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Instructions for downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks directly to a mobile device for patrons of the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham, MI

Instructions for downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks directly to a mobile device for patrons of the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham, MI

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  • 1. eBooks On Your Mobile Device – Step-by-Step InstructionsThese instructions will work with the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad/Android Device DATE @ "MMMM d, yyyy" March 1, 2011<br />Start:<br />
    • Go to the App Store on your device
    • 2. Search for Overdrive Media Console
    • 3. Download the free app
    Get to Baldwin’s Books:<br />
    • Tap: Get Books
    • 4. Apple users, look in the upper right hand corner of your library
    • 5. Android users, check your menu button
    • 6. Tap: Add a Website
    • 7. Search for Baldwin Public Library
    • 8. Choose the one for Birmingham, MI
    • 9. Tap on “MetroNet”
    • 10. It will be permanently added to your list of sites
    Getting Books:<br />
    • When you find a book that’s available in the correct format…
    • 12. Click: Add to eCart
    • 13. Click: Proceed to Checkout
    • 14. Login with your library card
    • 15. Click: Log In
    • 16. (If applicable – agree to the Terms of Use)
    • 17. Click: Confirm Check Out
    • 18. Click: Download (under the picture of the book)
    • 19. If you have not already registered an Adobe ID, you will be asked to do it here.
    • 20. It is hard to do on a mobile device, and might be better done on a computer
    • 21. It can be done on a mobile device, just fill out the questions and register your device with your email and a password.
    • 22. If you have already registered your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Android device, you can skip this step
    • 23. After you have registered, close the app and open your web browser – it should bring you back to your cart
    • 24. Click: Download (again)
    • 25. It will automatically open in the app
    • 26. Wait for the book to download
    Reading eBooks:<br />
    • Click on the book title
    • 27. If necessary: Click navigation
    • 28. If necessary: Click on where you’d like to go in the book
    • 29. Click on the right side of the page to page forward
    • 30. Click on the left side of the page to page backwards
    • 31. To get additional tools, tap or double tap on the center of the screen
    • 32. Change the font size with the AA button at the top
    • 33. Change the brightness with the sun icon
    • 34. Go to the Table of Contents with the lined icon
    • 35. Create bookmarks with the bookmark shaped icon
    • 36. Use the arrow in this top section to return to the downloaded books section of your app
    Listening to eAudiobooks:<br />
    • Click on the book title
    • 37. Sound should start immediately
    • 38. Use the pause, back, and forward buttons on the bottom.
    To delete a book off your device:<br />
    • Go to your library in the Overdrive Media Console app
    • 39. Click “Edit” in the top left hand corner
    • 40. Click on the red circle next to the book title to delete the book