring from 3 m high; thus, giving you a great back massage.Lovina has a huge amount of budget and mid-range accommodations and one ofthis is Starlight Restaurant and Villas.Starlight Restaurant and VillasStarlight Restaurant and Villas is located on the beach near the centre ofLovina, between Aneka and Sunari. Opened in 2011, Starlight Restaurant and Villas showcases cottages withdouble bed, large wardrobe with shelves, tea and coffee making ingredients, asmall refrigerator and flatscreen TV with sat channels. The Bali villa cottages have safes, air-conditions, fan and a mosquito net,high-quality modern sanitary facilities and walk-in showers with extra largeshower heads. There are also 4 person cottages that have a second,twin-bedded room. Starlight Restaurant and Villas also features a restaurant which has an openkitchen, beachside dining and life acoustic music. Depending on the weather,you may be able to sit on the beach with a bonfire or at one of the outdoorareas, where sometimes it is possible to spot dolphins from the beach or therestaurant.Article Niche Content Provider 157
    • | Safety Guide To Traveling The Island Of Bali Going on a Bali travel holiday? Staying in one of the many Bali villas? If you are, here are some Bali island safety tips for you. Generally, just like any other tourists destinations, it is fairly safe to travel to Bali and have your dream vacation getaway while staying in a private Bali villa. Though Bali was the scene of lethal suicide and car bombings in 2002 and 2005, which had targeted nightclubs and restaurants popular among foreign visitors and killing more than 200 people, the island of Bali has mostly been free of terrorist activity since Balis security hd been made tight at obviouspossible terrorist targets. And even the Balinese themselves, who are depending ontourism for their livelihood, disapprove of the bombings and the terrorists behindthem as it had caused terrible sufferings to their peaceful island. However, to be safe, it may be prudent to avoid high-profile western hang-outs,especially those without security measures or you can head out of the touristenclaves of South Bali to elsewhere on the island. Also, just like any other tourist destinations, Bali also has its own hassles from thetypical scammers, hawkers, peddlers & touts. But only a few visitors encounter anyreal problems or danger. So, just avoid them and be vigilant. Aside from the threatening perils of terrorism, petty theft occurs but is not prevalentin Bali. There are also problems of rabies. Several deaths have already arisen fromrabies infections as recorded in early 2011. So, visitors are therefore warned toavoid contact with dogs, cats, monkeys and other animals that carry the disease.You must make sure to seek medical attention if bitten. Though theft is a relatively low risk in Bali, snatching and theft are not uncommon tohappen in hotel rooms and villas in Bali. So, for a safe travel Bali tip, make sure tobe careful and mindful of your belongings and lock your rooms as thieves couldbreak in and enter into your villa room and rob your belongings. Make sure to followsome precautionary measures like always keeping your doors and windowssecurely locked when going out of your room, or at night. Luckily, villa security is a key priority of most villas in Bali. In most villas in Bali,safety and security measures are implemented. Most villas do tend to provide safetydeposit boxes in their rooms where one can keep your valuables and importantdocuments. Or you can make use of the hotel or villas safe or security box whenavailable. When exploring Bali, make sure to always keep your valuables in a front-carrypouch. Guard also your bags, especially at transport terminals and ferry terminals.Article Niche Content Provider 158
    • Aside the risk of them being stolen, self-appointed porters also like to grab themwithout warning and then insist on ridiculous prices for their "services". Also, carryonly copies of your passports and travel documents; you must leave the originalslocked up in your hotel or villa room. It is also not uncommon in Bali to have incidences of petty scams. Although thiscan easily be avoided with a modicum of common sense, if someone tries toapproach you on the street offering a deal on souvenirs, transport, etc., do not dealwith them and refuse their offer as you can rest assured that you will find yourselfpaying more if you follow your new found friend.Article Niche Content Provider 159