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  • 1. Video Summaries
    By: Stephanie Baldwin
  • 2. Genghis Khan
    • Khan means great leader
    • 3. Real name was Temujin, born 1162- 1227
    • 4. He was the son of a tribal warrior, his father died when he was 9.
    • 5. At age 26 he invaded the largest mongol tribe and was successful.
    • 6. His wife was captured by a rival village which caused everything.
    • 7. Mongolia became the most diversed nation in history.
    • 8. He united all the mongol tribes to create a military.
  • Genghis Khan
    • Shaman told Khan that the heavens granted the whole surface of the earth to him and his sons.
    • 9. He was very interested in other religions.
    • 10. He had many generals named Mugali. Subutai, Jebe.
    • 11. His son died during his lifetime , which made Oegedi successor.
    • 12. Genghis died after his defeat of the Tangut people in 1227.
  • The Story of God
    • People started believing in God when they wanted to be connected to a higher power.
    • 13. Evidence of his higher power was found by ancestors in caves.
    • 14. The caves were believed to be the first churches, where drawings were found such as cave art.
    • 15. This was a way of communication with the super natural Gods.
    • 16. Fields were also believed to be where people would do sacrifices and worshiped.
    • 17. Farming formed building blocks for organized religions.
  • The story of God
    • The belief was everything shares a common soul.
    • 18. “Once life, one Judgment day”
    • 19. Islam, which is monotheistic, is said to have adapted from Zoroastrianism which had one God before Islam.
    • 20. People would talk to the Gods about death, food, health, and many other common topics.
    • 21. The search for God became the process of breaking down the consciousness so they could connect with the super natural.
    • 22. “The life is preparation for death.”
  • Conquest: Guns, Germs, Steel
    • 7,000 Incas died after 168 Spaniards attacked imperial army in Peru.
    • 23. The Spaniards conquered the Inca empire.
    • 24. The new world and old world collided in Nov 1532.
    • 25. Spaniards were in search for gold.
    • 26. Francisco Pizarro a retired captain led them.
  • Conquest: Guns, Germs, Steel
    • The Inca empire was very large in 1530.
    • 27. It covered over 2,500 miles.
    • 28. Gare Pizarro conquered the empire in Nov 1532.
    • 29. Samarians, ( Ancient Persians) over 5,000 years ago created the first writing system.
    • 30. Symbols, first language and letters came from their cuneiform.
    • 31. Paper helped the spread of writing.
    • 32. They were able to record farming transactions.
    • 33. Geography separates winners from losers.
  • Cracking the Maya code
    • Maya people were in Central America and in Southern Mexico.
    • 34. In the 16th century the Spaniards burnt all literature belonging to the Mayans.
  • Cracking the Maya code
    • Many books, articles, artifacts were destroyed and was said to be deemed as demonic or devil worship.
    • 35. The culture was destroyed with this.
    • 36. The Mayans were very sophisticated for the new world.
    • 37. There were hieroglyphics on walls and Diego Delanda was a friar who wanted to get rid of them because he saw them as tools of the devil.
    • 38. Mayans were being forced to convert to Catholicism by Diego.
    • 39. The Mayans were persecuted by Diego for believing in their God.
    • 40. European script was forced on the Mayans and theirs were destroyed.
    • 41. Mayans built in 200 a.d., their villages were in the jungle.
    • 42. Guatemala and Yucatan had Mayans heart.
    • 43. In the 9th century the Mayan cities were abandoned.
    • 44. Huge pyramids were held in capitals such as; Copan, Palenque and Tikal.
    • 45. Some major Mayan discovers where made by Stuart in the Mayan code.
    • 46. Once the system was discovered it all made sense.
  • Little Ice Age
    • Between 17th and 20th century The Little Ice Age was known as the cooling period.
  • The Little Ice Age
    • It began after the 13th century, where ice began moving toward the south from the Northern Atlantic.
    • 47. Scientists still debate and argue over the start date.
    • 48. Europe and North America got more intense winters because of the Little Ice Age.
    • 49. Permanent snow was found on mountains.
    • 50. It has been over 10,000 years since the last major ice age.
    • 51. The Baltic sea froze over, during this time which enabled sledge travel from Poland into Sweden.
    • 52. Poland got hit hard because of Little Ice Age winter.
    • 53. It killed off livestock, Caused crop damage and cut population in half.
  • Japan: Memoirs of a secret empire
    • Samurai was were discussed in the first section.
    • 54. Samurai ad special traditions and politics of war.
    • 55. They were trained to fight and learn strategies.
    • 56. 1543 Europeans visited Japan.
    • 57. Alliances were made and children were taken to form these, but they were treated like guest.
  • Japan: Memoirs of a secret empire
    • Two powerful samamuris one named Leyasu formed alliances.
    • 58. Leyasu took control of Japan when Hideoshi died.
    • 59. He established a dynasty that lasted ages.
    • 60. In the second half they talked about shoguns.
    • 61. Leyasu had many challenges to maintain control.
    • 62. Lemistu was the first shogun with no battle experience.
    • 63. No war but heavy punishment for people who disobeyed then.
    • 64. Travel became safer and popular roads were developed.
  • Catastrophe!
    • A volcano explosion in 535 A.D. called Krakatoa which was located between Sumatra and Java caused a devastating climate catastrophe.
  • Catastrophe!
    • This caused global chaos.
    • 65. The volcanic ash and sulfur dioxide went into the atmosphere, causing a twilight clouding the earth.
    • 66. A 35 mile high tower of magma was created by the explosion.
    • 67. This explosion was like a nuclear bomb creating a nuclear winter.
    • 68. Thousand miles away, ash covered trees and streets. It was raining ash.
    • 69. Scientists took notice to a reduced summer growth in the early 500’s when tree growth was stunted.
    • 70. Scientist study the tree rings to discover climate changes and possible climate catastrophes.