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Brief slideshow used for a Twitter class taught at the Cranbury Public Library on 10/27/09

Brief slideshow used for a Twitter class taught at the Cranbury Public Library on 10/27/09



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  • A blog is a web based communication format based on reverse chronological order.. It is a way to pass on information from newest to oldest. Therefore microblogging fulfills this same function but with a small character limit. Facebook also uses a microblogging features known as Status Updates The life “in-between” – Blog posts in general tend to be longer and deal with a particular topci of interest upon which the writer wished to expound. This could be a trip they took, something they learned or feel strongly about, news or information they came across, or something important they wanted to say. However, what about the smaller things in life that happen “between” blog posts as referred to in the short film. Twitter is a powerful communication tool for learning about the little things in the liives of your friends, family etc.
  • Instant messaging is textual “chat” between two or more people that occurs in real time (using any time of connected device). Social messaging is like instant messaging in that it relays messages in a short and closer to real time manor. However, the social aspect of this type of messaging comes in the fact that with Twitter, you can choose which people you would like to follow, and thus whose information you would like to receive. Conversely, people can choose to follow Because of the speed at which the information moves across Twitter, it has become a tool which has changed the way information is spread to the consumer. One example is the variety of different businesses that now offer quick sales and deals using Twitter. It allows them to make quick decisiosn about products they would like to offer at discount, save costs on advertising, and reach a mass of millions almost immediately Businesses using Twitter to promote web onlty deals as well as provide information to consumers ( http://twitter.com/DellOutlet, http://twitter.com/walmart_com, http://twitter.com/amazondeals, http://twitter.com/google) News outlets have also jumped on the speed of Twitter to broadcast their latest breaking stories and headlines before they even reach he written page or the next newscast. Show the following examples: ( http://twitter.com/ABC, http://twitter.com/NBCNews, http://twitter.com/espn) In their case, they are in heavy competition with the rest of the “citizen journalists” that have cropped up and taken advantage of Twitter, Youtube and other technologies to beat news venues to the punch Twitter has also been a tool of social and cultural movements where people have used it to organize masses of people in a relatively quick manor. It has also been a way for regular citizens to voice their concerns, outrage, or opinions on global events and tragedies as they are happening (women in Iran, earthquake and tsunami victims). While many news outlets can now report about events as they are happening, Twitter has allows anyone and everyone to report their perspectives in much the same way.

Twitter Twitter Presentation Transcript

  • What is Twitter
  • Twitter is a microblog
    • 140 characters of power!
      • What is a blog?
      • Microblog vs. blog
      • The “life” in-between
      • Keeping it short and sweet
      • Posts are public!!
  • Twitter is a social messenger
    • Instant messaging and social messaging
    • Following the leader (or your buddy next door)
    • The speed of information
    • Let’s make a deal (ex. Dell)
    • All the news fit to Tweet (huh?)
  • Twitter Terms
    • Tweet (The meat and potatoes)
    • Twittersphere (like the blogosphere but smaller..or larger??)
    • Hashtag (#)
    • Tweeps (like Peeps … NO, not the candy!)
    • @CranburyPL (directing tweets at someone specific)
    • ReTweet (RT)
      • Ex. RT @CranburyPL Going to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread (oh how interesting!)
  • Lets get the Tweet outta here!
    • Take a look at this Twitter thing
    • The power of Twitter is in the tools built upon it
    • Creating a Twitter account (if your feelin lucky…)
    • Q/A